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I have lost track of who each of the newspapers back in the battle over the bones of Newco.  Have the Record always been so critical of Dave King or is this a new phenomenon?  Yesterday’s piece in that ‘paper, which left responsibility for Newco’s plight at the door of chairman King, read like a placeholder ahead of more foreboding news.

You and I knew how King’s tenure would play out.  We rooted for him as he rallied fans and all pliable outlets to subvert the club into a position he would be able to buy a controlling interest. We want him to stay forever (which in a corporate sense may not be that long).

Now the future is writ so large even those previously sceptical can see it.  Towards the end of next month the Scottish Cup semi-finals will take place and season book renewal forms will arrive across the country.  A similar scenario convinced the Easdales to give up the fight three years ago; ultimately, they were pragmatic.  From what we know about King, I don’t expect a similar abdication.  He will stay until it is impossible for him to do otherwise, irrespective of the best interests of the club.

Which is a good thing.  His team is so much fun to watch.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Phone lines open at 8am


    You’ve got to be in it to win it( beat it)



    I’ll call about 8.30

  2. Delaneys Dunky on

    Thanks to Jimmy not Paul and Blantyre Tim. You are a pair of great friends. Love you both for your help



  3. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Morning All.



    Big Georges Fan Club – Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on 21st March 2018 12:08 am



    Thanks for that. Strangely enough I have been toying with a wee musical idea for some time and may well dip a toe in the water between this week and next. Let me get back to you re the CD idea.






    Did you go to the Primary School at OHR?



    My old Da was an OHR man though he also went to St Stephen’s — If so can you remember your teachers there?





    Aye. Mind,I’ve still got them in a drawer for when my gums finally return!

  5. Delaneys Dunky on



    I just phoned DWP. Seemingly my National Insurance number is wrong. Canny remember it.

  6. Word of The Day (Sevco anyone?)


    Hypomania /ˌhaɪpəʊˈmeɪnɪə/





    1. an abnormal condition of extreme excitement, milder than mania but characterised by great optimism and overactivity and often by reckless spending of money


    2. a mania of low intensity.



    Derived Forms



    Word Origin and History for hypomania




    1843 (as a clinical word from 1882, from German hypomanie); see hypo-+ mania. Related: Hypomaniac ; hypomanic.





  7. Delaneys Dunky on




    I am not a Bankie. I was educated in Saint Paul’s Whiteinch, Corpus Christi Knightswood and Saint Thomas Aquinas Jordanhill. I now live in Dalmuir and my favourite place on a Sunday is Our Holy Redeemer Clydebank. It was my Granny Delaney’s parish.

  8. DD



    You really suit it. I don’t think I would – despite sporting a no1 in my younger days.


    I lose it, a hair at a time, a day at a time….



    There’s a song in there!



    I looked a bit shiny on top in some of the wedding pics!!!






    HH jamesgang

  9. ‘Hypomania’



    Def: Jobo Balde – anytime there’s 10 or fewer sleeps to go!!




  10. So Wattie,say’s the only football job ,that would bring him out of retirement,was the Scotland Job,so he never got a interview ,all spin with the bluenose Media,also McBurnie his dream of playing for Sevco one Day,McTominay,will be the next one to come out and say the same.


    OLDBHOY on 21ST MARCH 2018 8:42 AM



    DENIS LAW said the same thing 50 odd years ago.he was never asked once BIG JOCK took over if he would come back to SCOTLAND.wonder why.





    They should be able to identify it from your full name and Date of Birth. Failing that,do you have an old payslip lying around?

  13. Delaneys Dunky on



    I am a shinheid by choice. I am speccy by necessity. Miss you so much bro. See you at Celtic Park soon mi amigo

  14. I know the blog has been in a good place this week and I have hesitated and hesitated before putting this post out there as I fear it might cause some contantion and that is not what I am seeking here.



    It was the death Of Cardinal O’Brien and the reaction to it on CQN and other Celtic sites that prompted this idea, an idea that I have been toying over, and being genuinely conflicted about, for some time.



    It is to do with the historic sexual abuse scandals of young vuknerable people and, in particular, Celtic’s role in it. We have had scandals that have involved, amongst potential others, the proven cases of Cairney, Torbett and McCafferty. We all know a little bit of the history of some of those cases and I don’t intend to post any of that in this offering.



    However, when the Barry Bennel cases were beinng raised down South and there was an outpouring of historical cases being raised, I felt uncomfortable about the silence of my club and, to be fair, the silence or defensive attitudes adopted by all clubs faced with allegations and/or proof that abusers had been employed by them or given positions of responsibility, endorsed by them.



    I felt it was the ideal climate for our club to claim “ownership” of its historic wrongs. By that, I do not mean that they take the blame for the evil committed by Torbett, Cairney and McCafferty, but that they openly acknowledge that the actions taken by the club’s representatives, management and realted personnel who claimed an affiliation with Celtic, was inadequate and harmful, both by modern standards and the standards of the time.



    I fully understand the beliefs of some who took those actions, i.e. kicking out the perpetrators but not involving police and authorities. They were faced, in some cases, with pleas from those abused not to take official action and, as human beings they may have shown understandable sympathy to not want to add to the trauma by exposing it to public reaction.



    However, as we know from the Bennel case, this leaves perpetrators free to transfer their activities to other clubs and arenas. And, in the Torbett case, Celtic faces the added charge that, after booting hin out, we allowed him to worm his way back into Celtic related events.



    In short, we have a case to answer and, rather than wait for authorities to open it up for us as they pursue historic child abuse cases, I would prefer that the club itself took the initiative and announced that it was going to look at these incidents from our history and openly acknowledge our role in it.



    There will be some who believe that it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.


    There will be others who believe it is too late to do anything useful.


    There may be some who feel that acknowledgement of wrongdoing carries unknown financial risks.


    And others may feel that “owning” our guilt and apologising is too little too late.



    My view, conflicted as it is, remains one of acknowleding we, as a club, had a part to play in this and we did not play it as well as we should have, no matter our good intentions. I believe it is always best to come to that realisation by yourself without doing so in the face of investigation from outside authorities where the perception will be that we are only reacting because we are being brought to account by others.



    That is my view and I must leave now for work but I am genuinely interested in how CQN and the support in general feels about this.



    And, apologies again for breaking the general good mood on CQN.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I have one message for the creditors of sevco



    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hell mend yea ha ha ha ha

  16. Goooooood Morning CQN


    Bloody Norah Jobo, still 10 more sleeps, only 10pt ahead on the way to 10 :-)







    DD, I was driving through Motherwell yesterday and seen a Co. called Ascensos ? Advertising for staff, no idea what they do


    I ain’t recruiting for Glasgow site at minute – unless your an Electrical/Automation Engineer, which I am looking for ?? will keep you in mind if anything else comes up – although I am recruiting heavily for our Manchester site


    Hail Hail

  17. South Of Tunis on

    18 degrees at 10 am -way down south .



    Needed 2 espressos to get going — disturbed sleep . Woken up @ 4 am by serious screaming and screeching . Dogs awake and barking . Noise from outside sounded like toddlers screaming their heads off .



    Went outside — my 2 resident Little Owls were having a serious scrap with a passing through / heading north Scops Owl . Astonishing noise !. Scops Owl eventually saw the sense in moving on . I moved back to bed.

  18. SFTB



    I don’t think your post should break the mood. It’s a mood of care for one another, so your post fits well.



    So say you’re conflicted. A wise observation. Many of us probably are. I don’t see any obvious ‘right answer’ – either route is potentially fraught.



    We could be bravely and publicly proactive. It would open us to attack from our perennial detractors.



    Or we could see this in an historical context where in previous decades, predators infiltrated all aspects of working with children.


    While never abused I now look back on interactions that certain teachers manufactured with young boys (football and school camps for eg) with huge unease. They may not have ‘touched’ but they certainly made sure they looked and saw in a way that now seems indefensible and could only have had a sexual purpose.



    Perhaps a compromise/synthesis might be to partner with a specialist group/charity and develop a protection and support programme that is both contemporary and historical.



    This may allow victims to engage on their terms?



    HH jamesgang

  19. Delaneys Dunky on



    Your post resonates with me. A friend of mine was raped by Torbett. David committed suicide aged 15. If I met that beast I would murder him for killing my pal. Hope he and O’Brien rot in hell. If it exists







    A very difficult subject to broach,and I commend you for doing so. IMO,clubs should have been more aware of such possibilities,but it’s also worth remembering that we are judging the past by the-correct!-standards of today.



    A point worth making is that,at the time of the scandals you mention,none of the allegations could be proved. A timely article in today’s Guardian also makes that point.





    I don’t blame the club,per se,for the actions of associates. I would certainly lambast them had they not taken the action that they did,of booting them out. But hanging them out to dry,in an era when abuse victims were simply not believed,would have caused huge problems legally.



    We’ve all read TRAVELLERBHOY’s snippets on here in the past,we were all shocked by them. Utterly horrifying,they are. Do you think he didn’t try to complain? Do you think he was believed? Do you think things got worse for him and his siblings each time?



    Listen,T,I’m not suggesting revisionism,even if from sound intent. I’m pointing out-as the above article,and many others,do-that the whole system was at fault. Not just football. And it’s also why,for instance,priests,were sent for “retraining”,rather than locked up in jail.



    Perpetrators in most walks of life had the protection of the law-as it stood at the time-from punishment,because of insufficient proof,or investigation,or motivation on the behalf of the authorities.



    The Church could at least remove them with no recourse to law. Was that the right thing to do? Of course not. But it was the only option really when cases were so difficult to prove.



    You think your post was contentious? I get a strong feeling that I’ll get it in the neck for this. I’m only glad I had that article to back me up to even a certain extent.





    Good chance you’ll be a contemporary of the much-missed MACJAY. He would have been there at about the same time.





    Naw,mate. No-one can. Mailed you a minute ago,then remembered that it will take you a while to read it!



    If you can,google the company Norrie mentioned. They’re opening in Clydebank.



    Meantime,have you found that payslip yet?!!!

  23. Delaneys Dunky on



    I was born in Partick and went to Saint Paul Whiteinch for 3 years. I then flitted to Knightswood in1973. I was baptised and married in Saint Paul’s. Macjay who I miss dearly was also a Saint Paul’s Whiteinch Bhoy



  24. SFTB



    I think that’s a good, thoughtful post. From the vantage point of the present looking back, I agree that the club’s response in the past was inadequate. I think being more proactive now would be positive step.






    “While never abused I now look back on interactions that certain teachers manufactured with young boys (football and school camps for eg) with huge unease. They may not have ‘touched’ but they certainly made sure they looked and saw in a way that now seems indefensible and could only have had a sexual purpose.”



    Likewise, I was never abused but I did attend a club thingy that run by Thomas Hamilton a few times and I only went 3 times because I found it uncomfortable. It’s not appropriate to go into detail but I found it uncomfortable in the way you describe above. It’s actually quite surreal to think back on it now.

  25. DAVIDOPOULOS on 21ST MARCH 2018 9:31 AM



    Mate I had no idea you grew up in this area. I love around that area now. Although few locals saw much, some have said to that their Kids said exactly that and didn’t want to go to his clubs.



    Primary school in Paisley. Never allowed to wear pants under your shorts in the football team. We’d be checked to ensure compliance.


    A teacher who would willingly massage any groin strains????


    The 70s were a fekked up time in so many ways….



    HH jamesgang