McAllister shows how far aspirations have fallen


Newco assistant, Gary McAllister, this week told the media “to finish the season with a flourish would be a big positive going into the summer.”  On hearing this, I thought back to the 3-0 win in a meaningless game against Rangers in May 1995.  We left Hampden (our temporary home) with a child-like joy: we had a great day out but the ‘adults’ knew nothing of significant had occurred.

It is demeaning for an aspirational club to talk about the prospect of feeling positive at winning a meaningless fixture.  Especially when they cannot even reach a cup final.  To the outsider, this looks the opposite of aspirational.  It looks needy and desperate.

Of considerably greater importance to Celtic in May 1995 was the Scottish Cup Final win over that other soon-to-be-liquidated team, Airdrie.  We brought a trophy home for the first time in six years, in actual positive.

Win, lose or draw on Sunday, anyone who leaves Ibrox feeling positive or negative about the summer on the back of what happened that day is a fool.  Gary, it’s not a good look.

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This is an opportunity for four people to experience a special day in Celtic’s history from the Directors’ Box.  Tickets can be collected from Glasgow on Thursday 16th or Friday 17th.

All proceeds from this auction will go to Celtic FC Foundation.  The Foundation support people living in poverty in Scotland, England, Ireland and in many of the world’s most impoverished countries.  The provide support to people with Downs Syndrome, Autism and Dementia.  They reach out to those excluded from many aspects of normal living with educational and social projects, often providing life-changing opportunities.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on

    Reading back now.


    Sad news again, condolences to ART OF WAR and MAXI’s family.


    H.H Mick

  2. weebawbabitty on

    Exiled Tim , 7.34 on sentenial celts , absolutely correct my Amigo!! Anyway great news regarding your wife GNGB

  3. The huddle the old guard is not their age but their attitude do these guys really believe they have the attitude to win this game and take us on, different levels but did you watch Liverpool Barcelona

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Just reading back. Thank you for your clear explanation of where we are at.


    I marvel at your clarity of thought and how you have kept track on all the twists and twisters.

  5. big g on 11th May 2019 12:34 am



    The huddle the old guard is not their age but their attitude do these guys really believe they have the attitude to win this game and take us on, different levels but did you watch Liverpool Barcelona




    The game doesn’t matter so I don’t really care if they have the attitude to win it. They have one cup final to win then refresh and start again next season.



    I don’t see the relevance of the scousers and Barca.

  6. The huddle you will care if Celtic lose, if you seen Liverpool Barcelona you will understand attitude

  7. Glasgow Celtic will fight every tooth and nail for anything.












    Always be ready to Forgive.







  8. The NFL is brutally Honest in Everything he says to the Hostile Media.



    I’m annoyed if the new Credit agency is knocking back dudes Families and being forced to stump up front.



    Not Every Family will be able to do so.



    PV atTitUDE.



    We are Crap compared to Ajax Right here Right Now.

  9. Spain came Together for a while and owned the World.



    Love is the Ki.



    The Revived Empire will be resisted hardcore, by those that know.




  10. C’mon the Glasgow Celtic.



    As I say, NFL, Neil is a different Animal from Brendan Rodgers.



    Congrats with the Improvement of Sevco by Stevie G. He has already check mated him.



    Magical Celtic.

  11. INCREDIBLE – The Power if you are having a bad Sleep.



    Ask for Jesus and he will make the sleep alright.

  12. Scott Bain, as I was Sayin’.



    Talking about Growing into a Shirt.



    Scott Bain has been nothing short of phenomenal since he Earned the Numero Uno Shirt.



    Cheers Brendan again.

  13. Back all the English Clubs and Really a big F YO to UEFA corporates..



    Celtic are playing in Amsterdam in 2020 a massive Stadium but only 7000 are allowed.



    Big Government Bad.



    Fvck the SFA and especially UEFA.







  14. Don’t take what I say as Gospel please.



    Checking out the Gospels would be high Fively Advisable Howevaaaaah.



    Take yer pick Whatver you wanna check out of the New T.



    Believe and the words come Alive. Dinnae Believe they might not.

  15. TheLurkinTim on

    AoW…you don’t have yer troubles to seek….yer aunt and uncle are in my thoughts YNWA



    Far far too many of us conflating us with thems…there is no old firm…our glasgow derby against them is solid…chill

  16. TheLurkinTim on

    An incredibly misty grey Glasgow this morn means…the high pressure is here…for a bit…time to look out yer swimwear…;-))



    Cscforecast ;-))

  17. Good morning CQN from a beautiful sunny Garngad



    I want to put those KKK feks back in their box end of.


    I can understand some of our fans saying to play youngsters etc.


    But to me, keep the foot firmly on the throat of the rabid zombies.?


    ?????????? – – Loading



    Let’s get these zombies put back in thier box then concentrate on a cup final on the that glorious date of the 25th of May .?





    D. :)

  18. Good morning, friends from an absolutely Toasting hot and sunny Benalmadena. Reconnaissance Day to find the venue for tomorrows friendly ;-)



    Lennybhoy – Burnley


    GFTB – Livingston




    Pog – Sunderland


    TET – Leicester


    Jobo – Southampton


    BMCUW – Palace

  20. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Sorry for your loss , I’ll light a candle at mass tonight

  21. Art of War



    Thoughts and prayers with your Uncle, his family and friends.





    Thoughts and prayers with Maxi McDonnell Snr, his family and friends.