McGregor’s 50th game, Sky’s cabal of bitter losers


Last night’s game at Motherwell was Callum McGregor’s 50th appearance for Celtic and Scotland this season.  At this stage of an unrelenting career, I am continually looking for signs of fatigue.  Instead, Callum marked his half century with a display of industry, speed, insight and a spectacular goal.  On any other occasion, he would be Man of the Match.

But that award had to go to the incomparable Odsonne Edouard.  Odsonne terrifies defenders.  He seems to be able to attract groups of them, before weaving a way though.  The free kick goal, his second in successive games, will rightly make the highlights, but he is now so much more than just a goal scorer for Celtic.

In possession at the edge of the Motherwell box in the second half, when others would shoot, he had the coolness to roll the ball in front of the advancing Olivier Ntcham.  That vision is the sweet spot in football, a rare gift to cherish.  Most would be overcome with tunnel vision.  The finish was disappointing, but the build-up play is more evidence of what a special talent Odsonne is.

We kept a clean sheet thanks to Fraser Forster, but Motherwell were repeatedly gifted space and possession in dangerous areas in the first half.  I like the shape we deployed last night and think it is crucial to the play and results we have seen since the break.  More work is required if we are to avoid a potentially costly error.

Sky held their hands up and issued an apology to Celtic fans for broadcasting an accusation of racism on subtitles, where no such comments were made.  The climb-down happened shortly before kick-off, meaning it had significantly less shelf-life as a news story than their unashamedly predatory video against Celtic fans.

They did not even suggest they would take any meaningful remedial action, it looks like we have been invited to ‘get over it’.  After Kris Boyd going for Leigh Griffiths’ “mental strength”, they have a pattern of predatory behaviour that falls well short of necessary editorial standards.

From the outside, it looks like Sky’s Scottish football coverage is controlled by little more than a cabal of bitter losers.  Only their actions can change this perception.

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  1. Roger Mitchell,aka Harry potty, is suggesting big Peds statement could harm Scottish football next year(sky will be sole tv provider)



    Hope so.




  2. Will contact Comcast tomorrow re,Sky lies,and their connection with Level 5,will post response. BTW Comcast are a huge media player.

  3. Roger Mitchell’s last meaningful job in life, was a runner for the Spice Girls record company, best ignored….

  4. As a line of defense from Mitchell that is the equivalent to allowing a serial wife beater another chance cos they’re the main money earner in the household.



    Abusive partnerships have no future .

  5. Michael Stewart’s bravery could cost him his job . If as reported he is already dumped from gerscene. When BT sport ends I can’t see him getting a job with sky . Feel sorry for the guy the only one with the bottle to call the cancer out .

  6. Jimtim- I can see Michael Stewart, possibly being blackballed by the Level 5 media in this country. If so,he could set up a YouTube type channel to express his views,he is being shut down here for telling the truth, and calling out the devil in charge.

  7. Superb AT


    We are indeed blessed to have such a gifted player wearing our hoops.


    Although I doubt we will have him at our beloved Paradise after the summer, but


    let’s enjoy as he continues to bang in the goals.


    Hail Hail

  8. My thoughts on the Morelos / Traynor affair is that Sky will make a statement that they are revising their processes to ensure this kind of thing will not reoccur.


    They were not responsible for the content, but their proposed safeguards will prevent any misunderstandings in the future.


    No fines will be imposed.


    No employees will be fired.


    And the cowardly cabal will continue to cuddle up to Sevco.


    Sic semper erat, et sic semper erit.

  9. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday from a dark but clear skied, freezing and frosty East Kilbride. Windscreen scrapers at the ready!

  10. Mr Hay was at my Dads funeral a few years ago now. Though there was only a fleeting connection between them. A lovely person.



    I’m sure the transplanted organ will receive a warm welcome from the great man.




    If you have an e mail address for COMCAST perhaps


    add it here so a few of us can e mail them

  12. Good morning from a frozen Garngad



    Heads should role for the Moreloss interview, anything else is a token gesture.



    If and its a big if, Moreloss knew nothing about the translation, why would you continue working for the employer who set you up??


    You would think he would slap in a public transfer request slating and citing the whole twisted debacle and a breakdown of trust with his employer and making sure any prospective employer knows he never had anything to do with this.



    Good to see Leigh at the darts last night😂😂😂



    Bring on the Clyde






    D. :)

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    With Morelos in a huff and Defoe’s calf and hamstring muscles resembling the last pound of mince I bought …….



    ….. the desperate loan of a non-scoring striker from a mid-table SPFL team becomes clear.

  14. I also bet the grubby paws of Andrew Dickson are somewhat involved



    Mere coincidence that he work for Sky



    Or is it

  15. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Celtic should sue whoever is responsible for defan…defim…deff………….Slander



    OldWansAreSometimesTheBest CSC




  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    “Coaches Michael Beale and Tom Culshaw have been given touchline bans but a disciplinary case against Rangers has been adjourned until a later date.



    No new date has bee has been scheduled to decide the charges.



    …The Rangers charges covered gestures made by Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent at Celtic Park and a touchline bust-up at Easter Road.”

  17. TBB – it seems the SFA are going after everyone and everything this week. Bans galore. All of them several weeks after the events.


    Strange times.

  18. Alasdair MacLean on




    ..what “gestures” from the wee Kent?





    Simultaneous pistol to the head with one hand, and pistol to the Celtic fans with the other.



    Should have been booked, and if the ref missed it should be a yellow from the Compliance Officer.



    Why not following the correct established procedures is the real unanswered question.

  19. Alasdair……………….




    thanks bud, I remember the “gestures” very clearly, howver there did not seem to be any meeja uproar directed at at him or the other hun.



    In scoddland, if it doesn’t make a headline it didnae happen.



    ( just think if any o ‘ ours had made “gestures” like that – could you imagine the cat-biting berserking that would go on if our very own Lurgan Klopp had done anything near the triumphal symbolism of that???????)



    Sleekitry from hun lovin’ placemen. It wouldn’t do to have two “dangerous” huns oooot the team for any length of time, would it?



    When Leigh stands on a player mid tackle it’s a ” stamp”…..definitely a stamp…..



    When a coupla huns mimic death threats to Timdom, it’s either blanked or given coy, quaint descriptions that hide or minimise the truth…………



    Gestures at a whole other Level.




  20. glendalystonsils on

    Back to Basics



    This in reply to a former head of the SPFL whose anti Celtic views and the scorn with which he holds the club are patently rabid. And we apparently are ‘the mob’ .



    What a bizarre society we operate in.

  21. BTW –



    Well done Celtic for taking and then maintaining a hard line with the execrable Sly sports………..

  22. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Compare & contrast is there. We have evidence of 2 players making provocative & threatening gestures towards rival fans with zero sanctions. Go back a few years to a time when a young Bulgarian was accused of racism, with zero evidence produced. We all know that he was later banned on the balance of probabilities, given that he came from a country that was known for racism, therefore he was a racist. A charge which was racist in itself

  23. The SFA are only another affiliate of the Scottish establishment.



    Corrupt to the core.



    Yes we have our faults and yes we could be better in some aspects; however we are a beacon of light in Scottish society.




  24. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Celtic CEO John Paul Taylor has just tweeted relating to the incoming bad weather with this ominous message for the Hoops support: “Fixture Info: If Sunday’s match was to be postponed the rescheduled date is Wednesday, Feb 12.”



    Hearts game off if Sundays match postponed




  25. Siempre – fingers crossed, last thing we want is more fixture congestion. That’s our first home game in donkeys :)

  26. The Battered Bunnet on

    Broadwood has a 4G surface, so can take a lot of water and drains very quickly. Would need to be a heck of a lot of rain immediately before kick off to make the surface unplayable.