McCoist quite right to hold firm line


In terms of pure logic, Ally McCoist was quite right to insist, “I can also assure every Rangers fan I will not be accepting any talk of stripping the club of titles. That is something we will never accept and everyone at the club shares this view.”

It is outrageous to put Sevco in the position of accepting Rangers are stripped of previous league titles while due process has not been carried out.  The very fact that the SFA and SPL are negotiating with Sevco over this matter is reason enough for McCoist to issue a firm rebuttal.  Quite simply, if the authorities are prepared to negotiate, their offer should be rejected until the last moment possible, at which point they will be meekly accepted.

The SFA and SPL must allow due process to take place and remove any need for Sevco to rubber-stamp a judgement on Rangers.  It is wholly inappropriate to discuss or agree the consequences of a guilty verdict, or subsequent punishments (losing titles won illegally is not a punishment), until a verdict is recorded.

Due process, please, nothing more and nothing less.  If Rangers didn’t illegally register players for over a decade neither they nor Sevco have anything to worry about.

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  1. oldtim67


    Only the Norwich game is on the season book, I’ve had to buy a ticket for Inter Milan.


    Yes I’ll be at both mate.

  2. Stripping titles from oldco has nothing to do with newco.



    What the SFA must make clear is that newco is a new club.

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Aye, look forward to it


    Hail Hail

  4. I watched the game last night and we were rank rotten. Can we do better in europe? I hope so but this does not bode well. Any half decent european would pump us if we play like we did against Ajax. I don’t hold with the ‘just a friendly’ line. It is a game of football you play to win every game. Not one effort on goal last night and very few during the games in Germany. Things need ‘a fixin’

  5. ernie



    I think the MSM’s continued use of the phrase ‘Rangers’ is a deliberate attempt to continue to muddy the waters and confuse the gullible in all matters relating to oldco/newco.


    JUDE2005 1432



    Some disgraceful comments on there…………

  7. What we need is a definitive and unambiguous statement from UEFA saying that for the purposes of their coefficient newco is a newco.

  8. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Rangers FC Plc, that’ll be the club currently in administration under investigation for corruption, innit geez

  9. The whole notion of a 5-way agreement amongst RFC (IA), Sevco, the SFA, SPL and SFL is nonsensical. Each body should be dealing with its own area of responsibility, and each company should be concentrating on its own business (or in the case of RFC (IA), its impending demise).



    In particular, the SFA has already committed in public to having nothing to do with the SPL investigation into incorrectly-registered RFC players from 2001 onwards, in view of its role as the appellate body.



    If the SFA has participated in discussions on that subject, far less pushed for a particular resolution to the matter, it has hopelessly compromised its own independence in the event of any appeal by Sevco against penalties imposed in the absence of an agreement. How many more times must Regan’s incompetence and Ogilvie’s partiality be demonstrated before they are forced from office?

  10. Awe Naw @ 13.25



    Why did the club place such importance on winning pre season frendlies under MON ?



    Do you think it might have been part of our charm offensive to get into the EPL and prove we were good enough to compete? i.e. There was something in it for the club over and above normal fitness involved in warm up games. That EPL door is currently closed to us, though lower English leagues may not be, but the Div.1 or 2 clubs won’t pay any attention to our results against Ajax in weighing up the merits of our move.



    Or maybe it was exclusive to Martin O’ Neill. In which case we should have seen a procession of competitive wins by Aston Villa in recent seasons- did that actually happen? I checked the Sunderland website just now and, even though they have played one pre-season fixture they do not even list the result. That is how important it is to them and MON.



    Or maybe we mistook the chicken for the egg. Did a club official say “we don’t do friendlies” or was it a fan’s view? If so, I reckon we must have had triumphant pre-seasons through the 80s and 90s but, scratch my memory banks, all I recall is that 5:1 humping by Arsenal at CP. We bought Martin Hayes on the strength of that so I am not for drawing too many lessons there.



    I have never taken pre season frendlies seriously since WGS turned Celtic into Alan Shearers testimonial bitch.



    Boo Hoo. We let Shearer take a free penalty. Even the Newcastle fans knew that was a circus act but they would have respected us not one bit more or one bit less if it had not happened. The people that care about these things suffer from the Scottish cringe and imagine that everyone is laughing at them. The English teams and their fans will take that superior attitude towards our clubs, whether we are actually bad or good. They took that view towards our great club in the 60s and early 70s and they still held it for our club in the 90s. They did not discriminate between night and day.


    I find the Celtic fans who cringe the most are those who expect Celtic to live their lives for them. Celtic must be good to show that I am good. Celtic must be strong so that I can feel strong. If Celtic fail therefore, they have let such persons down and embarrassed them. Now I have had a few triumphs in my life and a lot of failures. Celtic were not responsible for any of them; I won’t let them take the credit nor blame. When I find foreign fans praising my club it is usually for one of two things. either they remember our great teams of 66 to 74 or they remember our fans singing and dancing, the very thing the miserabilists were deriding in our support last night. When Norwich fans were gushing in their praise of our club at the Drury testimonial, they were not gushing about what happened on the park.



    Yesterday was the worst performance since Big Tony got gubbed by St Mirren.



    An arguable proposition but I doubt you would get 10% agreement from fellow Celts. We have lost to Ross County and Kilmarnock in important games since then. I think our 2nd half collapse in the 4:2 game at Ibrox last season or the 3:1 loss to that defunct team at CP the year before were bad too. The St. Mirren game was 4 breakaways anyway. Kilmarnock made more chances against us in the 3:3 draw last year. We have lots of candidates for worst defeats; I doubt many will rank a pre-season performance in their top 10, once this recent memory has passed.



    I dont think we can make the jump up in time for Helsinki never mind the next round.



    Again, an arguable proposition. We may or we may not, but win draw or get humped vs. Ajax gives you few indicators of how we will do with a more ready squad playing competitive football rather than warm up football. If you are wrong about the Helsinki result, will it mean that all of the above arguments fall and Ajax will no longer be an embarrassing result? The answer you are likely to give is “No!”.


    Similarly, If I am wrong and we lose to HJK (and we might because our MON squad almost did 12 years ago) it won’t make me any more inclined to see the Ajax result as embarrassing, for exactly the same reasons.



    Final Point. The club does not “encourage” fans to go to see the pre-season games in Germany and Holland. It is the fans who insist on going when they can and good luck to them. But they made their own decisions. Nobody promised them a win or a great performance; the wise ones new what they were buying into and they are not crying about it.

  11. Paul67 et al



    The SFL has agreed that the new company, if it can form a new football club, can enter Division 3, but only if accepted by the SFA. Pre-liquidation Rangers FC should be treated separately by the SFA and if found in breach, (again) should be banned Sine Die. Sevco need to focus on Brechin City.

  12. Auld Neil Lennon heid on




    I think the level playing field this has to be played on is throwing the poor man off balance.


    That and a failure to grasp the ideas of morality and ethics of course.



    I blame the schools.

  13. theglasgowcelticway on

    There still has to be Uefa involvement.What happens if Sevco win the Fish Supper Cup? That must be recorded as their first ever trophy.

  14. Sally`s comments are mere posturing, just to say ” ah did ma best but the cards were stacked against me and ah might have to packi it in”


    I cannot see how they can get away with such blatant cheating now that it has been exposed to the wider world. If they prove the payments were legal then we are going to look like a right bunch of tossers and we will need to win the CL to get over it!


    But seriously , I see that AT has blogged today and is questioning the delay, this is a nice way of turning the screw, the SFA deadline will apply similar pressure, looking forward to Friday , the lates in a long line of judgment days.

  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    I’d like to know what Calamity McCoist reckons he can do to prevent the titles going to the rightful winners.

  16. Embarrassed by score lines??????????????



    Better to be a losing Celt ,than a winning hun (sevco)

  17. can we have a wee straw poll on here?


    would you accept the titles and trophies as ours?


    would you be happy just to see the title / trophy declared void?


    I go with the latter.

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Propel pay a lot of money to go watch these friendlies, they want to see the Celtic winning, if they don’t win then the support have every right to moan, a lot of money to watch their team no try a leg, no good enough.

  19. jmccormick on 22 July, 2012 at 14:51 said:



    Titles /cups should go to next placed team .


    That would wind huns up more,which I like.

  20. Oglach, indeed.



    WeefratheTim, that is the only fact we need to concern ourselves about.



    Celtic Mac, that would give a clear way forward.



    Auld Neil Lennon heid, aye.



    Steinreignedsupreme, absolutely nothing!

  21. jmccormick on 22 July, 2012 at 14:51said:




    I want the titles/trophies awarded to the runners up.

  22. Werder Bremen 6 Celtic 2



    Man Utd 4 Celtic 0



    Liverpool 5 Celtic 1



    Just some of the pre season results under MON



    Knock out Helsinki and beat Aberdeen and nobody will care about pre season results

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