McAllister shows how far aspirations have fallen


Newco assistant, Gary McAllister, this week told the media “to finish the season with a flourish would be a big positive going into the summer.”  On hearing this, I thought back to the 3-0 win in a meaningless game against Rangers in May 1995.  We left Hampden (our temporary home) with a child-like joy: we had a great day out but the ‘adults’ knew nothing of significant had occurred.

It is demeaning for an aspirational club to talk about the prospect of feeling positive at winning a meaningless fixture.  Especially when they cannot even reach a cup final.  To the outsider, this looks the opposite of aspirational.  It looks needy and desperate.

Of considerably greater importance to Celtic in May 1995 was the Scottish Cup Final win over that other soon-to-be-liquidated team, Airdrie.  We brought a trophy home for the first time in six years, in actual positive.

Win, lose or draw on Sunday, anyone who leaves Ibrox feeling positive or negative about the summer on the back of what happened that day is a fool.  Gary, it’s not a good look.

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  1. In ither news………….



    If the Blazers go for Deek, the huns will have helped neutralise a competitive threat in advance of next season.


    Hibs may step it up but that’s a big ask……….


    If they do, look for Frank Sidebottom getting it tight from the meeja.



    The wee fella Gemmill would be a better idea for the national team imo.

  2. Lenny put those creepy Wet Wet Wet/Tina Turner scumbags to sleep the mara s’il vous plaît.



    HH. ?

  3. Art of War


    May Colm Rest In Peace,


    Thoughts and prayers with the family and your aunt Angela







    Thoughts and Prayers with Maxi McDonnell and his Family


    May Maxi (Snr) Resin Peace




  4. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Celtic boss Neil Lennon is disappointed that the age old tradition of


    a guard of honour for the league winners will not be adhered to this


    coming Sunday.


    It obviously shows a lack of class on behalf of the hosts but only the


    ( hopefully ) new Celtic manager is calling it out.


    Neil is being put down big time on other blogs by people who know better


    than anyone else, and us diddies are just board lackies.


    But for me give me a manager with the club in his heart and the nous to


    beat a Barcelona even if it’s only now and again in this financially fecked


    up football world.


    And just as a wee addendum, doe’s anybody else think the moonlighter


    would have called the stickies out?


    Not on yir nellie.


    H.H Mick

  5. fieldofdrams on

    Just been looking at the Daily Record (usual disclaimers apply) and Barry Bazza Wee Baz Ferguson reckons the Huns will win 2-1 tomorrow with a goal from Defoe ‘and a penalty by James Tavernier’.



    LOL, how can he be so sure they’ll get a penalty!



    Oh, wait…

  6. Scoddland’s finest painting Neil as the Bad Bhoy…………despite reasonable and rational comments with regards to Scotland’s Shame.



    Perhaps we can forever put to bed the idea that, him, us or ours will ever get a fair deal in scoddland.



    Everything and anything we say, no matter how legitimate, will be taken and skewed to fit a bent agenda – and no amount of strong statements from The Club will counter it. It’s impossible.



    Neil might consider moderating his candour in future . he knows the truth, we know the truth, they know the truth but they’ll never…never admit the truth aboooot the huns in public.







  7. Melbourne Mick on




    Agreed, but why should he moderate his candour, he speaks for


    all of us and it sticks in their gullet.


    We are all Neil Lennon.


    H.H Mick

  8. I get that Mick – I do.



    I don’t think it would be possible for Neil to do that in reality and he’s always been straight with us.



    These games bring oooot the worst in the huns and their sympathisers so perhaps he might “bear ” that in mind, that’s all.



    BTW – I’m sure he does, he’s savvy enough and knows the score.






    (Ps – Your Updates from Down Under always bring a smile to thisTim, cheers!)

  9. Marrakesh Express on

    Listening to a couple of Gooners pre match in Valencia, distraught at the thought of Spurs reaching the CL Final. ‘We’d rather Arsenal got knocked out tonight if it meant that lot winning the CL before us, it’s a nightmare ‘.


    Hearing this I immediately thought of how proud it feels for my club being one of only 22 names on the Big Cup, and of course how those Gooners dread what the Hun have suffered for 52 years.

  10. It’s simple Mathematics, Thankfully there is Saltires and Tricolours being waved in Discoland and that ain’t that far away.



    Come on the Celts – I have no problemo in The new Rangers not doing a Guard of Honour – its trivial IMO.



    More importantly it is Great to hear nothing but the word ‘derby’ coming out of Every employee of Celtic when talking about the game against the New Rangers I hope it catches on in the SMSM LMFAO.



    The Truth is the Truth.



    Come on Celtic – a good show will suffice. I’d take a draw right here right noooooo. A win would be Magical.

  11. Well they passed a law in ’64


    To give those who ain’t got a little more


    But it only goes so far


    Because the law don’t change another’s mind…?

  12. Melbourne Mick on






    Big day tomorrow, off to bed shortly, me and the weemhan out early


    this morning to let him smash balls off my coupon, need a few goals


    tomorrow against a mid table team, think he’s in the mood, and i don’t


    mind anybody with the hoops on smacking them by me 8-))


    H.H Mick

  13. Timbhoy2 on 11th May 2019 10:56 am



    According to Sky Sports ,Lee Converting has left the club,to join Brendan Rodgers at Leicester






    I’d like to hear Paul67s comment about this development.



    I hope you are recuperating well Old yin and can Hopefully get to a Champions League game next Season.

  14. Melbourne Mick on




    Always remember when the Celtic Academy came down to our youth


    club and they brought a replica of big ears and all the young kids were


    reading out the names of past winners, and when it came to the bhoys


    one young lad said ” Mick that’s your team they must have been good ”


    You better believe it son.


    H.H Mick

  15. Jamesie – 8 in a Row.



    The Rangers support want Neil as the new Celtic Manager.



    It is the Infrastructure that will allow Celtic to Hopefully win with Neil @ the helm.



    Forgive them, they know not…



    Still hardcore Brexit.



    The populace is being betrayed.

  16. Cannot understand the pathetic whining and foot-stomping from a sizeable section of our support, outraged by the decision from Rangers not to provide a pointless


    ‘guard of honour’ before tomorrow’s game. Our players couldn’t care less, it’s a meaningless gesture, blown out of proportion by a media desperate to create division and discord around a dead rubber fixture. Celtic fans throwing their toys out the pram in faux outrage at this only serve to lend support to the myth that Rangers are somehow still a genuine rival, and not the irrelevance that we know they are…

  17. Petec, thanks, Hopefully I will take my seat,next season,it’s been a slow recovery,1 step forward 2steps back,as for Converting I heard it this morning on sky sports,If Neil Lennon doesn’t get the manager’s job,then he could be a candidate for the Head of Recruitment vacancy,

  18. MM – Great little post about the big ears cup and the youth of oz. Keep up the good work doon under and maybe, just maybe you could point another wizard of oz in our direction. Hail Hail



    D :)

  19. Timbhoy2,



    Who knows anything – at least I know, I know Nothing.



    BTW the food in the North Stand isnae that good, queues are pretty long as well but not as long in the olde South Stand for sure.



    That is a very interesting comment. Neil is IMHO a totally up for it guy. I think its too early for that kind of role. You never know though, especially after all he has been put through.



    Magical Celtic.



    Time is Important.

  20. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    On the Congerton migration, as a senior employee moving to a competitor in the same industry is it likely a condition constraining his involvement in poaching Celts for a period is in place? No transfers to PEDster City.



    Do we have Willie McStay involved in the club? I’ve a notion he has a role in bringing across Irish teenagers.



    I suggest the club inserts an organisational chart into this year’s annual report to give us an idea of its internal structure and reporting relationships post BR’s scorched earth withdrawal.

  21. Melbourne Mick on




    Me and the other Celtic minded and there are loads, are always working


    on them.


    It’s very difficult when the young kids are brainwashed daily by the media’s


    obsession with the EPL.


    But we get our little victories and some of our African kids are awesome


    and can’t wait till we play the Brighton huns, we will have them so hyped


    up and believe me they are fearless.


    So it’s time for me to get to my bed, up early in the morn. the nets will be


    waiting for me, the breakfast for the bhoys needs to be started, changed


    days from turning up at the Glesga green with a roll and spam.


    But if all of that gets us another wizard then i’ve done my job.


    I know were all split but it’s Lenny for me.


    H.H Mick

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Guy- Willie was scouting when BR was in charge, think he’s still in same role.

  23. Melbourne Mick,






    It’s Lenny for me tae.



    Back him Big Time and we will hopefully have, scintillating fitba alongside, a 9th Title in a row.



    Sounds sweet.



    Beware the Snowflake Generation Howevaaaaah.

  24. I passed the fabled and off mentioned John Lemon bar this morning and it looked pretty desolate and unappealing. Admittedly it was of 10.45am but still….


    I understand an alternative for tomorrows kick sbout is Looneys Lounge. So reconnaissance 2 trip pkanned for later today…

  25. The Battered Bunnet on

    Jobo; “desolate and unappealing”



    I gather it takes it design prompts from The Murray