McLeish, THE Grand Conspiracy. Transformational Celtic


Knowledge gaps in football don’t last forever.  We discussed this last year when reviewing the advantage Celtic earned over others by investing in the Japanese market.  On evidence from three of the four players we signed from Japan before this window, the quality recruited from there outweighs anything we have been able to acquire from European markets.

You, me and the recruitment bods at every Premiership club know this to be the case.  It is also true that Japanese clubs and scouts know there is an emerging market in Scotland.  If you had a player to move on, you would test the water here.

And so yesterday this particular sun rose for Hearts, who signed 21-year-old striker Yutaro Oda.  The undisclosed fee is likely to be well short of £1m for a player who has made only 26 starts, giving a return of 5 goals.  It should be noted Hearts had a Japanese loaner from Manchester City for season 2019-20.

Hearts fish in a different pool from Celtic.  This is effectively true of every Scottish club, including Newco, who will always lose a player to Celtic, if we are sufficiently motivated.  Still, any Scottish club that actually has money to spend on players would be mad not to learn from the lesson Celtic have very clearly taught them over the past 18 months.

This could be the last window we have an effective knowledge advantage for the Japanese market.  The real lesson from Celtic in recent times is that these gaps exist and that finding and exploiting them is transformational.

I cannot let this go without comment.  Former Rangers manager, Alex McLeish said “We’d never head down the conspiracy rabbit hole.” In response to Martin O’Neill’s unflattering comments about Scottish referees.

Those who earlier went down the conspiracy rabbit hole were able to uncover grand scale disguised renumeration during McLeish’ time as manager at Ibrox.  He often fielded entire teams with “improperly registered” players.  The conspiracy to hide second contracts extended to over 50 players and officials.  When uncovered, it led to Rangers liquidation.

As much as anyone involved in Scottish football over the last 100 years, McLeish knows the truths that lurk down conspiracy rabbit holes.  No wonder he doesn’t want to go there.  How refreshing it would be if any of these dozens of characters still peddling their thoughts to the media were asked to open up about THE Grand Conspiracy in Scottish football.

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  1. Ron, really good the Doc can set you up for the hol. Enjoy it



    Mick 1888



    I think Hatate is the player who would have the attributes to do well in the EPL

  2. Uncle Jimmy on 11th January 2023 3:18 pm









    I’ll assume you didn’t read the hilarious online article in the Sun. Detailing how the big japester was doing star jumps outside the managers room. Complete with a picture of him with a huge grin on his face.






    It was quite heart warming. Lovely to see.






    Good to see the humour in sectarian remarks.






    What fun



    That fellow lowlife McInnes, mentioned his mental health last week, the more a very serious issue gets thrown around loosely, the less people will understand

  3. MICK1888 on 11TH JANUARY 2023 5:01 PM



    The exploitation of the Japanese markets isn’t yet complete. This will be so when we sell on to a bigger league at a profit. Inevitable that this will happen. Only question is when… peak value attained yet on anyone?





    Is it any worse than exploiting tims in a taxi? Ah go on,stick the rebs on? :-)))



    Buy low sell high Mick,way of the world normally,but each contract will have its own tailoring and foibles between the 2 clubs,a % sell on to those poor wee exploited multinational sponsored club and Celtic.



    It may not happen(so far).- ideguchi


    Do you run your cab at a loss?


    Celtic cant win theyll get it whether the transfer is a success or a fail,and your post omits the whole side of the synergy- 1.the player may want to move.2 it may be his right time 3 the player may want to better himself and open up europe to him 4.The japanese FA may èncourage their stars to play football where world club football is best,Europe.



    Peak Value i prefer peak return to us,-Celtic



    Hope your busy.




  4. !!BADA BING!! on 11TH JANUARY 2023 5:35 PM



    Aipple- Bada Bing is the name of Tony Sopranos….ahem Gentleman’s Club and HQ



    :-)) its a signpost on left as you come down Burnfield


    Rd hill BB ah fot for years yir business was in there :-)




  5. bournesouprecipe on




    Alex McLeish Rainjurz legend and twice Scotland national manager ?



    EBT beneficiary £1.7M side letter seen



    Scaniel 4.22




    Hope to see you before the game. You’re buying.




    Sorry young fella, just read back, you are a no show.




    Oh how I wish I was buying!


    One of these days……in the meantime I’ll raise a glass, or two or three, in the lighthouse we’re off to in your honour( I’ll wait for the punchlines).

  7. Roll up, Roll up, don’t miss the great bargains on offer at Celtic’s winter sale, World Cup Croation star and prolific goal scorer can be had at 10 million for the pair. Never to be repeated so so get your offers in asap.

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Scaniel 6.02


    No punchlines mate. Bringing Big Jimmy down to meet you this year. That’ll be a treat. 😆👍

  9. Ron B – Good news that you’re able to get away for a break. I hope you can put your ongoing health concerns to one side and relax and of course enjoy the sunshine. Hail Hail Buddy.



    Scaniel 6.02



    No punchlines mate. Bringing Big Jimmy down to meet you this year. That’ll be a treat. 😆👍






    That’ll be a treat!

  11. Ron Biccardi .


    Enjoy your holiday as best you can , and wishing you all the very best wishes with your health issues.


    Take care .



    Tom McGlaughlin . Fair doo’s



    As for some posters calling McInnes a bigot , he’s had a big Tim from a Tim family for years as his assistant.


    McInnes knocked back the manager gig at the bigotdome , 4 years ago.


    Rumour was , that his assistant wasn’t deemed suitable.


    This might be shite . It might be accurate.


    Then again, maybe McInnes might not be a bigot.



    Oh , btw . Good article Paul .

  12. BRRB, I took my grand weans down to see Martin and the donkeys a while ago.


    A terrific afternoon was had by all.

  13. Weebobbycollins on

    Angelgabriel…unfortunately, too many are too quick to throw accusations at anyone who is not identified as a ‘tim’…sad but true. It is possible to be a ‘rangers’ supporter without being a hun or a bigot…

  14. Did we not have young supporters lifes ruined for singing Irish folk songs, charged etc. Under the offensive behaviour act. Never aloud inside a football ground again.



    Yet this Laffatme character is champing at the bit to play and has done his time. Blah blah blah



    He should not be allowed near any sporting event again, if it’s good enough for young fans then role models should follow the same rules.



    D :)

  15. Signed fae Renton, with already 2 cup winning medals, along with mccallum who had 1.



    Ta Tontine .






    Celtic’s greatest ever signing, James Kelly. When Kelly signed, all the others followed. “No Kelly, no Celtic”.


    Signed in 1888, he was the 1st captain, scored in our 1st match, served on the Celtic committee & on the 1st Celtic board in 1897, right up until he passed away in 1932



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