McGinn will sign for Villa


John McGinn will sign for Aston Villa before the English transfer window closes tomorrow afternoon.  Celtic’s most recent offer for the player was made several days ago and, unlike earlier bids, was not rejected by Hibs.  I understand Villa matched this offer, and the terms offered to the player.  While Hibs were in Europe, they were always going to wait until near the English deadline.

Celtic were honest with the player, who was told he would not be first choice, but would get a chance when others were rested or injured.  Steve Bruce, however, told McGinn he would be first choice every week and the core of the new Villa midfield.

I know he’s a Celtic fan, but the player is entitled to make this decision for football reasons.  He will be 23-years-old in two months, not by any measure a youth.  Young players come, happy to wait their turn, but it’s a hard sell to someone who wants to play every week.

We move on…

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  1. Go tell the Spartim on

    Just when you think the PLC couldnt piss you off anymore, they find another new way



    Extraordinary achievements one and all, take a bow and clink your champagne flutes the next time your out dining telling everyone you run Celtic.



    As ever the only reason they make money is down to us, the only reason they can donate money to charity is down to us, the only reason they get to go to the big dinners and feed off the scraps is down to us, its about time the remembered that.

  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    All good luck to the Celts tonight.



    I think we’ve the strongest squad to choose from, so far this season, tonight. Shame about Moussa but we’re used to him being out.





    The Comfortable Collective on 8th August 2018 3:41PM



    Brought to mind Green’s pep talk to Whyte, “you are sevco”. Maybe now, Stylian will invite Steve Bruce to play in his charity farce.

  3. mullet and co 2 on

    Why would Neil Lennon say – ‘I think Celtic have matched the offer’?



    I recocgnise Neil is the Hibs manager but I can’t see him inventing a situation and getting the chronology of bids mixed up?

  4. We have a guy Kouassi,who in my opinion,is a far better talent than John Mc Ginn,who Brendan,for whatever reason ,hardly plays.Allegedley,we paid £ 3.5 million for him,not exactly cheap for us.Where exactly did Brendan want Mc Ginn to play?Who was he dropping.?He is saying he wants Boyatta to stay.Not sure he means at the risk of walking away free next year.Would we be happy with that scenario?£12 million up theSwanee.


    Every manager,dont care who he is,wants money to spend.Instead of whinging about Mc Ginn,he should have had Boyatta tied down,staying,or going,if the second,having a medical tomorrow,then signing another CH,who we need.Or,instead of trying to spend money on a guy we dont need,use it to improve Boyattas money

  5. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    Sorry pal, your article is spin,JM won’t play for Villa every week and


    doubt very much he will have been told he will be.



    We failed to land the player end of.

  6. BIG WAVY on 8TH AUGUST 2018 3:34 PM



    Spot on. I’d even go further, if McGinn who is supposedly a die hard Celtic fan , but an average project to us has really snubbed his ” boyhood dream” then he can f@ck right off.



    We have wasted enough time and energy on this individual. We move on.



    I am more interested in players who want to play for the famous record breaking Glasgow Celtic.



    As always, actions speak louder than words. We have a big game tonight. Let’s get behind the players who want to represent us.



    HH and COYBIG.

  7. It’s always going to be the same on here, many have deep seated resentments against PL and they won’t be forgotten or forgiven at any point it seems, so with every perceived ” mistake” at Celtic the Deep End thinking takes over and off we go.



    I have to admit to being underwhelmed by Brendans pursuit of JMcG but was willing to trust him on it as he has improved almost every player at Celtic and I thought why not, the boy chose Villa we move on..

  8. What a lot of absolute guff on here today about McGinn, It always seemed to me that he was a Meh! player who apparently supported Celtic, so it made sense that he would come to us. Never a world beater and never a long term replacement for SB, and if BR had really wanted him we would have him. EK a far better player too.


    I’m now going to ignore the McGinn posts and concentrate on the fact that we have a big game tonight and oh yes Daniel Arzani close to being announced.

  9. Whatever I think about whether McGinn was really needed. I didn’t. The worry for me, is it is pretty obvious Brendan wanted him. It would appear because of the penny pinching approach by Celtic, waiting to the last minute to match Hib’s price. That the gamble (hoping no other club will come in for him) has backfired on them. Not a very happy clapper.

  10. Guys , this is more about Brendan being let down by the board regardless of who the signing was , it was his target ( affordable ) and they didn’t get it over the line .



    i’m confident by the close of the window our squad will have been strengthened .



    keep smiling …its only a game .

  11. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ DAVIDOPOULOS on 8TH AUGUST 2018 3:55 PM



    The failure to sign McGinn is a symptom of the bigger problem which Brendan alluded to in his interview: our failure to adequately replace players and our failure to build on our position of strength.

  12. Joris Maunston on

    McGinn hasn’t signed for Villa and Paul’s piece is as bad as something from a rag. Everyone jumping all over this nonsense is just as bad.



    I work with his sister in law who is also a mad tim and said he will do anything to sign for Celtic. He will only sign on at Villa if Celtic don’t move

  13. Brendan tells the board who he wants to sign and who he wants to keep, it is then down to the suits to tie up the deals, to blame the manager for not closing out the deals is crazy.

  14. There’s no way McGinn turned us down because he was told he wasn’t guaranteed a game every week.


    Anyone who cannot see that BR is becoming increasingly frustrated is kidding themselves.


    Paul 67, do us a favour and cut the bullshit, because that’s exactly what your leader is today.

  15. So reading back on quite a few comments,it seems ,once again,its the Boards fault for not paying the £ 4 million Hibs wanted.The general opinion a few days ago was that we were right not to.Now the Board haters are back on sniping away,being joined by some who also thought we should not pay.On the night of our most important game of the season,this is what fills their minds.More faces than Tesco at Halloween.

  16. P67 — you have sunk to new lows.


    CQN — was the sewer, now the sewage.


    PL’s plaything — AstroTurf to get the exec message out.



    Why put out an article like this 5 hours before the most important game of our season?


    Why spin an angle that puts the focus on the manager rather than the scouting team?


    Why try to belittle a great local talent who would / will be a good addition to the squad?



    CQN — Died on the 8th Aug 2018.


    No flowers / private funeral — ashes will be scattered all over a heated driveway in due course.

  17. The concern is not that we don’t get McGinn as he would make little difference and would not be first choice.



    The concern is that Brendan wanted him and Celtic didn’t bring him in. He would have been in Budget.



    The biggest concern is that Brendan went public with the criticism of the board and called them out.



    I don’t see this ending here and I expect Brendan to go for one of the big money offers which come in. He now has a ready made excuse.

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    In the final analysis the choice was up to the player.



    Not Hibs, nor Celtic.



    If both packages were the same, what was the deciding factor?


    It doesn’t matter what it was. The Player chose Villa.



    He wasn’t sitting around waiting for Celtic to make an offer that didn’t materialise, was he?



    A lot of the Board bashers are those who didn’t fancy the boy anyway.


    However, they are hiding behind the excuse that Brendan wanted him.


    Brendan obviously wanted him, but I assume as a successor to Brown, who, unfortunately for Mc.Ginn, is not quite ready to be succeeded.



    From day one, the decision has rested with John. Either Hibs accepted our offer or the player waited four months.



    Bottom line.


    If Mc.Ginn really wanted to be at Celtic Park and play for his place, he would be signing today.



    One look at the queue ahead of him, made him choose a better chance of first team football.



    All the rest is just hot air from the usual permanently disgruntled misery seekers of CQN, whose POV, in this case, defies logic.



    So there!!

  19. 50 shades of green on

    Rolling stones comes to mind reading this guff..



    “You cant always get what you want “, although instead of wild horses its more like flogging dead horses.



    Anyway I’m of to see the Wizard the wonderful Wizard of oz tonight at Celtic Park



    JudyGarland. Csc. ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  20. Leftbackagain on

    McGinn saga – Lawwell shambles


    When were we granted permission to and when did we speak with McGinn or his representatives ??


    The deal was there to be done and Lawwell failed to get it over the line – Brendan called him out on it – Publicly.


    Champions League Qualifier and the CEO gives the manager an out for failing to deliver which gives the players an excuse.



  21. Go tell the Spartim on




    You mentioned that the manager should have Boyata tied down to a new contract, is that his remit, is it …..



    No, dont think so, that again is down to player recruitment, which so far has failed to deliver any of his targets, regardless of their abilities.



    Will the much vaunted balance sheet make the Champions League group stages

  22. kevinlasvegas on

    5 other players for that position and you guys are having a go at the board. Kouasi will get game time and replace brown.





  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ STARRY PLOUGH on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:16 PM



    “It’s always going to be the same on here, many have deep seated resentments against PL and they won’t be forgotten or forgiven at any point it seems, so with every perceived ” mistake” at Celtic the Deep End thinking takes over and off we go.”



    You are so partisan that you won’t allow any criticism of the board. Brendan over the last days has had comments which clearly suggests that he feels he has not been supported. Players have not been replaced, targets not purchased, the team has not pushed on.



    Our current success is solely attributable to Brendan and we clearly are not backing him to anywhere near the degree he expects.

  24. weebobbycollins on

    JMcG…..Why did BR set his sights so low? That’s what I find so disappointing…I also think Kouassi is a superior player. What has gone wrong there? Answers please…


    Anyway, thank goodness we are playing tonight. COYBIG…

  25. Dont really care if “Brendan wanted him”.The Board rightly,were not going to pay Hibs asking price.They made two offers,most on here thought fair.If Brendan wants to throw his toys out over this,then tough.Thats the job.


    As I said earlier,a lot more pressing than Mc Ginn,is whats happening with Boyatta.That should be taking up all the managers time,not some bauble to hang onto our ever growing list of midfielders.Nearly everyone agrees,but at the moment it does not suit their agenda.

  26. Who told us that Celtic matched the Villa offer ?


    Had we, he would be signing for us, end of.


    Personally I couldn’t give a if he signed or not so have no axe to grind either way.


    I hope that the stories of a rift are just that, stories, but I have my doubts, BR doesn’t seem the kinds bloke to go public like he did yesterday without good reason.


    The great moustachioed one needs to get things sorted me thinks.

  27. Despite losing Armstrong we still have far too many midfielders, some of whom we need to offload before signing another like for like type such as McGinn.


    Brendan might have wanted him but something tells he wasn’t desperate about it, time will tell obviously.


    Much as we all love what Brendan has achieved domestically and in qualifying for the CL, there is no doubt that his forays in to the transfer market have not always been so successful.


    As it most situations theis probably fault on both sides, so let’s concentrate on tonight and leave arguing over transfers for later!


    If by the end of August we have not addressed our priorities then would be the time to debate these issues. Currently we have one genuine LB on the books. Currently we have no on the books who is trusted enough to play Scott Brown’s role in the team whenever he should be unavailable.


    Those should be our priorities!


    Tonight any victory to zero would be a good result, let’s hope the fans get right behind the team on the park and not be distracted by events off it!




  28. Guys,



    Do you not think Celtic ( and her fans ) have been played. McGinn himself, his agent and Petrie.



    We are far too big an institution to be messed around by their likes.



    To reitterate: I have two words to say to them and the second one is off.



    Mega angry, however direct your anger at the correct targets.







    Our current success is solely attributable to Brendan.



    Debatable to put it mildly.

  30. GREENPINATA on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:35 PM



    It’s not like we’ve not been through this before with Petrie.

  31. TB


    You really are not getting it are you.


    The suits do the deals,Brendan has done his bit when he tells the suits who he wants to keep and sign, they are failing him, what bit of that are you not getting ?


    You seem hell bent on blaming BR for the suits failings, if I didn’t know better I would think you have an agenda



  32. Go tell the Spartim on

    See we’re being pontificated.



    It doesnt really matter to me what anyones POV is, its as valid as anyone else’s.



    Bottom line is BR wanted him, FACT, doesnt look like he’s getting him. The players ability is not the argument here.



    No one has answered the Man City question yet i see (I didnt post it)

  33. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see



    Yeah, but I still think we’ll win tonight…



    Listen, don’t get me wrong, there are problems with this board’s attitude towards building a better team.


    DAVID17 on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:04 PM







    Lawwell has just made a rodpetrie for his own back…












    He’s been there for 15 years and survived the Huns winning 3 in a row and Tony Mowbray. He’ll be fine.






    he did not SURVIE THAT he CAUSED THAT.

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