McGinn will sign for Villa


John McGinn will sign for Aston Villa before the English transfer window closes tomorrow afternoon.  Celtic’s most recent offer for the player was made several days ago and, unlike earlier bids, was not rejected by Hibs.  I understand Villa matched this offer, and the terms offered to the player.  While Hibs were in Europe, they were always going to wait until near the English deadline.

Celtic were honest with the player, who was told he would not be first choice, but would get a chance when others were rested or injured.  Steve Bruce, however, told McGinn he would be first choice every week and the core of the new Villa midfield.

I know he’s a Celtic fan, but the player is entitled to make this decision for football reasons.  He will be 23-years-old in two months, not by any measure a youth.  Young players come, happy to wait their turn, but it’s a hard sell to someone who wants to play every week.

We move on…

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    ‘Who do you think you are?’ The Boy George Episode is very interesting from an Irish history/London/ republican/ tennement/ execution point if view!






    Hugely enjoyed watching this episode.


    Couldn’t believe the curator who asked him if he wanted to pull the lever for the trapdoor to recreate the execution moment.



    HH jg

  2. The No.13 Shorts on

    We don’t need no spin and we don’t need no McGinn. C’mon the Hoops! Intae thum.

  3. There seems to be interesting developments in our transfer activity re: midfield…



    Some thoughts…



    Don’t know much about the LFC Spaniard but he was obviously a highly prized youngster and Brendan knows him. We need the sort of technical ability he will bring in and BR is sure to get him playing at his best.



    Arzani is a bit of a puzzle for me, guess this deal comes from the fact that the same people own Melborne and Man City. We have a two year loan with an option to buy!? He is an exciting young footballer no doubt and very direct. Yet for what I have seen on him he is very one footed… can’t see him making the grade at City, time will tell – but we have the very direct, very two footed Lewis Morgan. we’ll see.



    As far as John McGinn goes for me the jury was certainly out… he would be a Hayes type signing as far as I’m concerned. Good solid SPL player when injuries or rest means our first choices are not available. The thing that was a big positive for me was he was totally intent on playing for Celtic and was a huge Celtic supporter.



    We have some great players in his age bracket and younger who are first team regulars, however these guys are being primed to play at a bigger league and a higher level. We need the Broony, Forrest, C MacGregor type players that are happy to make Celtic their career.



    If John McGinn is going to accept the first decent offer he gets from the English Championship he is N OT that player.



    Brendan’s stated aim is to bring in players this window that can improve the squad – if John McGinn does not bring in a high KT percentile, he does not improve the squad. Up to him.



    Hail Hail

  4. Hibs have not only lost their best player, they will also lose access in the future to a seam of talent on loan from Celtic that has served them very well in the last 3 years.


    Stokes, Henderson, Allan, McGeouch, Ambrose, Commons, six players loaned from us that helped them win their first Scottish Cup in over 100 years, won the Championship and qualified European football.


    Lenny will be delighted with his chairman.

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    No player at any club can be guaranteed first team football if a player loses form and it is affecting the teams performance the manager will rest him.So if young MGinn thinks otherwise he is in for a shock.Good Luck to the Bhoys tonight as long as we dont lose a goal any win will do to take to Greece. Also Brendan wont walk away as it would look as though Gerrard had spooked him he will be our manager as long as ten in a row is possible.H.H.

  6. starry plough on 8th August 2018 2:39 pm



    I would rather see Kouassi given his chance as McGinn coming in but that’s just me, I don’t really give a shit about his Celtic supporting credentials..







  7. leftclicktic on 8th August 2018 5:30 pm



    Anywhere in Blackpool to watch the game tonight that allows weans in. 8yr old?


    Asking for my daughter and her man.

  8. More excited about the prospect of young wunderkind Arzani linking up with his fellow kangaroo-muncher big Tam Rogic than the McGinn saga.



    Get that loan tied up, Celtic.

  9. DAVID66 on 8TH AUGUST 2018 4:56 PM


    Guys any update on travel for tonight.





    I normally get a lift down to near the park from the Garngad, does anyone know if millers ton street is open?? If so is it clear??




    cycles (bassas) coming doon from springburn down High st to the green ,keep back from there.

  10. mike in toronto on

    can one be a happyclapper and a miserable old git at the same time?



    a lot of angry people on here …. but, I would expect nothing less from the mineshafters (although, having said that I think I would be included by most as being in the mineshafter camp, and I”m not angry, so I guess you can be a non-angry mineshafter, just like some on here can be angry happyclappers



    …. as for me, the secret is not to care so much anymore …



    once you realize that Scottish football (including Celtic) is a business (at best), and a scam (at worst) …. designed simply to part us from our money …. it makes it easier not to get so bent out of shape if someone signs or doesn’t sign … if we win, great… but if we dont, I dont get so upset anymore ….



    having said that, I still always hope the zombies get humped…. they, and their followers, are just bad.

  11. 50 shades of green on

    Ave been saying for yrs Dont deal with Hibs on the players front.



    Let them play their stupid wee games elsewhere .



    No more signings from them and no loans the other way.



    You know it makes sense.???

  12. Celtic have a history of not backing the manager, the biscuit tin mentality will come back to haunt us I reckon.



  13. TET



    Celtic have a proud unbroken history of winning.



    Glasshalffull CSC.




  14. Appalling article. Appalling, and I make no apology for saying so.



    So much wrong with it, and the attitudes of some on here, that I don’t even know where to start, except if this is the party line I can go through public statements galore and prove the fraudulent nature of it if I have to.



    Neil Lennon today said Celtic had matched Villa’s offer, not the other way around. Brendan was clearly not in the know about any “new offer” yesterday when he spoke to the press. No way he spoke to the player in the manner suggested in the piece. This time last week, BBC was reporting what I already knew from elsewhere, that Celtic had actually taken their £2 million bid off the table and were no longer interested in further discussions with Hibs on the issue.



    The article troubles me. It is deeply worrying, because it’s such transparent spin, such obvious BS, when none was necessary. Because it’s a fact, a known fact, that Petrie was not willing to accept any bid on the player. Had we offered £4 million – his apparent asking price which, as you’ll know, he’s settled for roughly half of here – he would have found an excuse to say no.



    McGinn is not the problem, although losing him is a major blow to Brendan’s planning as he had earmarked the player from a very early stage, and for a very prominent role.



    The problem is the lie.



    Why are we being fed the lie?



    And a lot of things that don’t make sense surround this state of affairs; we allowed Armstrong to go because he had a year left on his contract, yet Boyata will be clung onto for dear life when he’s not worth anywhere near the £9 million offer? On top of that, Celtic’s late-night offer for McGinn would have been a serious reversal of what we were intending to do in this situation.



    What do both of those things add up to? The same thing. Brendan finally drawing a line in the sand. We suddenly moved on a deal that was dead, and a no-brainer transfer offer has been refused when the only sensible solution would have been to accept it … the manager has demanded the McGinn deal be done and has steadfastly refused to countenance the sale of Boyata until a replacement is brought in.



    The issue isn’t McGinn. Brendan only mentioned McGinn because that one looked it was going to go against us; had we already brought in two or three other players I do believe the manager would have seen the McGinn saga more or less through the eyes of the board and their ongoing dispute with Petrie.



    McGinn has been one frustration too much, and Brendan is now drawing lines as he has with big Del.



    Be worried.



    And for those who are already sneering at the tabloidesque nature of this … understand, I am doing this here, not on the blog. I have a long standing policy of not attacking other blogs on mine, and I have kept to that. I’ve kept this in the family, as it were.



    And those tabloids, they will attack us whatever we do … but all the more so when we screw up, and this is a beauty. The manager is seriously pissed.



    We’ve got a big problem here.



    I tried to get the train at Balloch to Bellgrove at 5:37 to be told that due to a major signalling fault at Yoker there are no trains at present until further notice. Ticket clerk had no idea when trains will be back running.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    McGinn? Oh well.



    Is he the messiah? No



    Is he a very naughty boy? No



    Would he have improved our team? Possibly



    Would he have improved our squad? Probably



    2 bright spots



    Hibs are cash rich and can meet our sizeable asking price for Scott Allan and significant loan fee for Mikey Johnstone



    I don’t need to read John McGinn debates on CQN for too much longer






    Hail hail

  17. I wonder if NFL has told Brendan, or John McGinn, what made NFL walk out the Parkheid gates?


    As for the Petrie ire, was it because he moved on ?


    If it was, well, don’t be going and forgetting that, it was the £49 old firm Celtic supporter’s who moved on first, when they were all googly eyed at the Brendan bounce.


    Maybe John McGinn smelt a rat when he was asked to sign a confidentiality clause?


    Anywye, Lawwell only does what he does because, 53,000 old firm same club lie stampers, vote him in every season. Who’s fault is that?


    Good luck tonight.



  18. I don’t always agree with you JF.


    But I v largely do tonight.



    In fact, in one vital respect you don’t even touch a key issue.



    The notion that McGinn chose AV cos he believed he should be guaranteed a starting spot. The concluding lines may read, ‘good luck young man’ but the gaslighting effect has left many posters reacting naturally with a ‘fek you, billy big baws’ reaction to John McGinn.



    Naturally there will be no opportunity or right to reply as he probably doesn’t read CQN. And in any case, the smear/insinuation/damage have been done.






    HH JG

  19. Paul 67


    Your header is really poor.


    Is this the best nonsense that Peter Lawwell could feed you?


    As lame excuses go, its up there with the worst.


    Surely he could come up with something better than that, especially after being called out by Brendan




    New direction and replacement for Lawwell required at the top or Brendan will cut his losses.


    Januarys transfer window was really poor, and this one, apart from Eddy has been non existent.


    Only Celtic could mess this up with 30 million sitting in the bank.

  20. Just had a text from Scottsil. No trains via Glasgow Central low level or Queens Street low level until Yoker signalling fault is repaired. Get on your bikes now. I’ll be watching on Celtic TV tonight. Seriously pissed off. Make alternative arrangements for your journey and give the Bhoys a shout for me tonight.

  21. GP


    No we don’t








    I won’t name him but one of our more conservative posters on here told me many moons ago that Lenny told his son while he was on TV duty that he had a convo with Dermot, he told him that he wisny happy cos all his best players were sold and shite was brought in to replace them.


    It could have been a factor in Lenny walking, he got us to the CL a couple of times, the last 16 once and they didn’t back him, only going by what has gone before, history repeats itself :-)



  22. cathedral view on

    Further to TOSB,



    All low level trains from Glasgow Central to Dalmarnock station are cancelled.




    Yeah mate, I got that one as well.



    And I have one answer to it; maybe, just maybe, McGinn is that rare thing in football, a man of integrity who didn’t want to wait until January and thus screw Hibs and St Mirren out of a fee? What if he simply doesn’t want to leave it to chance, and injury, and risk his future on the chance that Celtic MIGHT come in and sign him on a free. Unless a better option comes along?



    Maybe McGinn didn’t like the presumption implied in all this talk that he would wait. This time yesterday Villa were the only real, genuine, iron clad offer on the top, so if he’s a man of his word and hes’ gone down there and told Bruce “I like what I hear, you’ve got yourself a deal,” then he’s proved that he has the character to succeed wherever he ultimately ends up.



    And I’ll tell you, people ought to be taking note of the big unspoken message here.



    All we had over Villa or other clubs was that McGinn is a Celtic fan … it’s the same hold the club has over its own supporters, and their money. For McGinn, that wasn’t enough. A lot of fans will face the same judgement if asked to buy Europa League Group Stage tickets.



    And Brendan will too. The love he clearly has for Celtic will NOT be a factor in whether or not he stays, and right now forget him being “here for ten in a row.” If he feels as pissed off as he sounds I will sweat every managerial sacking down there in the coming campaign.



    Bear in mind, I wrote when Arsenal were allegedly on the hunt that Brendan would not go there. I am not sure if we could keep him out of the hands of an EPL today … even a mid-table one would give him a decision to make, if these are the constraints on him.

  24. mullet and co 2 on

    James Forrest,



    I spent some time away from CQN but have found a way to deal with the ads. This blog tells a seamless story from its inception of how the club has been managed and the mistakes that have been made and continue to be made.



    The very good intentions and positives are now sunk below with only risible and challengeable PR fluff floating above. If there is one glaring mistruth in any media piece that holds to


    report it’s version of facts it makes the other tenuous fall down like a pack of cards.



    Somehow I am reminded of the Brian Quinn and MON defining moment. CQN was on the right side then but is backing the wrong horse early in this one. The issue with MON was the huge contracts awarded and the lack of willingness to target players outside those in front of his face.


    The manager now is asking us to sign a player he wants at a price we can afford and wages we can afford. That means we can afford it – it’s sustainable.


    Instead we are away playing something labelled as moneyball but really it’s a reliance on one non qualified mans ability to lift the phone to Manchester.

  25. matt mcglone


    ‏ @MattMcGlone9


    2m2 minutes ago



    Looking very much like the McGinn is Villa bound If the deal, mainly because Celtic won’t match the wages in the Championship as both clubs have agreed the same fee. If it wasn’t for the wage gulf Celtic would never be beaten by Villa.




    We’re always hoping history doesn’t repeat itself at Celtic.



    I always felt there was more to Lenny leaving than just that although I’m positive that was part of it, he couldn’t build a team not like Brendan is getting to do now(or so we hope).



    Looking back now Lenny stepped in in a time of crisis and I’m not sure he was ever really accorded the same kind of respect from the board that Brendan received. Seen as a bit of a stop gap or something..



    Lenny being Lenny of course he outdid himself and made his own future..




  27. Now in my 5th year doing CBN the only SPFL player I have done a detailed scouting report on was McGinn.



    The reason? Only player I have seen in that time I am sure would improve Celtic from this league. Not the finished article he remains a player of Massive Potential and whilst the Brown comparisons may seem lazy I believe they are apposite.



    McGinn is a more rounded and experienced player than Brown at the same age.



    To lose him, a Celtic fan as well, is poor negotiating at best.

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