Media placeholders ahead of more foreboding news


I have lost track of who each of the newspapers back in the battle over the bones of Newco.  Have the Record always been so critical of Dave King or is this a new phenomenon?  Yesterday’s piece in that ‘paper, which left responsibility for Newco’s plight at the door of chairman King, read like a placeholder ahead of more foreboding news.

You and I knew how King’s tenure would play out.  We rooted for him as he rallied fans and all pliable outlets to subvert the club into a position he would be able to buy a controlling interest. We want him to stay forever (which in a corporate sense may not be that long).

Now the future is writ so large even those previously sceptical can see it.  Towards the end of next month the Scottish Cup semi-finals will take place and season book renewal forms will arrive across the country.  A similar scenario convinced the Easdales to give up the fight three years ago; ultimately, they were pragmatic.  From what we know about King, I don’t expect a similar abdication.  He will stay until it is impossible for him to do otherwise, irrespective of the best interests of the club.

Which is a good thing.  His team is so much fun to watch.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on



    Why was Hamilton allowed to rape weans in Dunblane? Why was Torbett allowed to rape weans? Why was Louis Mountbatten and his nephew Prince Andrew allowed to rape weans? Establishment coverup.

  2. jamesgang



    Grew up in East Dunbartonshire were Hamilton was also active. I remember when Dunblane happened I and all the other boys I knew who went to his clubs shared stories of weird stuff (not strictly speaking abuse I must add) that had gone on at those clubs, but nobody had said anything beforehand.



    I think there are a lot of stories that go untold until prompted.

  3. Delaneys Dunky



    The establishment is more accustomed to avoiding embarrassment than doing what is right.





    Files buried for a century? Shocking.

  5. SFTB


    It’s maybe a good time to raise this difficult topic on the blog.


    If there is a thorough inquiry into historic child abuse, it is clear that Celtic will be invited to contribute. Surely our club should co-operate fully with it. I don’t know if a statement from Celtic would help or hinder any investigation.


    If Celtic did wrong, then any mistakes should be admitted, and compensation paid to victims. Then we can move on knowing that right has been done, albeit rather late in the day. Celtic may well draw flak from some quarters but this is less important, IMO, than ensuring that the victims of abuse are helped to recover from their ordeals, if at all possible. We are a major cultural institution and employer in Scotland and have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all employees and visitors to our premises.


    Perhaps the way forward is to consult victims groups to solicit their views.

  6. Delaneys Dunky on

    DavidO and BMCUW



    Saville was knighted ffs


    British establishment is rotten to its core. Hope Prince Andrew or Torbett bump into me one day.

  7. DD


    You’re a good guy,mate; no chance of you ever bumping into Saville. Andy boy seems to have disappeared from royal duties; perhaps his lifestyle can’t stand much public scrutiny.


    Great to see you posting again and I look forward to seeing you before long.

  8. Cup Semi Final tickets now on sale for those who bought tickets for Brechin, Thistle and Morton games via HCTC. Reasonably priced at £20/£10 for East Stand or £30/£15 for North/South Stands

  9. Delaneys Dunky on



    Andy is a peadophile


    His uncle Mountbatten and Ted Heath showed him how to do it. Good men like you and I are vìllified for breaking the speed limit or some other shite. The establishment guys are seen as above the law. Britain is rotten Gerry



  10. South Of Tunis on

    JAMESGANG @9.35



    “The seventies were—— ” .



    Fabulously described and appraised ( IMO)-in this



    Francis Wheen — Strange Days Indeed.

  11. SFTB



    A thoughtful and in some ways disturbing post which brought back memories of one of the worst weeks of my ‘football’ life many years ago. The boys club (the one you gave me some info on last year) I was coach with was going abroad for a tournament. The night before we were leaving I was taken aside and told that the physio from a well known Scottish club who had agreed to accompany us on the trip was, in fact, a suspected paedophile. I was gobsmacked and angry at the same time because I was being put on the spot and being responsible for these boys, Every waking moment, and some non-woken moments, I was on constant guard, making sure that this guy was never, ever alone with any of the boys. Thankfully we were all sleeping in classroom accommodation so no one was isolated, but I was never so glad to get back to Glasgow in my life. To be fair, to date, the guy in question has never been in the news regarding historic child abuse.

  12. Delaneys Dunky on



    Love The Doors. Strange Days Indeed.


    People are Strange when you’re a Stranger!

  13. DD


    I agree, Gary. That’s why I’m not hyper critical of our board and its reaction to the blatant cheating by the huns and the SFA. What chance do these guys have in the face of much more serious corruption in other spheres of public life?


    FWIW, I don’t think Heath is guilty, rather he has been put up as a distraction from the main perps like Brittain and other members of Thatcher’s cabinet. If senior BBC people suspected Saville and others, then those at the top of Govt knew the full story, no matter how forcefully they deny it. Did Labour cabinet ministers from the 1970s know? If so, and they did nothing, then hell mend them.

  14. £7 for “secure delivery” what a carve up.








    THE Bhoys are back at Hampden next month (Sunday, April 15) where they’ll face Rangers in the semi-final of the William Hill Scottish Cup (KO 2:30pm).



    Wins over Brechin City, Partick Thistle and Morton have seen the Hoops safely into the final four of the competition and semi-final tickets are on sale now to Season Ticket holders on the Home Cup Ticket Scheme who meet the specific ticketing criteria below.



    Qualifying Ticketing Criteria



    Tickets are available to buy now, on a first-come, first-served basis, to those Season Ticket holders who, via the Home Cup Ticket Scheme, purchased tickets for all three matches against Brechin City (Jan 20), Partick Thistle (Feb 10) and Morton (Mar 3).



    Tickets are subject to availability as we do not have sufficient allocation of tickets for this match to accommodate all Season Ticket holders who meet this criteria.



    Subject to availability, the deadline for those who meet the criteria to purchase their ticket is 5pm on Monday, March 26.



    Tickets are priced as follows:



    North / South Stand – £30 for Adults and £15 for Concessions†



    East Stand – £20 for Adults and £10 for Concessions†



    †Concessions tickets include Under-16s and over-65s. Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.



    Tickets can be purchased online at*, by calling the booking line on 0871 226 1888* (option 1) or from the Ticket Office at Celtic Park.



    There is no ticket reprint facility, therefore all tickets booked online or via the booking line will be subject to a £7 special delivery fee. The club makes no money from this fee. Supporters who do not wish to pay this fee should purchase their tickets directly from the Ticket Office.



    No collection facility is available for tickets purchased online or through the booking line.



    Payment for semi-final tickets will NOT be collected by Direct Debit and tickets will NOT be allocated automatically. All qualifying Home Cup Ticket Scheme members must pay for their tickets at the time of booking online, over the phone on 0871 226 1888* (Option 1) or in person at the Celtic Park Ticket Office before the deadline of 5pm on Monday, March 26.



    There will be no general sale of tickets for this match. Click HERE for further information on Scottish Cup Semi-Final ticketing arrangements.



    *Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. Booking fees apply online and via the sales line.





    I agree that the £7 is way over the top,and I presume is levied by the organisers of the tournament. That’ll be the SFA,then.



    Still a bit cheaper than a league game between the two clubs. Surprisingly.

  16. Hot Smoked, Delays, BRTH – fancy a wee catch up in Coias a week on Saturday before the game? ACGR is in Sunny Spain, so the company will be good! ???





  17. SS-G67- got my ticket an hour ago, better seats available now……so much for the early bird….

  18. Delaneys Dunky on



    My name is Garry



    Blair anď Brown can rot in hell


    Anthony Wedgewooď Benn and John Smith are the two best Prime Ministers we never had.





    Knighted by Thatcher,who also made sure he was a regular visitor to Chequers. Along with other alleged perps in the cabinet and beyond. Eddie Shah,for instance. McAlpine,and many more.



    She certainly could pick her company.



    That’s why I agree with GER57 about Heath. Throw a dead man to the wolves,throw them off the scent.

  20. Jamesgang, also similar occurrences in the late 60s in the football team at Holy Cross. Creepy little b…..d maths teacher. HH

  21. Re child abuse.



    Let us be under no illusion that systematic child abuse took place ( and still does) across the whole of the UK. There is now far too much evidence pointing to those in power and the Establishment for it to be refuted. I believe that the perpetrators wormed their way into – or were placed – in positions were access to children, especially vulnerable ones, was easiest.



    I would argue that there is not a single organisation the length and breadth of this country that hasn;t been affected ( be that football/rugby/athletic clubs , Boys Brigades, Scouts, drama groups, educational centres, Churches etc).



    However, such is the cover up and the need to protect those at the top that a few perpetrators are ‘thrown under the bus’ every now and again to assure the public that something is being done. For every Priest and Jimmy Saville there is a high ranking Mason, Police Chief, Education leader, Social Work Director, Law maker going about their business as they’ve always done.



    To have the public think this is just a Celtic/Catholic problem is exactly what is intended in Scotland, just like the myth that it’s just a problem of dead entertainers and politicians in England.





    Loved The Doors since the mid-70s. It’s why Mags and I got on so well,I reckon. Nothing to do with our perverse sense of humour(!)



    Right to the fore of anti-establishment,and at the right time.



    Gimme The Velvet Underground and The Doors,maybe the only US bands I had much time for from that era.



    Not to be confused with my lifetime love of His Bobness,of course.

  23. Interesting story from a Bob Marley bio I read…



    As a up and coming artist struggling to make his way Marley had signed up with producer Leslie Kong who had a bit of a stranglehold on the music scene in Jamaica at the time.



    Kong being a bit of a dodgy geezer didn’t pay Marley for some songs he’d recorded for him.


    Marley approached him on his own and asked for the money he was owed and Kong team handed gave him a short shrift.



    Marley fixed Kong with a stare and stated before he left that he could see them working again in the future,Kong would gain wealth hitherto unseen by him but wouldn’t be able to enjoy that wealth. This revelation and the tone of it’s delivery left Kong startled.



    And so it was some years later there paths crossed again and Kong released a Wailers best of against the bands wishes.


    Some weeks after that Kong’s accountant came to tell him the ‘ good ‘ news that he had just became a millionaire. That very day Kong went home unwell and died of a heart attack at thirty something ,with no history of heart trouble the docs were mystified.



    Possibly a coincidence but it gave me chills when I read it.








    Honestly,I couldn’t say. Heard rumours,nothing surprises me,but as I said earlier,it’s difficult to found accusation.



    Of course,we all know how The Establishment tends to work,which doesn’t make it easier.



    That’s why I still have my belief in a righteous God. They might get away with it here-A Brief History of Time-but eternity is a long time to have regrets.

  25. Delaneys Dunky on




    My Geography teacher at Saint Thomas Aquinas tried to touch me up. I knocked him out and got suspended fae school. 10 years after I left school he was jailed for raping a pupil. I wish I hit him harder.


    See you in 102 soon pal.








    He’ll mend him anaw,btw.



    Off to phone another D-bhoy…