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I know I’m not the only one worried about tonight’s game.  A few bombscare moments is all it takes to crash out of Europe, think Big Dan in Sion (we don’t get to play a joker every year).  We now have four games under our belts but there are still lots of cobwebs to blow away.

On the positive side, we’ve never lost a competitive goal to Swedish opposition and this Celtic squad have the wherewithal to raise their game and see this one through.  A week ago we said Kris Commons and Georgios Samaras would be crucial, this will be even more so tonight. Georgios is the most effective ‘out ball’ in the squad, while Kris’ ability to prize open defences has, if anything, improved since the summer break.

Elfsborg are at home tonight after four games on the road. Piling away games together always taxes a team. They will be pleased to be back at the Boras Arena but fine tuning is everything in this business, and apart from the seven goal whipping of Daugava Daugavpils in the last Champions League qualifying round, they have not had a tactically-conventional home game in almost a month.

Take them, Celtic.

Ranger Charity Foundation have, unfortunately, reset the dial on what charities can get away with without consequence.  One trustee even refused to answer questions from the Office of the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR), who, incidentally, decided to take no action.  OSCR had the temerity to lay new guidelines for charities associated with other football clubs. Other football clubs charities are nothing to do with that lot and I hope this incident does nothing to dent enthusiasm for our 1254125 campaign.

Last week, Rangers International chief exec Craig Mather, demanded to know why group of clubs were fined by the SFA following financial collapse, while Hearts and Dunfermline were not. Yesterday the SFA spelled out the considerable difference in scenarios, while informing us that Rangers (sic) actually asked for a financial penalty, presumably instead of a sporting penalty.

Yes, you heard right….. Duff and Phelps, who were appointed to recover creditors money, who attempted to sign new players during their tenure, asked for a financial penalty. Consistent with creditors interests and their considerable fee?

Mather is a ‘keeper’. I don’t know about you but I feel I am getting my £500k per year’s worth of entertainment out of him.

Congratulations (again) to STV’s Peter Smith on another excellent interview with Charles Green yesterday.  It was Green’s “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth” moment, as he appeared to suggest deviousness was a positive attribute.

There were more highlights than we have time to cover here.  I am sure Walter Smith was delighted his private view that the current Rangers (sic) team are the worst in history (yes, I am aware of the short history).

Green did his best impersonation of a statue when Peter Smith mentioned the Dallas Cowboys but the former Rangers International chief exec was clear that despite the critical financial challenge ahead, he was not going to cancel pre-contract agreements with players due to join the club in September.  That’s the thing about contracts, pre or otherwise, you can’t just cancel them unilaterally.

The eight players Rangers International have signed will join the club and there is nothing Green can do about it.  Unless, they fail their medical….  Do you think Charles has been studying the Ricky Fulton book on Rangers management? This is how they used to do it down Ibrox way…….

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  1. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    brogan rogan trevino and hogan supports kano 1000



    16:49 on 7 August, 2013



    The NHS is suffering because NHS operations etc are being delayed in favour of private operations etc ……. If anyone wants to (can afford to) pay for an operation, they are carried out very quickly…..by surgeons etc who simply delay their NHS work ……

  2. just got threw out some fancy smancy restaurant recommended on here, seems they’re no hp sauce friendly, aye its awright serving up raw fish and meat but ask for some hp sauce and the gates of hell open up and your the devil incarnate

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Delahunt on Snyde there previewing the “sportsdesk”,first item League Cup draw,Sevco’s conquerors blah blah,no mention of our game tonight.

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Late fitness test for Sammi….sugar

  5. summa of sammi….



    16:53 on 7 August, 2013




    Kit had problems with Celtic TV at the weekend, maybe the club are targeting Aussietims now, I blame ST :>)

  6. masty is neil lennon on

    Joe Filippis Haircut




    ack well! we should just turn over and watch emmerdale then….

  7. masty is neil lennon on




    so are they emptying the entire section?, how do they know who’s who?

  8. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    masty is neil lennon



    16:55 on 7 August, 2013



    You know I was just thinking that myself



    Cheers :)

  9. Well that’s me all organised,Stella Cidre in the fridge,pizza ready for the oven and tv already on bbc2,so bring on tonights big match-HAPPYCLAPPERS V MINESHAFTERS

  10. wdh.


    your fav is the one that threw us out half way through the lunch :o)


    they got all stroppy when I asked for the hp sauce :oD))))


    amy and jordy said to tell you no to come back and stop sending plebs to their shop

  11. derbyshirebhoy on

    Charles – You’ve Got to Luv ‘im!




    Watched his interview with STV. He’s wonderful. The man has absolutely no shame and a brass neck that I could use to do my shaving. He’s perfect for the shysters of Sevco and their predecessors . A perfect fit as they have absolutely no shame either and regularly convince themselves of anything that suits. He must have wondered where have these hicks been all my life. Take out a flute and they’ll all follow. Like lemmings off the edge of the cliff.

  12. Masty



    The games quoted I haven’t attended any of them but I’m one of the ST’s affected.


    Seats are in 111 middle to rear, together with seats 38 to 54 in rows LL to TT.



    I’m going to post the latter onto the Cqn Facebook page later on, there’s a game to be won first!



  13. bournesouprecipe



    17:08 on 7 August, 2013




    I have one o them babies, your a techno whizz….. Whits the problem?

  14. wdh,


    aye it was nice, went for the gastronomic selection and the suggested bevvy, doesnt matter what they dress it up as sherry is sherry :oD))


    and raw meat without hp sauce is bowfin am told, me, I must admit I prefer my dinner cooked too.


    there were some really nice surprises though, overall, enjoyed, 400 euros was too much for a nice dinner, especially when there wasnt a bottle of hp sauce in sight.



    the shamrock is only a couple of minutes walk so likely to head there,

  15. Clashcitybhoy on

    Burnley 78,


    I am also in a remote place.


    I had a look at Celtic Bars etc, with no luck, and unless I drive 80 miles, my choice is a dodgy stream or …


    Take out a subscription to Celtic TV.


    I emailed them and altho a subscription costs £12.99, you can cancel anytime

  16. The Boy Jinky on

    Summa of sammi is the euro ghod



    Your welcome to drop onto my place to watch the match … hurry up

  17. I’ve just done another 5 mile run, all in aid of getting fit enough to run the Great Scottish Run, Half Marathon. I’m trying to do my bit for the Celtic Charity 1254125, if you can donate that would be great.


    To be honest, I’d be doing the running anyway, but this way some deserving charities get some benefit. And I’m pretty sure Celtic Charity won’t do what the other lot done:-)








    And now to shower and get ready for the game.

  18. whitedoghunch on




    good stuff


    when I first ate there it was 40 euros all in for the degustation menu and wines !



    enjoy the game

  19. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    At work, will be watching via livescore & CQN.



    If anyone knows of a radio feed I could probably get away with that….

  20. Maley’s Boys,



    yes – played both courses a couple of times – wonderful.



    Both different – one with upturned saucer greens the other longer.



    Enjoy it – great clubhouse and great day out.




  21. Congratulations to Curly.


    Having bid the highest at Aberdour for a four ball at Bothwell Castle GC, (all monies going to CQN charities), Curly was rewarded by playing the round of his life, 7 pars and one birdie in a spectacular round of 6 under par, net 64. All in glorious sunshine


    Well deserved that man, he is currently floating back up to Turriff, no vehicle required.



    Looking for 2-1 tonight.










  22. I was cycling past a pub in forfar yesterday and saw a blackboard outside saying: Tribute Act this Saturday!


    I said to the guy standing outside having a smoke: Weren`t they here last Satuday and lost 2-1?


    He laughed and said: Aye, they wur . But this one is Neil Diamond and a loat better than that shower!