McGregor and managing form of young players


If you’ve not been following the work being done in your name in Malawi this week, do so here.  20 people arrived from Scotland early this week on behalf of the Celtic Foundation to renovate six centres which feed children ages five and under.  They are also building a latrine (pretty sure this is a toilet) at one of the centres.

It’s another remarkable testament to the ethos of Celtic 127 years after the project started.

The Foundation are in Malawi with Mary’s Meals, the remarkable Scottish charity which is feeding hundreds of thousands of the world’s poorest children each day.  By careful management of costs, utilisation of volunteers and ‘vocational’ staff, a remarkably high 93% of their revenue reaches those in need on the ground.

Really good to read Callum McGregor speaking to Celtic media.  Not that he had anything particularly illuminating to say, but he was speaking after putting in a training session, confirming his return to fitness.

With the injury to James Forrest, Callum was one of the few bright lights in our early season form, opening the scoring in three consecutive European away games.  He even shone in the inept Murryfield performance against Legia.

At the Hearts game last month I overheard someone suggest Callum needed a rest.  His form had definitely dipped, which is not uncommon after young players sparkly when first breaking into the team.  If he stayed fit there’s little chance he would have been rested for any of the recent games, such has been the form of those around him, so maybe his recent illness came at the right time.

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    Are UKIP racist?



    Not taking sides on such a contentious issue. I’ll let The New Statesman do it for me.






    Ukip is part of the group Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD). The group includes representatives of the Danish People’s Party, the True Finns Party, the Dutch SGP and the infamous Italian Lega Nord – all of them far-right. Nigel Farage is co-President of the group along with Lega Nord’s Francesco Speroni, who described multiple murderer Anders Breivik as someone whose “ideas are in defence of western civilisation.”



    Mario Borghezio, another member of the group, declared in a radio interview that Breivik had some “excellent” ideas. Farage’s reaction was to write a strongly-worded letter to Borghezio, asking him to withdraw his comments or Ukip would pull out of the EFD. Borghezio not only did not apologise, but responded with an extraordinary speech in which he raged: “Long live the Whites of Europe, long live our identity, our ethnicity, our race… our blue sky, like the eyes of our women. Blue, in a people who want to stay white.”



    Nigel Farage did not withdraw from the EFD. He continues to co-preside over it, along with the leader of the Lega Nord. MEP Nikki Sinclaire, however, was expelled from Ukip for refusing to take part in the EFD because of their “extreme views”.

  2. Wee callum had a great start. His form was always gonna dip imo.



    Good decision to punt him out last season on loan and equally good decision to recall him this season.




  3. I’m not surprised in the slightest that Callum’s form dipped after the energy he put into the European qualifiers, everyone knows how Big these games are for Celtic.



    Shocking he was about the only one who was willing to run through that “brick wall”.



    Ronny was brought here to bring through our own players. Keep that Faith.



    Davie Hay – I reckon he’d be a fine guide as it is not about the modern game, it is about the realities of being a Celtic Manager. A tough job, even for one that is supremely confident.




    I think the fact they’re undoubtedly racist is winning them votes. The fear of all things foreign from working class to upper class England that exists at present. This is causing UKIP’s surge in popularity. White England in whatever form is becoming more racist. Perhaps more vocal with their racism. Only it has a knock on effect for us all, I would say they (UKIP and England) deserve each other. After the next election a lot of sh1t is going to hit the fan.

  5. Naismith returns to Scotland team at Ibrox.



    Much should be made of the fact that Naismith returns to the former home of his former team.


    The fact that he left Ibrox playing arena was because the team he was registered with no longer existed as they had been liquidated.



    He, along with others, did have the opportunity to join the newly formed club, Sevco Rangers.


    He, and several others, chose not to join the new club, but seek employment elsewhere at other clubs, as he and they, no longer had a club to play for, as it had been liquidated.



    This is the most opportune time for us to make Sevconians face the truth that they are a new club.



    Rangers are in liquidation.



    Timing is everything.



    Ask the Naismith question.




  6. Lustig’s return to fitness will be a massive boost and will hopefully ensure some productivity down the right hand side. Ambrose’s deficiencies and his inability to cross have been all too apparent in the right back role. However in fairness Efe hasn’t been helped out by the right wingers who were all too willing to pass the ball and the buck to him. While I’ve been impressed with McGregor since he broke through he rarely goes down the outside and puts a cross in instead he tends to cut inside and get a shot away. Hopefully with Lustig and Forrest returning it will strengthen the right hand side of the park and create more chances for the team.

  7. lennon's passion on

    What position did young McGregor played at Notts county. Don’t think he suited to wide right. Would like him to have a more central role.





    I googled “Are UKIP racist?” and a huge wealth of your defence is online!

  9. Roy Keane.


    He signed for us because it was made clear that he was not wanted.




    He did not sign for us because it was clear that he was not wanted enough.



    No matter his talents, he is not my kinda guy.

  10. gordon_j backing neil lennon



    12:53 on 10 October, 2014


    Any idea when James Forest will be ready to return??




    I heard that he will be back exactly 1 week before his next injury !

  11. UKIP are more of a nationalist party than a racist party, though undoubtedly a lot of their supporters are racist.



    Over the last generation or so as class conciousness has decreased national consciousness has increased.



    North and south of the border.



    It’s not pleasant.

  12. gordon_j backing neil lennon



    12:53 on 10 October, 2014Any idea when James Forest will be ready to return??


    only if he gets a ‘not guilty’in his upcoming court case.

  13. clink\o/









    What’s happened to Liam Henderson?



    Lustig. Come back soon. And stay fit my Bhoy. Please. There’s no more intelligent footballer at the club


    And he gets us….



    HH jamesgang

  14. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan. The Vow – Critically Rebuked by 45% of this fine nation.



    11:22 on 10 October, 2014



    Petec – see what you have done to me. :-)






    I just hope you know that I am veritably nothing. ;))

  15. EC67-what’s the odds of Naibalance diving in the box for a penalty at Ipox tomorrow,just like the old days…..

  16. I didn’t even know calum was injured. I honestly, foolishly thought that Ronny could see what the rest of us could. The boy needed a break. How disappointing.

  17. coolmore mafia on

    I’m for Ronny getting the season. I do worry about next season though. The title is paramount. I can’t see admin for RIFC now so I’m assuming we will be playing them.



    We might have to rebuild the team also. Sign Gordon, VVD, Broonie and Guidetti on long term deals. Invest in the spine of the team.

  18. UKIP are more of a racist party than a nationalist party, though undoubtedly a lot of their supporters are nationalist.



    Over the last generation or so as class conciousness has decreased racist consciousness has increased.



    South of the border but less so North of the border albeit the border is pretty grey now-a-days



    It’s not pleasant.



    MWD said AYE

  19. What is the Stars on

    Coolmore Mafia



    Give Ronny the Season ???



    Are you mad



    Mid November,bottle of brandy and a revolver left on his desk and he should do the decent thing.


    By that I mean Shoot Lawwell and then resign

  20. Bada Bing



    Almost certain.



    Are you asking the Naismith question? I am going into town this afternoon to ask it as often as I possibly can.








    Is ERNIE not joining us for a small snifter tomorrow?



    Smashing wee night last night btw,cheers!

  22. iki



    12:54 on 10 October, 2014



    Roy Keane.


    He signed for us because it was made clear that he was not wanted.




    He did not sign for us because it was clear that he was not wanted enough.



    No matter his talents, he is not my kinda guy.





    I’d have liked the Roy and Ronny combo, it didnae happen, so we move on.



    Our own Youth Academy is where we will gain Footballing prosperity, I’m sure Roy would have been thinking about that Hungry young Celtic player desperate to play and show what he could do, well at least, I think he would. Noone knows though.

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