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I know I’m not the only one worried about tonight’s game.  A few bombscare moments is all it takes to crash out of Europe, think Big Dan in Sion (we don’t get to play a joker every year).  We now have four games under our belts but there are still lots of cobwebs to blow away.

On the positive side, we’ve never lost a competitive goal to Swedish opposition and this Celtic squad have the wherewithal to raise their game and see this one through.  A week ago we said Kris Commons and Georgios Samaras would be crucial, this will be even more so tonight. Georgios is the most effective ‘out ball’ in the squad, while Kris’ ability to prize open defences has, if anything, improved since the summer break.

Elfsborg are at home tonight after four games on the road. Piling away games together always taxes a team. They will be pleased to be back at the Boras Arena but fine tuning is everything in this business, and apart from the seven goal whipping of Daugava Daugavpils in the last Champions League qualifying round, they have not had a tactically-conventional home game in almost a month.

Take them, Celtic.

Ranger Charity Foundation have, unfortunately, reset the dial on what charities can get away with without consequence.  One trustee even refused to answer questions from the Office of the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR), who, incidentally, decided to take no action.  OSCR had the temerity to lay new guidelines for charities associated with other football clubs. Other football clubs charities are nothing to do with that lot and I hope this incident does nothing to dent enthusiasm for our 1254125 campaign.

Last week, Rangers International chief exec Craig Mather, demanded to know why group of clubs were fined by the SFA following financial collapse, while Hearts and Dunfermline were not. Yesterday the SFA spelled out the considerable difference in scenarios, while informing us that Rangers (sic) actually asked for a financial penalty, presumably instead of a sporting penalty.

Yes, you heard right….. Duff and Phelps, who were appointed to recover creditors money, who attempted to sign new players during their tenure, asked for a financial penalty. Consistent with creditors interests and their considerable fee?

Mather is a ‘keeper’. I don’t know about you but I feel I am getting my £500k per year’s worth of entertainment out of him.

Congratulations (again) to STV’s Peter Smith on another excellent interview with Charles Green yesterday.  It was Green’s “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth” moment, as he appeared to suggest deviousness was a positive attribute.

There were more highlights than we have time to cover here.  I am sure Walter Smith was delighted his private view that the current Rangers (sic) team are the worst in history (yes, I am aware of the short history).

Green did his best impersonation of a statue when Peter Smith mentioned the Dallas Cowboys but the former Rangers International chief exec was clear that despite the critical financial challenge ahead, he was not going to cancel pre-contract agreements with players due to join the club in September.  That’s the thing about contracts, pre or otherwise, you can’t just cancel them unilaterally.

The eight players Rangers International have signed will join the club and there is nothing Green can do about it.  Unless, they fail their medical….  Do you think Charles has been studying the Ricky Fulton book on Rangers management? This is how they used to do it down Ibrox way…….

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  1. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    I cant listen to Shortbread…but when I did, I remember Dick Dung fawning over Charles and stating gleefully that Huns were in stronger financial position than Celtic…has he in any way recanted?

  2. kikinthenakas on

    Re Kelvin



    Good player, always looked miserable….spoke to him in the lounge….was miserable…..not too bad in terms of money….but to go back to Davies at Forest….



    Re tonight 0-2….

  3. whitedoghunch on




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  4. DBBIA @ 16.59



    And if we vote YES next year we might well lose Michelle Mone, Stephen Hendry and our very own Ernie Lynch, but by golly there’ll be a hundred Engilshmen in D&G for every wind turbine… and very welcome they’ll be too.

  5. kikinthenakas on

    Chuckles, £360k a year plus expenses….£360k bonus for winning the 4th tier….£500k pay off for leaving CEO role….now back as a consultant at what cost? Ready to punt his shares at Christmas for £3.5m…..anyone see a pattern here?




  6. After Chuckles told the STV interviewer he ugly, he said that as consultant he was getting one grand a month at Sevconions house, now there’s a team player.

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Mr Johnny Clash- as long as you stay the future for dear ole Caledonia will be bright.

  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    According to Bomber[ SIMBT] Chaz picked up a 300k bonus for winnin’ the ole div 4 last year.



    So if they actually win the Ramsden’s the world will doubtless be his lobster, bonus wise.

  9. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    DBBIA/Derbeyshirebhoy et al



    Agree re earlier post re NHS and the horrible decisions about who to treat and who not to treat.



    I also accept that treating hundreds of people at $20 a pop may well be fairer than one girl at $200,000.



    Yet will tyhe hundreds die or be in fear of death?



    Equally– the NHS is asked to perform to ever stricter targets only to find budgets cut which reduces the number of doctors and nurses which in turn make the targets impossible– and so let’s all criticise the NHS.



    It is total bullshit.



    Roy Croppie— The quip about Sherwood and “not the garage” made me laugh!



    It should be passed on to big Harry lol.

  10. blantyretim



    15:58 on 7 August, 2013




    Doing the same now BT, just back from a meal and now in the back garden, decisions required on the booze , Stella cider, coors carslsberg or corona…. Hic corona wins!

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Huddleston will be on 30-40 k a week just now,he will want more money to move,a non starter for me.

  12. Grass cutting still to finish then shower, dinner and planked in front of the TV by 6.40. Oops gotta go!

  13. .



    Nearly 2am in the Flipping Morning and My Flipping Broadband has went AWOL Flipping heck and My Flipping iPhone won’t play Celtic TV..



    I don’t Flipping Believe it..




  14. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    Getting a little nervous for tonight.



    We have taken a serious risk in going into these qualifiers without replacing both our top goal scorer and midfilder. I don’t want to contemplate not getting through but these ties against Elfsborg should never have been so tight. I just hope poor planning or penny pinching in the short term wont cost us dearly. As if it does, I can see the old biscuit tin being welded shut and that for me would be unforgivable.



    This tie for me should be out of sight already, I just hope we’ve got enough to kill it tonight.




  15. masty is neil lennon on




    go pour yersel a wee beer and relax pal…..sammi’s the man.

  16. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    I’m 20 years in NHS – be grateful you can access NHS services in Scotland.

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    if we can’t beat a [pretty limited] Elfsborg then we don’t deserve to think about eventually making the group stage.



    An early goal tonight to settle the ole nerves will be the perfect pabulum.

  18. masty is neil lennon on




    tell her she’ll get her erse kicked if she disnay. oh and hide the remote the night. ye no wit she’s like.

  19. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Dream business for me – Brown out Huddleston in. Huddleston’s wage subsidised

  20. derbyshirebhoy on




    Equally– the NHS is asked to perform to ever stricter targets only to find budgets cut which reduces the number of doctors and nurses which in turn make the targets impossible– and so let’s all criticise the NHS.



    It is total bullshit.



    As it is with Education and almost every other public service which is a political football and where criteria is constantly changed according to the political hue and philosophy or more likely just to be seen to justify themselves by changing many things for the sake simply of change.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Greensideup-if we get to the CL it might be a carrot to attract guys but as i posted earlier,Wilson won’t be replaced unless we get to the “Promised Land” HH

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    In my opinion we are weakened tonight by the fact our two new Dutch signings are both injured because I think both are class acts and it will be a great pity if they dont get the chance to shine in the CL this season.I think we are in for a very tough night and lots of nervous nail biting and even more so if our centre back pairing is Wilson and Ambrose. H.H.