McAllister shows how far aspirations have fallen


Newco assistant, Gary McAllister, this week told the media “to finish the season with a flourish would be a big positive going into the summer.”  On hearing this, I thought back to the 3-0 win in a meaningless game against Rangers in May 1995.  We left Hampden (our temporary home) with a child-like joy: we had a great day out but the ‘adults’ knew nothing of significant had occurred.

It is demeaning for an aspirational club to talk about the prospect of feeling positive at winning a meaningless fixture.  Especially when they cannot even reach a cup final.  To the outsider, this looks the opposite of aspirational.  It looks needy and desperate.

Of considerably greater importance to Celtic in May 1995 was the Scottish Cup Final win over that other soon-to-be-liquidated team, Airdrie.  We brought a trophy home for the first time in six years, in actual positive.

Win, lose or draw on Sunday, anyone who leaves Ibrox feeling positive or negative about the summer on the back of what happened that day is a fool.  Gary, it’s not a good look.

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This is an opportunity for four people to experience a special day in Celtic’s history from the Directors’ Box.  Tickets can be collected from Glasgow on Thursday 16th or Friday 17th.

All proceeds from this auction will go to Celtic FC Foundation.  The Foundation support people living in poverty in Scotland, England, Ireland and in many of the world’s most impoverished countries.  The provide support to people with Downs Syndrome, Autism and Dementia.  They reach out to those excluded from many aspects of normal living with educational and social projects, often providing life-changing opportunities.

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  1. Scaniel, we had well over 100 there today. Peaceful, silent and very dignified.



    There were far fewer “followers” today. I think we outnumbered them!



    So it’s on to the next protest next weekend unless we can get it rerouted!





  2. What is the Stars on



    Agreed it doesn’t really matter…but ..never like losing any games and especially not to new 7 year old clubs

  3. WITS they think they are more than a match for us. I am confident they will be put back in their box!





  4. Wits…….



    Apprehensive. This fixture allows scoddland’s worst to do thur best.



    I’d give up a lot to never have to play that ugly mob ever again.



    How you feelin’?

  5. Folks don’t know about you but I can’t get motivated for this tomorrow. Normally love giving it to those bastards but just different this time. Think it’s because of the upheaval this season and also the uncertainty of what is going to happen managerial in the summer. Feels that 8 IAR has been a bit of an anticlimax for me. Have to say when I saw the 4 English teams reach the European finals I did feel a bit of jealousy. In so much as I love NFL I think we need a boost/shot in the arm this summer to reinvigorate the place, (similar to what happened when the snake arrived three years ago) so that means a new appointment. Regardless of how the next 3 games go if Lenny is not getting the gig I would hope DD is making headway in the back ground regarding a new appointment.

  6. I dinnae want Nothing but a Sporting Rivalry between Celtic and the New Rangers.



    Thats the way Forward.

  7. I reckon, and I’m just a little voice, Abortion is a Bigger issue and thats why I Respect Arlene.



    The Lord Almighty is……

  8. Emilio, Thank You for the most awesome of Great Service.



    You are wan you would want in the trenches with.



    Magical Emilio.




  9. It will be Mega if Celtic achieve 9 in a row. It is gonnae be mega tough howevaaah © Kojo.



    The Big Man upstairs is in Full Control.



    He wrote the Book. ;)

  10. The Almighty stepped into his own Creation and fulfilled Every Law.



    In the Book – The Almighty gave Authority to Every single person to be able to shut down the dark sides attacks.



    I’d Honestly say to the Rangers fans to be careful for what you wish for.



    NFL is the only real option now for Celtic.



    Who knows why that is, Neil is a Bridge Builder.



    I hope the derby rivals do well next Season in Europe and Celtic benefit from them having a tough schedule. :))



    Front of the Bus is Neilinho!



    No Snowflakes will win you anything.

  11. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here in the US of A.


    May God bless all our Mothers,


    And Grand Mothers


    And God Mothers.

  12. I have finally got myself motivated for tomorrow.


    Make no mistake, we will be lucky to escape with no serious injuries, on or off the pitch.


    On the pitch, Slippy G will be having an on the job test.


    A win for him will look good as he seeks a bolt hole in the English lower leagues.


    His barra load of loanees have nothing to lose by picking up a yellow or even an unlikely red, especially if our captain is on the receiving end of an agricultural tackle.


    The Glab and Shameless Liar will be counting on a win to back up his claims that the CHASM is narrowing.


    The howling Huns will be seeking solace in some kind of bragging rights during their long close season.


    The Hugh Dallas trained crew will be doing their level best to ensure their future on the bigoted knuckle touching circuit by allowing the boys in blue to push, pull, kick, hack and hold with impunity, while breaking up play when we threaten their goal.




    Broony’s bhoys will emerge from their den like Daniel did.


    Unscathed. Unbeaten and Unbroken.

  13. The Power of Love, a Force from Above.



    Never Doubt anyone..




    We are All Sinners.



    Thats the Truth.



    I Hope Celtic get Fig on the Tyne.

  14. Taken from Sunday Mail Today…there is a Video of the UFO.



    Flying saucer’ UFO filmed in the sky above Glasgow city centre


    The mysterious object was captured on video late on Friday, seemingly darting around in the sky near the entrance to Glasgow Green.





    As this is very near my home, I am not too surprised as there are Plenty of Little Green Men around The Saltmarket every Day of the week….and some Big ones too !



    UFO ?….Unidentified Fenian Operative maybe ?



  15. Gooooooood morning CQN from a bright, sunny and beautiful Garngad.



    God is shinning his beautiful rays on the Garden of God this morning.



    Now for a stress free (well nearly as 8IAR is in the bag) go at the zombies?



    Pressure is off us and I think we should be putting on a show today, whichever way we play, just put the zombies in their box bhoys.



    Come on the undefeated Lennys Lions.



    Undefeated ?????????? v undead???






    D. :)

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    Lenny’s got a challenge today to ensure that he’s not the manager of the first Celtic side in three years to fail to score 5 goals against the Tribute Act.



    It’s a Five from me. Although Eight would be rather symmetrical.

  17. Like no other on

    ‘GG on 12TH MAY 2019 3:47 AM


    Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here in the US of A








    Another Smothering Hunday?



    Goodomens CSC

  18. morning bhoys from a partly sunny Cheshire, those going to the game keep safe, HAIL HAIL.