McAllister shows how far aspirations have fallen


Newco assistant, Gary McAllister, this week told the media “to finish the season with a flourish would be a big positive going into the summer.”  On hearing this, I thought back to the 3-0 win in a meaningless game against Rangers in May 1995.  We left Hampden (our temporary home) with a child-like joy: we had a great day out but the ‘adults’ knew nothing of significant had occurred.

It is demeaning for an aspirational club to talk about the prospect of feeling positive at winning a meaningless fixture.  Especially when they cannot even reach a cup final.  To the outsider, this looks the opposite of aspirational.  It looks needy and desperate.

Of considerably greater importance to Celtic in May 1995 was the Scottish Cup Final win over that other soon-to-be-liquidated team, Airdrie.  We brought a trophy home for the first time in six years, in actual positive.

Win, lose or draw on Sunday, anyone who leaves Ibrox feeling positive or negative about the summer on the back of what happened that day is a fool.  Gary, it’s not a good look.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    I’m a little bit worried that the club have forgotten to send me the reminder that it’s the last day to renew season tickets before the extension is announced.

  2. Quite relaxed about Sunday. It’s not an important game for Celtic.



    It is an important game for Neil Lennon, though.

  3. AOW thoughts and prayers are with you at this time with so much happening to your loved ones. Our Lady of Lourdes pray for them.

  4. Paul 67



    These new Champions League proposals?



    Any chance of an analysis of the consequences for Celtic?



    Has the hand Celtic did not want to bite in 2014 fed Celtic or left us with our noses pressed against the window looking in?

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    AD- correct, Neil still has to convince a lot of the support to be manager next season, so I’m not buying the nonsense about playing a weakened team. HH

  6. Sorry Paul,



    I think this is post-event rationalisation. And dangerously complacent.



    Sevco’s team has improved year on year. The continued hiring of flakey managers has limited their development. They have made some decent pre-contract signings which could well offer them a Ryan Christie type…..



    And the last time we visited hades, we emerging ahead only on goal difference.



    Next season began the very moment the final whistle was blown at pittodrie last weekend.


    Whether that be in terms of player/ management recruitment, selling season tickets, laying down markers and raising/ denting moral.



    We know the MIBs will up their game. We know the SFA will too. And the media. And prob the Stickies too.



    This weekend offers a great chance to finish their season and start the Close (?) season with an almighty fillip or boot in the haw maws.



    Which one would you choose?



    HH jg

  7. Fu#? Sevco, the only game that matters is the scottish cup. Any teams gaining confidence from one game against a team that wins the treble is stupid. also we won the league with a bit to spare despite playing out the season with all sorts of issues from not replacing star players, multiple long term injuries and losing our manager. think as the say, can only get better.



    My prediction for the summer:



    We let a host of players leave and maybe selling a key players for good money. We will sign up a rightback, centreback and striker. lustig will be given 1 year more and we sign up a couple more kids/ projects. the players we sign for the first team will be young guys with scope for develop



    Sevco will again look at older guys on free transfers and something kids from lower levels, their abilities will be overhyped and we will be told this is the year and they are breathing down our neck. The media will get behind them once again.



    We all knows Sevco will win the pre-season as per ? no matter the result at the weekend.




  8. thems ur desperate……………..to justify the latest, “message-managed” statement………..well-played Jim)



    “the rainjurz huv definitely improved”…………


    ……….this is designed to salve the fevered brows of the Mouth-Breathers. To give hope…..This should be avoided.



    A positive result for thems will be seized on by the Monkey Circus which will have an extended run over the summer. Let’s put all of that guff beyond viable reach.

  9. Would I like to win? Sure. I like to see Celtic win pre-season friendlies as well.



    But I don’t think the win will mean anything. A league is won over 38 games.

  10. I understand it will be annoying to hear them crow about winning the game and how they dominated us. Next season will be their year?



    I’ll say the same thing I said when we lost at new year. Soak it all in and enjoy it when we crush their hopes.



    Second class club, second class manager and second class team.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Who cares about McAllister?


    We need to stop getting sucked into all this Celtic-“Rangers”/old firm/”rivalry” guff. Linking them in any way to us only benefits them. Their best asset is the supposed “link” to us. Why encourage it?


    The team that wins the league next season will be the one that accumulates most points over the season. I know who I think that will be.

  12. JG



    “Next season began the very moment the final whistle was blown at pittodrie last weekend”




    Cannot agree.



    This year’s SC final has yet to be played- We can lose out to Hearts and be denied an (literally) unprecedented Treble Treble. That is the important game and not this meaningless fixture.



    Paul picked a correct historical analogy with 1995.



    The Sevco game matters more only to those with an itch to scratch- with those who see them as important. If we were playing Aberdeen in the penultimate match, with the league already won and a Cup Final to prepare for, would we be bothered about losing at Pittodrie? I believe that question qualifies as rhetorical.



    So, on to the other reasons for raising its importance.



    Season ticket renewals- we will have passed the deadline before the game takes place- it will have no impact on ours. Their deadline is the 20th May – how many do you think are waiting on the result of this game before they decide to renew their season books for Ibrox? – it will affect a handful only- most have already renewed regardless and those who have decided not to- will have other reasons than the result of this game.



    Improving or denting morale- We have won the league- they are 2nd- Sunday’s result alters nothing in that regard. We will be playing away to our nearest league challengers in a “meaningless” (unless you define yourself in opposition to them) fixture.



    We will have a different squad next year and so will they. The time to dent their morale is when it matters- in the hard months of August to March next season- that’s where defeats will hurt their challenge for 2019/20 season- not on Sunday.



    I think it is unfortunate and unfair that people will judge NFL’s suitability for the job based on this fixture. For me, it matters not – I already have enough evidence to see whether Neil will be a good coach or not so good for us and, on balance, I am extremely grateful for his availability and sacrifice this year but it is a No to offering the job next season, even if a Treble Treble is achieved. He will leave, I hope, with our eternal gratitude and no need for criticism as we take our chances on an untried manager of Celtic and get behind him. It won’t matter if he is a former CL winning manager (such as Di Matteo or the fantasy figure of Mourinho) he will still be a Project Manager of Celtic. His achievements do not arrive ready-formed; they have to be earned.



    Whether we win lose or draw- the Rangers of 2019/20 season will still have to be faced and beaten. They will not be cowed by the memory of a defeat 4 months previously nor will they be confident on the memory of it. Next year’s team will have to beat them- not this year’s team.



    Like every Celt- I will celebrate a win for us on Sunday. Like most Celts I will take a sanguine response to a draw or defeat in a meaningless fixture. For me, it is win:win all the way no matter what the result. We are already 5 or 6 goals ahead- if they score a late “goal” on Sunday they will still be losers- they will have altered nothing about next season



    And neither will we.

  13. Paul67



    Agree, this game is all they have and how times have changed.



    The game is not ‘meaningless’ but it is meaning less.



    Sevco have some good players now including Douglas Ross, and we’ll do well to come away unscathed.



    They are worried by how much Celtic extend the gap , by strengthening the squad in summer.




    I always want to beat them but I dont think your viewpoint is correct regards the improvements they have witnessed. They can afford to give older players longer deals than they would get elsewhere for a reason. They have signed young boys like jones, hastie and kamara from the spfl for next to nothing for a reason (if celtic was doing this I dont knows a supporter who would be happy and the media would hammer our lack of ambition)



    The gap this season could have been much greater but celtic have witnessed serious injury problem all season long and we have had to deal with our manager walking out.



    Celtic have stuck to their own transfer policy, one than has produced for many years. We could improve it and should aim to improve it. We could improve academy graduates too. We could improve a lot about the club.



    But we have won 8 domestic cups on the bounce and are 1 cup away from a treble treble.




  15. BABASONICOS71 on

    Sunday is their cup final, we have a real one to prepare for. I would ‘like’ to beat them but that’s it, same as i’d like us to win friendlies & player of the month awards. Small beer. By making it out to carry importance we bestow status on them they don’t deserve. Of course in their eyes it’s a big game because they have nothing. History won’t say “Celtic champions but lost to Assets Basket FC” & the game will be, regardless of result, all but forgotten come SC final day. Sunday’s game & outcome will be a 24 hour phenomena & only carry weight in the minds of desperate Sevconians. Real significance is winning a treble treble, that’s a game that matters.


    Back to lurking.




  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If we go a couple of goals up on Sunday, i genuinely fear for the players safety

  17. Counting chickens comes to mind.


    If we continue to regress the way we have done over the last two season then the ‘gap’ will be bridged. Not by the challengers getting better but by us going into reverse.



    Yes, the deadwood needs to be cleared and the wages bill for those taking one under false pretences must be reduced and used to fund squad improvement. We need to bring in an experienced manager who doesn’t need to declare his love for Celtic and whose shelf life will be approximately 3 years, par for the course, and 4 or 5 good players. Strengthen the spine of the team and the rest will take care of itself. I would like to see a big, strong striker to lead the line – unfortunately French Eddie does not fit that bill, basically a bully with skill.



    You just need to look at the CL semi-finals – fitness and commitment are of upmost importance coupled with experience and hunger. Whether Lenny is the man for the job or not I am really unsure. My heart says yes but my head has a nagging doubt gnawing away at it.



    Anyhoos, any type of victory will do over the next 3 games but I would prefer to win with style and panache.




  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Two excellent posts, gentlemen.


    I am a veteran of far too many moral and meaningless victories over them, that won us nothing.



    The Cup Final is THE game.


    My fear for Sunday is that they will continue their onfield vendetta against our captain, hoping for a red card, two game suspension.



    As for Neil as full time manager. No for me.



    I read either Hartson or Sutton putting forward a case for him.


    It was based on him being schooled by Martin O’Neill, who in turn learned from Clough.



    For me, that was the argument for not appointing him.



    Martin’s methods are obsolete in today’s game and no manager today would get away with Brian’s aggressive, sarcastic approach.



    We saw this week, what we have seen all season in England.


    Success is gained from playing fast, aggressive football.


    Played at a tempo and intensity that takes opponents out of their comfort zone, giving them no time to settle on the ball.


    This causes mistakes and mistakes cause goals.



    That is not Neil’s game.


    It was Rodgers’, until he got bored or sidetracked.



    We need a strong manager, with a modern outlook and a squad of fit, dedicated players who can control a ball with their first touch.



    Managers and their tactics have a shelf life.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Some top blogging today guys. Bunnet doffed to Jamesgang, BSR, SFTB and ThThTh, amongst others.

  20. BABASONICOS71 on 10TH MAY 2019 1:33 PM



    Beg to differ (in the nicest possible way) with your assertion that Sunday’s result will be forgotten by Cup Final Day. Not if we lose it won’t be. We’ll hear about it every day until we meet them again next season. They beat us on 29 December and it’s all we read and heard about for the next four months. Trust me, it’s important that we don’t lose this game on Sunday. If they win, it will be Fortress Ibrox and some of our players will start to worry about going there. Foot on neck, squeeze hard.

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    THE BATTERED BUNNET on 10TH MAY 2019 1:51 PM


    Some top blogging today guys. Bunnet doffed to Jamesgang, BSR, SFTB and ThThTh, amongst others.





    Thank you for your compliment.


    Genuine honour to be mentioned in that exalted CQN company.

  22. As Sir Alex once quoted it…. noisey neighbours



    That’s all they are. That’s the only thing they been remotely good at over the last few seasons. Making unwelcome noise in the press.

  23. RUGGYGMAN on 10TH MAY 2019 2:15 PM


    As Sir Alex once quoted it…. noisey neighbours



    That’s all they are. That’s the only thing they been remotely good at over the last few seasons. Making unwelcome noise in the press.








    World champions of talking big. Celtic fans should know how to tune it out now.

  24. The Sevco game plan on Sunday, will be the exact same as it was in the festive encounter that they won.



    Tackles that we are 70/30 favourites to win, will be made out to be 50/50 by the mason Clancy.



    We need to match them in the battle. first n foremost. Then let our superior class rise to the top

  25. Another Loyal Order march going by St Mary’s tomorrow. Please join us at 4:45 outside St Mary’s in Abercromby St to protest against this.

  26. Seems to be that the managerial merry-go-round is starting to settle down.



    David Wagner & Steve Clarke were both linked with the Fulham job and the Celtic job. With Scott Parker being appointed full time at Fulham they have had their minds made up for them.



    For Steve Clarke it’s probably a case of taking the Scotland job or waiting for somebody else to get sacked down south (Probably Scott Parker to be honest).



    Wagner has taken the Schalke job.



    The SFA are appointing somebody within the next ten games. Probably Clarke.



    It all points to Neil Lennon. Who’s a realistic alternative? I could only point to Davie Moyes. NFL it is.

  27. Paul67 et al



    I watched the 1995 game in the company of supporters of the former club. Trust me nobody was celebrating, except me that is, telling one and all ‘you are going to see more of that next season’. Three weeks later we win the Scottish Cup under Tommy Burns. Tommy Burns. No meaningless games there. Those results helped set us up for a real challenge for the title the following season, Tommy’s best effort. For some on here the result on Sunday does not matter, and of course they have their own and various reasons for believing that, but any Celtic supporter, who has witnessed the shenanigans of this season involving that club and still feels that way simply hasn’t been paying attention.




  28. Hi Bhoys,



    I’ve been away for a few weeks and unable to log in, so I missed commenting on Billy and Stevie. I hope you don’t mind if I do so now.


    I first met King Billy when he arrived at the Glasgow Schools trophy presentation in 1975-6. I was in awe of such a hero coming to present medals to schoolboys and I was a teacher! Later, I was speaking to him and amazed to find him as one of the supporters and willing to talk football. I saw him on various occasions afterwards but the one I remember most was about 2002, when he was Guest of Honour at the AICSC in Dublin. I did not spend much time with him as there was a big queue for pictures and autographs. I did however spend some time speaking to his wife, Liz, as she was left standing on her own. I said to her how does he manage it, how does he have the patience. She just laughed and said that there is nothing he likes better than speaking to the supporters.


    Stevie, I first spotted at the Kelvin Hall Carnival about 1963. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to speak to him. We were with an Altar boys’ outing and the priest told us that the man was out with his family and we should not disturb them. I always think back and wonder about the history that Stevie was going to make.


    Finally, may I pass on my condolences to those who have lost loved ones and especially MAH.



  29. Neil Lennon accuses Rangers of having a ‘huge disciplinary problem’


    Celtic boss has also insisted Steven Gerrard’s players ‘targeted’ Scott Brown during the clubs’ last clash.





    ByPress Association


    Taken from Daily Ranger …sorry Record


    Neil Lennon has accused Rangers of having a “huge disciplinary problem” ahead of Sunday’s Ibrox showdown.



    And the Celtic boss insists his captain Scott Brown was targeted in the last derby that erupted in mayhem.




    Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos was sent off at Parkhead at the end of March for lashing out at Brown.



    Andy Halliday received a second yellow card after the final whistle of Celtic’s 2-1 defeat for clashing with the Celtic midfielder and served a one-match ban, while on-loan winger Ryan Kent lost his appeal against his retrospective two-game ban for hitting out at Brown during the game.



    Steven Gerrard’s side have had 12 red cards this season and while Hoops’ interim boss Lennon insists going out to exploit any disciplinary issues at the Govan club is “not a tactic that I adopt”, he will look to capitalise if the home side lose their heads again in the final Old Firm encounter of the season.





    He said: “It’s not my problem that they have a huge disciplinary problem and if it manifests itself again on Sunday then we will try to take advantage.




    “Yes, they did (target Brown) and they did after the game as well.



    “Scott Brown’s a veteran of these games, he has been here 12 years he has played over 500 games. I don’t need to tell Scott Brown how to manage himself through a game of football, he does it very well and the bigger the game the more he enjoys it.



    “Scott Brown is always important. It is a big game and he is a big game player. It is very easy to say Scott Brown will be playing on Sunday.



    “We are the champions and we have to play and act like champions.”




    Alfredo Morelos exchanges words with Celtic’s Scott Brown after being sent off (Image: SNS Group)


    Lennon confirmed that the Celtic players, who clinched their eighth successive Ladbrokes Premiership title last week with a 3-0 win at Aberdeen, have had their usual pre-Old Firm match visit from the police but insists there is nothing to concern him.



    The former Hoops skipper and manager said: “The normal rules will apply. My players’ conduct has been impeccable.



    “I have no issue with the police coming in and routinely telling them what is required. I have every confidence in the discipline of the team.



    Celtic go into the game nine points ahead of their bitter rivals, who won 1-0 when the teams met at Ibrox at the end of last year.



    However, Lennon, whose side still have the chance to scoop an unprecedented triple Treble this season, does not believe the outcome will have any relevance to next season’s title battle.




    Lennon, put in charge until the end of the season in February after Brendan Rodgers left suddenly for Leicester, said: “If we lose on Sunday it won’t have any bearing on the championship next season at all and if we win it won’t have any bearing.



    “It is two big teams going at it with pride and for three points more than anything else.



    “There is no trophy at stake but it is the next Celtic versus Rangers episode and it is the most important one because it is the next one.”

  30. The one game we huv left that means anything is on May 25th, they rest is just tinsel mere tinsel.



    Treble treble!!. A get goosebumps man goosebumps.



    In Turkey the noo!, back tae ma bevvy.



    Oh yogi great post bud.



    Big Billy and Stevie!, still sighing☘☘❤.

  31. Mike in Toronto on

    My prediction for next season …. and beyond



    next season, Celtic will win the league … 9 in a row will ensure that Celtic fans buy tickets for next season and the the following seasons as Celtic go for and unprecedented 10 in a row…



    Rangers will win 1 or 2 cups next season …. this will galvanize them in their belief that they are closing the gap, so they will spend money in season 10 trying to stop Celtic’s 10 in a row … which, by hook or by crook, they will’ ; the cheating will be off the scale to ensure it happens,



    and Celtic will sit back and say nothing.



    the stands at Celtic Park and Ibrox will be full, and both Boardrooms will count their money, shake hands, and congratulate each other on a job well….



    and the 5WA, LNS, etc…. will be like none of it ever happened.

  32. I’ve been thinking about our team selection all week to be fair. And I’ve chopped and changed my mind a good few times :



    I believe Lennon will play : Bain, Lustig Jozo Ajer Tierney , Brown N McGregor, Hayes wide left, Rogic No.10 and Forrest wide right. Edouard up top



    However I’d like to see :





    M.Lustig Jozo K.Ajer K.Tierney



    ———Broony McGregor————



    O.Burke Rogic J.Forrest




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