McLeish, THE Grand Conspiracy. Transformational Celtic


Knowledge gaps in football don’t last forever.  We discussed this last year when reviewing the advantage Celtic earned over others by investing in the Japanese market.  On evidence from three of the four players we signed from Japan before this window, the quality recruited from there outweighs anything we have been able to acquire from European markets.

You, me and the recruitment bods at every Premiership club know this to be the case.  It is also true that Japanese clubs and scouts know there is an emerging market in Scotland.  If you had a player to move on, you would test the water here.

And so yesterday this particular sun rose for Hearts, who signed 21-year-old striker Yutaro Oda.  The undisclosed fee is likely to be well short of £1m for a player who has made only 26 starts, giving a return of 5 goals.  It should be noted Hearts had a Japanese loaner from Manchester City for season 2019-20.

Hearts fish in a different pool from Celtic.  This is effectively true of every Scottish club, including Newco, who will always lose a player to Celtic, if we are sufficiently motivated.  Still, any Scottish club that actually has money to spend on players would be mad not to learn from the lesson Celtic have very clearly taught them over the past 18 months.

This could be the last window we have an effective knowledge advantage for the Japanese market.  The real lesson from Celtic in recent times is that these gaps exist and that finding and exploiting them is transformational.

I cannot let this go without comment.  Former Rangers manager, Alex McLeish said “We’d never head down the conspiracy rabbit hole.” In response to Martin O’Neill’s unflattering comments about Scottish referees.

Those who earlier went down the conspiracy rabbit hole were able to uncover grand scale disguised renumeration during McLeish’ time as manager at Ibrox.  He often fielded entire teams with “improperly registered” players.  The conspiracy to hide second contracts extended to over 50 players and officials.  When uncovered, it led to Rangers liquidation.

As much as anyone involved in Scottish football over the last 100 years, McLeish knows the truths that lurk down conspiracy rabbit holes.  No wonder he doesn’t want to go there.  How refreshing it would be if any of these dozens of characters still peddling their thoughts to the media were asked to open up about THE Grand Conspiracy in Scottish football.

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  1. @Greenpinata>>>>.


    MMMM i thought to maself…..Mcinnes…..They….their .the other team….


    them ..Never heard him mentioned celtic by name…..


    Well mabye grudgingly????





    And the journey continues

  2. Greenpinata



    What no moral reflection Gp re big ‘Eck? Or do you reserve that for Celtic season book holders in some corner of our ground? :-)



    Agreed re McInnes,not a bigot.



    What if in europe gp?




  3. McInnes not a bigot then but an utter pr*ck.



    The introduction of a refreshed Laughatme whitewash is bollocks.


    “am gonnae get oan that pitch and get stuck in, cannae wait” is abhorrent and the press are complicit.



    Never a second thought to run these stories.



    Back to watching snooker highlights and chill.

  4. @Big j ..When you see this……


    Me and wee Indie are heading up her dads grave… the morn..


    she got Roxy………………..Roxy is her baby…iv’e got my son..



    Gentlemen start your engines….The mighty Glasgow Celtic are playing Saturday at 5.30. What time are our fellow overseas Tims watching the match?






    00:30 Sunday for Tims in Jakarta, not too bad


    Midweek games are around 2 or 3 in the morning. 7 hrs difference





    Good luck with your treatment and enjoy your holiday.


    P.S. I’ve never tasted Lanzarote rock! ;-)))))



    Fred 7.12





    The bigger donkey lives in the Saltmarket. Incoming…




    You’re not far wrong there mate.





  7. SCANIEL on 11TH JANUARY 2023 8:26 PM







    Many Thanks for your kind words and generosity J.





    Hope and Trust all is well.




    HOPEFULLY, IF BRRB is happy to DRIVE me down to your place and back home again, that would be ideal, so maybe I could get to meet the HANDSOME BIG JIMMY and his Mates sooner than expected ?


    I will happily buy the ” GOOD LOOKING Big Jimmy” and his mates a sack full of Carrots etc



    Hopefully BRRB and I will see you all soon ?



  8. GREENPINATA on 12TH JANUARY 2023 12:09 AM


    My friends in Celtic,







    Firstly and most importantly, best wishes to Ron Bacardi and Hebcelt.







    When we smash the CL in the group stages with our Japanese Bhoys pivotal, then that will be when peak value will be attained.







    There is absolutely no evidence that Mcinnes is a bigot. In fact there’s arguable evidence he knocked back the Greyskull gig due to his assistant not being invited.





    Mcinnes is a boring, poor and predictable manager, but bigot, I think not.







    Paul 67, in spite of many differences with Alex McLeish, it was a well known Celtic pub who helped him in his time of need employing admirable discretion.




    I respectfully DISAGREE about McINNES.


    Whether the ” Story” about knocking back the Huns Managers Job because of Tony Docherty ( His Assistant) being a Catholic is true or not, I dont know ?


    However, you did fail to mention how happy he was when he signed and PLAYED for the Huns ?


    Being Scottish etc…HE KNEW of the BIGOTRY and RACISM that is in the Brick Work in Govan. That did NOT STOP him from joining the Old Rangers.


    NO ONE can not persuade me that he did NOT ENJOY being part of that KULTURE as a Player.


    There is an AULD Saying…


    If you lie down with a Dog with FLEAS…….you will also end up having FLEAS.





    @Big j ..When you see this……





    Me and wee Indie are heading up her dads grave… the morn..





    she got Roxy………………..Roxy is her baby…iv’e got my son.




    IF you mean that you will be in GLASGOW Today ( THURSDAY), I would gladly meet up with you, BUT….I have TWO DELIVERIES Booked for Today, and at this moment, I do NOT KNOW ” What Time” those HOME DELIVERIES will be here at my Hoose ?


    So, I am STUCK in the Hoose until LUNCH TIME at LEAST ?



    HH Mate.

  10. SCULLYBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2023 7:42 PM





    Thanks for Posting that Link Mate.



    I was in the Celtic End that night with my DA.


    As an 11 year old Bhoy, I met a couple of school Pals on the Terracing that night and our DADs were happy for us to go down to the FRONT of the Celtic End so we could see the game, while our DADs were maybe halfway up the Terracing, probably with a much better view .



    That was the night, that I BRIEFLY ” LOST” my DA’s CELTIC TOP HAT as we were leaving. It was made of HARD BOARD, and it was very heavy for young Bhoys heid.


    I was on my DA’s shoulders as we made our way thru the crowd in front of the old Main Stand. Suddenly, the TOP HAT fell off my head and I quickly made my DA aware.


    While STILL on his broad shoulders he walked back maybe 10 or 15 yards, and we came across one Man in particular and his mates who were celebrating Celtics great victory, and this one Guy had my Da’s Celtic Top Hat, and was showing it off to his mates etc as they danced along singing…….MY da quickly reclaimed The HAT without any argument with the Guy who had found it in that dark night.





    I would STILL love to know ” WHY” Celtic played in the ALL GREEN Strip that night instead of the Hoops ? Maybe the Team Captains had tossed a Coin before the teams played, as to which Team would NEED to wear their Reserve/Second Strips because of a possible colour clash ?



    THAT ALL GREEN STRIP was GREAT, and I can remember someone in my family ( Probably my DA or my Granny ?) buying for me.



    Celtic also wore that ” LUCKY ALL GREEN STRIP” ( It was deemed as Lucky, cos Celtic had NEVER been beaten when wearing it )….However, in the 1st Round of the European Cup the season AFTER Lisbon, we wore it against DYNAMO KIEV at Celtic Park. DYNAMO beat us 2 – 1 that night and Celtic were out of Europe.


    I THINK that was the LAST TIME Celtic ever wore that All Green Strip, due to finally being beaten in it ?






    When Dynamo Kiev beat Celtic 2 – 1, that was only the 1st Leg.


    Celtic went to Kiev a couple of weeks later, and although we DREW 1 – 1in the 2nd Leg……Celtic were OUT on aggregate.



  12. Good morning all from a dark but mild Garngad.



    Firstly Ron enjoy your break and keep up the good fight.



    I see St Midden have posted losses of 1.2million, well, well, well another club that would rather see empty stands than sell ticket to Celtic fans (also cut our allocation).


    Surely the remit of the Spfhell/sfa should be that all clubs do all they can to sell out their stadium to enable them to attract sponsorship for said clubs.



    Every televised away ground we go to the stands are empty apart from the stand given to Celtic, that is embarrassing and to attract sponsorship and maximise profit you should be filling the stadiums.



    The SPFHell/sfa could not run a menage/menoge and are not fit for purpose.



    As for these other clubs hell mend them.



    D :)

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Yip nutjob economics. These clubs can’t afford these losses, perhaps their eejit fans will realise that before their clubs go down the tubes.



    And it is the club not the holding subsidiary, ahem…..

  14. APRICALE on 12TH JANUARY 2023 7:59 AM



    I’d be surprised if we accepted a fee contingent upon them staying up. I don’t know if we’ve done that before or even how they’re doing. But who knows, these days? Anything’s possible when it comes to transfer fees.

  15. Evening all from a pleasant but breezy 24C Bayside.


    Big 120km motorbike errand today followed by a nice teatime dip, albeit in choppy surf; I’ll survive ;)



    If big GG thinks a stint with Sampdoria is the solution to his situ, then he and his agent’s eyes are solely on the greenbacks rather than being part of a special Ange revolution.



    Don’t let the door hit yer erse on the way out big man. HH

  16. It makes little sense to me for us to allow any club to open up talks with one of our players without us having an acceptable offer on the table first.



    A sure fire way to have a disgruntled player on your hands if talks between the clubs don’t work out.

  17. do we not have a semi final this week end ,ah thought so, any story to try and cause any kind of unrest in the camp and not for the first time and not the last.

  18. Big Jimmy at 4:57 a.m.


    Any time, mate.


    Although probably better waiting for more clement weather – you’d need scuba diving suits with the amount of rain we’ve had recently!



  19. Sampdoria dictating terms to us, tell them to take a hike. They are the ones languishing at the foot of the table, if they think Gio is the answer, then pay up. Also, if Gio thinks he is undervalued here, then what does it say about him that his worth is conditional. Better for us to get another striker in and keep Gio, we should have three top strikers at the club

  20. Poor old Sampdoria ….Get the money oot or Feck off …you are not getting one of our assets on credit. !!!…..send them the YouTube clips Celts

  21. To quote auld Wullie re both the Juranovic and Giakoumakis transfers …..something is rotten in the state of Denmark 🤔

  22. Wee read back and my last on this.



    There was a chance for the bizarrely lauded on here McInnes to back up his staunch anti-racist credentials (an ex-patron of Show Rascism the Red card) by reminding us that Lafferty was identified for a racist offense.



    He didn’t. In fact he made a) a joke about Lafferty’s recent conduct and b) gave it the victim card too that the team had to play matches whilst the guy was fit. A marked difference from his stance on anti-black racism.



    Had that happened in England the manager would have been hauled over the coals for being tone deaf.



    In Scotland, it tells me that a) McInnes doesn;t view it as racist and b) the whole effin system (SFA, MSM, Kilmarnock, etc) see anti-Irish and anti-RC racism in a lesser way.



    That’s my takeaway. If McInnes ain’t a bigot, the best I can say is that he is no advocate for anti-racism in Scotland.



    I hope, even more than ever., that we humiliate the arsehole on Saturday by burying them.



    HH troops.

  23. Straightforward solution Celtic …Firstly give disgruntled player more money and game time with a promise of move in summer / next window…Secondly tell Sampdoria to come back then …as they will have maybe avoided relegation …and then we will see if their interest is genuine and not contrived

  24. Re McInnes … an out and out blue nose cheat …like his pal McCoist …just ask some of the ex Aberdeen players…and their partners

  25. garygillespieshamstring on

    Big Jimmy



    Back then, the custom was that the home team changed.


    When we played QP in 67, the day Connery visited, we wore the green strip. I remember my first away game (apart from Shawfield and hampden) was east end park and Dunfermline wore an all blue strip in a 0-0 draw.



    The “away strip” phenomenon is more recent.

  26. bigrailroadblues on

    A reminder for anyone who wishes to go to the mini hoot in EK on Friday 20th January. Taxi shall be leaving Saltmarket at 11.30am. Let me or Big Jimmy know, there may also be a warm up in McKinnons bar from 8am.

  27. garygillespieshamstring on

    I think the supporter designed green and black vertical stripes top was also worn at home in the 70s.


    I can definitely remember us playing in a change strip at home v Kokkola but when we played Ajax in the quarter final at hampden, I have a vague memory of them wearing blue.




  28. SCANIEL on 12TH JANUARY 2023 9:42 AM


    Big Jimmy at 4:57 a.m.





    Any time, mate.





    Although probably better waiting for more clement weather – you’d need scuba diving suits with the amount of rain we’ve had recently!









    NAE bother SCANIEL.


    IF I can get BRRB outta the Pub for one day and do the Driving…even better ?




    If not, I will find a way myself by Train etc…AFTER arranging matters with you first obviously.


    I wouldnt want to come all the way to sunny Dumfries…and YOU and The GOOD LOOKING Big Jimmy, are NOT at home that Day ?





    HH Mate.

  29. What’s the chances of us signing the Korean lad , it’s definitely taking a bit of negotiating which as far as I’m concerned is not a good sign for us . One I would like to see in the hoops mind you . We can only hope .

  30. Weebobbycollins on

    Some guys just can’t help themselves.


    If you’re not one of us you are the enemy and are to be vilified.


    It’s not black and white…there are many shades in between.


    Sometimes there is a distinct whiff of sectarianism within this blog.


    There are some who do not have a protestant friend methinks.


    Shame that, so it is…

  31. BIG WAVY on 12TH JANUARY 2023 9:59 AM




    GOOD Post MATE.


    Well said indeed.



    McINNES ” BACKED UP/SUPPORTED” his Player SHAY LOGAN, when he claimed that he was APPARENTLY Racially Abused by a Celtic Player ” TONEV” ?


    I THINK McInnes said at the time that ” HE believed Logan”…..DESPITE NO Other Aberdeen Player claiming to have heard ANY Racist Remarks that day ?


    Rather than being Happy/Contented with Lafferty serving a 10 game Ban…..Kilmarnock and McInnes SHOULD have kicked Lafferty out of their Club, as the ” EVIDENCE” was crystal clear.



    As I Posted yesterday, I truly believe that Lafferty will be doing his utmost to injure any Celtic Player this Saturday ( I HOPE that I am WRONG ?)….and IF he does and is SENT AFF……..McInnes will probably leap to Laffertys ” DEFENCE”….NO MATTER what Lafferty has done.




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