McGregor’s 50th game, Sky’s cabal of bitter losers


Last night’s game at Motherwell was Callum McGregor’s 50th appearance for Celtic and Scotland this season.  At this stage of an unrelenting career, I am continually looking for signs of fatigue.  Instead, Callum marked his half century with a display of industry, speed, insight and a spectacular goal.  On any other occasion, he would be Man of the Match.

But that award had to go to the incomparable Odsonne Edouard.  Odsonne terrifies defenders.  He seems to be able to attract groups of them, before weaving a way though.  The free kick goal, his second in successive games, will rightly make the highlights, but he is now so much more than just a goal scorer for Celtic.

In possession at the edge of the Motherwell box in the second half, when others would shoot, he had the coolness to roll the ball in front of the advancing Olivier Ntcham.  That vision is the sweet spot in football, a rare gift to cherish.  Most would be overcome with tunnel vision.  The finish was disappointing, but the build-up play is more evidence of what a special talent Odsonne is.

We kept a clean sheet thanks to Fraser Forster, but Motherwell were repeatedly gifted space and possession in dangerous areas in the first half.  I like the shape we deployed last night and think it is crucial to the play and results we have seen since the break.  More work is required if we are to avoid a potentially costly error.

Sky held their hands up and issued an apology to Celtic fans for broadcasting an accusation of racism on subtitles, where no such comments were made.  The climb-down happened shortly before kick-off, meaning it had significantly less shelf-life as a news story than their unashamedly predatory video against Celtic fans.

They did not even suggest they would take any meaningful remedial action, it looks like we have been invited to ‘get over it’.  After Kris Boyd going for Leigh Griffiths’ “mental strength”, they have a pattern of predatory behaviour that falls well short of necessary editorial standards.

From the outside, it looks like Sky’s Scottish football coverage is controlled by little more than a cabal of bitter losers.  Only their actions can change this perception.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Looks like the Morelos interview was cobbled together by a handful of Sky freelancers who, one expects, will be lancing a little more freely now. Quite who orchestrated it all is another matter.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    The coverage between Sky and BT are light years from each other, the former being total crap 💩💩💩

  3. The Green Brigade’s banner last night to Alfredo, in Spanish, is a common phrase when someone is sick meaning “get well soon”.



    Can anyone enlighten to me as to what they were referring to?

  4. Go tell the Spartim on

    I might have missed it, i thought they only apologised for it being incorrect and not directly apologising to Celtic Supporters, Sky to the core hate Celtic and that includes the soup takers Walker (sp) and Nicholas (who thinks he’s owed something form the White/Kelly days).



    I certainly wouldnt be entertaining any of them and would halt their press privileges.

  5. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    According to Phil:


    “On that matter, I’m told that there is a major probe ongoing in Sky about how this work experience effort ended up running across the bottom of the screen as Alfredo was talking. My information is that some very heavy hitters from Comcast are now invovled”



    Hints at Celtic considering legal action.



    FWIW I think hes been very kind to them describing it as a work experience effort – it was a lot more sinister and calculated than a motiveless schoolboy error.




  6. Delighted with the result last night. However the statement from Sky is nowhere good enough , they even apologised to Rangers ffs. Celtic should now issue another statement asking who deliberately put up the subtitles . If it is someone in the Sky team we should know and they should be sacked. If its Traynor they should retract their apology to Rangers. Come on Celtic dont settle for this whitewash

  7. And the Record chipping in with attacks on Bobby Madden after Hun rage at his performance last night.Whood a thunk it.Even printing tweets from perma raging knuckledraggers slaughtering him.


    All orchestrated throughout a great section of our media.Huns good,Celtic,bad.Cranking up as their heroes maintain a limp grip on our coat tails,as we head for the dreaded 9.



    Arch Hun Gary Ralston,talking about the 50 million pound loaner,also getting in his wee”Hagis goal kept Rangers Hope’s of their 55th title alive”Their tears will taste like Champagne come May.

  8. One of the rags saying the translator was Fat Charlie’s agent, Michael Gorman, the question is who promted him to put that spin on it? Ultimately Sky are to blame, as they didn’t check the content, this has Jabba’s mucky mitts all over it.

  9. DENIABHOY on 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:21 PM


    The Green Brigade’s banner last night to Alfredo, in Spanish, is a common phrase when someone is sick meaning “get well soon”.


    Can anyone enlighten to me as to what they were referring to?






    Did the Huns not have a banner telling Steve Clark to ‘Get well soon’ when he had his outspoken outburst on the Huns sectarianism?

  10. We know Traynors fat prints are all over this.I said on the last blog,the “Racists “comments came in the wake of Morelos throat slitting gesture,Traynor throwing out his usual guff.He has been caught red handed before with this.The Hibs Cup Final,when Hun players were being attacked by Hibs fans nonsense.That the “Racism “angle was again brought up in the translation,reeks of the same man.Why else would it be mentioned.

  11. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    “Odsonne Edouard (38), James Forrest (34) and Ryan Christie (31) have been directly involved in 103 of Celtic’s 115 goals in all competitions of 2019/20.”



    OE is in a league of his own in terms of overall play, but the above stat shows the importance of competition in the squad. RC, one of our most influence players this year, is unable to get into the team while ON keeps up his level of performances. This is what we want from our squad.



    Notwithstanding, JF’s numbers, I would bench him for Frimpong (once fit). After all, if RC can be benched, there is nothing to stop JF as well.



    I would also let ME play on the left once up to full speed with Taylor dropping to the bench.

  12. Looking at the weather forecast for Sunday and at 2pm k.o. we should expect 55 mph winds.


    How open is the ground and will this become a farce of a game ?

  13. If Sky had run a translated story about someone getting food poisoning at Burger King but ran a background video of McDonald’s a mealy mouthed apology would not suffice – it should not suffice in this case either.

  14. Paul 67,



    Ha, I think the three players mentioned at the start of your article will top the polls on Jobo’s competition. I think it was the easiest decision that I have voted on.


    Absolutely sublime second half performance.



    Put the first half performance of the St Johnstone game and the second half last night and we have excellence.



    Not just three points but mega entertaining.



    Oh how I will miss our away games on BT sport. A totally superior product.



    Soosh, I won’t tell anyone. But what do you know about this big mad super secret story that some CQN,ers have been referencing ?



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Emdy else notice at the end of the match big Tam Rogic walking off before the rest of the players came to the fans? Perhaps he felt his short contribution was inadequate for applause.

  16. Michael Gorman, a players agent with World in Motion:



    “Michael manages the American MLS and South American markets for World in Motion, dividing his time between Los Angeles and Medellin, Colombia. His strong relationships in South America and understanding of the complex MLS rules have helped him to negotiate over €25 million in total transactions since 2012. Michael speaks Spanish fluently and previously worked as a finance attorney for investment funds and the United States federal government.”







    Now, as he is a fluent Spanish speaker who works in Medellin, there is no possibility that he misinterpreted anything that his client said. So he either spiced it up or someone else did.

  17. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ‘Premier League clubs have voted to change the summer transfer window to bring it in line with the rest of Europe.’

  18. Bada Bing – thanks for the link. I wonder what the ref is telling Griff of for on the way back to the centre circle?


    Wee Taylor isn’t slow in getting in to congratulate the scorers, excited or what 😃

  19. Kenny Millar announces he is retireing from playing football.Whats the odds off him getting a slot on Sly Sports or BBC Sports Scotland,I have left out BT Sports on the knowledge off them not having SPL Games next season,My money is on SLY.




    Liverpool took it too far.



    We should devalue any domestic competition by doing likewise.



    We don’t need to, we have plenty first team squad members who can stand in.



    Liverpool have also been accused of hacking Man Citys youth development scouting system so I don’t think they are a good example to follow.





    I did say “I don’t think we should be playing the development team”

  21. RE: The Statement



    Sky simply apologized for any offense caused. They distanced themselves from the translation (as have The Rangers)



    That wasn’t good enough. We must know where the translation came from and why Sky aired it.



    They are the broadcaster. If they were hoodwinked I’d expect them to tell us.

  22. think i will e mail his agent and attach this Celtic statement and tell him he is being blamed


    for the whole shenanigins

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