Mariners confirm Rogic deal


Tomas Rogic’s club, Central Coast Mariners, formally announced they had agreed terms to transfer the player to Celtic a few hours ago.  The Australian attacking midfielder, who turned 20 last month, will require a work permit before the transfer is concluded, but should be a formality.

After having an extensive look at the player, Neil Lennon will think there is an excellent chance he will be a successful addition to the team, but it’s worth remembering that Victor Wanyama joined at the beginning of last season at the same age as Tomas and took six months before securing a regular starting place in the team.
[calameo code=000390171cc0c3617c8cc lang=en page=80 hidelinks=1 width=100% height=500] I have avoided all YouTube clips of the player (which are notoriously misleading) but by all accounts he is an excellent prospect, however, he will need our support and encouragement as he settles into life in Scotland – especially if he acclimatises to the Scottish game.

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  1. Not usually a fan of ladies tennis but good game on live in Eurosport with the young British girl against one of the top seeds.

  2. .







    12:48 on


    17 January, 2013


    Summa of Sammi…. – There are 30,000 People who Disagree with KevSydneyJungle..;-))))



    I wonder what DonegalDanny is doing now. (thumbsup)






    Ahh.. You Notices the.. “You Only get 15 Mins Oot a Sammi a Season”..



    That was Gweedore Bhoy .. Danny’s ‘Brother’ that Started that H Ha Ha ..



    Summa of TheBrothersGrimCSC

  3. philvisreturns on

    Gordon_J – Lance Armstrong’s been punished enough. He should simply reject any talk of stripping titles. (thumbsup)



    starry plough – Sophisticated boom boom!!



    Those Renault Clio ads taught me a thing or deux about the French. (thumbsup)

  4. Joe Filippis Haircut


    12:29 on


    17 January, 2013




    Agreed sir, I was trying to wind up an Aussietim, but he’s unwindupable :¬)



    Lenny and staff are doing well and fair play to them, all we need is a Messi to keep Kev happy :¬)



    Happy dayz CSC

  5. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Can i have raspberry


    As i said earlier my son was put on a list and got the offer last week for over £800 for 3 match package single juve game not offered. Whether there is something else try the website

  6. fanadpatriot ~ 12:45 on 17 January, 2013



    Good to see Celtic sign the young Australian.Buy young hungry ambitious players instead



    agree 100% this bhoy will cost less in 4 1/2 years than some of our 6 month super loans. if it clicks for him and us we could get a good 4 years out of him. fans love a big named signing as do i, however, i love nothing more than seeing a young boy like ki, vic, mcgeady, forrest etc coming from nowhere and making names for themselves. even more so when they leave for millions of pounds allowing us to reinvest in our club rather than paying stupid wages for what amounts to little in return.



    would like to see Juan Agudelo or another of his ilk brought in as well

  7. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Philvis, it’s a fair enough point about playing killie twice and the jags twice, but my point is that these games would likely attract 30 or 40 thousand paying £25 a head


    Better opposition than killie, st Mirren or the jags IMO would attract more fans paying more money.

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Juve .



    Many people in Italy absolutely loathe Juventus.



    Many choose to call them Rubentus [ from the verb Rubare -to steal ]



    It would be a pleasure to hear a packed Celtic Park chanting ——



    Roo—-Ben –Toos ! ———Roo —–Ben —–Toos !

  9. Big Georges Fan Club on

    Very down – never managed to get the golden ticket this morning, so no BGFC at the Juve game. My two weans have theirs in hand, so they will get along OK with one of the in-laws.



    Does irritate a bit when you hear about people who never go to games getting along to these huge nights, friends of friends (Hearts fans, f.f.s.!!), when me and the weans go along faithfully every week to the games – Celtic vs. Arbroath included. Wee BGFC will be distraught at having no daddy there, but I’m sure that will last only till the Champion’s League theme tune belts out!



    It has ever been thus, I suppose – doesn’t make you feel any better though :-(



    Just need to wait for the Quarter Final!



    Hail, Hail







  10. philvisreturns on

    I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam) – Aye but I can’t see us getting out of Scottish football within this decade.



    Did you ever collect football stickers?



    Apart from the excellent portraits of players – http://shop.sportsworldcards.com/ekmps/shops/sportsworld/images/celtic-johannes-edvaldsson-420-panini-football-78-sticker-5104-p.jpg – one of the pleasures of collecting Panini stickers was all the weird and wonderful and colourful and shiny club crest stickers. Sometimes they even had that holographic rainbow effect in the background which made them seem like artifacts from the future. Not a future of rain-soaked 1980’s Lanarkshire towns, but a future of silver jumpsuits and talking robots and bases on the moon.



    It was magic. My favourite stickers were the club crests of English provincial clubs that I knew little about, because they seemed new and different.



    Anyway, I see the league in similar terms. More diversity of opposition is a good thing IMO. It would be nice if we were playing Barca and co. every week but even clubs in La Liga don’t get to play top class opposition every week.



    The other great thing about sticker collecting was the bartering in the playground “got.. got… swap… got…”. It was Championship Manager without the computer. (thumbsup)

  11. Valentine’s Day



    I have a 5 horse accum on and 2 winners so far including this RepresentingCeltic. Even 10p each way on it can give me a great return for the day!




  12. .



    Craig Foster..



    It Puzzled me Why in his Article he Chose Hearts and Inverness.. To Say that Thomas Rogic will Not learn much at Celtic..



    Well Low and Behold..



    Never Ssen Big Terry as Much of a Scribe.. But Comedy Gold this was..






    The Sydney Morning Herald




    Sydney FC coach Terry Butcher wants outspoken former Socceroo Craig Foster to put up or shut up.




    Foster’s expert opinion will be welcome at training



    October 19, 2006





    Dear Craig Foster,



    I would like to thank you for your open letter of August 27 and I must apologise for not writing earlier, though I have been rather busy. I must also thank you for your advice concerning my position at Sydney FC and my new life in Australia. It must be wonderful to have so much expertise, and to be so generous with it, too.



    You also seem to specialise in psychic understanding, as well, because you claim to know exactly what I am thinking. You really are a remarkable person. Perhaps you could impart to me some of your worldly genius at one of our training sessions, or even grace us with your presence for a game at Aussie Stadium. You obviously have difficulty in finding your way to our matches, so for your information Sydney FC play Melbourne Victory at Aussie Stadium on Saturday, kick-off at 7pm.



    In fact, I would be very interested to see your information gathering devices that view everything that we do. You may have purchased, from the fortune that you accumulated from playing in England under Terry Venables, a satellite that is programmed to track my whereabouts. Perhaps you even have one of those dressing shed cameras linked to your house from Aussie Stadium, or Parramatta where we train, because you seem to have such an intimate knowledge of me and Sydney FC. It must be so good to be so perfect all the time.



    Talking of England, you once stated that you had your best football experiences while playing for Crystal Palace under the leadership of your favourite coach; the aforementioned Venables. Was that when the London side was relegated, or failed again to achieve promotion?



    You may have even seen me play, too, or even against me, although I cannot remember one second of your competitive career. In fact, no one really knows that you even existed back in the UK. Still, as they say, everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, let’s look up the word, “opinion”, in the dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary states that an opinion is, “a personal view not necessarily based on fact or knowledge”. I think this explanation sums up your entire input to the game in general.



    The dictionary also offers another clarification of opinion, “a formal statement of advice by an expert”. (The last word is also defined as, “a person with great knowledge or skill in a particular area”.) That’s strange, because apart from playing for Palace and Australia in no World Cups, I am a little bit hazy on your coaching prowess and experience. But you certainly seem to know a great deal on how to instruct a team to play beautiful football, judging by the amount of time you spend telling us how we are all bad coaches and do not implement the correct style.



    I would love you to enlighten us all with your tactical and technical intelligence, so here is a personal invitation for you to come down to any of our training sessions and show the boys your methods and philosophy. Opinions matter and form the basis of team selections, transfers and contracts at any football club worldwide. The fans, too, have their own views on their team and are fuelled by as many articles, interviews and column inches that they can obtain. Therefore, especially with the A-League being at such a delicately young age, too much criticism now can have a detrimental effect on its future. So, please, don’t be so negative in your approach to the world game.



    I look forward to meeting you for the first time and your attendances at Aussie Stadium.



    Yours in sport, Terry Butcher.





  13. Gordon J



    Aye …but that’s in the real world ..



    Meanwhile over Govan way they remain indefatigable in their campaign to retain that which they won through cheating …

  14. Due to their transfer restriction, the Hearts manager is quoted as asking where he can find under-21s who can go straight into the first team.



    How about Oz?

  15. BGFC



    that’s unfortunate ….



    Were you not entitled to a ticket for each of you thro your STs ….only making an assumption that you have STs given that you go every week

  16. SoT



    I take it that the name relates to them “stealing” titles tho cheating



    If RFC still existed we could have chanted that at them

  17. Here’s a boring statistic for you. Every share traded in RFC (that’s the official ticker folks) since trading opened on Friday has been a sell. Not a single share bought.

  18. philvisreturns



    Completely agree. The quality isn’t there regardless so I’d rather we had variety than playing the same mob over and over again. I don’t know how many times we’ve had a game and I’ve been thinking “did we not just play them in a boring match last week?”.

  19. Bada Bing I hope and pray that Istanbulcelt gets out of there safely. Serious stuff going on there.




  20. Any more signings predicted ?



    Lenny mentioned left winger, rogic looks to have nice left peg but dont know if he can play wing ?



    I think we can afford and should get hooper replacement in now if possible, even if it means 3/5m outlay.



    More firepower against juve can only be good thing.

  21. Good to see a club manage itself within its means and not resort to underhand payment transactions, don’t think he will be sorely missed though. :-




    Manager Peter Houston will leave Dundee United at the end of the season, the club have confirmed.


    Houston, who was recently linked to Blackpool, has decided not to extend his contract, which expires in June.


    United chairman Stephen Thompson had made an offer to keep his manager, but on reduced terms.


    Continue reading the main story



    The time is right for me to move on for a fresh challenge



    Peter Houston


    “He will remain fully committed to his role until the end of the season and will then leave with our best wishes and grateful thanks,” said Thompson.


    Houston added: “I understand and accept that changing circumstances mean that the board is under continued pressure to reduce costs, but I feel the time is now right for me to move on for a fresh challenge.”


    The 54-year-old, who has been in charge at Tannadice since May 2010, won the Scottish Cup months after replacing Craig Levein, making him the second United manager to win the trophy.


    “We are all extremely grateful to Peter for all of his efforts over the last three years as manager and indeed in his previous role as assistant manager,” said Thompson.


    “In an ideal world, we would have had no hesitation in renewing contracts on a similar basis as originally provided. However, the world has changed in the last three years and we must realign the cost base of the business to the new economic reality.


    “We are certainly not the only Scottish football club, or Scottish company, taking such action to ensure the future of the business and all of its employees.”


    Houston thanked the club’s fans, players, staff and directors for their support.


    And he added: “It is with sadness that I have arrived at this decision but feel that I have worked with the board to help them financially to reduce the debts and ongoing costs over the last three years and that there is a limit to how much we can continue to cut costs and continue to deliver what I want on the pitch.”


    Houston was granted permission to speak to Blackpool this week but does not appear to be in the running for the vacancy at Bloomfield Road.

  22. Livibhoy.


    Thanks for the tip (anymore) i didnt pyt it on, but i text my brother it.




    Thought it was funny, by the way he put £10 on it. He said thanks.


    hail hail.

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