Mariners confirm Rogic deal


Tomas Rogic’s club, Central Coast Mariners, formally announced they had agreed terms to transfer the player to Celtic a few hours ago.  The Australian attacking midfielder, who turned 20 last month, will require a work permit before the transfer is concluded, but should be a formality.

After having an extensive look at the player, Neil Lennon will think there is an excellent chance he will be a successful addition to the team, but it’s worth remembering that Victor Wanyama joined at the beginning of last season at the same age as Tomas and took six months before securing a regular starting place in the team.
[calameo code=000390171cc0c3617c8cc lang=en page=80 hidelinks=1 width=100% height=500] I have avoided all YouTube clips of the player (which are notoriously misleading) but by all accounts he is an excellent prospect, however, he will need our support and encouragement as he settles into life in Scotland – especially if he acclimatises to the Scottish game.

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  1. Weeminger,



    If their all sells does that not mean someone must be buying??




  2. weeminger


    14:10 on


    17 January, 2013


    Here’s a boring statistic for you. Every share traded in RFC (that’s the official ticker folks) since trading opened on Friday has been a sell. Not a single share bought.



    Weeminger – can you enlighten me? How can there be a sell without someone buying?

  3. newradbhoy



    Good man. Always happy to poiint them out to the Bhoys.


    haven’t done to badly with my tipping on here. Last one I tipped was Provo which won at a similar price.




  4. South Of Tunis on

    PFayr .



    Yes ——- thieves /cheats.



    Their support is a very broad church . The first home game after they were found guilty in the Calciopoli scandal saw fighting between 2 sets of Ultras —— One with a banner ——- You Shame Us -the other with a banner —The End Justifies The Means..



    Been to see them twice this season —– The Ref gave them 3 points at Catania / they won easily at Palermo . There was a lot of violence after the Palermo game — media claimed it was caused by Juve Ultras from Catania

  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Is young Rogic’s signing confirmed ….?

  6. Charbhoy, Estorilbhoy – market makers, or brokers, buy them in order to create a market and hold them until somebody genuinely wants to buy. So yes, they are being ‘bought’ but there are no punters or investors after them.



    The number of shares being traded is tiny, hence the price is only dropping very slowly.

  7. 1st…….RepresentingCeltic……..7/2.



    25 Euro…………………..total 112.50.



    Well done that man for the tip.

  8. SoT



    How is football violence dealt with in Italy by the media ?



    Is it largely ignored ?



    How prevalent is it ?

  9. Weeminger,



    Many thanks.



    Ps your moniker auto corrects to ‘wee inter’ on my ipad, how’s that for coincidence:)))




  10. As Rogic has already spent a year in England, at the Nike Academy, acclimatising to the Northern hemisphere shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

  11. If all the country is in for severe snow and blizzard conditions will all matches be called off?


    if so i suppose it will give our players even more time to recover from niggles injury etc.


    Im thinking broony, james forrest, kayal.


    Match sharpness might be on the down side.

  12. I’ve just bought the history of HMV………………..



    …..okay, it’ll take a bit of explaining to the missus…………. and it’ll mean a few domestic changes, but the deal’s done…..tickety-boo



    ……..you might say.

  13. Wonder if the roof at ibrox will be able to take the strain of all the expected snow?


    No need to offer an opinion, i can guess what everyone is thinking, lol.

  14. Newradbhoy,



    Forecast has changed for Glasgow and looks pretty clear now ( subject to change :)))

  15. Brendan Rodgers says Suarez admitting diving is “unacceptable”,Wenger,Ferguson take note.Saurez could be working his ticket here.

  16. What’s that you say “Newradbhoy”?……..



    …………………………………a problem with the Asbestox roof?????






    …….I’m sure that’ll be BIG news the nicht!

  17. Where can you find the best pie? Airdrie apparently, according to this little Herald article:



    “Alex Neil, as local MSP, sent a message of congratulation to Messrs JB Christie on their award as World Champion Scotch Pie Maker. “Having the best Scotch pie maker in the world is something that the whole of Airdrie can benefit from as it is a mark of quality,” said the, er, Health Minister.”

  18. Jabba has been put in charge of Lance Armstrong’s PR.



    In his first statement he says,


    “It is time for people to move on. Lance is not the first or the last cyclist to take or not take performance enhancing drugs. There is no proof that he had an EBT or any EPO.



    The sport of cycling will not survive without Lance Armstrong. TV deals will be lost. Sponsorship from big drug companies will no longer be prevalent.



    Lance should be fast tracked back to the front of the Tour deFrance on the Last day in Parus as soon as possible. If not he will take his bike and cycle somewhere else.



    He may change his name to Chance Armstring and apply to the Tour. He will of course keep his records and titles. These may be stripped from Lance but will be retained by Chance.

  19. South Of Tunis on

    PFayr —–



    The media don’t ignore it [ they report the bare “facts ” but tend to adopt a —– What can we do ? approach [ very similar to the Mafia ]



    Violence is fairly common . Much of it is organized and pre planned. . Plod does little to stop it —– preferring to turn up when it’s over and arresting those lying on the ground . Many clubs have taken the easy out with some of their Ultras —— OK -you can control that part of the stadium , you can have free tickets etc but in exchange leave The Directors / The Manager /the players alone . Many clubs have more than one Ultra group –they often fight with each other. Some Ultra stuff is political —Extreme Left / Extreme Right / Antifa / Black Block etc . Some model themselves on English firms . Attendance at football has fallen massively —many cite violence /the fear of violence

  20. SoT



    Many thanks for your reply



    I had no idea it was so bad …I have been to the games in the San Siro…completely hassle free



    I can understand why fans aren’t attending if that sort of carry on is happening

  21. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Welcome Tomas Rogic!



    I hope you get a game so we can see what all the fuss is about.



    Who’s leavin’ then?

  22. This deserves a repost every day for 125 days (may 5th)


    10p a day £12:50, 20p a day £25:00.


    A fantastic gesture I’M IN :)).




    10:48 on


    6 January, 2013


    While its quiet I’ll repost Kitalba’s message from the KANO 125 CFC fundraiser:






    11:15 on


    28 December, 2012


    Kano got sick one night, very sick. If it was not for so many Celtic Supporters, from so many places, then Kano would be an ornament in a sterile hospital room. That is not nice because Kano still breathes and he still thinks and he is still a Celtic Supporter to his very core.



    A lot of money, by a lot of people, was raised to take Kano home. He can’t ever balance the books, but he’d love to.



    None of us gets more than one go on the roundabout of life.



    Celtic is celebrating their 125th Birthday and indelibly stamping it into their history by encouraging all to embrace the simple ethos of the clubs founding… let’s try and help those who just don’t have more than the air that they breathe.



    A lot of Celtic Supporters are doing a lot of different things to raise money for to help those less fortunate than ourselves. To a lot of people that is no big deal.



    I’m determined to help Kano pay back the kindness shown to him by the Celtic Support by supporting my club to help unfortunates. No big deal.



    There are some from here who have said they will help me to help Kano to help Celtic to help others.



    I give up the bevie for 125 days and I give up posting on here for 125 days as of the 1st Jan.. No big deal really, Kano has done both for the best part of four years.



    I ‘m going to put a wee bit aside for each day that I don’t drink or post and forward it to Celtic to hopefully fill a belly that needs a feed or to make an unfortunate hope where only darkness is their dawn.(but maybe I can have St. Pat’s day off so I can share a day with some good Tims)



    I’ve only one life and when I’m gone I soon be forgotten but if I’ve ever managed to feed one hungry person, if only for one day, then my life was worth something.



    No big deal to me or you but the person I fed, he/she will never know where the food came from and they won’t ever be visiting my grave to put some pretty flowers at the base of a head-stone, they’ll be too busy worrying about tomorrow.



    I can live with that and like Kano, once I’m gone, I’ll know that I never changed the world, hardly left a mark, but still I took to Celtic and I did something to try and ease the pain of others… sort of the Celtic way.

  23. South of Tunis



    You talk about Juve supporters from Catania.


    Why do so many Sicilians support Juve? Did they all work in Northern Italy in the past? And why don’t they support Catania/Palermo?

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