Media fast and loose with Neil Lennon comments


The annual raft of idle speculation unsettling Celtic’s playing and managerial resources is well underway.  One newspaper headline today proclaimed, “Celtic boss wants Canaries to approach him”, based on Neil Lennon when talking about moving to England saying, “There has been no offer, there has been no concrete phone call or anything like that, so I haven’t really had a decision to make on it”.  Countless others have followed in a similar theme.

Neil Lennon has not really hidden the fact that he would like to manage in the FA Premier League one day, but none of the journos with pages to fill have any notion on his thoughts of dropping a division in England.  In the real world, Neil is showing no reticence in pursuing team development plans for next season.  We’ll be involved in Champions League football two months from tomorrow, the manager is busy on the matters in hand.

Best wishes to John Brown for his inspired attempts to take down Newco Rangers.  More power to you, John, I hope you have any many lemmings lined up as possible.  Some months ago the plotters had a notion that they would starve Newco shareholders into handing over the club for zilch, or £1 less than Rangers were sold to a liquidation expert for.  It remains possible that Sevco will starve, but notions that there will be an outcome for the plotters which is more desirable than an existence under the current crew are fading by the day.

Don’t forget, we’ve Tommy Gemmell, live on the blog, on Friday between 13:00 and 16:00.  He’ll be here to chat and answer your questions.

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    Popular meetings?






    Just ask my bank manager about this year’s Gold Cup…



    Another smashing day,right enough.

  2. Bjm


    Oh broader church fine by me. I think if we can get guys in who are happy to commit to a flat season, or a jump season, maybe 6 months, it makes life easier. Don’t want people tied in to contracts, because circumstances change, but at the same time don’t want everyone dropping out after the first run!





    Syndicate the syndicate.



    No reason why a share can’t be paid for by a coupla friends as long as they remember it is still only one share.

  4. Bobby



    Definitely bud. Good idea actually, only problem being there may not be enough badges on race day.



    Anyhow, been scanning the various bits and pieces of info for tomorrow, and leaving aside Dawn Commander and Colebrooke, as separate singles and doubles, the horses I shall be backing tomorrow, in an each way patent, are



    Sarista, Folk Melody and Sound reflection.



    6/1, 13/2 and 5/1 respectively.



    I ain’t too enamoured by Sarista being drawn in stall 1, but she’s a lightning quick little filly and York could be a good course for her. She should get into her stride quickly and could run a decent race at 6/1. Twiggy wiggy hard to beat, but poor value so I prefer the each way odds on Sarista.



    Folk Melody is a horse I like. Ran a great race on debut but not sure what went wrong next time out. Been entered for a couple of Ascot races and was initially considered a classic contender but that poor run had them scratching their heads. I know they hope for better tomorrow. Again, 13/2 each way appeals as part of an ew multiple.




    Finally Sound reflection



    I really like this horse. Again, perhaps a little disappointing last time, but expect a sharper effort tomorrow. Hopefully, she can react a bit quicker to what’s going on around her at the business end, than she did last run. 5/1 just a little skinny in my opinion, but in like her so I’ll stick her in as the final part of the patent.





    Badge problem is why I suggested they need to remember they are only a part of one share.



    If,for example,I was a member of the syndicate and was unable to go along on the day,I would expect someone else to use it.



    Not an insurmountable problem,mate.



    Good luck tomorrow.

  6. What is the Stars on

    I have been given these 2 for tomorrow



    Red Tornado 1.30 Newbury


    Gran Canaria Queen Hamilton 9.10



    Best of luck

  7. Wits



    Gran canariaqueen



    I’m sure tttt was on that when we had our night out at Hamilton. I think it won at 14/1.



    How are you bud? Not seen you around the blog for a while. Independence chat drove you away:-))






    It could be a way for sure of keeping the cost down to allow more people a wee shot at ownership.

  8. WITS,



    I see Red Tornado opened up on Bet365 at 50/1 and then was quickly gambled in !!!!


    unfortunately I missed that price but had an e/w flutter at 14/1







  9. whitedoghunch on

    I would consider renewing my licence and getting back in the saddle for a CQN pony

  10. TnT….. Beers on me should we ever meet up.






    04:14 on 17 May, 2014


    Good morning Timland……



    And it really is….. with many thanks to TnT…. Coupled the Commander with the aptly named Bears Affair for what they (and me) call a nice little earner!!



    Could this summer get even betterererer…….!

  11. Tnt…. Didn’t see the race as close to midnight for me, couldn’t keep the eyes open, but a pleasant surprise to wake up too.



    Lost lustrous at 20/1 earlier, couldn’t even get a placer in the Yankee. Did manage gospel choir though.

  12. TnT,



    I did the same – had dawn commander on the nose and Colebrooke e/w


    Then a nice wee e/w double – cool :-)



    Thanks very much !!!!





  13. BTW



    I posted a couple of irish horses we got word for last night – one winner / one loser



    But I posted it on the next thread – my logic being that thread was now the second last one – or it could have been because I was in the pub :-)



    Sorry if you guys missed them.