McGinn will sign for Villa


John McGinn will sign for Aston Villa before the English transfer window closes tomorrow afternoon.  Celtic’s most recent offer for the player was made several days ago and, unlike earlier bids, was not rejected by Hibs.  I understand Villa matched this offer, and the terms offered to the player.  While Hibs were in Europe, they were always going to wait until near the English deadline.

Celtic were honest with the player, who was told he would not be first choice, but would get a chance when others were rested or injured.  Steve Bruce, however, told McGinn he would be first choice every week and the core of the new Villa midfield.

I know he’s a Celtic fan, but the player is entitled to make this decision for football reasons.  He will be 23-years-old in two months, not by any measure a youth.  Young players come, happy to wait their turn, but it’s a hard sell to someone who wants to play every week.

We move on…

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  1. I would rather see Kouassi given his chance as McGinn coming in but that’s just me, I don’t really give a shit about his Celtic supporting credentials..

  2. Typical ! I was not really bothered about whether or not we signed McGinn. Now that it looks like he has one to Villa, I think we have missed out !








  3. Fair enough to John McGinn, good luck to him.



    Can we now focus on tonight now?

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Playing first team football swung the balance.



    Can’t blame the boy, at his age, but I think he will have regrets all his life.



    It looks like Petrie stalled on dealing with Celtic, until an English club moved, or perhaps it was the player himself, based on the reason above.



    The dogs will keep barking, though, as the caravan moves on.



    Mc.Ginn- Not The Won That I Want – Greece, The Musical.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Embarassing excuses, leaves the relationship between Brendan and PL strained to say the least.PL was asked at the AGM why we use Park’s buses, he said we should be bigger than that.Petrie sees Lawwell a threat to him becoming Cheif Goathumper at Hampden, so should PL have been the bigger man in negociating for McGinn? Was it worth pi$$ing off our manager for a few hundred grand? Time will tell.

  6. if thats his decision then so be it ,did he expect to be a first pick every game don’t think so , not overly bothered as we have better currently not playing regular for the club EK for one .

  7. ah. paul has been ushered to the back stairs


    by deepthroat again to get the excuses out





    I wonder how much lawwells boy makes out


    our deals with man city…seems to


    be our only avenue this weather

  8. we should be buying/bringing in players who ARE first team picks to improve the team not spending wads of cash on more projects. J.McG will live to rue the day he turn us down.

  9. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    McGinn was evidently BR’s first choice replacement for Armstrong. I wonder who is next on the list.



    The sale of Armstrong was great business of the club, but if not replaced or the money not re-invested, it really does not further our aims.

  10. Hadn’t really ever noticed McGinn, hope he does well at AV……….but who really cares nooooo,


    ……? He’s gone, would only be peeved if a genuine first team blockbuster had turned us down.



    We’ve a Big Game on…………a game that AV can only dream abooooot.




  11. Last word from me on McGinn ( FWIW ? )


    If Celtic had tried to sign me as a 22 year old, and were willing to pay me upwards of half a million quid a year for four years, no-one would have had to drive me to the airport….I’d have crawled on my hands and knees to Celtic Park just for the chance to play even one time in the hoops at Paradise. ?

  12. BR wanted him…why didn’t we buy him? Penny pinching..upsets manager. Anyway players should have been in before start of season. Got 7M for SA and 6 from VVD add ons

  13. The guarantee of first team football is bollocks IMO. He would be one of 6 centre mids at CP and would in all likelihood get 35+ appearances (fitness and form allowing). Armstrong last years was never at any time seen as a first pick, McGregor the season before, both played over 30 games and McGregor took his chance and is now one of the first names on the teamsheet.


    He wont be guaranteed a start at Villa either, they have 6 central midfielders in their squad, 3 started on Monday with another 2 on the bench. He’s good enough to force his way into the starting 11, as he is at Celtic, but there will be no guarantees.


    Celtic have made a total mess of the transfer. He could have, and should have been signed 2 months ago, before a ball was kicked in pre season. The concern now is a p1ssed off manager and what his next move is.


    Hoprfully, as P67;s last sentence says, he doen’t move on…….

  14. mullet and co 2 on

    Armstrong played 40 games last season. McGinn was his replacement and identified by the manager as a priority.



    Now we hear we bid days ago for him? You are having a laugh. MCGinn knew as we all did weeks ago what the likely position would be with game time. If we had converted then instead of petty games we would have secured him on less money than we were finally forced to offer. The extra weekly wage on offer hardly compared to the increase we would have to have made to get Hibs to agree weeks ago.



    The fact that Petrie was a constraint on this tells you more about our club lying with dogs and the situation on resolution 12.



    Who is the number 2 target and will he want to come for a bit part? You can be sure he will have an inkling if Celtics desperation. Which Man City talent are we talking to?

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    Surely this scuppers our strategy now, if we cant get young players to come to us, cause we cant get quality players as they’re too expensive and we dont really want older players, with few exceptions, so just exactly what pool of talent are we fishing in, whatever it is its very shallow.



    This will be portrayed as victims of our own success.



    You couldnt make this up

  16. North Cyprus (Baku no more) Bhoy on

    YOGIHUGHES on 8TH AUGUST 2018 12:32 PM





    If it’s any help, the game is on COSMOTE sport.





    Thanks for that Yogi – trying frantically to arrange access to Greek and Greek Cypriot channels now, with my satellite package provider.









  17. I know I’m a lonely voice here but…I really don’t think John McGinn is worth getting bent out of shape for (us and BR) before one of the biggest games of our 2018/19 season.

  18. F*** Hibs, Dempster and Petrie



    Upside is we gave them nothing and in future we treat them like dirt.



    John Mcginn, would prefer to have him than not but there are literally hundreds of midfielders across Europe who are better. Might cost a bit more mind you but so be it.



    A wake up call for PL.



    Finally, you wouldn’t need to ask me twice to join Celtic. Says it all about the boy. End of story.

  19. mullet and co 2 on 8th August 2018 3:24 pm



    Is Jack Hendry young or old at 23?





    Too old to be considered promising, but old enough to be an escapegoat ;)

  20. Every time McGinn plays a decent pass for Villa there will be someone on here moaning we missed out.


    When we were linked with him originally I said on here I thought he lacked a bit of class. However Brendan wanted him and is clearly frustrated by how it has panned out.


    Anyway as others have said time to move on, good luck to him hope he makes a success of his move.

  21. Go tell the Spartim on




    Im not that bothered either, but BR will be thats my concern.



    Its always the manager that carries the can but the plc truck on as if nothing ever happened. What does Bankier do for Celtic, apart from besmirch the fans.

  22. still wish we had kept Liam Henderson…. a great eye for a pass and getting stronger every year.

  23. So the man who wanted McGinn ( BR ) makes an ” Honest ” statement he wont be a 1st pick, which we are led to believe influences McGinn to go for Villa.



    Sorry don’t buy this,we have few players who are guaranteed first picks so why muddy the waters.



    I am more concerned about BR than McGinn.

  24. weebobbycollins on

    We move on….but in what direction? I didn’t particularly want McGinn but I’m pissed off if Brendan is pissed off…fingers are being sharpened now, ready to point at Lawwell…

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