Media placeholders ahead of more foreboding news


I have lost track of who each of the newspapers back in the battle over the bones of Newco.  Have the Record always been so critical of Dave King or is this a new phenomenon?  Yesterday’s piece in that ‘paper, which left responsibility for Newco’s plight at the door of chairman King, read like a placeholder ahead of more foreboding news.

You and I knew how King’s tenure would play out.  We rooted for him as he rallied fans and all pliable outlets to subvert the club into a position he would be able to buy a controlling interest. We want him to stay forever (which in a corporate sense may not be that long).

Now the future is writ so large even those previously sceptical can see it.  Towards the end of next month the Scottish Cup semi-finals will take place and season book renewal forms will arrive across the country.  A similar scenario convinced the Easdales to give up the fight three years ago; ultimately, they were pragmatic.  From what we know about King, I don’t expect a similar abdication.  He will stay until it is impossible for him to do otherwise, irrespective of the best interests of the club.

Which is a good thing.  His team is so much fun to watch.

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    Ye fair flummoxed the brethren



    Wi’ yer feniany slogans




    Go back next year?



    Are ye aff yer heid laddie



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    So heed my advice



    Stay away fae the square



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    And all brothers there




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    Hail Hail Brothers :-)

  2. JAMESGANG on 20TH MARCH 2018 8:30 PM



    Broonie’s been our most important player for years. My favorite for a long time and his passing is much improved from when we were saying on here it wasn’t good enough for Centre mid.

  3. Celt40me



    I agree. I see him as the foundation, the stability onto which we then craft the flairplayer creators.



    HH jamesgang

  4. Seamus Larsson in Toronto on

    Big Packy



    I have a big decision to make soon.



    Life with Dad is good but there is a big wide world out there and a pup must plan his future.



    I see a few options developing.



    I could come and live with Frankie and Benny or Hrvatski Jim’s dog Max



    But I really fancy Weefrathetim’s menagerie. It sounds great and I would have him wrapped around my little paws the minute I arrive.



    That is my current favourite but my Dad is now fully trained so maybe i should give it a bit more time here.



    BRTH could also be a contender especially as he seems to go to extra dinners. Wouldn’t mind tagging along with him. Two dinners a night sounds good.



    Decisions, decisions

  5. If ever there was an ad for a dying breed it was the Beeb’s ” Who Lives In A Ludge Like This?” show the other night.



    For those small-minded tight wee Boolers to try and appropriate the Scottish Enlightenment was laughable.


    The wee “keek” into the Tarbowton Time Warp was also unmissable for the assembled cast of hunned-up, crafty cronies……………wha’s lik thum? Nane, …….an’ thull soon be aw deid – doubtless like their favourite fitba team.



    Now to try my hand at some cathartic Burnsian gibberish.

  6. SFTB



    67-68 started off poorly, out of EC and beaten by Huns in same week. Beaten in first round of Scots Cup too. However, never lost a game in lesgue from Sept onwards.



    However, no.9 ..73/74 was a slog of a season.

  7. Seamus



    Max says that you are very welcome.



    Your one way air ticket will arrive in the post so don’t bite the postman.

  8. Twist and Turns


    The guy you were playing pooll with is a member of the Barrow in Furnace Csc, ex Port Glasgow Bhoy, and occasionally posts on Cqn, meet him often at Celtic Park and European Games

  9. Jamesgang and Celtic40me



    Thank you bhoys, it is very nice to hear kind words.


    This can be an intimidating place because of the incredible people that take their time time to put their words on here so its easier to just lurk.


    Just had to come on when i saw what has been going on with Delaneys.




  10. Seamus Larsson in Toronto on

    Dad. Take note.



    Within 5 minutes I have two good offers.



    You need to up your game.

  11. San Luis



    Our winning margins during 9iar



    66/67- 3 pts


    67/68- 2 pts


    68/69- 5 pts


    69/70- 12 pts


    70/71- 2pts


    71/72- 10 pts


    72/73- 1 pt


    73/74- 4 pts



    74/75- finished 3rd – 11 pts behind the deid yins.



    If we just measured by dropped points or closeness of the race, we would have been forecasting a lost title in 68, 69, 72 and 74.



    Our points total in each year with an 18 team league and 2 points for a win were:-


    58 pts

















    In 74/75 we only got 45 pts. Rangers winning total of 56 would only have beaten us in 74 and 69. We would have beaten them on goal difference in 71.



    My main point is that there is no linear progression from great to good yo middling to poor. Form can depart in an instant and a league can be lost in just a few weeks. We cannot divine any pattern from this year’s “slump” to suggest next year will be harder, the same or easier.

  12. Does anyone else think Phil has been writing the same blog piece every few days for the past several years?


    Some high-placed source at Ibrox says all is not well, some high-placed City sort says that they have been approached about finance and some rugger sort says they are on shaky ground having read their accounts and, as always, Phil says they are a loss making business with no credit line.



    And almost always suggesting that the Govan mob will be dead and buried before sun up tomorrow.



    But they are still there. So then another blog can be written saying . . .

  13. BT



    Cheers amigo, it is always good to be here :)



    How are you getting on?


    Its been a while but i remember you were having a right tough time dealing with what you have to deal with at your work.


    Its probably still the same but i hope you are not finding it as hard/frustrating now?


    Without guys like you its just gonna be worse for those you fight for so i hope you are as up for it as Broony is nowadays :)

  14. Evening folks. Just back from visiting one of CQN’s finest on this his 60th birthday. Many happy returns Lionroars67.



    Sadly, the visit was to Monklands Hospital as oor Billy isn’t keeping great at the moment. I know that he’d genuinely appreciate any thoughts and prayers that his fellow Tims can muster!



    Hail Hail my friend and get well soon.

  15. Our figures for 6iar read:-



    2016/17- 106 pts won by 30 pts


    15/16- 86 pts won by 15


    14/15- 92 pts won by 17


    13/14- 99 pts won by 29


    12/13- 79 pts won by 14


    11/12- 93 pts won by 20



    In 10/11- we lost by a point (on 92 pts) when we had a superior GD


    In 09/10- we lost by 6pts when we had 81 in total.



    All of these have been 12 team leagues with 3 points for a win. Again there is no linear pattern of progression. If our gap remains at 10 pts only, it will have been our worst winning margin of the 7iar but, if we win our game in hand, our gap to Sevco will be 13 pts, in touching distance of normal, and, at least 12 pts ahead of the Dons, going into the final 7 games.



    It may just be me but I fail to discern a pattern that says next year is a probable lost title. It is, of course, always a possible lost title but the odds against us losing will still be double figures against.



    Does anybody know any firm that have set odds for next year’s title race?

  16. Goooooooood Evening CQN


    Not begging tonight :-) thanks to CQN, all the jockeys now gone


    There will be 8 winners among you all


    Laura says a huge thanks, and she has added comments on the race night program thanking you all :-)



    Now, I was once asked “how big is your Rabbit” ( a job interview if truth be told) still no idea what answer I gave :-)))


    But the questioner didn’t like it




    FtSFA, is Dickson, Petrie and Bryson all still there



    Hail Hail

  17. tae ma guid wee freen…………



    The sleekit wee moose, wee ken richt weel!






    Wee, sleekit, cowrin, bloggin’ beastie,


    O, what a panic’s in thy Broxy breastie!


    Yer ne’er seen when oor great team is winnin’


    cos yer stuck in the Louden, greetin’ an’ spinnin’.



    Roll oot anither wee story


    the usual, same old jackanory


    but take this message


    and stow it ticht in yer wee back passage


    Yer real team’s deid mate,


    beat it!

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Myself and Marspapa spoke to Billy after Sevco game so I’ll keep him in my prayers and hope he makes a good recovery





    Same crap different day, I try not to get me down but sometimes it really grates me…



    I use alcohol and a laugh with my mates in pub to unwind then come on hear and let of steam

  19. HT



    Bad news about Lionsroar.


    Should be saying happy 60th birthday!!!……but i just hope you are better soon.

  20. HT


    Good on ye mhate… sorry to hear that Billy’s unwell again.



    God bless Lionsroar ,get well soon mucker.

  21. SFTB



    I’ll be up again before Saturday so I’ll update you at 5s.



    Cheers lads I know he’ll appreciate it.

  22. HT, just dropped Billy a message, will get back in touch at weekend


    Told him I’m bringing him ooot from hospital


    Again :-)


    Billy if looking in, all the best Auld Fhella


    Meant to add, I’m bringing big Dan in to visit


    Take care, and will see you soon



    Hail Hail

  23. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    HAMILTONTIM on 20TH MARCH 2018 9:31 PM



    Evening folks. Just back from visiting one of CQN’s finest on this his 60th birthday. Many happy returns Lionroars67.



    Sadly, the visit was to Monklands Hospital as oor Billy isn’t keeping great at the moment. I know that he’d genuinely appreciate any thoughts and prayers that his fellow Tims can muster!



    Hail Hail my friend and get well soon.









    We need to sort a wee party night out for Lionsroar67 to celebrate this special birthday when he is better.







  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Lionsroar- all the best, with guys like HT giving you a wee lift, you will be on the road to recovery very soon hopefully HH

  25. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    NORRIEM on 20TH MARCH 2018 9:55 PM



    Billy was planning to come on Friday to Laura’s fund raising night until he was hospitalised







  26. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’m way past kris commons levels of being way of the pace but i’ve had a read.



    I don’t understand why our set 2nd team fixtures continue to be postponed during this season yet when the catch up games kick off, half our team is last season’s u17s.



    I don’t understand the arrogance of our manager putting out a team to play the exact 90mins that our opponents have practised defending against for a week in real time and the previous 7/8 games on video.



    I do understand cqn poster Delaney’s Dunky is surfing a rough sea. Good fortune to you, sir. Build a new routine.



    I don’t know anyone on this blog. I’ m local to you. Happy to arrange a regular meet at sambalatte coffeeshop, of an afternoon, anytime. We can shoot the breeze about the Celts, then swap malicious gossip about the assorted huns we see sneaking in and out of the ettrick. A refreshing Celtic laugh.

  27. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Get well soon mucker and the thought of HT visiting you should speed up your recovery






    HT well done mucker xx