Maribor, St Johnstone and resolving Murrayfield


Did you watch the European Super Cup from Cardiff last night?  Europa League champions Sevilla lost out to Real Madrid but the team from Andalucía got there after beating Maribor 4-3 on aggregate.  The Slovenian’s narrow defeat deserves some context: Sevilla also eliminated Real Betis, Porto, Valencia and Benfica.

Make no mistake, we’re up against a decent European team.  More on them later in the week.

Tonight it’s St Johnstone, who, like Celtic, have sharpened their wits with European football in recent weeks, and well as enjoying an opening day win in Dingwall at the weekend.  They have lost their talisman, Stevie May, which is a pity, as I would like to see the Celtic defence stretched as much as possible this week, but they will be as ready as any domestic opponent we could face at the moment.

Ronny Deila has two short games to sort out game plan, shape, partnerships and team spirit, before travelling to Slovenia.  It doesn’t need to be right for tonight, but signs of considerable progress on the Murrayfield debacle is needed.

The Kano Foundation are one of the greatest initiatives from any group of football fans I’ve heard about.  They bring the Celtic experience to childrens’ charities and groups, truly phenomenal work.  The Foundation was founded in the wake of the Bring Martin Home campaign, which brought our very own Kano home from life in a hospital bed.

You’ll see the volunteers outside Celtic Park before kick-off on Saturday with buckets, so make sure you bring something for them.

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  1. thomthetim for Oscar ok @13.54



    Thanks . A couple of the others assured me earlier it was a great day out and for everyone.


    I will look out for St Finbarr’s, good luck to your son.

  2. traditionalist88 on

    3 days later the SPFL have finally seen fit to upload highlights from Ibrox on Sunday. Good finish by the big guy at the end




  3. Chick Hun and Kenny McIntyre will do their best to make sure the Referees strike doesn’t happen…..

  4. SquireD,


    Away and work,ya work shy dobber that ye are.



    Mines a West by the way.

  5. It’s of no concern to Celtic what happens one way or another they have to accept it, Celtic can’t do a thing, we either in the CL or the Europa, it’s as cut and dried as that as far as Celtic are concerned.

  6. Big Wavy



    Indeed mate… in a perfect world



    I actually wanted that scenario two seasons ago when we met Juve



    Call me selfish but I want to actually ENJOY watching Celtic



    It shoudnt be a chore

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Reuters 13/08/2014




    NYON, Switzerland — Polish champion Legia Warsaw FC could still play in this season’s Champions League after winning an appeal against its suspension from the competition over fielding a suspended player.



    UEFA’s Appeal Body ordered that Legia must have its case heard a second time by the European governing body’s disciplinary committee which last week barred the club from Europe’s lucrative competition.



    After a four-hour meeting at FIFA headquarters, the appeal panel decided the ban was handed down without all the necessary evidence being heard.



    The ruling leaves uncertainty for Legia and Celtic — who stood to benefit if the Polish championa were finally excluded.



    UEFA’s disciplinary committee suspended Legia and awarded the tie to Celtic.



    “This is very important because we have never played in the Champions League ever before and Celtic have many many times” Zbigniew Boniek, FA Chairman said



    “A new hearing will be held next week, where Celtic FC will have to supply justifiable reason for not communicating with Legia over this matter last Friday and therefore wasting valuable UEFA resources.



    We weren’t given the right to be heard in the first decision so UEFA must hear us and then decide. We have a letter from BT that shows the phones were down” Peter Lawwell said



    “We were expecting a final decision today but it is now looking like we will receive a disrepute charge for not respecting the first rule of UEFA ”



    The appeal process must be concluded by August 21st as three member of UEFA´s Disciplinary panel have a three week all expenses paid holiday in the Bieszczady Mountains

  8. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    We still need a reliable goalscorer. We’ve had success in the past bringing in forwards from our own league, McClair, Coyne (not everyones favourite I know) McDonald. None of them cost a fortune but would regularly do the trick. At the moment we have Stokes, Griffiths and Pukki. Stokes lacks pace and football intelligence, Griffiths doesnt seem to have settled down at all and is acting like a wean off the park and Pukki seems to lack the lethal touch in front of goal. Is there anyone closer to home we could have taken a punt on for a not over the top fee ?

  9. Captain Beefheart on

    Another plea about Maribor.



    I am trying to get to the game. Anybody else doing so? Please let me know. Thanks.

  10. Coolmore Mafia on

    I understand the lowering of our expectations regarding Maribor, given the shambles overseen by Ronny against legia. However, a quick glimpse at the stats on Maribor shows VVD’s valuation is worth more than the entire Maribor squad. Our value as a club is several multiples of maribors.



    If we lose, can we have their board instead of ours? Quite simply to lose against them would be damning evidence against our whole organisation. What is the CEO of Maribor on? £80k?



    CFC to show some balls and bottle and win the tie please. This excuses in advance is a nonsense.

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Its usually me blaming PL not the other way around..

  12. fritzsong



    06:08 on 13 August, 2014






    ‘Stinkin Thinkin’ – very good article. Many thanks. The problem is though, that once you admit to yourself you’re a ‘Stinkin Thinker’ you’ve got another thing to beat yourself up about.










    Once you realise that you are in charge of your thinking and not the other way around you stop being controlled by those events.



    You respond to what is rather than react to what your stinkin thinkin tells you what is.



    I hesitated to post the link but the stinky thinky behaviours described could be applied to what drives some comments. It’s not just a CQN thing it’s part of human nature to judge and get it wrong but believe it’s right.



    Here is the link again for day shift.





    I hope Celtic put on a good show tonight to relieve some of the anxiety being expressed, but even if they do not it only means we have still to improve to that acceptable level and that is win, lose or draw we played our best regardless of opposition.

  13. Neil



    I suggested none of that. I wrote that with sincerity about a good guy and a genuine sadness. No more than that.



    You’ve decided to run your own narrative pretending you knew my intent.



    Maybe think before posting next time.

  14. Awe Naw



    Remember that some people have dodgy tickers.



    Hrvatski Jim form inside an ambulance.

  15. South Of Tunis on

    Drambowiecelt @16 17 on 12 8 14 .



    Those choons are on this ————



    Joe Simon ——-LP——-Glad You Came My Way ( Posse Records ) .



    My memory says early 80s . 2 x 45s were issued featuring 4 of the tracks from the Lp -again issued on Posse Records ..



    As for links , I dont know – I am not a fan of online music ——Strictly vinyl . I imagine it will be on line somewhere !

  16. Borgo/ Thomthetim




    Borgo, it’s a decent day(s) out. It’ll cost about 12 buck entrance. The competition is over two days now but Saturday is the main event.



    I’ll be having a wee wander down after the game on Saturday.



    Definitely all inclusive. Wummin have been in bands for years :)

  17. “So many people on here just don,t know their facts”



    Don’tcha just love it when folks open a post with that statement then follow it up with unadulterated keech:)










    Thanks in advance.

  19. The Cult o’ the Individual.




    Noo..this his bin .. Celtic’s Doonfall…



    Especially,in Europe..



    A wee While Ago….




    It wiz… McGeady..






    Gie the Ba’ tae Aiden..



    Then staun back n admire..his Tricks n Feints.



    Later ,is wiz..






    Yes.. Sammi..



    Gie it at Sammi, n watch Him Go~



    Remember, Ah am speaking Mainly..aboot oor Team’s Euro Games..






    Sammi, did Fine..








    Ye goat it..



    The Opposition saw thru oor TOTAL DEPENDANCE.. oan Sammi Bhoy,,,






    They Lowered the Boom.. oan.. Sammi..















    N..well.. Ye kin see How THAT little Ploy o oor’s is Going..



    In Europe..



    No Well.. Poor Kris.. he is Stifled .. Double Teamed.. n ..Done Up like A Pan Loaf..


    Every Time he gets, even a Sniff at the Ba’..



    That’s in Euro. In the S.P.L..



    Well… Kris diz a whole Loata Bettah..



    But, Europe..






    Kris is ..






    ” Not wanted oan. THAT.. Voyage.”



    Yes, Virginia.



    Celtic, need tae LEARN tae Play as a TEAM..



    A TEAM.. Ah tell ye.. No a Bunch o Lollygaggers ,who Wait n see .. How the Ither


    guy is Daeing..



    Instead of Awe getting It TOGETHER.. in






    Yes.. In Ma Opinion..



    Celtic, wull Spin thur Wheels in Euro. Until



    The Get with Programme.



    Which is..



    Fur Get the



    “Cult of the Individual”,, n..



    Play as a TEAM..



    Team Work.. Team Work, n Mair Teamwork



    Pass n Move, Pass N Move… Pass N Move.. ad Infin….




    That’s the Stuff that Champions Ur Made O’.



    Maks Sense tae me.





    Still Laughin’

  20. traditionalist88 on

    Safe Standing knocked back again.



    This is to deliberately spite us and ensure further harassment of supporters is made as easy as possible.



    Safe standing would help enormously in bringing back atmosphere and crowds to the stadiums.



    Celtic should install the rail seats at Parkhead anyway. Its safety is not in doubt.

  21. Kojo



    I think you are right. Not enough consistent quality across the piece in our team means we must be a dream at european level to play against. Stop x and they don’t function.



    We need too create a raft of alternatives. That means an increase in the quality we currently have.

  22. auldheid



    15:15 on 13 August, 2014


    Safe Standing application rejected.



    That’s that Ronny Delia again, it was looking good till he became manager




  23. TD 67



    Yup. Karma. Like Malmo and Maribor was karma after Rangers lied to get UEFA licence.

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