McGregor contract within a year of his last five-year deal


Callum McGregor was given his chance at Celtic in 2014 by Ronny Deila, as an inverted right-winger.  After a promising opening few months in that role, his form slipped and he looked no different than the bevvy of wider players who passed through the club in the years before and after this.

A year later, with Scott Brown unavailable, Callum played in his now-accustomed deep lying midfield role in a Europa League game against Ajax.  I remember the “playing three wingers” horror when we heard the team, as Gary Mackay-Steven and James Forrest were also named in the starting line-up. We lost the game to a late goal, but McGregor flourished in his central role and opened the scoring.

Since then he has grown into Celtic’s metronome.  Last season he played more minutes professional football than any player on the planet.  Twice in the last year, when moved to left back, Celtic conceded control of midfield and suffered defeat.  We need either Callum McGregor, or we need someone with the same tactical discipline to do exactly the job Callum does.

In signing a five-year contract, he has committed himself to Celtic until he turns 31.  By then he will very likely be one of the most decorated players in Scottish football history and possibly Celtic captain.  This deal comes just 11 months after the player last signed a five-year contract.  It is undoubtedly a shot across the bows of those who might want to tempt him to the Midlands.  The player is demonstrably happy at Celtic and is intent on staying.

The question now, for Callum, is can he step up in the Eternal City?

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  1. Melbourne Mick




    Glad to hear of an upturn in Paddy’s health and that Bigyinmilan is getting better, I wish both of them well.












    Great news regards Cal Mac, the Scottish Xavi!




    May have been mentioned on here but I haven’t seen any comments…Huns play one less game (6) than us (7) in December, anyone any insight as to why?




    Operation help the hun?





  2. Brillant news on Callum. An absolute star and our talisman. Wish he’d retire from that Scotland team though, play less for them and avoid the possibility of a long term injury.



    Bring on the Italians by the score…..

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    I know CONEYBOY has already given a good option. An alternative that me and Wee BGFC have used anytime we have been in Galway is Monroes – here is the website: https://www.monroes.ie/. Good screens and good grub.



    That said – I just looked at the one CONEYBOY recommended – McGinn’s Hop House – and that’s the one I’ll be heading to the next time I’m over :-))) It looks bang-on – go there!!!






  4. Calum McGregor signing a new deal matters not only to him but also a signal to the rest of the squad. Forrest has also signed a new deal recently.



    Ajer, Christie and even Edouard will have noticed that our better plyers are committing themselves to the club.

  5. For Corkcelt.


    Always drank in Monroe for Celtic games. Even if there was a ‘big’ match on, they would always show the Hoops games in the small side bar. Guy who ran the place was called MC Ginn. Not a great leap to surmise that he’s the same guy who has the Hophouse.


    Anyways, back when Niall MC Ginn played for us, every time he scored the bar put up a free drink for all the bhoys watching the match.


    Thank you Niall, you saved me a small fortune in Monroe’s.


    Richardson, on the top right corner of Eyre Square, is another bar the showed the games.


    Hope you enjoy our victory wherever you end up.


    Hail Hail.

  6. So that’s Calmac,Boli,,Ntcham,Forrest,Frimponng,Taylor,Rogic,Jullien,Elhamady,Mikey,.All signed up long term.


    Ajer,Eddy,Bit on,hopefully to join them.Maybe big Fraser.Great bunch of players already here.See what January brings.

  7. Do we still need Turnball?


    Who would he replace?



    I hope we get Benkovic in January. Stick him beside by Julien.

  8. Turnbull? Yes. Calum will probably move back to Broonies position as he did in our most successful period of last season and Turnbull or A. N. Other will play there.

  9. Clicked to post to quickly.



    I think Bencovic is a bit too quick to call off injured por cierto.

  10. Thanks Ghuys for the heads up on the Galway venues. Think Mcginns looks the one. Looking forward to it.

  11. Fine work and shows players have loads in confidence in Neil taking us forward.


    Not bad for a manager who has “lost the dressing room.”

  12. I would have Benkovic back in a flash, if we could buy him. I don’t think we need another loanee, no matter how good the ones we have currently are.



    Things are looking good. Cover just about everywhere (if we can get Johnson and Griffiths fit).

  13. BIG WAVY on 6TH NOVEMBER 2019 3:50 PM


    Do we still need Turnball?



    Who would he replace?



    I hope we get Benkovic in January. Stick him beside by Julien.





    I’d take Benkovic back on loan. But we shouldn’t be considering sending Ajer the other way (as some have suggested) until the summer at least.



    We don’t know how long we will have Ntcham, Brown & Christie at Celtic.



    Christie has proven himself an effective partner to CalMac with Rogic playing further forward. I could easily see a Turnbull, Christie & McGregor midfield.

  14. I should state, I’d like us to buy Benkovic permanently. Leicester are apparently in the market for a new CB in January because Fraudgers doesn’t rate Benkovic anymore.



    Ajer is supposed to be high on that list. We shouldn’t contemplate selling a starter like him mid-season. Even if we get Benkovic in return.



    Let’s leave it till the summer if we can’t get Benkovic on loan.

  15. Paul 67,



    Great news. Well done Peter Lawwell et al.



    Our Metronome is he ? I had to Google that.




  16. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    BIG WAVY on 6TH NOVEMBER 2019 3:50 PM



    Do we still need Turnball? Who would he replace?






    Scott Brown. Scott will not last another 10 years. Turnbull will and if we can – just like Calum – develop him to play alongside Calum we will be on winner.



    Having said that – lets face it – it will be impossible to replace Broonie – but maybe DT could give it a go.

  17. Turnball – Broonie replacement?






    Let’s see him recover, let’s see how he plays and let’s see if he’s more Callum McGregor than Colin Healy. He’s still a punt in my opinion…

  18. !!BADA BING!! on 6TH NOVEMBER 2019 5:52 PM


    Turnbull in,Ntcham out….IMO



    Big, big shoes to fill.



    An in the mood Olivier is the technically best midfielder in Scotland…

  19. BW- when he’s on it he’s top class, he has the ability to take a game by the scruff of the neck and dictate it,but doesn’t happen too often. The noises he was making in summer, makes me think he will want to go. HH

  20. Saying that, I posted last night Boli was doubtful, and some guys thought it was nonsense…

  21. Just got a text frae ma brother,,,,,,seems that Celtic fans have outwitted the Lazio ultras. Planned gang attacks by the home fans bent on violence have been thwarted by the simple tactic of all Bhoys and Ghirls switching off their mobile phones.



    This has prevented any Roman charges.



    Hail Hail




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