Media fast and loose with Neil Lennon comments


The annual raft of idle speculation unsettling Celtic’s playing and managerial resources is well underway.  One newspaper headline today proclaimed, “Celtic boss wants Canaries to approach him”, based on Neil Lennon when talking about moving to England saying, “There has been no offer, there has been no concrete phone call or anything like that, so I haven’t really had a decision to make on it”.  Countless others have followed in a similar theme.

Neil Lennon has not really hidden the fact that he would like to manage in the FA Premier League one day, but none of the journos with pages to fill have any notion on his thoughts of dropping a division in England.  In the real world, Neil is showing no reticence in pursuing team development plans for next season.  We’ll be involved in Champions League football two months from tomorrow, the manager is busy on the matters in hand.

Best wishes to John Brown for his inspired attempts to take down Newco Rangers.  More power to you, John, I hope you have any many lemmings lined up as possible.  Some months ago the plotters had a notion that they would starve Newco shareholders into handing over the club for zilch, or £1 less than Rangers were sold to a liquidation expert for.  It remains possible that Sevco will starve, but notions that there will be an outcome for the plotters which is more desirable than an existence under the current crew are fading by the day.

Don’t forget, we’ve Tommy Gemmell, live on the blog, on Friday between 13:00 and 16:00.  He’ll be here to chat and answer your questions.

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  1. Macjay



    at 15. 05






    Nice tae great Ye..as alwiz.



    Yes.. of Course.. Ah Agree wi thee..



    The Least said.. The Easier it is..



    Tae Remember.. whit ye said!



    Neil, is Being Coy.. n.. Kojo, Hates.. Coy!



    The Biggest Laugh.. well. No the Biggest wan.. but.. mebbe..



    How aboot …A We Grin, Then?



    concerning this whole thingy.. is






    If Neil, Managed tae get a Management Position in the E.P.L..



    Ah wid.. Vouchsafe ..that..



    He wid Struggle… tae Keep His Heid Above the Waater,in that Sargassum Polluted… Sea.



    Ah hope that He is A Strong Swimmer.



    NIce Chattin’, Pal






  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Ganghut stocked up…


    Just not had the weather to get outside yet..

  3. geordie munro



    15:16 on 14 May, 2014


    How long can you keep a chicken in the freezer for?




    A couple of hours usually kills it..

  4. Geordie Munro on

    Cheers desertbhoy,



    Aye I stuck it in only yesterday but it’s deid already!



    JimbowenjokebookforXmas. Csc






    12:27 on



    14 May, 2014








    Remember the effect on the locale when the US Navy left The Holy Loch.



    *aye teenage pregnancies went doon :-)))

  6. Geordie Munro on




    I think I’ll cook it with some….erm….what’s that veg that makes yer eyes water……aye turnip.

  7. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    Geordie Munro


    15:16 on


    14 May, 2014


    How long can you keep a chicken in the freezer for?






    You should get some belters :-) :) (a smilie for all seasons)

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I keep a few case in mini BT’s old wendy hut…



    Always beer whisky vodka gin cider etc in the house.


    never any brandy much to the ole yins annoyance. …

  9. Geordie……..



    I guess it depends on how hungry I am………



    ( the average time is about a quarter of an hour.)

  10. The No.13 Shorts on

    Who wouldn’t vote for an independent Scotland, all things being equal. It’s the fear of the unknown and the mortgage commitment that renders many a romantic nationalist an impotent unionist.

  11. Gary Hooper wiz O.K.






    Lee ,is .. A Loat mair.. O.K.er!



    Lee, Tracks back. Lee,



    He is a Hard Worker..






    Gimme, a Guy LIke Lee.. who Plays the Game..



    The Wey.. Kojo, Wid..



    That is…






    Well.. Ye Know the rest!






  12. Geordie Munro on




    I put it down to the fact most on here are double my age they know all the rrrrrubbish jokes ;)

  13. Geordie… Good job I had the iPad spellchecker there. or that might have been another one for your pound “wow” factors!!

  14. geordie munro



    15:23 on 14 May, 2014





    I think I’ll cook it with some….erm….what’s that veg that makes yer eyes water……aye turnip.




    One of the best stories ever… Andy Cameron radio show?

  15. Geordie Munro on




    I think it was.



    A mate of mine cracked one about a snooker table and balls live on one of his roadshows.



    Place erupted. He musta only been 7ish at the time.

  16. blantyretim is praying for the knox family



    15:25 on 14 May, 2014




    I keep a few case in mini BT’s old wendy hut…



    Always beer whisky vodka gin cider etc in the house.


    never any brandy much to the ole yins annoyance. …





    Got big stocks of cognac and malts at home, problem is I’m never there long enough to deplete them, but still keep adding more.



    Re the gang hut.. Better make sure there’s a padlock on it re BMCUW post.

  17. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    Totally agree with you. No one should be subjected to personal abuse because others disagree with their views.

  18. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    Good article about Seville. Some home truths about the “special one”:






    2003: PORTO 3 CELTIC 2 (aet)


    It is only with the benefit of distance that it’s possible to fully appreciate just how good the Celtic and Porto teams that contested the 2003 final really were.



    Porto, and their then relatively unknown coach Jose Mourinho, went on to bigger and better things, winning the Champions League the following season and turning Mourinho into the ‘Special One’ and sending him on a personal crusade around Europe over the next decade.



    Though Martin O’Neill would win one more Scottish title in 2003-04 (his third in his five seasons in Glasgow) this was surely the highlight of his time at Celtic, even if it ended without a trophy.



    A team containing Mjallby, Balde, Lambert, Lennon, Petrov and Sutton, with the phenomenon that was Henrik Larsson up front, had swept through a European campaign, seemingly defying the odds at almost every round.



    Lithuanian side Sudova had been brushed aside 10-1 on aggregate before Graeme Souness’s Blackburn were comprehensively beaten.



    Celta Vigo were beaten on away goals before a remarkable night in Stuttgart saw O’Neill’s side advance to the quarter-final with a 5-4 aggregate victory.



    Liverpool, runners-up in the Premier League the previous season, were beaten 2-0 at Anfield to secure a 3-1 aggregate win before a tight win over Boavista secured Celtic’s place in Seville.



    They were joined there by over 80,000 fans in what is still likely to be the greatest migration of supporters to ever attend a European final. Or at least watch it on TV in a bar in the city where the final is being held.



    They may not have quite realised the frustration that lay in store. While Celtic were the honest, hard-working team done good, they came up against a Porto side well versed in the dark arts of European football. This was a brutal lesson, a slap in the face to show Celtic, and the world in general, the lengths a Mourinho side would go to in pursuit of victory. Deco, in particular, dived and rolled his way through a pulsating final, going to ground at the merest suggestion that he might be tackled.



    In searing heat, the Brazilian Derlei opened the scoring on the stroke of half-time, before Larsson, inevitably, levelled just after the break with a stunning header. Dimitri Alenichev restored Porto’s lead, courtesy of Deco’s assist, but it lasted just three minutes before Larsson, again, equalised with a header from a corner.



    Bobe Balde was sent off five minutes into extra time, and when Derlei got his second after 115 minutes, Celtic were unable to find a response.

  19. TheBarcaMole on

    desertbhoy, aye a short relocate indeed… Had to see for myself though! Bluewater resort is about 15 minutes from my house in Cebu… Regards to the Dubs… Cheers… TBM


    THE No 13 SHORTS



    Precisely my argument.



    Nothing wrong with the concept. Plenty wrong with the timing.



    I do not know when the time will be right again,quite honestly. But IMO it certainly is not now.



    Caveat-I don’t have a vote. My opinion is tbh invalid.

  21. Billy Bhoy 05 on

    Gold coast Tom



    Noted you are coming back home and I wish you all the best in your retirement. It will be great to go Parkhead with your bhoys. You also mentioned that you didn’t have a vote in the referendum so I made an enquiry.


    To qualify to vote you must be on electoral register on or before September 2.



    Enquiries can be made on 0131 344 2500 or enquiries at lothian-vjb.gov.uk



    All the best to you and your family

  22. traditionalist88 on

    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar


    15:30 on


    14 May, 2014


    Forget Hooper, he ain’t ever comin’ back.





    Source? ;)








    Would you be so keen if it was me who was coming back?



    Kidding,btw. Enjoyed our chat earlier-as always-and see ya before I go back to foreign.

  24. Billy Bhoy 05



    Thanks for getting back to me, but, personally it appears that none of the issues that I raise in response to your campaigning comments for a Yes vote are ever addressed in anything you say back to me.



    However, for clarity, I criticize the ill informed (non) debate on proposed independence which takes a highly complex and emotionally charged topic and seeks to use any means, including evasion, obfuscation and jingoism to ensure that (in this case) the Yes side wins. You are the lead proponent for a Yes vote on here and make sure that your stance gets an airing on here every day. You tacitly invite replies by taking that unsolicited stance, but I really wonder how capable you are at handling the issue. You are being provocative in your comments, but seem intolerant of others who provoke you.



    If these replies pose questions that you cannot or will not answer, no amount of bluster and waffle from you will change that situation. That is where I have come to. I asked simple questions and either got no answers at all or answers that themselves presented more difficulties and provoked further questions. We went through this at various times yesterday, and I ended up with no sound or meaningful answers to my initial questions AND a whole raft of new unanswered questions. Mostly, you chose to ignore my questions and answer questions I hadn’t asked at all.



    Moving on to the nub of things from my last post.



    You criticize the very thing in others that you yourself are guilty of, and yet it seems that this escapes you or you are willfully blind to it.



    Ernie has his own style and politics, about which everyone on here is very familiar, and if you no longer want to engage with him about your Yes vote campaigning that go ahead. I criticized your post on here advising all those posters who were “Independence minded” to have nothing to do with Ernie and not answer his posts. That post of yours was stifling free discussion on here, and today, you merely justify your actions because you are angry at Ernie. Really? That’s what this is about – your anger?



    Your post at 19.32 yesterday was entirely typical of your own double standards. “Bitter Together” was how you labeled CQN posters and deliberately included them in your list with the BNP, UKIP, EDL and the Orange Order – simply because those posters seem to have a different view to you. You didn’t like being labeled in a derogatory fashion, and neither do the rest of us. Contrary to your expressed desire today, there was nothing courteous about that post.



    You insist on shifting the responsibility on yourself to substantiate your campaigning sound bites, by firing off a bunch of questions to those who question you. You don’t get it. You are the one with a campaign mindset here, so if you say something and will not admit that it is just your opinion/entrenched view, and respond aggressively (even in a passive manner) to being challenged, then your original position is entirely weakened.


    When I ask for the source of your “facts” which you throw around, you actually provide none, and then today you suggest that I should go and find the source myself. Wow!



    You want change and you promote that change on here. I merely ask reasonable questions about things you say. The onus is on you to prove your case for a Yes vote, since you are pushing it, just as the onus is on the prosecution to prove the guilt of a defendant. So far, you have relied on pseudo patriotism, evasion, bombast, tabloid economic sound bites, boycotts and name calling. I’m sure you are a good guy, but you cannot keep punching people in the mouth and then moaning because they punch you back or even just tell you they don’t like it. My response was no diatribe, rather it was a reasoned response to your bitter and angry castigation of those who do not share your political view. However, if it suits your purposes and makes the day go better for you, then call it what you want. It really does seem that that is how you negotiate your way through any interaction on here.



    I do not need to wear a kilt to be Scotsman and I do not need to give an unconditional Yes vote to be one either. Neither a Yes or a NO would make me more or less Scots, regardless of how you or those you mix with want to present it. If I have reservations then I like to address them as best I can, particularly when the implications for any decision I make are so hugely significant. We have huge social problems in Scotland and nothing will change for the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, the sick, the disadvantaged whether it’s a Yes or a No vote.



    You give the impression by your responses and conduct on here of being someone who needs to go and ask someone else when awkward questions are put to you.


    Bringing along someone more politically astute to a meeting with another poster reinforces that impression. You may feel passionately about your views, but you seem to lack any real notion of how you can justify the things you say. That is just how it seems.



    Scotland has for many years reveled in Anglophobia, and it seems that a lot of the Yes vote supporters are descended from that type of Scottishness. I always thought that Anglophobia an odious aspect to Scottishness, and much less Celtic than I was comfortable with.



    On which point…



    Yours in Celtic



  25. bournesouprecipe on

    On Sunday Celtic supporters were queuing up at the ole Kerrydale Bar – bican.



    Oooh Arrrrrrr Samaraarrrrrraaaasssss



    I said Oooh Arrrrrrr Samaraarrrrrraaaasssss

  26. Last Buzz…… according tae Newpaper Reports..



    Celtic, want..



    Jeff Louis… a Young, 21 Year-old..



    He plays fur.. Nancy..






    Hold oan tae yer.. Frilly Under-Things, Folks!!!



    He is a..









    n…He wull coast?



    Three Million..is the Estimate.



    Well… If this Rumour hiz Pins.. Which, Ah doot..






    If Celtic dae Go fur this Kid…



    Wull there be a Locker Fur Him, Available at Parkheid oan the Clyde???



    Unless, we hiv a real.. August Sale-Ethon… oor Locker Space is Awe well Booked up.



    Seems tae Me.. that we are



    Up tae Here..n Here..n THERE ..tae..









    When everybuddy knows that we Need anither Left Back..






  27. Billy Boy



    15:32 on 14 May, 2014



    ‘No one should be subjected to personal abuse because others disagree with their views.’








    Billy Boy


    20:48 on 26 April, 2014






    I live in Scotland which is a fantastic country and will improve a thousandful when we get rid of Unionists like yourself.’

  28. Jc2.



    City bypass south (720).


    Take A7 north left at sheriff hall roundabout.


    Follow signs for old town at cameron toll bridge.


    Commie pool mile and half on yer right, bingo!!!.



    Big sean.



    Cabbie extraordinaire.

  29. Richie #TeamOscarForever on



    15:47 on


    14 May, 2014



    I saw that queue. Was it just for the bar? Must have been mobbed!

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