McGill comments allow SFA scope for inquiry


Amid the acres of confusion that surrounds Rangers and the Scottish game at the moment, one matter is now clear of the tax authorities, not subject to dispute by the various parties squabbling over Rangers, and free for the SFA to examine.  If they are interested.

Former Rangers director, Mike McGill, when speaking to the media alongside Sir David Murray on Tuesday, said, “The club used an old offshore EBT scheme in 1999 with three players.  That scheme is the subject of the small tax case.

“The Revenue provided some information to us in early 2011 and we conceded based on that information and provided for payment in the club accounts.”

The simple question for the SFA is, were details of payments made through the old offshore EBT scheme, which HMRC challenged last year and Rangers’ old board conceded, submitted to the SFA?

If they were, our faith in the governance of the game can be restored and we can all look forward to the Cup Final on Sunday.  If not, whose registrations were invalid and which games did they participate in?

As this question affects more than just SPL football, the SFA are the only body competent to investigate this matter. They are also competent to administer any appeal process. We hear the SPL inquiry will not mature until after the HMRC-Rangers First Tier Tribunal reports, which could be well after the SPL split, potentially creating chaos if Rangers were incorrectly placed in the top six.

This is a governance issue of enormous proportions. The SFA should use McGill’s comments as an opportunity to take a fresh look at this issue and quickly instigate an inquiry.

I’m off the see the lawyers this morning.  More later, I hope!

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  1. Paul 67


    Are there any lawyers left who are not too busy dealing with Rangers and all connected with her?




  2. The whole aspect of governance of the SFA currently and previously, needs a good hard independent examination.



    Rangers are one issue, but the way that the SFA are refusing to respond to straight questions from straight journalists demonstrates that there has been a level of dereliction of duty by Scotland’s sports media fraternity. The SFA are just not used to uncomfortable questions being asked of them by people whom they can neither fine five figures or ban from the game for merely speaking truth.



    It seems that the only people who are benefiting from this at the moment are the Scottish meat industry with the repeat orders of succulent lamb.

  3. Paul67



    Yer like a Jack Russell wae a ba!



    Eventually this House of Cards will come a tumbling down.

  4. Son of Warsaw on 15 March, 2012 at 09:23 said:




    forgive my naivety,but i can’t tell if this,from previous thread,is for real or not.


    I haven’t added the link coz it stretches the page; but if it is for real,it’s quite sad and symptomatic of Ra gers and their self delusion.


    In another way,it’s quite sinister in a subtle & disturbing context.


    Is Mike McGill any relation to Margaret (Peggy) McGill who posts on here?




  6. Paul67, great stuff again. When do you think UEFA will feel that they must act?



    My own thoughts are those that you mentioned, they are passing the buck to the FTT.




  7. I am finding this all too distracting. I would really like to do some work, but I find myself F5-ing CQN, RTC, Phil and Random thoughts on Scot’s Law most of the time.



    The prevarication and inaction of the SPL, SAF, and Uefa is appalling and I wish they would do something. I guess that until the BTC reaches its conclusion, they won’t. In the mean-time it is fun watching Minty, Oggie, and all the other interested parties (esp. MSM) dig bugger holes for themselves.



    I believe Minty has got a view of Saughton Jail from his house on the hill. He might see the reverse view in the fullness of time!




  8. seems bent clubfoot cant live on 3/4 k a week


    poor lad


    he so kindhearted


    maybe the fighting fund can help






    Kirk Broadfoot has revealed he is now living on his savings



    Thursday March 15,2012


    By Scott Burns


    Have your say(0)


    KIND-HEARTED Kirk Broadfoot has revealed he is now living on his savings but was more than happy to take a 75 percent wage cut to help keep Rangers alive.


    The Scottish international was one of more than 11 first-team players who agreed to take just 25 percent of their wages for the remainder of the season, while other lower earners took 50 and 25 percent cuts to help prevent casualties in other areas of the club

  9. Morning Paul et al



    Due to the heel-dragging reluctance or downright unwillingness of those charged with running Scottish football, albeit running it for their own ends, ther must be every chance that queenie will be at Celtic Park for the 2014 Games before this shambles is sorted.



    The Scottish football authorities appear too incompetent to run the game and too corrupt to care.

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    RANGERS have become the target of a second American buy-out, Record Sport can this morning reveal.


    The crisis-ravaged Ibrox club are being lined up for a possible takeover involving Chicago firm Club 9 Sports who have held discussions with administrators Duff and Phelps this week.


    Club 9 Sports are an offshoot of parent company Prometheus Capital Partners, a private merchant bank who describe themselves as ‘better turnaround specialists than Donald Muir and Mike McGill’.


    They have been circling British football for almost two years, looking for a chance to buy their way into the game. In May 2010 they failed in a bid to bail out Sheffield Wednesday.


    They tried again last year with a proposed takeover of Tranmere – but after almost five months of negotiations the Prenton Park outfit showed them the door also.


    Now Club 9 Sports believe they may have spotted another opportunity, in Glasgow, where the SPL champions are battling for survival.


    They have joined financial big-hitters the Fortress Investment Group, from New York, in indicating interest.


    But last night top brass from Duff and Phelps were thought to be unimpressed by either approach. What the top brass of the investment groups think of Duff & Phelps professionalism was not something we are prepared to speculate on.


    The administrators have yet to receive any kind of direct contact from Fortress who, it has been claimed by myself and Keith, are ready to blow some of their £27billion fortune on rescuing Rangers, despite no track record of investing in sport. It is now becoming extremely difficult to keep spinning these stories without being lampooned or leaving ourselves exposed to legal retribution. This is why it takes two of us to write them now. Safety in numbers and more difficult for any legal recourse of action.


    This morning Duff and Phelps will be more concerned with events closer to home. Their legal team will appear at Edinburgh’s Court of Session to seek a ruling on the £24.4million deal struck between shamed owner Craig Whyte and investment firm Ticketus.


    Duff and Phelps will ask a judge to examine the legality of the contract Whyte used to raise funds for his catastrophic £18m buy-out. A decision is not expected today.


    Paul Murray, the man who has put together the Blue Knights consortium, has struck an alliance with Ticketus. Yes we are going to keep repeating this until we are red whyte and blue in the face.


    Like Murray, multi-millionaire Brian Kennedy is a serious contender and is expected to make an offer within the next 24 hours if all else fails.


    A Singapore consortium, fronted by Glasgow-based businessman Shazad Bakhsh, is also thought to be putting a package together to send to his mother for Christmas.

  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    if you are seeing lawyers due to any writs you have received through CQN and need help. You have to promise to let us know ?????



    Hail HAil

  12. kitalba on 15 March, 2012 at 10:02 said:



    Does anybody know why the u’19 game against Rangers is off?



    Cancelled due to players being on International duty.

  13. Smoke & mirrors,smoke & mirrors. What next? ” Plan 9 from Outer Space “?


    Misdirection,sleight of hand,keep everyone guessing until the reveal……there’s nothing in the box!no one’s been sawn in half!the money’s been there all along!


    Nothing changes this fact : RFC(i a) is dead…it just doesn’t know it yet.

  14. The Pantaloon Duck on




    “…the SFA are the only body competent to investigate this matter…”



    I note your use of the word “competent” in a specific, legal sense ;-)

  15. If they are not legally in Administration can administrators who are not ‘really’ legaled, legally sell Rangers PLC (IA) or maybe not (IA) without the endorsement of Craig de Blanc. Are all those legal manoeuvres instigated by, and executed for, the maybe not legal administrators safe and sound as per the letter of the law, or have those clowns broken the law yet again?



    Nobody at Ibrox does filling in and sending forms very good like.

  16. I have gret (sp) when I read of the hardship big bentfoot is going through. How can he survive on £1250 + a week?


    Let’s start a fighting fund,me baggsy first to hit the big galoot.

  17. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Where is our old friend EdUrsus these days?


    Genuinely would like his views on all this, but maybe they’re unprintable.

  18. off to see the lawyers paul, that cant be right internet bampots are not held by the same rules as the MSM, ooops wait a minute thats what ned-keevins-flanders thinks,


    hope its something juicy for publishing later on cross those t`s and dot those i`s lol,as i tweeted to you earlier mr regan has been given enough goodwill and is now part of the problem with scottish football,there has to be a clearout from the bottum up ,it should have been done after farry and others lied under oath,

  19. Highland Tim 09:57



    Digging bugger holes for themselves?



    THis takes Rangersgate into a whole new arena…and frankly one which I’m not sure I want to go to! :-)



    The Planner


    SmartArseCSC (see what I did there…)


    If the Currants get their 10 points back, albeit temporarily, does anyone think that this is a deliberate ploy to stop us winning at the Bigot Dome?



    Just wondering, like….

  21. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Paul, stoke that fire.


    They don’t do compromise and appeasement.


    They beginning to unravel.



  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    BAFFLED clowns Mr and Mrs Custard last night told Rangers fans: “We don’t have your money.”


    1 comment




    Related Stories



    Email gaffe is no joke for fans


    FANS giving cash to save Rangers feared dosh had gone to CLOWNS after blunder


    The husband and wife kids’ entertainers — real names Bob and Julie Riley — have been bombarded with messages from angry Gers supporters after an email bungle.



    We told last night how followers who want to donate to a fighting fund for the skint club were told to email assembly@bluenose.co.uk — when the correct email is assembly@thebluenose.co.uk.



    And punters who checked out the website http://www.bluenose.co.uk to check their donation status discovered it belonged to the Custards.



    Last night Bob, 53, of Corby, Northants, said: “We can assure all Rangers fans that we have not received a penny! We thought it was a wind-up!” Julie, 58, added: “We can see the funny side.”



    We managed to track down Sandy Jardine who is in the middle of a sponsored charity campaign for children where he has to wear a children in need red nose for an entire week said: “It was a silly mistake which was rectified very quickly.”



    Sandy along with fellow Ibrox legend Walter Smith had earlier launched the fund aimed at rescuing the club before his sponsored campaign had started.

  23. The Pantaloon Duck on 15 March, 2012 at 10:09 said:




    Why would the SFA be the only body “qualified to testify”?



    Wouldn’t the SPL be permitted to do this if, of course, they were of a mind to.

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