Media fast and loose with Neil Lennon comments


The annual raft of idle speculation unsettling Celtic’s playing and managerial resources is well underway.  One newspaper headline today proclaimed, “Celtic boss wants Canaries to approach him”, based on Neil Lennon when talking about moving to England saying, “There has been no offer, there has been no concrete phone call or anything like that, so I haven’t really had a decision to make on it”.  Countless others have followed in a similar theme.

Neil Lennon has not really hidden the fact that he would like to manage in the FA Premier League one day, but none of the journos with pages to fill have any notion on his thoughts of dropping a division in England.  In the real world, Neil is showing no reticence in pursuing team development plans for next season.  We’ll be involved in Champions League football two months from tomorrow, the manager is busy on the matters in hand.

Best wishes to John Brown for his inspired attempts to take down Newco Rangers.  More power to you, John, I hope you have any many lemmings lined up as possible.  Some months ago the plotters had a notion that they would starve Newco shareholders into handing over the club for zilch, or £1 less than Rangers were sold to a liquidation expert for.  It remains possible that Sevco will starve, but notions that there will be an outcome for the plotters which is more desirable than an existence under the current crew are fading by the day.

Don’t forget, we’ve Tommy Gemmell, live on the blog, on Friday between 13:00 and 16:00.  He’ll be here to chat and answer your questions.

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  1. Jings..! Crivvens..! Help M’Ali-Baba..!




    That Scoundrel…BillyBhoy 05…..




    Is Now Casting Aspersions……….



    On Gorgeous George’s Cast-Iron Timmite Credentials….!






    So Ah Am..!




    Does He Not Know That Red-Tutu George….



    Was Reared In That Wee Irish Enclave Of Dundee….




    Lochee…(Or ‘Little Tipperary’,As It Was Referred To By The Locals)




    Nourished By Maggie’s Delicious Chilled Pintas…





    He Learned ‘My First Catechism’ Word-For-Word At Primary School…..



    Despite Holding Down The Onerous Post Of ‘Milk Monitor’….



    (Just Like Oor Old Friend….




    SkelpedForTalkin’B*LL )



    AND Running A Playground ‘Protection Racket’….




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    And Oor Cheeky Cockney, Ernie….



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    If He Brought A ‘Rainbow Fatwa’…



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    Ignore All This Zionist Propaganda…



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    That Time At Lennoxtoun….!




    (George Unleashes His ‘Inner Mussolini’)






    Down Wi’ ‘Prince Myshkin Returns’..





    Not sure yet that my Mum believes I spent so long with you and not drinking!



    Wouldnae have missed it,bud. You’re a lucky guy to have the missus you do. And the neighbour,btw!!



    Great time watching the match with you and PAOLOSBOOTS-without whom I would probably have cocked the trains up again…



    Catch ya next time we’re in town,mate.



    Meantime-Hail hail.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    setting free the bears supports Res. 12 & Oscar Knox


    18:41 on


    14 May, 2014


    Rock tree Bhoy


    No I don’t and I am not predicting the trial outcome.


    Merely pointing out that it is possible to use the word refugee with racist intent





    Not trying to be difficult,but I don`t see how.


    Unless it was combined with another overtly racist word.


    Intent is the key.Insult was the intent but I don`t see how the racist aspect is valid.





    ‘Not one of us’ is the implication.



    The inference can thus be argued as racist.



    IMO,as usual.

  5. BMCUW –



    Excuse me butting in, but if LG had chanted “He’s a ####### Czech” would it be racism? It can still be inferred that, by being Czech, he is “not one of us”.

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    01:19 on


    15 May, 2014



    On that logic, “We are the peepul ” is racist.


    ie. others are “not one of us.”


    As I say,I don`t quite get the racist aspect.Insulting,perhaps yes.Many football chants are insulting.



    Racism ,for me ,is defined by intent,although it is possible to be unintentionally racist.


    I had a work colleague from Fiji,who referred to herself as a “little niggah.”


    Was she guilty of racism or of being hilariously funny?

  7. gold coast tom



    18:37 on 14 May, 2014





    Saw the show aswel, loada garbage.



    Green an mccoist making out that it was fans decision to start in div3 and i couldnt believe the 9 in a row comment.



    Your spot on about ibrox aswel, everything looks really old and tacky. How lucky are we with our fabulous stadium.

  8. Gold Coast Tom/proudbhoy



    I watched it too, started off well then came the lies,half-truths and halfwits.


    Tiny the Museum Caretaker obviously doesn’t know her history.


    Nice to hear ‘the peepul’ outside Hampden singing the FS……….mutants.


    Why any Celtic supporter would wish to play Sevco/Rang3rs or whatever team that plays out of Govan I will never know.




  9. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    macjay1 for neil lennon



    01:37 on 15 May, 2014



    I don’t post often and normally skip this type of argument but it is simply not possible to be unintentionally racist.



    A racist act, or indeed omission, is one governed solely by the belief that one race is superior to another. Intent therefore is a racially neutral red herring:) Albeit one both frequently and erroneously used when attempting to establish a party’s guilt in this regard.



    In short, to be racist one has to believe that the “little niggah” is inferior and so worthy of lessor treatment, simply by virtue of her ethnicity. Pure and simple.



    Pure and simple… the model bnp voter?

  10. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good morning Desertbhoy.


    Just in, 4 magners in fridge, Celtic game on Sunday on. Oh! And rollin ;))

  11. .



    “The Georgious Samaras Story Part 2014..From Russia with Love the World was Not Enough..”






    l once Hitchhiked from the Town where Sammi was Born back Home to Glasgow..it took Nearly a Week.. a few Ferries a right few Countries and some Memorable moments on the Way. Sitting stranded at Zeebrugge being one of them..



    Cue Dozens of Celtic coaches coming off the Ferry in the Morning..”Where are yous going to..? Are Celtic in the European Cup final..?”..”No we are going to Watch Everton”



    Five Minutes Later..



    Feck it Thumb back Out..Big Merc going to Rotterdam..Yes Please..



    Sitting in a Coffee shop across the road from De Kuip Stadd..






    “l could Live here..” Hmmmm..



    Meeting Scousers l knew..Going to the Game..Getting left with a Dozen Scousers as their Coach drove away and left us in Holland..



    A 78year old Liverpudlian chose to go with Me as we all Split up trying to get home (Not many credit cards in they Days..Ha)..



    ‘I’ll get You home” l told Him..(It was His Son in Law that was Bus Convener..Ha)..



    Shaking his Hand as His Daughter picked him up on the M6..



    Getting stuck on the A74 just outside Larkhall (Nae Mobile phone to call the Parent pick up Line)..



    Seeing My Wee Man for the First time in a Year..



    The Obligatory 2 Rolls and Square Sausage one with Tomato sauce and one with Brown..






    Moral of the Story..



    It was Time to Move on..



    Good Luck to My Bhoy Georgious..Hopefully a Stint in Spain where he will be Appreciated more and will Suit his Style of Football better..



    Have a Guid World Cum Sammi..






    This will be My last Post on the Blog..No reason Just time to Move on..Its been a Blast had some great times/chats on here and are Great mates with some of the Chancers l have Met..









    Summa of Samaras

  12. Sorry to hear that Summa, thanks for all you did for my Ghirl. Hope you at least keep lurking. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  13. Summa – Sorry to read that pal. I have never met you but we have had a couple of exchanges over the years and I know you are everything a Celtic supporter should be.



    Take care .

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    03:49 on


    15 May, 2014


    macjay1 for neil lennon


    01:37 on 15 May, 2014


    I don’t post often and normally skip this type of argument but it is simply not possible to be unintentionally racist.






    Did we not chat before about “stopping the boats.”?



    Unintentional racism.Personal experience.


    Chinese restaurant,Sydney.


    Chinese lady at the front counter smilingly says to me:


    “Good that your son look more like you than your (moreno) wife.”


    She thought she was paying him a compliment.


    What do you reckon?


    For me,of course,it was simply amusing.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Summa of Sammi….


    05:04 on


    15 May, 2014



    Sorry,indeed, to hear that.


    Try to keep in touch nevertheless.


    Keep well,pal.

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Good luck Summa, my ole time lord.



    I look forward to your next re-generation.

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Thebhoywithmcgraininhisside – the poor bloke that got sacked from the bbc was unintentionally racist.



    He should have played oliver’s

  18. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    macjay1 for neil lennon



    05:42 on 15 May, 2014



    Maybe it was a racist comment, maybe it wasn’t. However, if it was, it was intentional.






    05:54 on 15 May, 2014



    Regarding the old dude at the bbc, me thinks he was partaking of the brown acid… He plays a tune. Hears that the version played contains a potentially naughty word. Brings this to the attention of his superiors. They laugh it off and tell him to chill-axe to some jazz, nice… Indignant he issues the ultimatum “I must be allowed to apologise on air for something that apparently only I find fault with, or I shall resign.” He resigns.



    Reportedly in a past life he was a failed member of the Judean People’s Front. Which given the oxymoronic nature of being a successful member of said organisation might not be a bad thing…

  19. Good Morning all. Celtic succes from not far past. Celtic and Neil Lennon were better and smarter than Spartak Moscow and coach at that time Unai Emeri. Now Unai Emeri takes LE UEFA Cup with Sevilla. Looks like Lennon is better coach and strateg than Emeri :-)

  20. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    Summa of Sammi….


    05:04 on


    15 May, 2014



    Have a goodun.

  21. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    According to wiki:



    “Béla Guttmann as a manager earned a reputation for his self-confidence and his brash style, leading to comparisons with José Mourinho.”



    In his defence however, José was only 18 when Mr. Guttmann died and has since developed the art of douchebaggery to a level previously considered unreachable…

  22. Taurangabhoy on

    Summa 001 bhoy take care of yoursel. I for one will miss your witty , easy going posts, you have a great way of lightening things up on the blog. I hope it is just your last post for a while , taking a long Summa vacation and that you will be back on here again. Hail Hail. If you are ever in Tauranga come and say hello.

  23. West Wales Celt on



    Been knocking about here for many a year.


    Will greatly miss your musings.


    Will likewise miss the gorgeous Greek.


    Sorry to see you both leave.

  24. Good morning friends from a moist but dry overhead and ‘looking good’ East Kilbride.

  25. bournesouprecipe on

    Fly me to the moon


    And let me play among the stars


    Let me see what spring is like


    On Jupiter and Mars



    In other words, hold my hand


    In other words, darling , kiss me



    Fill my heart with song


    and let me sing forever more


    You are all I long for


    All I worship and adore



    In other words, please be true


    In other words, I love you



    Fill my heart with song


    Let me sing forever more


    You are all I long for


    All I worship and adore



    In other words, please be true


    In other words, I love you


    In other words, I love you.

  26. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    From last night.



    I’m sure that Neil feels frustrated at his lack of spending money.


    That is the case with most managers, at most clubs on the planet.



    He will leave, for all the reasons you quoted.


    My point was that, after having two recent meetings with DD and PL, he would have been given the go ahead for next season, probably, and, if so, one would expect that he, in return, would have given his commitment



    Do you think that the timing of JM’s departure is significant in the theory that whoever comes in will eventually replace Neil, perhaps twelve months from now.






    His responses to media speculation are on a par with how MON handled such drivel.