Mbombo should be lower risk signing


With a raft of defenders leaving the club this summer, the rebuilding process has picked up pace.  Dedryk Boyata, Filip Benkovic, Mikael Lustig, Emilio Izaguirre and Cristian Gamboa all departed.  Confirmation arrived yesterday evening of the signing of Rapid Vienna’s Belgian left back, Boli Mbombo, 24, on a four-year contract.

He joins central defender Christopher Jullien, 26, so as it stands, left back and central defence are looking appropriate for the impending challenge of Sarajevo, but with only Anthony Ralston at right back, more work needs to be done.

The first deadline for the Sarajevo tie is at 11pm tonight, although Uefa allow one late addition to be made to the squad one day before the first leg.

Mbombo should be a lower risk signing.  He has played for two years in Austria, a comparable European league to the Scottish Premiership, and being Belgian, he will have excellent English and will have no problem adjusting to life in Scotland.  He has also played over 150 games, far more than most of our signings in recent years, so we will have good scouting reports on him.

Depending on the fitness of Boli and Kieran Tierney, Jonny Hayes may yet be utilised at left back on Tuesday, but the Irishman will hopefully be deployed in more familiar midfield positions going forward.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    TIMALOY29 on 4TH JULY 2019 2:58 PM



    Dembele had a meltdown during training, so it is evident that unsettled players cause issues outwith matchdays whether you care or not.



    Once again (lol), no one is saying Tierney is going to do the same. It was an example to illustrate the above.



    An unsettled Tierney is not the same as an unsettled Dembele and there is not a chance of him throwing a strop like Moussa did.



    Your use of the word crisis on the previous page was very odd given that not even the MSM have described events as such.



    Napoli are credited with an interest in the player. As long as there are transfer windows remaining open after 9th August then your assertion that this situation will categorically be resolved by then is pie in the sky mate.

  2. melbourne



    I can empathise but find it difficult to wish for things that have a negative effect on us. There are loads of variables at play here but I hope there are two scottish teams picking up coefficient points at the group stages. Then maybe this ridiculous situation of qualifiers before the fair and pre season before the school holidays might be a thing of the past.

  3. From a Celtic fc perspective.


    The last time we had a homegrown player under contract who could fetch a hitherto unachievable transfer fee for us, who was the main protagonist in the outgoing transfer?



    Our player or the club ?



    Same as it ever was.




  4. traditionalist88 on

    Got to love how we get excited about intricate details of player incomings at Celtic yet when theres a whisper the other way with one of our better players some go into full denial mode. Don’t want to know about it. Get upset that an ‘imminent bid’ did not materialise within 24 hours and therefore want all talk about it shut down!



    At least its better than the alternative across the city, who are struggling to attract bids of £3m+ for their “£20m asset”.




  5. DBHOY on 4TH JULY 2019 3:19 PM


    From a Celtic fc perspective.



    The last time we had a homegrown player under contract who could fetch a hitherto unachievable transfer fee for us, who was the main protagonist in the outgoing transfer?



    Our player or the club ?



    Same as it ever was.




    Who was the last one? Charlie Nicholas?



    As far as I’m concerned our acquisitions thus far, still have a fair way to go. We’ve lost


    3 of our first choice back 4 (and may yet lose the 4th), two back-up fullbacks, the three loan players (who all contributed after the winter break). We are still considerably weaker than what we were at the end of the season. I doubt the team we play next week will be mugs and I feel less prepared than previous years at this stage.

  6. Blantyretim.



    I’ll be in the Blane Valley around 3.00pm tomorrow. By the way managed to get a room in the Millenium for the 13th July.

  7. Trad88



    Most adult Celtic fans have a lot more to bother them, than whether or not KT decides to leave Celtic.



    Others are waiting on the ‘imminent bid’, so they can wade into the club for stockpiling money and selling our assets?



    The consensus i’d Imagine would wish him a fond farewell given the career opportunity and vast amount of money involved.



    We’ll see how it unfolds season tickets paid for regardless.

  8. traditionalist88 on




    Just an interesting comparison between the intricate details we demand on incomings vs the embargo some seem to demand on potential outgoings of our better quality players.



    Yep, I believe hes had a bit of stick on social media unfairly though I haven’t seen it. But by far and away he’ll be wished well and in all likelihood will be back at the club sooner or later.



    But hopefully it doesnt come to that.




  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Don’t think Johnny Hayes has let us down yet, certainly he will get my full support whenever he is in the team.

  10. Was it not Aiden McGeady who was the last home grown talent to fetch a few bob in the transfer market por cierto

  11. From Celtic star..



    The first Glasgow Derby of the season will kick-off at 12pm on Sunday 1 September at Ibrox as Celtic look to lay down an early season marker. Celtic’s trips to Ibrox and Motherwell have been moved due to TV requirements from both Sky and BT Sport.



    The 8-in-a-row Champions will travel to North Lanarkshire to face Stephen Robinson’s side on Saturday 10 August with the game kicking off at 12pm, previously 3pm.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    Rock Tree Bhoy



    i would hope every Celtic supporter would do that regardless of who is in the team.



    Toomuchtoaskfor CSC




    ⚽ Motherwell v #CelticFC


    ? Fir Park


    ? #SPFL


    ? 10/08/19


    ? 12 noon



    ⚽ Rangers v #CelticFC


    ? Ibrox


    ? #SPFL


    ? 01/09/19


    ? 12 noon

  14. Fool Time Whistle on

    Two sentiments expressed in here…



    “KT would just never leave Celtic, especially not before 10-in-a-row, so he’s being forced out.”




    “The Celtic board & the CEO are rapacious money grabbers who prefer money in the bank before success for the team, so they are actively hawking KT around Europe against his will.”



    Has dehumainzing Kieran Tierney & Celtic’s directors/Ceo become the new cognitive dissonance?



    Definition of dehumanizing


    “depriving a person or group of people of positive human qualities or individuality”







  15. A casual remark from anyone at CP is immediately analyses with multiple interpretations.


    KT seen in an Italian restaurant, so he’s off to Napoli.


    McGregor bought a packet of Walker’s crisps, so he’s off to Leicester.


    Eddie has French toast for breakfast and he’s off to Lyons.


    Let the window play out and we can assess our strengths or weaknesses afterwards.


    Meanwhile I had melon and strawberries for breakfast but no Wimbledon trip for me.

  16. TRADITIONALIST88 on 4TH JULY 2019 3:43 PM


    ZIGGYDOC1 on 4TH JULY 2019 3:41 PM








    The old memory cells ain’t what they used to be. Maloney would have come into similar category. Kenny Miller was certainly one that I feel was punted out the door for an ok price at the time (albeit he was a good player (no natural finisher but work rate second to none)).


    I’m sorry to say I think that if someone comes in for KT with a bid of over £20M, then we will sell him. It’s one thing saying the boy doesn’t want to go but another when we go to him and say … have made a bid that matches our valuation. That said, as we are conditioned to be a ‘selling club’ like Ajax, then we need to get used to it. We really need to do something to bridge the gulf in TV revenue that exists between us and England.

  17. TRADITIONALIST88 on 4TH JULY 2019 3:08 PM



    Once again (lol), no one is saying Tierney is going to do the same. It was an example to illustrate the above.



    Your use of the word crisis on the previous page was very odd given that not even the MSM have described events as such.





    We have a player doing rehab for an injury who has been subject to a single bid. He’s “unsettled but ok”



    This will be resolved one way or another in a months’ time. He won’t be playing anytime soon.



    The main problem with the Dembele tantrum was we had to sell him and therefore he wasn’t available to play.



    Even if KT threw a tantrum, he’s not fit and I believe the affect it has on other players is overstated.



    Napoli being credited with an “interest” is meaningless right now.



    Celtic should be able to put the KT stuff to one side until a suitable bid is received. Signing a new LB means they don’t need to worry being left short.

  18. Boli looking forward to experiencing the special Celtic Park atmosphere.


    Well -if there’s a big euro game or the huns are visiting theres no doubt Paradise is the best.


    But other run-of-the-mill games we have to mainly rely on the GB.


    While Rapid Vienna actually have several GB-type sections all trying to out do each other with their displays and chants. Plus with flares and smoke devices it sometimes takes 15mins to be able to see what’s going on.


    The Rapid stadium is bit of a contrived fan power but Boli might find its actually a more subdued atmosphere here.



    ….and anyone else looking for a great read:


    Forever Young – the story of Adrian Doherty is possibly the best football biography I’ve ever read. He was a lad from Strabane and part of the Man Utd Golden Generation – until disaster struck. He actually made his debut before Giggs



    I’ll not give any more away but I read it in one day as it was simply unputdownable!


    I couldn’t recommend it more.

  20. Someone mentioned a couple of books ( same author) earlier but I cannot find the post. Anyone?


    I think the author`s name began with a `D`.




  21. Random thoughts:


    1. Biggest surprise for me is that there are not a lot more clubs firing in bids for KT. If he is on a par with his Liverpool mate, you’d think a lot more than Arsenal and Napoli would be slugging it out.


    2. 25 million would have bought you the best players in the world not so long ago. I doubt KT is 8x the player Mboli is. As long as you are not shopping in England, 25 million should get you 2-3 players who are good enough to improve our team.


    3. 1.50 a pint in 100 Montaditos in Denia is to blame for any crap in the above.

  22. Trad88 @ ages ago



    Celtic unique again, never in the history of Scottish football have any club sold a player, never mind a home grown, home developed player for anything like the fees being quoted for Celtic players today. That includes those that cheated the pants of the game, in the 90’s.



    We’ve already had posters queuing up to blame a potential departure on Celtic, and woe is me stuff, with poor Kieran having to decide to leave the Celtic he loves, against his will.



    It’ll come down to money like all transfers do, but who in all honesty despite his mercurial link to all that we love in Celtic, could blame him, should he choose to change clubs.



    Personally, think that if Celtic are to be ‘blamed’ its the size of the bids only, and think it should be a higher trigger point than that doing the rounds in SMSM. We should have learned how quickly Kieran’s fee will turn to grey, once he’s played a few games for Arsenal, or elsewhere outside Scotland.



    The bru – ha about his possible replacement only costing £3M is for supporters that don’t grasp the transfer market concept, and resultant wage structures, in essence there are few, like for like KT left backs costing £10M £15M £20M floating about, and desperate to come to Scotland




  23. Lazydynamite



    Sad to see his career plummet. Made a few mistakes in games but must be more to his decline.



    Paul67 did a post years ago about his extra training to get to be England no1. Around the time of the Barca game

  24. Mahe the Madman on

    Howdy folks,,


    Hope all is well and Happy Independence Day to one and all.



    Hot Smoked,, Don Winslow is a cracking author. Power of the dog is highly recommended.



    There will be a quiz at 8pm this Saturday over on our site and all are more than welcome to join and please do.



    Request from Auldheid,,,


    Could anyone who is a shareholder in the club please contact him re furtherance of Res 12,please?



    Contact him on






    Hail Hail

  25. Real shame what happened to FF,



    An horrendous injury when at the high pont of his talent!



    It must have affected his ability to perform because he was one of the very best keepers anywhere.



    Can only wish him the best of good fortune going forward

  26. as i have said many times before , KT can put an end to all this hearsay by letting his beloved supporters know that he is staying and honouring his contract with us , or does he take pleasure in all this speculation.

  27. fairhill bhoy on

    Played golf earlier with KTs dad and I’m sure he would love you Ron67?️?

  28. If I was picking a club to play for in England and Liverpool and Man City were not on offer…..I think Arsenal are as good a choice as any of the rest.


    If KT goes I think that much of him that I will be rooting for the team he signs for.


    We all hope he stays but we are all fearing the worst this time .

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