McGregor’s 50th game, Sky’s cabal of bitter losers


Last night’s game at Motherwell was Callum McGregor’s 50th appearance for Celtic and Scotland this season.  At this stage of an unrelenting career, I am continually looking for signs of fatigue.  Instead, Callum marked his half century with a display of industry, speed, insight and a spectacular goal.  On any other occasion, he would be Man of the Match.

But that award had to go to the incomparable Odsonne Edouard.  Odsonne terrifies defenders.  He seems to be able to attract groups of them, before weaving a way though.  The free kick goal, his second in successive games, will rightly make the highlights, but he is now so much more than just a goal scorer for Celtic.

In possession at the edge of the Motherwell box in the second half, when others would shoot, he had the coolness to roll the ball in front of the advancing Olivier Ntcham.  That vision is the sweet spot in football, a rare gift to cherish.  Most would be overcome with tunnel vision.  The finish was disappointing, but the build-up play is more evidence of what a special talent Odsonne is.

We kept a clean sheet thanks to Fraser Forster, but Motherwell were repeatedly gifted space and possession in dangerous areas in the first half.  I like the shape we deployed last night and think it is crucial to the play and results we have seen since the break.  More work is required if we are to avoid a potentially costly error.

Sky held their hands up and issued an apology to Celtic fans for broadcasting an accusation of racism on subtitles, where no such comments were made.  The climb-down happened shortly before kick-off, meaning it had significantly less shelf-life as a news story than their unashamedly predatory video against Celtic fans.

They did not even suggest they would take any meaningful remedial action, it looks like we have been invited to ‘get over it’.  After Kris Boyd going for Leigh Griffiths’ “mental strength”, they have a pattern of predatory behaviour that falls well short of necessary editorial standards.

From the outside, it looks like Sky’s Scottish football coverage is controlled by little more than a cabal of bitter losers.  Only their actions can change this perception.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:40 PM






    But we’ll have our suspicions.



    The statements have been carefully worded.







    Well done Peter Lawwell. I’ll buy you lunch in the Star Bar. 🤣



    Is it still £1,50 For lunch?


    Does Ken Manners still play the lounge?


    The sign used to be above the door p/shaws rd side.



    If we meet my friend ask me to tell you how come they were so competitively priced.


    Enjoy your pint 😊






    Jabba is the voice of the peepul every badly written statement they produce, is his.







    Celtic have taken the matter to a higher level.







    Blaming the ex Sevco free lancers won’t cut the mustard with Offcom



    Or Sky’s US owners, Comcast, a mega company…..

  4. I think Celtic are unconvinced there was a translation based on what the player said, never mind a translator





    You couldn’t make it up, but it appears that they might have.



    Offcom. Csc

  5. I guess the dilemma versus Clyde, will be to wrap players like Edouard, McGregor and Brown in cotton wool. And rest them.


    However I am sure the players would argue, that they want to play. Continue momentum.



    I think it is a game that we can negotiate without taking un-necessary risks. Therefore I would be tempted to go with a line-up along these lines :






    —–Welsh Jullien Jozo————-



    Forrest Christie Ntcham Taylor





    ——-Klimala Griffiths————-



    If Elyounnoussi is fully fit, lets get a good 35/40 mins in to his legs as well.


    Would be good to see Bayo get a run out also.

  6. Delighted with the result, no mean achievement considering Murderwell are 3rd in the league on merit. However, I did notice a good few defensive mistakes early on which to be honest, are quite worrying to me.


    With a bit of luck Neil noticed them too and put the mistakes , well just down to complacency by those culprits. On the plus side, were we excellent, CalMac was man of the match for me followed by our two French stars.



    In retrospect, I feel the beating we took against “thems” was a wake up call/kick up the arse the team needed and a huge motivator all round.




  7. MICHAEL STEWART has been AXED by the BBC for at least the next five days as the fall-out from the Jim Traynor row continues.


    SunSport understands the former Hearts and Hibs midfielder will NOT feature on tonight’s Sportscene show.

  8. If you are going to rest somebody I’d recommend Kris Ajer, Callum McGregor or James Forrest



    Scott Brown, Jeremie Frimpong, Olivier Ntcham and Christopher Jullien will all get rests at the international break in March.



    Christie and Elyounoussi have had rests.



    That’s why my team is:














    WHat happened to the failed hotel development money?






    It’s going towards the failed barrowfield development

  10. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Wee Mickey Stewart will be getting a lift from the great Jim Spence to cover Montrose Reserves.

  11. Personally, I’m not in favour of the Club banning any media, not matter how hostile.


    The best thing, I think, is not to buy or click onto their product. So, cancel Sky right now.

  12. TIMALOY29



    We’re no developing the Barrowlands as well ur we ?



    😜🎤🎸🎷💃👯💃 dancehall days 🎸🎷🎷🎷🎸🎤😜

  13. PICINISCO – Regarding Sky, I tend to agree. it would serve little purpose and would be in breach of contract no doubt for the TV rights negotiated by the SPFL.


    However . . . . individual columnists and pundits who make up shit and consistently have a go at us, kick them out. Kris Boyd being the prime example.

  14. Good to see The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, posting the Celtic v Motherwell highlights on Twitter

  15. !!bada bing!!



    There is no doubt (ok in my mind) that both the Sky ‘lost in translation’ story and that of Michael Stewart’s critique of Jim Traynor are linked. Traynor’s pals at Beeb have jumped the gun in apologising to Traynor, and censuring Stewart without attempting to establish the facts behind either of the Morales “stories”. If Comcast discover that Traynor was involved in doctoring/editing an interview broadcast by Sky, one Traynor will be living off scraps from any table. and two those at BBC Glasgow who acted unilaterally on his behalf should find themselves considering their positions. In the dole queue.

  16. Great performance by Celtic, Eddy is such an immense player and brings out the best in our talented bhoys. Callum, Forrest and Christie seem to love to play with him. As for the Griff, that rather unorthodox partnership is reigniting his career – great to see.



    Great statement by Celtic regarding the Morelos interview. For me it indicates that Micheal Stewart is not the only one in Scottish Football sick to the back teeth of Jabba… in fact, Celtic would not have released such a statement had they not had the nod from Ibrox.



    DONTB @ 3:15 PM,



    “WHat happened to the failed hotel development money?



    Always brings a smile when I see you posting…



    Actually, my feelings are this; the Hotel was going to be there for use by we££ heeled Celts from the diaspora and European and UK visitors to Celtic Park for events.


    Of course your average Tim or Timette may want to treat themselves, family and friends to a Celtic Park experience as we££.



    From my perspective this would only have been viable had a pan-European League or the like been brought into play.



    Of course ECA failed to get their way on this and UEFA won the day. Now the ECA exacted some concessions for their top Clubs in the restructuring of the UCL but Clubs like Celtic not so much. Celtic will not have the number of European games or income nor other “events” to make a Hotel viable.



    As big Pedro is on the ECA board and UEFA committee that deal with such things he’s in a great position to understand the direction of travel and when, if ever, Celtic can make the Hotel and the associated upgrades viable… Not in the short or medium term seems to be the answer.



    So the Hotel Development money is safely ensconced in a Celtic PLC Bank account until that development or another “big” project with a good roi comes along.



    All in my opinion of course…



    Hail Hail

  17. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    No-one can deny Scottish football gives us a good laugh.



    Today’s belter for me – four unrepentant types dining in the restaurant at Trump Turnberry.



    Do the Celtic Trust Minutes leave space for a Pseud’s Corner?

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Great statement from the club. I would expect Ofcom to investigate this rigorously in what could (should) be a watershed moment in this kind of shit we have to put up with .


    Get Traynor and Sky first then go after the BBC.

  19. BBC:


    `The partnership of Odsonne Edouard and Leigh Griffiths has garnered plenty of attention in recent weeks. Whether the two benefit from playing together still seemed to be up for debate.



    Well, their performances in Celtic’s 2-0 win against Motherwell `



    Wishful thinking on my part had the score at 4-0. Silly me !

  20. Celtic Mac- Michael Stewart has cut Jabba to the bone,his placemen at Shortbread are trying to alienate MS,even though Sevco banned the BBC,they are another corrupt organisation, which needs cleansed. HH

  21. glendalystonsils on

    From the BBC website


    Scottish Premiership: What did we learn from Wednesday’s fixtures?





    “The 12 Scottish Premiership teams are paying dearly for having taken a winter break, with energy-sapping midweek fixtures sandwiched between rounds of weekend matches.


    Celtic and Rangers pulled further clear of the pack as all four of their nearest challengers lost”



    THEIR nearest challengers?





    The partnership of Odsonne Edouard and Leigh Griffiths has garnered plenty of attention in recent weeks. Whether the two benefit from playing together still seemed to be up for debate.




    11 goals in the last 3 games? Debate my erchie!



    Hurtin huns.