McGregor, no better finisher in Scottish football


Very grateful to whoever at the BBC researched that Celtic are the third team in European football history to achieve the Double Treble, after The New Saints (TNS) and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).  This level of brilliance it exceptional by any standards.

Despite the levels of dominance TNS and PSG enjoy in their domestic leagues, neither were able to complete a Treble Treble; only Celtic can do that now.

The Scottish Cup Final was an exercise in game management by Brendan Rodgers.  His team took a two goal lead and set about making sure Motherwell would be unable to lay a glove on them.

The strongest weaker foot in the game

Among the remarkable performances on the day, special mention has to go to Callum McGregor.  Yet again he scored on the big stage, yet again with his supposed weaker foot, yet again the crucial first goal.  His game intelligence bought him the space to attack when the ball was headed out of the Motherwell penalty area.  The shot, hit on the drop-volley, was controlled and crisp.

I doubt there is a better finisher in Scottish football.

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  1. Double Treble. History witnessed. What a weekend.



    Topped off by a great wee sing song on the train back to Edinburgh after Broony’s game yesterday. My opera-singer son in law sang YNWA, some guy filmed it stuck it on Twitter & Instagram and it’s gone viral. Only 5 minutes before that I had belted out The Coronation Cup Song but for some reason that has not gone viral……

  2. Anyone else think Rogic was a bit too keen on Sat to get a goal when others were in a better position? :)


    Euphoria of new contract I would guess.


    What a weekend.

  3. Congratulations to Dedryck Boyata on making the Belgium WC squad, he finished the season well I thought.



    Always good for our players I think to be involved at the highest levels…

  4. McPhail Bhoy on

    DENIABHOY on 21ST MAY 2018 12:05 PM


    Anyone else think Rogic was a bit too keen on Sat to get a goal when others were in a better position? :)





    Probably but there was that chance in the second half when we broke and Wee Jimmy nearly hit it out for a throw in, Rogic was on his shoulder for a simple pass and goal number 3, but in the scheme of things who cares?


    Double treble!!

  5. AlbertKiddCSC on




    What a weekend indeed. However, the hangover I am feeling today is making me think was it even all worth it? Of course it was.




  6. Michael O’Halloran vilified for going to church,ok at Ibrox to be RC as long as your not Scottish.Same treatment for going to a football game with his dad now having to apologise.No wonder Phil refers to them as the Klan.

  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I can see you becoming the next Brian Epstein and your s-i-l featuring at upcoming Celtic events, singing the Celtic canon, rounded off with Nessun Dorma.

  8. flooding back of a great expedition in the days of modern travel Sevillians were like Lisboners before, Celts for day. Aside from Spanish v Portuguese angst anyway, every waiter, every taxi driver the ever ordinary Sevillians all smiled on Celtic.



    Fly straight in and fly out ,was our plan with a few hours on a public bench enough before heading home happy but empty handed the game itself will remain a blur in the memory bank, never to be revisited.



    Seville is a wonderful place to visit rich in culture, wonderful architecture with rich deep Moorish roots, we had lunch on ‘the avenue of the catholic kings‘ The food was devine and the local beer and wine was tremendous value, in the perfect match day experienced by thousands of Celtic fans a majority of them later in search of the famous ‘big screens’ and fewer heading for the stadium.



    A visit to the ancient Royal Palace a must whilst mass was optional and shared twice in the day with rival blue and white colours. Vastly outnumbered by Hoops the cathdedral, which allegedly enshrines the burial place of Christopher Columbus , it was worth a flying triumphant visit for an occasion with trophies including another official best supporters in Europe award.



    Whilst we were in Seville Glasgow was quiet outside ,and the song famously recounts thousands of others were inside watching ‘the bill,’



    Hail Hail CQN Trip Advisor CSC

  9. fieldofdrams on

    If this season has taught us anything, surely it is that our throw-ins still need work. Trophies are all very well, but you need to get the basics right. Brendan please note.

  10. Soukous – leaving aside all of the usual bile and bigotry for a moment, I don’t think any fans would be happy to see one of their players in amongst the fans of their rivals. Just a pity his new manager wasn’t alongside him :)

  11. weebobbycollins on

    Greenpinata @ 11.48…”still no very good at corners though.”




    Aye! And don’t talk to me about throw-ins…KT seems to always take forever before throwing the ball and more often than not possession is given away…other than that, I can’t think of anything else to moan about…oh well! roll on next season! Getting bored already… :-)

  12. I have to admit that I didn’t think that Callum could perform at the level he has over the last two seasons, glad he’s proved me wrong.


    He’s become an important member of our squad.


    Hopefully he can kick on and establish himself in the Scotland team.




  13. Fieldofdrams – I made the same point a few weeks ago. Our throws in and player movement to make space to receive the ball is a definite area for improvement.


    The amiunt of times KT is left searching for a recipient is a joke.

  14. Callum McGregor has scored 12 goals this season in 55 appearances.



    Not bad at all for an ‘invisible mhan’!



    Arguably the most improved player at the club since Brendan’s arrival.




  15. McGregor is a very good modern footballer whose talents are complimented by a modern coach.


    On a side note Pat Kevin talks shite but i think he got it right when he said Andy Robertson was Scotlands second best left back.


    Andy Robertson is an excellent player but KT is simply i a more complete footballer.

  16. DeniaBhoy on 21st May 2018 12:05 pm



    Anyone else think Rogic was a bit too keen on Sat to get a goal when others were in a better position? :)



    Euphoria of new contract I would guess.



    What a weekend.





    Think you’re spot on mate – he was no doubt on a high after signing the new contract and perhaps bursting a gut to prove himself. No that he needs to.



    Moussa also desperate to score and bar a couple of decent save he would have. Also – penalty claim there as well.



    Double treble seems a long way from the game we watched against Lincoln Red Imps a couple of years ago! Hope you and the family are well.



    Surely one the great pleasures in life is going to the football with your dad.I have no problem with the Griff supporting Hibs.I also remember Kenny Miller saying he loved his time at Celtic.

  18. I saw Callum when he was on loan to Notts County when playing against Port Vale – can’t say I was impressed – what a difference a few years and a good coach make.

  19. Disappointed to see MON giving ‘we need a strong sevco’ mantra – wrong – we need a stronger teams in the league.


    He also doesn’t seem to be bothered about the cheating years.

  20. NATKNOW – family all in good form, thank you. It’s starting to feel like summer here, Which means CL qualifiers are jus around the corner :)


    Take care.

  21. I share the disappointment in MON’s comments.



    On a ‘tax playing, level playing field’ basis they have a sound logic. Playing against stronger opponents at home should steel us better for foreign campaigns.



    Some big caveats exist though. And they seem lost on people who no longer live and work in the Scottish context.



    1. The game is arguably the strongest it’s been in years. The Aberdeen, Hibs and Killie teams would likely defeat their equivalents from previous years.


    2. And/but no matter how good they get it won’t actually help prepare us for the Bayern’s or Barca’s of this CL world.


    3. MON betrays the same lack of awareness, memory or giveAShitFulness about how he and we were systematically cheated, year after year.



    Point 3 is the most disappointing element for me.



    HH jamesgang

  22. GENE



    Maybe he’s taking his cue from the Celtic board.



    I’ve already quoted our major shareholder on here earlier.



    Here’s the chief executive from 2014.






    Let’s lay the blame for our club’s failure to deal with both historic and current cheating where it belongs.

  23. FIELDOFDRAMS on 21ST MAY 2018 12:35 PM


    If this season has taught us anything, surely it is that our throw-ins still need work. Trophies are all very well, but you need to get the basics right. Brendan please note.





    I’m 67 (iconic age) and I’ve been attending matches regularly since 1965, 53 years. Every single one of our great teams during that period …….. and I include the Lions ……… were rubbish at throw ins. It’s a Celtic kinda thang.

  24. Thanks Bada Bing



    Worth it all AlbertKidd!



    Thomthethim – Excellent shout! Next best thing I suppose after coping with the rejection of nobody filming my singing.

  25. Well, if they’re aw coming oot, I’ll repost, blame shifters.






    Damn you, Martin, for breaching the dam of resistance to the Big Lie/Continuity Myth built so courageously over the years by our Club, led by our major shareholder’s stirring call to arms back in 2012: “For us, it’s disappointing they’re not there………Rangers is (sic) a great football club, it has (sic) a great history and it’s unfortunate that they have been relegated (sic) ”



    You are, of course, also undermining the sustained and forceful protest the board has been making on behalf of tens of thousands of supporters ripped off by paying thousands of pounds for over a decade into a rigged game.



    But, but, most of all, BLACK SUNDAY, ya. . .naw, leave me, let me get ma hands on him. . . . .

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