CELTIC legend John ‘Yogi’ Hughes told CQN readers on Tuesday¬†that Allan McGregor had to be dealt with by the referee panel.

The seventh-highest scorer in the club’s history with 189 goals gave us his views BEFORE the decision from the SFA Compliance officer and the three former referees on the panel who made the decision to let the keeper off.

Earlier in the week, Yogi said: “How that is not an immediate red card is beyond comprehension. If that is not penalised retrospectively, the game is in trouble. It’s a licence for players to kick each other off the ball.”

When CQN contacted the former fans’ favourite this morning for his view on their verdict, he said: “For McGregor to get off with such misbehaviour is simply unbelievable.

“He was caught bang to rights on film and they have looked at it, analysed it and then given it their blessing. So, it’s officially okay for players to have a go at each other off the ball?

“Does the action of the offender now have to be brutal for them to get a red card? That really is asking for trouble.

“There are a lot of players out there who will love and welcome this daft judgement. I watch them virtually every matchday. They sidle up to an opponent and have a little tap at their ankles or their heels. It’s all ‘accidental’, of course.

“What happens, though, if a player, who has done nothing wrong, eventually loses the rag? He’s been getting abused throughout a game and been given no protection from the match officials.

“There’s every possibility he will take retribution into his own hands if he feels enough is enough. That is when the innocent party can lash out. And that’s when they are in trouble.

“The real culprit can make the most of the incident and, suddenly, the sinned-against becomes the sinner.

“I hope these people realise what they have done. Football in Scotland is about to become a hacker’s dream, a thug’s paradise. The game is bound to suffer because of this ridiculous decision.”

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