Market for sportwashing could wane quickly


The long season comes to an end this week when the final international games, most of which are firmly in the meaningless category, or the Nations League, as Uefa prefer to call them.  Those in the Scotland squad, like Callum McGregor, have to make their way home from Armenia tonight.  There will hopefully be time for the captain to rest mind and limbs before he is recalled for preseason training.

It is a small mercy that we don’t have European qualifiers this summer, our Scotland players missing out on the World Cup is also welcome, although our Japanese contingent will be affected.

2022 could be the year Fifa is finally forced to pull back.  Confirmation of the corruption behind the decision to award the World Cup to Qatar did nothing to prevent the tournament going ahead as planned.  Instead, the world will watch the efforts of a tiny state hosting the world’s greatest sporting event (it is) in stadiums built and destined for obsolescence before the year is out.

The is also a strange calculus underway in the sportwashing sector.  Whatever the Saudi motivation for LIV Golf, it surely was not to put the human rights record of the kingdom front and centre of news broadcasts.  ‘You are blatantly trying to get us to ignore the thing we are all going to talk about.”

Google Trends show the word “Khashoggi” has rocketed since golfers gathered for the LIV tournament.  The market for sportwashing may be set to turn.

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  1. Re read that post and put shite at every line or comma.


    Green(tho I doubt it) unionist vermin having a go at green huns.


    Green unionist vermin is comfortable with his wee multi(void of confidence) moniker being all grown up.



    You just lack confidence, need.


    A fake and fraud farting bout integrity.


    Your a yawning bore


    Think it’s time ye gave sentinel anurr go b4 being telt to stop bein a stalkin weirdo hahaha

  2. park the bus 442 on

    An tearmann




    The Sentinel bs guy talks out of both sides of his mooth


    a true Celt as they say.


    Has he told you about the 7,000 folk who read his blog every day yet only 20+ can be bothered posting?

  3. Sláinte Ange on

    Steve Clarke sees Callum as his mainstay player so why not make him captain in Armenia?


    ….on his birthday too!


    Not a clue Clarke, must be a hun.

  4. Good morning all from a lovely sunny morning in the Garngad



    Any word on Jotta signing?



    D :)

  5. No,he just told me what a freaky stalking disturbed person you are.


    A different name for each day your lacking in confidence,


    A non attending Fanny,self descriptive dim tim. It fits.


    Running along now fake

  6. Good morning from a sunny North Staffs



    I must admit I expect Jota to sign this week and if not I’m sure we have a plan B.



    Enjoy your rest Callum you’ll be back in preseason training before you know it.

  7. The Video of last season was wonderful.Let’s hope Sky do as good on Friday.


    Watching Jota,does that look like someone who does not get us?.


    Sheer joy.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Good morning all from the Lake’s. There’s a round glowing orange thing in the sky, whit no rain in Cumbria for the next three days👍👏👏

  9. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 15TH JUNE 2022 9:52 AM




    Three dry days in Cumbria = Drought.

  10. SCULLYBHOY on 14TH JUNE 2022 9:49 PM


    Why were England playing at Molineux?








    Because like the song says, Hungary like the Wolves.

  11. Did steve Clark honestly pick seven naismith for a coach ?….why?….what qualifies him for such an important role ?…..Scotlands performances certainly have gone backwards since he joined……just think its a strange one with all the contacts SC must have

  12. prestonpans bhoys on



    Drought will not affect the prices, pint and a half of Staropramen £9😵






    Exactly and I’m assuming he has the appropriate badges😱

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SLÁINTE ANGE @ 1:12 AM


    Steve Clarke sees Callum as his mainstay player so why not make him captain in Armenia?



    ….on his birthday too!



    Not a clue Clarke, must be a hun.






    S.A. – Lol.



    To your last point.



    Nope, just a forelock tugger.



    Happens to all of those of a certain persuasion employed by the SFA.



    The requirement is subtle when appointed.



    It is then constantly shoved in the appointee’s face by routine behaviours.



    If one is strong enough mentally, comfortable in one’s own skin and confident in one’s CV ?



    You tell them to shove their job.



    Otherwise you suck it up and change from the person you were.



    Same happens in SMSM.




  14. Paul67 et al



    Usyk – Joshau rematch to take place………


    August 20 in er Saudi Arabia….

  15. Was looking for a few quick signings ,quite a few of the names mentioned are attracting other teams now , hope were not going to dilly dally again . Is this guy jota coming to us or not , fair taking his time .

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