Mariners confirm Rogic deal


Tomas Rogic’s club, Central Coast Mariners, formally announced they had agreed terms to transfer the player to Celtic a few hours ago.  The Australian attacking midfielder, who turned 20 last month, will require a work permit before the transfer is concluded, but should be a formality.

After having an extensive look at the player, Neil Lennon will think there is an excellent chance he will be a successful addition to the team, but it’s worth remembering that Victor Wanyama joined at the beginning of last season at the same age as Tomas and took six months before securing a regular starting place in the team.
[calameo code=000390171cc0c3617c8cc lang=en page=80 hidelinks=1 width=100% height=500] I have avoided all YouTube clips of the player (which are notoriously misleading) but by all accounts he is an excellent prospect, however, he will need our support and encouragement as he settles into life in Scotland – especially if he acclimatises to the Scottish game.

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  1. Finally they are starting to show their true colours. They havnt learned a thing, the cheating bunch of scum. Not happy enough with putting an innocent lawyer’s life at risk, Fat sally now demand’s his extinct previous club’s order brother’s give his new shambles of a club a helping masonic hand up the all seeing eye pyramid structure of scottish football.



    Just **** off McCoist you weasel.



    Oh yeah and good morning




  2. charles kickham on

    Glad I’m not in that queue – have you seen the photos – ain’t going anywhere quickly

  3. Chuckie’s posturing about moving to another league and Sally’s fast racking demands reek of desperation.


    Whither atrophy?



  4. “if he acclimatises to the Scottish game.”





    Get some new shin guards mate.Your gonnae need them




  5. Welcome to the Celtic family Tomas Rogic. This bhoy looks a player, even on Youtube, looks a great signing for the money involved. Hopefully once he has finalised his move from down under which may take a few weeks he can start to force his way into the first team and become a regular.



    Now what is his nickname going to be?




  6. However:



    Welcome young Rogic!!



    Looks to be a good signing who fits what we have been looking for.


    Best wishes to him and hope to see him soon

  7. Just back in from Celtic Park – just like the ‘old’ days queuing for the tickets. Pretty frustrating, couldn’t get there before dropping off No.1 grandson at school, but hey ho, It’s great to be a Tim and see that sight. Armageddon’s a bassa right enough – thanks for the warning Dungchucker.



    Now to try on-line.

  8. Well done Tom Rogic. You inspired Paul into an earlier than usual article and this caught out Philvis who is out feeding the swans.


    The sour grapes in that Craig Foster article suggests that we have got a great prospect. I have never heard of him but as soon as I read his article I wondered if, under the guise of suggesting a plan for the development of Aussie football, he was simply having a go a Scottish football in general and Celtic in particular. Is he Scottish?




  9. Fav Uncle, BMCUWP, York is well known as a hotbed of crime and violence and must have been a terrible shock for PC Gray after a lifetime patrolling the streets of Balamory…

  10. If your going to get 1st in a podium above Philvis, make sure it’s worthy, like a fat sally rant.




  11. Jungle Jim



    Reading back on the last article JJ it would appear that Mr Foster is a bitter hun nonentity..



    Shame that his team being in the fouth tier of Scottish football having been humped this season already by the worst team in the country the mighty Stirling Albion, G’day Craig no wonder you want to run down our game Eh!!

  12. Swindon going into administration for the THIRD time to wipe out £9 Million of their £13 Million debt.



    How much did Di Canio spend to get promotion last season?



    Cheating, pure and simple.

  13. big g



    10:00 on 17 January, 2013




    We all new it was only a matter of time sleekit face would come out and try to blackmail people with pash about how thems don’t want to leave Scottish football but we will if you don’t let us jump a league.


    Huns in here have a wee spring in their step today.stupid nieve b******s.hh

  14. Welcome to Celtic Tomas, I hope your stay is fruitful.


    Got down to PH at 7:20 this morning, and the Queue was in


    London Rd by that time. People were there from midnight in near freezing weather,


    so fair play to them, they deserve the best seats in the house.


    My brother took over from me, and he called to say the Queue is


    moving very slowly.


    Things are going well at our club at the moment, but I feel the ticket office should have


    been opened much earlier than 09:30, most of the guys beside me had work


    to go to. Pay the staff some overtime and bring them in early.


    Take a look at this Celtic. Moan over.. Hail Hail

  15. From both FF and Sevcomedia together with a few predictable replies:



    “Remember this impartial member of the SFA panel tasked with dealing with Lord Nimmos findings against Rangers and Craig Whyte?



    Described at the time as the “erstwhile football commentator” in various pieces such as..






    I discovered today during an unrelated conversation that the impartial Mr Murning is currently making his money organising “An Audience with Henrik Larsson” evenings in Glasgow and Ireland. His company World Celebrity Bookings are the events management company putting it all together…. It appears though that the only “World celebrity” on their books is the aforementioned hero of the green and greys.



    The link can be seen at… http://henriklarsson.co.uk/ which is a page forward from the site http://www.wcbookings.com which in turn is registered to impartial Mr Alistair Murning



    So one third of the panel making judgement on Rangers appears linked to Celtic….who would have thunk it…



    Sooner we bring this house of cards down the better.”






    “Corruption right to the core , these *******s must be exposed for the good of all Scottish football.”






    “any where else folk would be asking Qs



    here in bigoted wee scotland, it has now become the norm.



    Hand picked for a reason”





    “one would think these kind of stories would normally be the medias bread and butter but not in Scotland eh. Makes me sick.”






    ” I’ve tweeted this thread to Andrew Dickson. He’s going to have a look at it when he gets to a computer. Hopefully he’ll pass it on.”



    No prizes for guessing that the original post has a link to Murning’s home address.

  16. Not looking good for tickets for me, been trying on the phone for over a hour and I’m now just over half way on the website




  17. Monaghan1900



    They are desperate for LNS not to sit in judgement of their behaviour and will do anything to undermine the process.


    God you would almost think they were guilty of something, good counsel would tell them to admit wrong doing, express contrition and look for mercy in the justice.


    Perhaps he did but ran into a comprehension block in explaining what wrongdoing was.

  18. I don’t like to welcome people until that have actually signed. It’s a hangover from Judas.



    Rogic hasn’t signed yet has he?

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