McGhee, the old faux


Mark McGhee put on a stunning display as a faux hard man last night. After being escorted from the touchline by a police officer at Pittodrie, the Motherwell manager didn’t take well to his antics being recorded for posterity on video by an Aberdeen fan.

His unfocussed irritation transformed into confrontational anger towards the fan, but only after McGhee had made eye contact with a rapidly approaching Aberdeen official, who was a split second from intervening on his behalf.

This is the offline equivalent of the keyboard hard man. It’s just someone working through their issues in what feels like a real confrontation, but is actually relatively safe environment. Mark just needs a hug. Hug Mark, if you see him.

Speaking to the media afterwards McGhee then went into full irony mode:

“I’m absolutely disgusted and horrified by the attitude of the fourth official. Before a ball was kicked, he was causing issues that didn’t exist.”

Like creating a scene when a visiting goalkeeper warms up in front of his assigned goals, perhaps. There followed an explicit threat to get his lawyers involved, which is almost certainly faux bluster.

Many years ago Dundee United and Scotland assistant manager Jim McLean resigned from his SFA post when he ran into conflict with the Association. McGhee should consider doing likewise this morning. But first he needs a hug. Someone?

Great to see Ryan Christie making his mark at Aberdeen, the finish for his goal last night is worth catching, if you haven’t see it yet.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Haven’t been in St Mary’s since the church was being painted and had scaffolding inside


    Need to get back down



    My mate was at a funeral there last Saturday for his old uncle from the Calton

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    This Portuguese cowboy of your tale.



    He wouldn’t be your alter ego, perchance?



    Strange things have been known to happen in Lisbon.

  3. Mark isn’t the Saviour. He’s just a naughty boy.



    that said, if I was experiencing the double ignominy of my team getting tHumped and being sent to the stand I wouldn’t take too well to a Sheepie insulting me while pointing a camera phone at me.



    Christie showed what he can do when he’s on the pitch. (Un?)fortunately in Christie, Armstrong and Henderson we have three of my favourite young Celts competing for a similar role.



    HH jamesgang

  4. Morning bhoys and ghirls



    (Paul67 hope this is ok if not please delete)



    Anyone know any companies interested in the below please let me or Paul67 know…






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    I would like to offer sponsorship opportunities to any businesses interested.


    For £500 you will be sponsoring SKC (Oscar Knox Fund) for the six runs, for this you will get your company name on all promotional materials and on the back of t-shirts for events, in addition (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY) you will be helping kids and families affected by Neuroblastoma!!


    Runs are as below –


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    Link to SKC website – https://solvingkidscancer.org.uk/


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    Tommy Melly (Bundoran Bhoy)



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    Solving Kids’ Cancer Europe is a registered charity in England and Wales (1135601), and in Scotland (SCO45094). It is a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (7208648). The charity and company is currently operating as Solving Kids’ Cancer.

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 16th February 2017 10:19 am



    I was on here last night cracking gags ffs



    And now im getting this, because i refuse to spoken down to by an ignoramus



    You wont need to ban me






    ‘Swoosh’, a flamboyant about turn, silk scarf flares it’s paisley pattern as it’s’s thrown over the shoulder, click-clack, click-clack, click-clack go the heels… ( and Door bangs shut).



    That reads like the first major flounce of the year, fella…






    Another howler from incompetent Thomson,though as article says i didn’t help Celtic so nothing to see here

  7. Sandman


    That should be the default sentence for every flounce 0:-)


    Well done and cheerio for now,



  8. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    I’m Mark McGoo and I’m an angry man.




  9. I loved Mark McGhee the Celtic player and admired Mark McGhee the Aberdeen player. Thought he was class. Never ever ever a Celtic manager in a month of Sundays Mondays Tuesdays…



    Imagine if Kevj got his way. Mark McGhee as manager with Spew Heevans in PR.




  10. Reading back was interested in your great family history StStivs. I guess you were able to walk through either of the Alleys without any bother?

  11. According to John James site ra Bomber is our in South Africa visiting The Lying King.



    One wonders what plot is being hatched there when a simple telephone call or Skype conversation would suffice to conduct long distance business.

  12. mike in toronto on

    The green man



    You can’t leave yet …I am clearly in need of your expertise.



    As you may know, I have embarked on a campaign to get my first deletion… but, so far, without success.



    Two weeks ago, I said ‘poo’… nope. No one even batted an eyelid.



    Last week, I called someone a bellend … still no luck. So, either he that is acceptable, or he is (and truth is a defence to libel, and moderation).



    But I shall not give up… this weeks attempt to get a banning, will be a doozie… but, im open to suggestions, green man :)



    Admittedly, this campaign was shamelessly ripped off of George Carlin, Jimmy Carr

  13. Local news, not of the EK weather variety!



    The new road has opened, the ‘tunnel’ under the Raith interchange. From EK/Blantyre to Bellshill is silky smooth, two lane dreamland bypassing the junction. Half a billion well spent to save me 10 minutes on that journey.



    Bellshill to EK/Blantyre is shaping up to be massively controversial. Midday today the inside lane that goes to the junction for M74/Bothwell/Hamilton was queued. The right had lane for EK/Blantyre is only one lane.



    Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. HALF A BILLION POUNDS AND ONLY ONE SIDE WORKS.



    Jut to make it relevant to CQN, this is the junction for the away game at Hamilton.



  14. TheOrigonalSadiesBhoy



    According to Phil the Proffessional chap at stupid FC who he previously has referred to as Robertson is pissed at how things played out without his knowledge re. the termisackings while JohnJames says Robertson was instigating it all at the request of the mendacious liar king.



    Wonder who’ll be right?



    A developing story.




  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Still think it’s all a bit strange. Why would they even discuss compensation payments unless there was a firm offer from another club?


    Be interesting to find out where the “interest” in Warbs originated….

  16. MOONBEAMSWD on 16TH FEBRUARY 2017 1:33 PM



    Yes I read that too. The plot thickens. Wasn’t it suggested somewhere that King thought Warbs was Phil’s mole? If so, now that he’s gone who gave Phil the information about this morning’s meeting?


    It gets more and more interesting by the day.




    Sri Lanka is a great country. Been twice. Loved it.

  18. Could Ex Forest boss Wee Billy be the in a threesome dressed up as Forest with the Hun & the breed man?

  19. If a was asked to take a guess I’d say James Traynors baw deep in this resignation story, it’s got his durty Hun paw marks all over it, if you think back to HIS resignation letter from the DR I think it was, it’s got the same M O, ignorant, bitter, bigoted B…..d

  20. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    TD67 – I think you give them too much credit. It just looks like an enormous cock-up to me.

  21. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    and another thing….isn’t the Albert Kinloch/Coral case due for a decision about now?

  22. JFH…


    Still thinking of you and Mrs.JFH.Wish you both all the best in her recovery.Good ghuys deserve good luck and you’re one of the good ghuys.




    McGhee’s permanently scunnered ’cause he’s got a face like a big baked tottie. ;)) Bang average manager.


    Ryan’s finish last night was well worth a look,the bhoy’s a natural talent.

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