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I have lost track of who each of the newspapers back in the battle over the bones of Newco.  Have the Record always been so critical of Dave King or is this a new phenomenon?  Yesterday’s piece in that ‘paper, which left responsibility for Newco’s plight at the door of chairman King, read like a placeholder ahead of more foreboding news.

You and I knew how King’s tenure would play out.  We rooted for him as he rallied fans and all pliable outlets to subvert the club into a position he would be able to buy a controlling interest. We want him to stay forever (which in a corporate sense may not be that long).

Now the future is writ so large even those previously sceptical can see it.  Towards the end of next month the Scottish Cup semi-finals will take place and season book renewal forms will arrive across the country.  A similar scenario convinced the Easdales to give up the fight three years ago; ultimately, they were pragmatic.  From what we know about King, I don’t expect a similar abdication.  He will stay until it is impossible for him to do otherwise, irrespective of the best interests of the club.

Which is a good thing.  His team is so much fun to watch.

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  1. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Good morning CQN



    Looking for a builder that will fit a new UPVC double glazed velux window/skylight( or equivalent) in one of the bedrooms. G77 area



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  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I have nothing to add to what has already been posted in reply to SFTB’s contribution.


    Every response has been measured and, I believe, heartfelt.



    What I would like to say is, how pleased I am to see CQN return to the level of when I first joined up, shortly after it started.



    Courteous, civil debate, where everyone’s view was valid, even if disagreed on.



    That is what encouraged it’s growth to become THE most influential Celtic web site.


    It is fair to say, I think, that it lost ground on that aspect.



    However, with care, it can, once again, become to place for open, honest debate on all things Celtic… horses, dogs, cats and obscure music tastes! : > )

  3. Lionsroar67



    Happy Birthday my friend and i was sorry to read the news in HTs post today and thank you NorrieM for texting as i have not been posting recently.Will try and get over and see you if your looking in.



    As Delaneys Dunky said you were part of an epic day in Lisbon,(jeez ye even got to stay on lol:)



    All the best Billy it ,goes without saying you have my prayers and best wishes and i will try get to see you soon.



    Hail hail





    To all who are going through a tough time,or are looking after/out for someone who is experiencing difficulties in this special blog,i offer a simple prayer for you and yours.



    God bless all..




  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    For them that are lucky enough to be able to go to see Celtic, and who aren’t boycotting for reasons of SFA lack of governance, cheating, treatment of the New Kiddy-on Rangers, or previous treatment of the Old Evil Empire Rangers, or not wanting to go for any other reason – the Cup Semi-final tickets are on sale NOW!!!!!



    1st come 1st served for eligible season ticket holders – quite cheap £20 for me, £10 for Wee BGFC.



    So – fill yer boots (if you want to).






  5. SFTB, fantastic post! In my opinion, Celtic should tackle this head-on (close season would be a sensible time as it wouldn’t be overshadowed by footballing activity) and admit systemic failures within the Football Club and Boys Club that allowed the abuse to go on unchecked for years.



    Would a full investigation yield anything? I am not so sure because historically the main perpetrators have been punished and the victims may not want to relive their ordeals; however, the Club should reach out to every individual and family affected by the abuse and provide whatever support is required, even at this late time. I’m not talking about compensation here because, IMHO, compensation indicates that the suffering caused can in some way be remediated by financial reparation; it can’t. There are many and varied forms of support that could be required and some may cost money and that’s where the financial support from the Club should come.



    Mrs VFR works in Children and Families Social Work in the East End, so I am regularly chilled (not in a good way) by her stories of abuse when she needs to clear her head. Suffice to say that abuse knows no boundary of social class, religion, employment, family structure, age, nationality or gender. It goes on in every neighbourhood, rich and poor.



    Fortunately, the vetting systems now in place make it harder for paedophiles to access children as easily as they did in the past; they don’t go away, however, but just look for more intricate ways to inveigle themselves into positions where they can abuse.



    As a few have said, in years gone by it was extremely hard to report and be believed; even now the reporting of abuse (particularly by males) is never easy and often the victims cannot cope with the process as children or teenagers. Hopefully it will become easier as time goes on.



    Like many here, growing up in the 1960s and 1970s I can look back and recognise how abusers were able to carry out their evil deeds; one of my memories is of a PE teacher who insisted we all stripped naked for the showers and would watch to ensure we did; other PE teachers allowed the wearing of shorts; as mature men we now recognise the difference but wouldn’t know that as pubescent teenagers!



    It is a difficult subject and would, in my opinion, be cathartic for both the victims and the Club as a whole (including the fans). Thank you for being brave enough to raise it!





  6. !!Bada Bing!! on 21st March 2018 10:47 am



    That’s the first time you’ve been able to choose seats when book tickets online at Hampden. It used to allocate randomly within whichever section you chose. Six seats close to the back behind the goals purchased.

  7. G67- strange, i always access stadium plan and pick a seat? Usually get SS upper beside Celtic end

  8. Lionsroar67




    Hope you are on the road to recovery and get back posting soon.







    Great thought provoking post. Child abuse be it mental, physical, or sexual for me cannot be hidden, buried or just forgotten about. The people involved should be exposed for what they are and what they have done. I have a very strong reason for my views because just like Delaney’s I lost my best friend at the age of 19 because he was unable to cope and understand what had happened to him. The guilt he felt made him take his own life two years after we left school. The irony in the fact that he was the victim of a heinous crime is not lost on me.



    We were educated by Christian brothers both in primary and secondary school. For anyone who does not know what Christian brothers were think priests without the powers to say mass or give communion, they took vows of a sort but were mostly just evil frustrated men ( but not all of them) they wore long black tunics with a waist belt and like a priest had the white neck collar. They provided the state with schools and facilities for the “free education” programme but a lot of those kids are still paying for their free education and some paid the ultimate price.



    Kieran was a farmers son and when we were not in school he would help his dad on the 240 acres with milking, fencing, worming etc etc etc. He was as strong as an ox but very shy and quiet if you did not know him. The Big fecker would invite me out after school and every weekend until I realised I was working harder than many of the men on our street,……times I will never forget and wish I could go back to now. His dad was a big big man well over 6ft and carved from granite. Big Tom did not suffer fools or slackers but was like a father to me and always made sure I was fed well and always had an envelope for me when he was paying his workers on a Friday evening.



    I always remember him asking me if Kieran was in trouble in school, was he fighting with anyone as it was getting harder to get him to go to school. I told him it must be more exciting to drive a tractor and fix the fencing than listen to geography and French, but this was the start of something that finished with us both losing someone we loved. Kieran was my friend but he was Tom’s son and his death devasted him.



    Without filling the blog with all the details we had a “rogue Christian brother” their words not mine, who may or may not have sexually abused children in his care……honestly they could not even admit the truth. Let’s call him Br Early……… why not, well you see this Br was protected by the monastary he resided in and by the local parish priest….let’s call him Fr Behan……why not….



    It must be a misunderstanding, he is mistaken, child is making it up… name it they threw it at Kieran to the point his own Father did not know what to do. What he did was to drive to the front door of their luxurious monastery and destroy the front porch and door as they had locked them when they saw him arrive. The Gardai arrived and duly arrested Tom for damaging property and making promises to burn the place to the ground. But what they could not do was investigate a case of child abuse by a teacher(Christian brother). No evidence, his word against the teacher……where do you even start with that Shite….



    Kieran was mortified and embarrassed to the point he became a recluse on the farm, this huge Big bruiser who was my midfield partner in our hurling team was a carbon copy of his dad but after he had the courage to tell what was happening the “authorities” did not or did not want to believe him and he never recovered from that.



    Kieran took his dad’s shotgun into the hay barn and in the loft where we used to jump from onto the bales below in our younger years in what were magical summers he took his own life.



    I will never forget being told the news never and never will I forget my friend and never will I forgive those responsible. They will never have peace not in this life and certainly not in any afterlife I am part of…



    I returned home two years ago to say goodbye to Tom after I was told he was unwell and did not have long left. I don’t mind telling you I cried for the two days I was there, he was a shadow of his former self a broken man who had given up after losing Kieran. He died two weeks later and I returned for the funeral telling my boss I was attending the funeral of my father figure……



    Makes me cry even telling the story so please nobody hide it or be ashamed to be a victim. 1970’s Ireland had many dark secrets and destroyed many people’s lives not just their faith.



    Sorry for the long rant but please don’t brush it aside or bury it or ignore it.

  9. NAS NA RI on 21ST MARCH 2018 11:44 AM



    That must have been very difficult to write; thank you for doing so. t gives a human element to anyone who has no direct insight into them devastation abuse can cause.



    May Kieran and Tom both rest in peace!





  10. Imatim wants justice and the titles to be stripped from the cheats on

    If Celtic take the moral highground and ask for forgiveness or accept liability for the likes of Torbett et al then I honestly believe we will be absolutely hammered by all and sundry.



    There is no question that those responsible should be brought to account for their horrific actions against humanity but to act unilaterally would be to condemn our Club in isolation. Actions such as being highlighted were not isolated to Celtic alone.



    These deplorable people were and are of all creeds, colours and persuasions. By all means we should condemn those who are guilty and demand they pay for their appalling actions but I believe we should do it in concert with the broader community for do otherwise would be to commit potential suicide.



    These heinous crimes were and are being committed by all and sundry across many codes and disciplines whether they be attached to a football club, Boys Brigade, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Sunday Schools, etc. etc. They are not isolated to only those with a link to Celtic.



    Does anyone truly believes in the Scotland of today the ramifications to our Club wouldn’t be over proportionate to anyone else. I think we all know the answer to this.



    I understand the argument for Celtic to do what is deemed to be morally correct but I truly believe we would be pilloried in isolation when this abhorrent disease has and is being perpetrated by the many. God Bless the children

  11. Belated Happy birthday to you Billy (Lionsroar67) and get well soon buddy. As a wee present it looks like the second coming is going bust again. But please don’t hold your breath waiting again. I hope that’s not the reason for your hospital stay :-).



    DD good to see you back and in better mental health.



    SFTB – something that should have been done a long time ago.



    Anyway. Quick visit and back oot again.



    HH and KTF.








    I wasn’t being facetious when I mentioned earlier my hope for a tenth circle of hell. That’s a shocking recollection,I could honestly cry thinking of what your friend endured,and then the lifetime that his father suffered afterwards.



    And,of course,yourself.



    I said earlier that a huge part of the problem was an unwillingness to believe the victims,and no intention to investigate.



    How many lives have been ruined,taken too early? We will never know. How many friends and relations have had to live with the “guilt” that it happened on their watch?



    This isn’t a blame game,it’s really about remembering what happened and ensuring it doesn’t happen again. But what happened to Kieran,naw,I’d carry that for life and beg God for forgiveness for my inability to offer it to the bastard who killed my friend.




    I don’t want this to seem like a personal thing against you as you are entitled to your opinion, but I wholeheartedly disagree (as an aside, I find your viewpoint somewhat ironic when I look at your blog name).



    To take ownership of the situation and truly make amends Celtic MUST act unilaterally – we have McCafferty who was linked to our club recently in court, and if internet rumours are to be believed, Torbett will be in court fairly soon to answer to new charges. No other Scottish Club is in this position.



    If we wait for a “smokescreen’ of other Clubs or abuse scandals it will be seen as exactly that – reacting at a time that provides the least damage and least visibility.



    It is a significant stain on our great Club and I, for one,. would be very relieved if the current Board took ownership and faced the abuse that was perpetrated head-on!