McGregor’s 50th game, Sky’s cabal of bitter losers


Last night’s game at Motherwell was Callum McGregor’s 50th appearance for Celtic and Scotland this season.  At this stage of an unrelenting career, I am continually looking for signs of fatigue.  Instead, Callum marked his half century with a display of industry, speed, insight and a spectacular goal.  On any other occasion, he would be Man of the Match.

But that award had to go to the incomparable Odsonne Edouard.  Odsonne terrifies defenders.  He seems to be able to attract groups of them, before weaving a way though.  The free kick goal, his second in successive games, will rightly make the highlights, but he is now so much more than just a goal scorer for Celtic.

In possession at the edge of the Motherwell box in the second half, when others would shoot, he had the coolness to roll the ball in front of the advancing Olivier Ntcham.  That vision is the sweet spot in football, a rare gift to cherish.  Most would be overcome with tunnel vision.  The finish was disappointing, but the build-up play is more evidence of what a special talent Odsonne is.

We kept a clean sheet thanks to Fraser Forster, but Motherwell were repeatedly gifted space and possession in dangerous areas in the first half.  I like the shape we deployed last night and think it is crucial to the play and results we have seen since the break.  More work is required if we are to avoid a potentially costly error.

Sky held their hands up and issued an apology to Celtic fans for broadcasting an accusation of racism on subtitles, where no such comments were made.  The climb-down happened shortly before kick-off, meaning it had significantly less shelf-life as a news story than their unashamedly predatory video against Celtic fans.

They did not even suggest they would take any meaningful remedial action, it looks like we have been invited to ‘get over it’.  After Kris Boyd going for Leigh Griffiths’ “mental strength”, they have a pattern of predatory behaviour that falls well short of necessary editorial standards.

From the outside, it looks like Sky’s Scottish football coverage is controlled by little more than a cabal of bitter losers.  Only their actions can change this perception.

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  1. Go tell the Spartim on

    We should just refuse to entertain Sky, the guy they had covering our game last night, Mark Benstead or something, was appalling he had no interest and no drive to sell the game at all, a monotonous drone.



    As for the BBC, it remains one of the main pillars of bigotry across the world.

  2. I’m perfectly happy to defend Michael Stewart but we need to cut the BBC a bit of slack here. Stewart was making accusations and characterizations of Jim Traynor on air without offering any kind of evidence.



    I respect Stewart’s bravery in doing so. But it’s an awkward position for the BBC.



    The difference with the Celtic statement is, it’s easy for Celtic to prove in a court of law that the subtitles are misleading. The evidence is right there.

  3. BOGNORBHOY on 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 3:52 PM



    We’re no developing the Barrowlands as well ur we ?



    😜🎤🎸🎷💃👯💃 dancehall days 🎸🎷🎷🎷🎸🎤😜





    Wishful thinking on my part!

  4. I thought Motherwell played well last night and were not afraid to attack which helped make an enjoyable match and i imagine if they maintain that kind of performance they will qualify for a European place. Great win for Celtic and another four goals to boost the goal difference. A few uncomfortable moments for the defence but the team once again played with urgency and with fine contributions from Eddy,Calmac, Ollie, Jamsie, Griff and Taylor. Upwards and onwards.

  5. TIMALOY – You have a point. MS was asking for evidence that Morelos was abused before an accusation can be made. So, using the same standards, does he have evidence that Traynor leaked the stories? It is easy for pundits offering opinions on chat shows to offend everyone and anyone, that’s part of their job. But if you accuse someone like Traynor of something, you better be able to back it up.


    It’s one thing suspecting it, or even knowing it, but can you prove it?

  6. Michael Stewart was making a general comment, about a number of nonsensical and dangerous statements he has issued on behalf of Sevco, he has brought it up a number of times.

  7. Bada Bing – I think MS said that it was Traynor who had leaked the story about the car brakes being tampered even though Traynor knew it wasn’t true.

  8. A couple pints of stout for Peter Lawell for his stance on Skygate. Great pity we will shortly be losing the excellent coverage of Scottish football on BT Sport. The guy Darren does a good job and I like the banter and humorous exchange between the pundits Sky is extremely dull by comparison. BT is now a better product entirely. Shame we are losing their coverage.

  9. CELTIC MAC on 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:53 PM



    I think that was the point Michael Stewart was making.





    Michael Stewart said Traynor was a “dangerous character” and a “bully”



    He said he “created division”



    It’s true. But the BBC can’t just have that put out there without any sort of evidence.



    If you are going to take on Rangers and Traynor you have to be more measured like Celtic have been.



    Emdy else notice at the end of the match big Tam Rogic walking off before the rest of the players came to the fans? Perhaps he felt his short contribution was inadequate for applause.






    He done it on Sunday as well. A pal of mine told me circa two years ago that Rogic had been bad mouthing the fans. I thought it was nonsense at the time but it makes you wonder.

  11. DENIABHOY on 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:04 PM


    Bada Bing – I think MS said that it was Traynor who had leaked the story about the car brakes being tampered even though Traynor knew it wasn’t true.



    I think he stopped short of naming him, but the inference was there.

  12. CaddingtonCommon on

    BBC, Lineker, £1.7million, from the taxpayer to talk about football played about 7 hours earlier.


    Am I missing something?



  13. DeniaBhoy on 6th February 2020 2:25 pm


    ‘Ernie Lynch – I was asking the same thing earlier, though it’s hard to imagine the Green Brigade putting up something genuinely sympathetic to Morelos regardless of what might be going on, no?



    Someone said that when Steve Clarke complained about the hun singing they put up a banner at Ibrox saying “get well soon steve clarke” so this may have been along those lines.’











    But it might refer to whatever was being suggested in the posts about a soon to be made public major story.



    And while it might be a genuine expression of sympathy it could also be an attempt to rile him by letting him know that the GB are aware of matters.



    The GB banners generally have some thought put into them, so who knows.

  14. Bournesouprecipe………..Paths Of Glory my favourite Kirk Douglas film. was he in Gunfight At The OK Corral ?

  15. Good evening, friends.


    I’ve just been logging the first batch of emails with your nominations from last nights spectacle and, incredibly, there’s actually no clear leader. Great support from all of you as usual and delighted to see over 50 emails were already in the ole Inbox when I checked just a wee while ago.


    Of course there are still thousands of seconds left for you to compose a very brief email – 3 names are all the content required – and fire it off to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.com . Shortly after 10pm tonight I’ll get the usual results post out there.

  16. Translategate :


    Many factors about this attack on our club are exactly what I have been expecting given the “FEAR” of the TEN.


    Whoever plural, actioned this fabricated keech knew that it could impact on our ability to not only attract players but the Celtic brand in our association with existing sponsors potential sponsors and other revenues which we have worked hard to establish over the years by running our club properly.


    Whoever tainted our name and of our fans made no mistake this was a totally calculated and premeditated course of action.


    Defamation of character can be a Financially costly Risk when your caught fabricating Pish about an individual or organisation.


    The Huns may not have pulled the trigger but they knew the impact and the damage it was going to do if the target took the hit.


    Something stinks with slippy asking people to move on and not protecting His players interests which have be spectacularly compromised.


    If it is proven Traynors arse is all over this then THEY ARE guilty of not only defamation of Our club but of their own employee.


    Sky’s unsatisfactory apology is trivial and only Paying lip service to an issue that will eventually cost them credibility as a broadcaster.


    BT MUST be rubbing their big hauns right now


    Keep the pressure on CELTIC our reputation is being tarnished deliberately.

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID17 on 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:15 PM







    Emdy else notice at the end of the match big Tam Rogic walking off before the rest of the players came to the fans? Perhaps he felt his short contribution was inadequate for applause.














    He done it on Sunday as well. A pal of mine told me circa two years ago that Rogic had been bad mouthing the fans. I thought it was nonsense at the time but it makes you wonder.






    Doesn`t make me wonder.



    When he had returned to Oz for , I think medical attention , he came along to Cheers Bar late one night to mix with Oz Tims gathered to watch the hun game.


    Hardly the conduct of a fan ” bad mouther. ”



    On a separate occasion , when my son saw him on stage with the Socceroos , and , of course , yelled out ” `Mon the hoops ‘ , he was greeted with a big smile and a thumbs up.



    Please. Let`s have none of this silly speculation , basically based on sfa.

  18. Ernie – yep, who knows unless they tell us. Wish someone would. The two posters who said there was a huge story looming, indicated it would break midweek. As far as I know, nothing came to light.


    One of them said since he found out, he could think of nothing else – it was that serious (and it was his birthday). The other, James Forrest if I remember correctly, suggested the same.


    If it was just that bit, I was thinking personal issues of some sort like drug addiction or serious illness. But he looked perfectly healthy in the interview and is training and playing football so I have that wrong.


    But then they went left field with saying it was a PR Disaster on a biblical scale, tentacles reaching far and wide etc. which made it sound more like a club was about to be exposed for major wrong doing.


    Hard to marry the two and make any sense of it.

  19. Got to love eddy, class players and will only get better. Would love another year from the big man but hard to see it going by current form.



    PL statement today, good sky are having a laugh if shoe was on other foot they would be biting back and a half arsed apology would not be accepted.



    If celtic are not going ahead with hotel they should update and increase size and capacity of the main stand to incorporate more corporate seats, a superstore, ticket office, cafe and museum etc. and upgrade the area where the current shop and ticket office is.



    67000 capacity has lovely ring to it. Seats behind beams in north stand could be closed for all games that are not sold out.




  20. Denia


    They were called out on here at the time – looks like it’s up there with the ‘Chapel water’ story.

  21. timaloy29



    Context is all. Last week a story was put out re Morales’ motor being interfered with. Much hilarity ensued,on here, but the story became one of brakes of breaks tampered, and suggestions of the possibility of attempted murder, and of a Celtic Connection. Lot of them around at this time of year. All nonsense of course, as the Sunday papers soon showed, but dangerous nonsense nevertheless. The Sky “interview” was designed to counter the negative attention the original story was attracting. Stewart, rightly in my view, stated that that was designed to deflect from the first (planted) story, with a new angle, this time apparently from the horse’s mouth. Or maybe not. This one accused Celtic supporters of racism, on and off the pitch. Stewart asked where is the evidence when “accusations” like that are made. Where is the evidence? Well we are about to find out evidence of who planted a false story on Sky Sports maligning us as racists. You know, the type who would tamper with a car’s brakes. I’ll say it here, Traynor is dangerous. And a bully. But hopefully thanks to Michael Stewart, and our own club, not for much longer.

  22. If the fat controller has a hand in any of this , we must not let him wriggle off the hook .he has been the architect of celtic bashing for years . If it’s nothing to do with him , then ho after who is behind it .if anything it will partly close open season on the bhoys . Great performance last night . My only criticism, and I aired my fears last week .is our defence at the moment is a bit suspect , young kris seems to be right off form at the moment , and although he had a steady game big Julien is prone to being a bit too casual , we could have been punished against RC and on a few occasions last night as well , come on guys pick it up a bit . H H

  23. glendalystonsils on

    Emboldened by past successes in his ‘get the boot into Celtic’ campaign , Traynor and his minions obviously thought that our tame board were still safely chained to the back seats of the bus.



    He /they have cut their own throats (Alfie style) by crossing a line in a way that has required more than a ‘surprised’ or ‘astonished’ response from our custodians.