McGuiness sabbatical somewhat frustrating


If I’m being bluntly honest, news that Jim McGuiness was told to “concentrate on Donegal” until October or November was not welcome.  I hear great things about Jim’s work with, and from, players he has had access to.  Instead of sending him back across the sea, I hoped he would be working more with the players we will look to, to deliver this season.

Even if his work was limited to the development squad, the reason given for knocking him into the long grass, that we get into the teeth of the season in October/November time, is incongruous.  Player development takes place before the weeks with crunch games, and the whole point of the development squad is not to win crunch Youth games, it is to develop players.

If he is as effective as everyone who works with him says he is, an opportunity has slipped. Our place in the world right now depends on us working the margins, getting an extra couple of percentage points out of the players. We’ve all seen how the alternative – “let’s just get stuck in” – works out, it leads to failure and decline.

Where are we aiming for now, Celtic? Somewhat frustrated.

One good one out, one good one in. Delighted to hear John Paul Taylor is back as Supporter Liason and Service Officer. John Paul has probably spent more hours working with fans, and fans groups, than anyone else still walking the planet. Smart appointment.
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  1. Sir Paul



    jist in fae the jiggin’… so.. whit?… Ah’m oan Vacation!



    Agree wi ye,kiddo.



    Like Ah hiv done tole ye..



    in Fitba.. in Tiddley Winks..Slimmiin’… and in Life..



    “It’s Awe Aboot… ATTITUDE… DUDE~”



    And… Mr.McGuinness is wan of these Fellahs,jist like Masel..and Yourself…who also.. Happens tae Agree , wi that.



    Ach.. Jist add .. Celtic’s Latest… shall we say.. Boo Boo?


    Tae the Long List of.. ” But,At the time, Ma.. Ah thought it wiz a Good Idea!”…well…










  2. I would like to see the Hoops get a win under their belts tonight. Friendly or no friendly we need to get this team winning.




  3. “concentrate on Donegal” until October or November was not welcome.



    The All Ireland Final takes place on the 3rd Sunday in September. Why McGuinness has been told not to return until Oct-Nov is anyones guess. You can be sure that it wasn’t McGuinness’s idea. Is he going to sit in Glenties twiddling his thumbs until then?



    Strange scenes inside the goldmine.

  4. Livibhoy



    Ah wid Be .. very Surprised ..if we won, tonight.


    After awe. It’s aboot aboot the Fitness..









    If we don’t.. then that wull Mak Me Pleased.



    That Ah goat Wan Right!



    So whit’s ..No tae Like?






    Still Laughin’

  5. Never thought I’d say this but its too bloody hot here in Clonmel. Was out on my deck there for last 20 minutes but I had to retreat to the cool of the house as i was bathed in perspiration. Its way too hot for golf so its going to be a long extremely lazy day till the four leaf clovers take on the three leaf lads at 6pm Celtic Park time.

  6. Afternoon all. Best day of the year weatherwise so far. Long may it continue down here.



    I may be mistaken but I thought that Donegal was Mr McGuinness’ main job and is this not the sharp end of their season? So, presumably, he is more needed there than here.

  7. South Of Tunis on

    SpVgg Greuther Furth .



    Henry Kissinger’s team.



    A reason for caring about the result of a friendly..

  8. Estadio Nacional on

    Who would have been the one telling McGuiness to take the sabbatical?




    Derbyshirebhoy 11:49



    Good points, I tend to agree.



    A big season for Rogic and the manager who has to find more creativity in the team.




  9. Following communication with UEFA, Cliftonville Football Club has this morning received correspondence permitting


    the installation of additional seating at Solitude for the Champions League Second Qualifying Round First Leg tie with


    Celtic on Wednesday, July 17.


    This augmentation of capacity will result in an increased ticket allocation for both Clubs and a further announcement


    on this matter will be made in due course.




  10. Afternoon, I would be glad if Jim stayed on in Glasgow and kept him out the road till after Clones. C’mon the Farney Men .

  11. No guarantee that Donegal will still be playing football up to Sept. Is he being paid by the week and Celtic are saving a few bob.

  12. Kojo



    Thanks for the short post. Helps me read them.


    If the players are not fit by now then we have issues. Tonight is about winning for me. Winning is a habit and we need to get in that habit. Balde needs a goal too. Help settle him down. I would imagine Neil always earmarked this one as one he would expect to win and batter a few goals in. Does the players no harm.




  13. If Jim mcG had to give Celtic 100% then maybe Jim wouldnt be here at all.


    Celtic seem happy enough with the arrangements at the minute so dont start to get greedy.


    Jim is at the top of his game at the GAA (think Pep Gaurdiola at Barca) and would not give that up easily


    Tir Chonail abu

  14. Paul



    Jim has potentially 4 more games between now and the 3rd Sunday in Sept. Winning back to back All-Irelands is incredibly difficult thing to do. But this I feel will be Jim motivation this season. He’ll want to do what Micky Harte and Tyrone couldn’t achieve. Once this season (GAA) is over he will be full time at Lennoxtown.

  15. Estadio Nacional




    Ah Agree. aboot..






    Ah like Tom Terrific, aloater.



    He exudes. .. Class..and Skill.



    While we are oan the subject..



    Ah Also…like .. Young Henderson.. aloater..



    And Ah wull tell ye why..



    Fur.. Henderson .. well.. Tellt Me aloat aboot.. well. Henderson..






    He Returned the Ball so Swiftly and Accuratedly , tae Balde..


    which set Balde up, Perfectly, fur a chance tae Break his Duck.. (Which, sadly.. Balde.. Eschewed.. ( Fur want of a Anither Woid)



    Ah always look fur a Tell.. and young Henderson. Sure Tellt me something aboot ..


    Young Henderson.



    We should fast track this kid.. Rush Him.. Ah believe that He could Hack the Mustard.



    So ..he is Only Seventeen.. well… Didnae .. Mozart write a Symphony at.. Three?


    ( That is completely.. Irrelevant…ed) ( Ah KNOW that!.. but. .It sure Sounds good.. Right?)



    Same wi .. Tom.. We should gie that guy every chance tae Show us whit he hiz Goat.



    But.. sadly..



    Ah am jist Dreamin’..



    Neil, wullnae Tak any chances.. He wull stick wi his ..



    Ledley and …hoo it seems… Kayal.



    Baith of these guise are completely without . any Imagination.



    And . that is whit we need , badly…



    In the Middy.



    Imagination..and Creativity..





    Still Laughin’





    Our club certainly has made a habit of winning one-off trophies.



    I’d never heard of that one.



    As has been frequently said on here,every day is an education.



    Course,I suppose that depends on your starting point……

  17. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    OOFT swwwept awwwaaay.. You must ve been queuing all night for a shot at the podium. Well done. Enjoy the champagne…



    ( What do you mean Paul s not sent you a bottle!?)




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