Mbombo should be lower risk signing


With a raft of defenders leaving the club this summer, the rebuilding process has picked up pace.  Dedryk Boyata, Filip Benkovic, Mikael Lustig, Emilio Izaguirre and Cristian Gamboa all departed.  Confirmation arrived yesterday evening of the signing of Rapid Vienna’s Belgian left back, Boli Mbombo, 24, on a four-year contract.

He joins central defender Christopher Jullien, 26, so as it stands, left back and central defence are looking appropriate for the impending challenge of Sarajevo, but with only Anthony Ralston at right back, more work needs to be done.

The first deadline for the Sarajevo tie is at 11pm tonight, although Uefa allow one late addition to be made to the squad one day before the first leg.

Mbombo should be a lower risk signing.  He has played for two years in Austria, a comparable European league to the Scottish Premiership, and being Belgian, he will have excellent English and will have no problem adjusting to life in Scotland.  He has also played over 150 games, far more than most of our signings in recent years, so we will have good scouting reports on him.

Depending on the fitness of Boli and Kieran Tierney, Jonny Hayes may yet be utilised at left back on Tuesday, but the Irishman will hopefully be deployed in more familiar midfield positions going forward.

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    I was in Glasgow in 2017 for the first time in eleven years and it was really noticeable how many more people were sleeping rough. Sad and confronting to see so many folk struggling.



    Thanks for the links. I was unaware of Crystal Palace fc’s homeless initiative. It would be good if we could do similar. Like your suggestion re the cafe.










    Introduce laws to make tax havens like Virgin Islands etc illegal. Tax the wealthiest in society and make laws to ensure corporations are paying their fair share too. Like you said it’s not complicated but there is little to no political will to do any of the above unfortunately.


    Imagine the revenue that could be raised if there was and the use it could be put to.




  2. Real Madrid miss out on Huns sensational starlet Ross McCrorrie as he’s set to join Portsmouth on a season long loan.

  3. Why on earth would we be looking to sign another winger?



    Is Sinclair being sold? Johnston loaned out? Morgan loaned out? Arzani sent back to City?



    Possibly all of the above.

  4. In the midst if my grumpiness the other night I forgot to point out the obvious:



    That Mikey Johnston is gonna be one helluva player for us. Tremendous talent.



    In fact, with Dembele, Okoflex, Henderson, Johnston and Morrison, that’s the healthiest bunch of youngsters I’ve seen us produce in years.



    That’s all. Carry on.

  5. Timaloy29



    I don’t think Lenny rates Sinclair, which is a pity so I could see him going. Morgan will get loaned out, probably the Dons as touted before and as above, I love Mikey but wonder if he needs a run of games to be this year’s Turnball and hit the weights and the pots like all other modern teenagers.

  6. books – currently re-reading The Best of AA Gill…………..



    perfect summer book to be picked up whenever.

  7. A brief check-in this morning to simply say….



    £1.6 Million for a Dudu Dahan , dud that so far in his long career, hasn’t even established himself in the Israeli national side. A side lower ranked than Scotland.



    Its an unequivocal NO from me.



    Also, the cheek of them to quote £1.6 million… why? because we are a team from the U.K shores.?


    This player at 26 years old, at his peak age, made a move, and it was for 1.2 million Euros…


    Barely a million quid.



    So Celtic, please take this link and put it in the bin. Thanks

  8. FAIRHILL BHOY @ 10:17 AM,



    It was the smart move. If he didn’t emulate Frankie Lampard, and few could, he’d been seen as a flop.



    If he wins anything with the Rangers, he will become a legend.



    Hail Hail

  9. For Summer reading:-



    The Booker Prize winners have been good recently, since they stopped picking the awful Hilary Mantel.



    In no particular order, I would recommend



    Anna Burns – Milkman- Kafka comes to Belfast- a bit revisionist about “The Troubles” but the funny bits and the realistic capture of NI speech rhythms, redeem the book.



    Paul Beatty- The Sellout- A black man tries to re-introduce segregation to his Los Angeles housing project. Outrageously funny and satirical.



    Marlon James- A Brief History of 7 Killings- a more difficult book set around the assassination attempt on Bob Marley- more challenging but worth it for the Jamaican rhythms



    Richard Flanagan- The Narrow road to the Deep North- It’s really 2 stories intertwined. A “love story” which is a wee bit boring and a gradual recounting of the Japanese atrocities visited upon Aussie POWs in WW2. The author tries to make a case for understanding the Japanese ,and fails I think, but he does make a strong case for the variable standards of justice that saw a lot of underling Korean officers given death penalties while the God-cult of the Empire and many in the Japanese elite escaped those punishments. Skip the love story and find out some horrific stuff about the war.




    Despite being Booker books, none of these are difficult reads, even the James book, because the subjects are so accessible.

  10. CELTIC Football Club today announced that John Keane has retired as Director and Honorary Chairman of Celtic Football and Athletic Club. John should forever be regarded as one of the Club’s saviours and, for that reason, all Celtic supporters owe John an eternal debt.



    In the 1990s, an immediate £1million was needed to save Celtic from the ignominy of administration. To avoid such a catastrophe, John pledged this amount to the Club. Thanks to John’s contribution, trading was maintained, the wages were paid and administration was averted. The rest is history. 



    John then went on to back Fergus McCann’s takeover with further crucial investment. Now, both as supporter and investor, he enthusiastically endorses the stability and commitment that Dermot Desmond has brought to the club, making it the force it is today.



    A man of true humility and dignity, and a lifelong Celtic supporter, John played a hugely significant role in preserving the Club’s history, success and, above all, continuity. John played a pivotal role in saving Celtic for us all.



    John has served as a non-executive director of Celtic Football and Athletic Club for well over 20 years, and his crucial role was recognised at Celtic’s AGM in 2013, when he was confirmed as the Honorary Chairman of CFAC.  



    In August 2013, John was given the magnificent and highly deserved honour of unfurling the League Championship Flag, a moment we know will always be very dear to John and his family. 


    John now stands down from the position of Honorary Chairman of CFAC to enjoy his retirement and in this everyone at the Club wishes him well.



    Celtic Chairman Ian Bankier said: “When the Club’s very survival was in doubt, John was there to play a crucial role and he is someone who should forever be regarded as one of the most important figures in the Club’s history.



    “I know with John standing down from the Board, our supporters will take this opportunity to applaud the fantastic contribution of a great Celtic man and join me in wishing him well on his retirement.



    “I know, too, that John will continue to support the Club as passionately as he always did. John will always be a friend of the Club and we sincerely thank him for all he has done for Celtic.”



    Dermot Desmond commented: “John has been a lifelong, passionate and steadfast supporter of our great Club. He came to Celtic’s rescue in its hour of need. I wish John well in his retirement and thank him for his enormous contribution.”



    Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: “I would like to thank John sincerely for all he has given to the Club over such a long period. He has been a tremendous friend and support to me personally but above all he is a man who put the Club ahead of anything else.   



    “He made such a wonderful contribution to Celtic in the 1990s – ultimately a gesture which saved Celtic – and ever since has been a hugely important part of the Club’s fabric.



    “A man always with the best interests of Celtic at heart, across more than two decades, he has provided invaluable support and counsel to the Club. As Celtic supporters, we all owe John an enormous debt of gratitude for everything he has done for the Club, in protecting our continuity, in preserving our history and ultimately in bringing Celtic to where it stands today.



    “We all wish John, Kathleen and the whole family all the very best for the future.”



    John Keane added: ”It has been an honour and privilege to be part of Celtic, a Club I have loved so dearly all my life. I would like to thank Dermot Desmond, Ian Bankier and Peter Lawwell and all other directors, past and present, who have worked together and so tirelessly in the best interests of the Club.



    “I also wish to pay tribute to all other staff at the Club and, of course, our supporters who give so much to Celtic and make it the wonderful institution it is today. I will always be a Celtic supporter and I wish the Club nothing but continued success for the future.”

  11. Our team needs minor changes not a complete rebuild and i dont wanna see any 25+ year old journeymen coming in. If we are signing players aged 25+ they should be first picks.



    Dont need to replaced ddv because he never Dont a thing. 2 first team keepers and a reserve is good enough. We have four 1st team centrebacks. Would like to replaced hendry. We have a couple of good kids coming through too.



    At leftback Boli in, signels KT out. we have church and gutman coming in jan. connell can cover in there so no need to add more bodies.


    1st choice rightback is needed asap. ralston can back up and perez is coming in jan.



    In midfield we have enough bodies that we dont need to be buying, but if rogic and/ or ntcham go we will need another one coming in. like The sound of harper a box to box centremid Would fit nfl style of play.



    On the wings we have Sinclair, Johnstone, oxo-flex, Morgan, arzani. Forrest, shved and dembele. i have watched Morgan and think sale would be good for both parties. If we sell sinclair he will need replaced.



    Up top eduard and griff. The little I have seen of bayo Would indicate he is better than some Would have you think. If we are going 2 up top we will need another one in.



    Must buys: 1 centreback, 1 Rightback, 1 striker.



    Possible buys: 1 centremid and 1 winger depending on players sale.

  12. Thank God for people like John Keane.



    (It turns out there is only ONE…… Keano.)




  13. What is the Stars on

    God Bless John Keane


    The man who truly kept the green flag flying despite the malcontents,naysayers,begrudgers and huns with fountain pens

  14. A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil…


    by Christopher Brookmyre



    Basically like reading the account of my childhood!



    Uncannily accurate.



    ‘Boat hooses’ 😂😂😂😂



    HH jg

  15. quadrophenian on

    Can’t remember who it was a few days back… praised Brendan mostly for what he did deliver us. Also praised PL and his crew for transfer work done to date w big Jullien, young Luca and Bomber Mbombo. Seemed uncharacteristically reasonable for this gaff, I thought. Wonder what it takes for some of us to simply trust all is well & moving in the right direction? The club deserves great credit for shipping out and drafting in so far this window surely?



    Re books; Joe Bageant’s classic ‘Deer Hunting with Jesus’ if you like yer social commentary with humorously caustic observations and empathy.


    Portsmouth lead the race to sign Rangers midfielder Ross McCrorie on loan deal




    aw naw no another superstar selt fur seven figures anaw noo.

  17. fairhill bhoy on

    CHAIRBHOY- he’s already won the close season trophy 😂does that count on his cv 🤔

  18. RUGGYGMAN on 5TH JULY 2019 10:09 AM



    Do you know what’s funny? There was a lot of talk on CQN about the boards seemingly close relationship with Dudu Duhan. We of course signed Ambrose, Kayal, Gershon & Bitton.



    It’s interesting to note that Celtic don’t seem to have done business with Duhan much through the Ronny & Rodgers era.



    Meanwhile Neil Lennon signed Duhan players Marciano & Ambrose for Hibs.




    Timaly29 are you hinting at something ?





    I’d say it certainly suggests that the close relationship is more between Neil Lennon and Duhan rather than Lawwell.



    That said I actually think that Kayal, Bitton, Gershon & Ambrose (even Marciano for Hibs standards) were all decent players so I wouldn’t assume anything was done in bad faith.



    The only difference is, this new guy is significantly older than those previous signings. I do not see the logic of signing a guy like that.

  20. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Tim, cheers for reply. I tend to agree, Lenny seems to have a relationship with him. My concern is probably the same as others. Guy looks like a squad filler and tbh we have just got rid of a few of those this window

  21. Went on a works night out about 18 months ago and in mixed company a supporter of another team advised me that young Ross McCrorie was ‘the one’ and would fetch ‘Dembele dollars’. Loaned to Portsmouth.

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