McIntyre, evidence on the descent towards insolvency


When asked on Twitter four years ago how Rangers were granted a licence to play European football in season 2011-12 when they were overdue with HMRC, SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, replied, “If someone sends you a bill you disagree with then you do not accept it was overdue”.

Any business is allowed to dispute a tax demand, but former Rangers director, Donald McIntyre’s evidence at the High Court in Glasgow yesterday was clear, Rangers had accepted liability for unpaid PAYE and National Insurance claims in connection with the Wee Tax Case (DOS) in 2010.

If, as Regan suggests, Rangers misrepresented this fact to the SFA Licencing Committee in their March 2011 application, the Association now have action to consider.

If you have been around this story for the best part of the last decade you will recall a number of us writing on the perilous state of Rangers finances while the club was under the control of Sir David Murray. This was robustly disputed by the club at the time, but in his evidence McIntyre noted that, under Murray, the club appointed an insolvency expert to ensure they were not trading illegally.

Just one month before the sale of the club to Craig Whyte in May 2011, in an email produced by Craig Whyte’s counsel, Donald Findlay, Mr Mike McGill of Murray Holdings, advised that “it would appear forecasts for club have deteriorated, we will breach bank facility”.

Asked by Findlay if “HMRC were coming for the club and were after blood”, McIntyre said “Yes.” The directors of Oldco Rangers omitted this sentiment from their public comments at the time.

Rangers were a football club running a perilous financial strategy from the 1990s until liquidation was eventually confirmed in 2012. They established a mindset, not only in their own support, but in parts of ours too, that spending money you couldn’t afford on casino football was the only acceptable way clubs should behave.

You still hear the echoes of those times, from Willie Henderson’s request that Newco spend £50m, to comments a lot closer to home when Celtic fail to win a football game.

Please remember that while it is OK to report evidence discussed at court, you should not comment on matters pertaining to the charges against Craig Whyte.


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  1. Murray confirms his shares were sold for £1. Says originally price was £4m but he wanted to ensure future funds for players







    Having the audacity to make such a statement is absolutely incredible.





    Congrats on last night’s result! Mon The Vale,one game to go!!



    Saw this in The Guardian



    “During my afternoon coffee break Wiki-crawl, I came across the career statistics of Robbie Earle,” mails Joe Ward. “Port Vale: 294 appearances and 77 goals; Wimbledon: 284 appearances and 59 goals. Now, it’s not a million miles away that his record for both clubs would be the same. Has anyone got anything close to identical – and significant – statistics for clubs in their career?”

  3. Headshot for Oldco, Murray admits they couldn’t afford players other than with EBTs, LNS is a total sham.





    Ffs,Guinness running down my nostrils here!

  5. BMCW


    We need to beat Fleetwood (who need to beat us for a chance of automatic promotion) and hope Gillingham don’t beat Northampton ( who have nothing to play for) or Bury fail to beat Southend ( who need a win to have a chance of playoffs ) – But bottom line is we need to win.


    Robbie Earle was probably the best Vale player I have seen – even though we have had the great steve guppy

  6. South Of Tunis on

    Presumably Gary Withey will be appearing sometime .



    Duff and Phelps ( remember them ) ) stated he was –



    ” key to the understanding of all sorts of guarantees ” .



    Lunch time over -back to the digging -way down south .



    Wee lunchtime choon –



    7″ -Gladys Knight & The Pips – Take Me In your Arms and Love Me (SOUL ).



    Released @ the time of Celtic 2 -Vojvodina Novi Sad 0

  7. I know we all like a laugh and God knows, Rangers (IL) and now Sevco have given us plenty to laugh about but could posters please refrain from mocking David Murray about his disability it’s just plain wrong. Hun like in fact.

  8. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Interesting words from Patrick Roberts:



    “I want to go out the best way possible,” Roberts told BBC Scotland.



    “To win the Scottish Cup would be a huge honour, especially if it won us the treble.”



    As things stand, the winger will report to the Premier League side for pre-season training, but he remains unclear where his long-term future lies.



    The England Under-20 international has thrived under Brendan Rodgers this season, scoring seven goals, including a fine individual effort against his parent club in the Champions League.



    “I haven’t decided what’s going to happen,” Roberts said. “My loan spell ends and I’ll be at City for pre-season, but I’m going to play my future by ear and see where it takes me next year.”





  9. McPhail – – Hear hear, well said.


    However, they will get away with everything, mark my words. Smoke and mirrors all the way. Simplistic in the extreme, but probably correct.




  10. We’re not really getting much out of Murray, softball questions so far from the prosecution and he’s being careful with his words. Donald could absolutely ravage him if he wants to. If so, that will be when the fun really begins.

  11. !!BADA BING!!,11:26 AM


    Nothing new there though. Murray (when he was Captain Black or whatever) had admitted it at LNS.


    The logic that LNS followed was that if it were legal then anyone else could have behaved the same way, so sporting advantage yes, cheating, no.


    Once the Supreme Court decision comes in then that logic collapses, as does the basis for the LNS decision

  12. O.G.RAFFERTY on 26TH APRIL 2017 11:54 AM


    !!BADA BING!!,11:26 AM



    Nothing new there though. Murray (when he was Captain Black or whatever) had admitted it at LNS.



    The logic that LNS followed was that if it were legal then anyone else could have behaved the same way, so sporting advantage yes, cheating, no.



    Once the Supreme Court decision comes in then that logic collapses, as does the basis for the LNS decision





    The wee tax case blows all of the above out of the water anyway. They admitted liability for the tax after HMRC confronted them with the side letters. Donald McIntyre confirmed all of that yesterday.

  13. ” Newcastle United and West Ham United’s grounds have been raided in a fraud investigation, resulting in several arrests.


    HMRC said it deployed 180 officers across the UK and France, and several men working within professional football had been held.”

  14. THETIMREAPER, 11:57 AM


    Indeed – which is why it was not included in the LNS ‘inquiry’.

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Whatever else he has done in life, and in business, David Murray deserves great credit for his recovery from the devastating injuries he suffered at the age of 25.



    I’m sure he has his faults, like the rest of us, but he doesn’t lack courage, nor perseverance.

  16. It will be a pity if Moussa cannot make the Final ( although a young guy like him might make the Bench) but we are fortunate to have such an able replacement as Leigh Grifiths provides. That excellent effort which brought a fine save form Canon Foderingham shows just what the Griff is capable of.


    Whilst on the topic, I wanted Hibs to beat Aberdeen but a Final between Scotland`s Top Two is a more fitting end to this Season.




  17. DBBIA


    I have admiration for all people who cope so well with adversity. I understand that no malice is intended in the almost unavoidable responses to the `foot` reference but I agree they are not suitable for this ( or any ) site.


    Perhaps more importantly , while I can admire Murray`s response to his horrific loss but I can still be very critical of his behaviour. Indeed, I feel to do otherwise is to treat a physically disabled person as though he were mentally disabled and that is,unacceptable.





    PS Do you and M still visit BB`s before games?

  18. OG- to get LNS to chair the charade, they tried to give the idea it was a legal judgement, total BS from Regan and Co.

  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Hot Smoked- yes, we still go before the home games.



    Probably still the cheapest pint in town ;/)

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Murray tying himself in knots, oh what a tangled web we weave :)

  21. I have to agree with those condemning the comments about David Murray’s disability. Absolutely no laughing matter. We are better than that.



    It is a tragedy for any young man at the age of 25 to suffer such a catastrophic life-changing injury. He did very well to overcome it while many others would have succumbed.



    Let’s restrict our criticisms and witticisms to what he says and has done in his business dealings with MIH and RFC (1872-2012).

  22. No doubt everyone remembers its Whyte thats on trial, the patsy. And will probably be given a Not Proven.

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Murray says he wasn’t at the share purchase agreement signing, rhebel rhebel tweet photograph of Murray signing with Whyte standing beside him, wondering if contempt charges will be brought :)

  24. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Afternoon Celts



    Ive got nothing to say about David Murray’s physical condition.


    However, in terms of his ‘business’ career, he is morally bankrupt and should be in jail imo.


    Always been good at living off other people’s money……particularly good at fooling the less than enlightened.


    Sir no less.


    One day, if there is any justice, he will get his just rewards.




  25. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    Sir David Murray pranced in with pomp and balls… John Wayne Bobbitt staggered out without.

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