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I know I’m not the only one worried about tonight’s game.  A few bombscare moments is all it takes to crash out of Europe, think Big Dan in Sion (we don’t get to play a joker every year).  We now have four games under our belts but there are still lots of cobwebs to blow away.

On the positive side, we’ve never lost a competitive goal to Swedish opposition and this Celtic squad have the wherewithal to raise their game and see this one through.  A week ago we said Kris Commons and Georgios Samaras would be crucial, this will be even more so tonight. Georgios is the most effective ‘out ball’ in the squad, while Kris’ ability to prize open defences has, if anything, improved since the summer break.

Elfsborg are at home tonight after four games on the road. Piling away games together always taxes a team. They will be pleased to be back at the Boras Arena but fine tuning is everything in this business, and apart from the seven goal whipping of Daugava Daugavpils in the last Champions League qualifying round, they have not had a tactically-conventional home game in almost a month.

Take them, Celtic.

Ranger Charity Foundation have, unfortunately, reset the dial on what charities can get away with without consequence.  One trustee even refused to answer questions from the Office of the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR), who, incidentally, decided to take no action.  OSCR had the temerity to lay new guidelines for charities associated with other football clubs. Other football clubs charities are nothing to do with that lot and I hope this incident does nothing to dent enthusiasm for our 1254125 campaign.

Last week, Rangers International chief exec Craig Mather, demanded to know why group of clubs were fined by the SFA following financial collapse, while Hearts and Dunfermline were not. Yesterday the SFA spelled out the considerable difference in scenarios, while informing us that Rangers (sic) actually asked for a financial penalty, presumably instead of a sporting penalty.

Yes, you heard right….. Duff and Phelps, who were appointed to recover creditors money, who attempted to sign new players during their tenure, asked for a financial penalty. Consistent with creditors interests and their considerable fee?

Mather is a ‘keeper’. I don’t know about you but I feel I am getting my £500k per year’s worth of entertainment out of him.

Congratulations (again) to STV’s Peter Smith on another excellent interview with Charles Green yesterday.  It was Green’s “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth” moment, as he appeared to suggest deviousness was a positive attribute.

There were more highlights than we have time to cover here.  I am sure Walter Smith was delighted his private view that the current Rangers (sic) team are the worst in history (yes, I am aware of the short history).

Green did his best impersonation of a statue when Peter Smith mentioned the Dallas Cowboys but the former Rangers International chief exec was clear that despite the critical financial challenge ahead, he was not going to cancel pre-contract agreements with players due to join the club in September.  That’s the thing about contracts, pre or otherwise, you can’t just cancel them unilaterally.

The eight players Rangers International have signed will join the club and there is nothing Green can do about it.  Unless, they fail their medical….  Do you think Charles has been studying the Ricky Fulton book on Rangers management? This is how they used to do it down Ibrox way…….

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  1. Some of you are talking about the NHS.



    The major problems I can see with it right now is organisation and treating too many people that GP’s won’t help or they can’t get an appointment with GP and end up in A & E



    I recently have had my Sister-in-law with a blockage in her knee which took a week in Monklands to wait for a bed in Hairmyers to be freed, just less than a week to get a scan, when she got to hairmyers, then had …10 days later… Had angioplast to clear a blockage behind her knee, this was done in a hurry because she threatened to sign herself out.. dishcharged a day later.


    If her GP had treated her properly, after numerous visits she wouldn’t have needed emergency treayment….or not so emegency….could have lost her foot.


    Alot of people waiting, her neighbour in the ward was in to get her leg amputated, was meant to be done on the Monday, was delayed every day until the Friday…scandelous way to treat people.



    My mother-in-law is presently in Wishaw, 86 years with Alzheimers??


    kidney failure, 3 weks ahe has been in with complaints about her getting moved and not dressing her with pads….to busy they are



    Sort out the organisation and money would be available, beds are being taken up for weeks on end, if they were better organised they could free these beds up more quickly



    If GP’s could treat for minor issues it would free up A & E



    What A RANT, but from the outside looking in,









    We’ll score tonight, game over then

  2. masty is neil lennon on




    if you want to worry about a team that had a wonder strike from 25 yards over 90 minutes against us you carry on…me? I am with the majority never seen anything to fear last week, theu shut up shop and parked the bus as they say, tonight they will have to open up and when they do sammi will strke..

  3. Estadio Nacional on

    as_i_thought 14:46



    Theres only one thing for it, c’mon Peter get Sammy Eto’o signed.



    A Sammi and Sammy front line would be nice.





  4. Unfortunate as it is that we have to negotiate 3 qualifying round to reach the Champions League proper, if we cannot see off Elfsborg then we don’t deserve to be there.



    On their showing in the first game they are on a par with a decent SPL side and we should be confident of going there and winning both the match and the tie.

  5. masty is neil lennon on

    oh and the very same anders svenson was a lucky man to stay on the park, he has no pace whats so ever and leaves the foot in when his marker gets away…

  6. weebobbycollins



    In an ideal world neither would I but if a good footballer can do a job for us for a couple years I’d be happy. With a large sell on value obviously.





    Whats the story with that?

  7. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Sir Lady Haggerty‏@AngelaHaggerty50m


    Speculation rife via Twitter as Flight DAL99 spotted circling via Flightradar website http://po.st/1onwtc This is pretty bizarre.

  8. Reports coming out of Snake Mountain that they are teminating non-playing staff contracts with immediate effect such as those for floodlight maintenance etc. Could this be Sevco going into admin?

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I think if the ole Wheeltappers & Shunters was still open,Challs would be top of the bill.



  10. The biggest worry tonight will be high balls into the box and the unpredictable bounce of the artificial surface. Particularly were Efe is concerned.

  11. .



    Heard from a Good Source..That Walter leaving is All part of a Master Race..Sorry l mean Plan..Yea Master Plan..



    One of the Bears Read somewhere that Airdrie..l Mean Clydebank..or was it Airdrie Utd were Absolute Mince for a Few Years..And then Just Like Bobby Ewing in the Dallas Cowboys (See what l Did there)..Where was l..?



    Yea..then the Came back as Airdrieonians as if all the Years of Being Mince didnae Happen..



    Ye see where I’m Going here..



    The Rangers International..Can go Bust play Mince then come back as The Rangers..Without.. The Rangers Internationals Mince History..See..



    Ally will Just walk out the Shower..And All the Cup Exit Nightmares will Just have been a Big Big Dream..(I Might have to reword that last Bit sounds a Bit Dodgy)..



    And he will be a New Manager..



    But Walter wont let Him take Charge of Cup games this Time..;-)



    Yea that will work..



    Summa of ParallelRangersCSC

  12. The Battered Bunnet on




    Finnbogason was debated to the nth degree last week. All agree he would be a terrific signing, bar Paul67 who politely pointed out that Celtic are not in the habit of paying €7M for a 22 year old player who moved for €500K last year and has since scored fewer goals than Billy McKay at ICT.



    That said, cracking prospect, and the comparison is largely invalid.

  13. traditionalist88 on



    15:20 on


    7 August, 2013


    The biggest worry tonight will be high balls into the box and the unpredictable bounce of the artificial surface. Particularly were Efe is concerned.







    High balls and bounces are unpredictable to oor Efe whatever the surface so I would have no additional concerns on that front;)




  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    15:10 on 7 August, 2013



    Probably chuckles starting to tidy up the mess ….. Too late, methinks….

  15. ACGR. Gordybhoy 64


    Re Ardbeg. The irony about buying Ardbeg is that no one involved realised the potential and quality of the acquisition. £7m plus £7m in restoring the place and creating a visitor centre. Incredible. The swedes are amongst the best customers ironically. Hope they are not celebrating with it tonight.



    Re the Ardbeg Finished Beer it is limited release but I do know there is a quantity for each Farmers Market each week and that includes Glasgow West End this weekend (at Partick just across from the Dolphin). It is only saved for Islay aficionados and is not expensive either. £2.50 ish.



    If you don’t get any I have a few bottles at home so can hook up when I get back from rainy S.A.

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Not overly concerned about losing Kelvin as I do believe it is easier to replace a CB than a top striker such as Hooper. Would expect to have both replaced by the next qualifier whether it be Champ. League or Europa League but the question is – could both be registered for the final qualifier?




  17. traditionalist88






    Maybe Charlie would be a better bet at the back with Efe in midfield…………or on the bench………..OK then……..in the stand! :->

  18. My understanding re Kelvin is that he (family) has been unhappy for some time re being in Glasgow…Hopefully we can extract maximum value for what we have seen ro be a strong and improving player for the club.

  19. Usually nervous before a match but reading back good old CQN has informed me that Goals will come from Sammy, Commons, Lustig, Efe and Stokes with a double means they need to score 8…..

  20. traditionalist88 on




    Yeah, I would have Efe in the midfield destroyer role before Kayal any day of the week, he has his plus points.




  21. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    We are all justifiably nervous about this game tonight, not necessarily due to the opposition, more to do with the ‘rewards’ for getting to the CL ….. Hope the players aren’t as nervous as me….LOL

  22. TBB



    Many thanks – will look abck over the debate that i clearly missed!




  23. Don’t really understand all the negativity about Efe, he makes mistakes but I’m fairly sure each of the other Celtic players that play tonight have also made a couple. He’s only just been here a year and after having a very good first 6 months had a poor second half of the season due to a couple of things in my opinion. His first season was a lot more successful personally and for Celtic than Kelvin Wilsons was yet a couple of posters are fretting about losing him.

  24. traditionalist88 on




    I think its how prone to mistakes Efe appears to be in comparison to other players that does it…




  25. Steviebhoy66 14:58



    There is so much wastage and poor (costly) organisation at all levels of the welfare state that jobs and resources wouldn’t need to be cut if they just stopped wasting money.

  26. “Absolutely” no cause for concern tonite ..Iceland or Austria next!!







  27. Afternoon Timland from a hot hun free mountain valley.



    According to Lenny Efe and Kelvin will be the CB pairing tonight, that narrows down a few things then.



    Faith bhoys.



    TBB and ACGR



    Well done to your young bhoys






  28. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Well done BBC, in getting Charlotte Green to replace James Alexander Gordon as the voice of the football results.

  29. traditionalist88



    Yes and no in my opinion, I’m only going on memory but I remember Kelvin acting like Bambi on ice for a fair bit of time in the first year. I’d also prefer Ambrose in midfield ahead of Kayal as a poster above commented. With Mouyokolo as yet unused, Virgil injured and Kelvin in the process of leaving I think he’s our strongest centre back. I Efe think he gets vilified for small mistakes where other players can be much more wasteful in possession and sometimes escape the wrath of the crowd.

  30. The Battered Bunnet on




    Just so long as Charlotte Rampling doesn’t replace Mary Marquis, eh.