Memorable window but improvements still needed


There has never been a deadline day when Celtic have been so well prepared for the remainder of the season.  We raided Japan ahead of the transfer window opening, brought in a young Irish striker and last week added central mid Matt O’Riley from MK Dons.  Today, the squad is depleted by injury and international absence, but if we add no more, it will still be one of our most memorable transfer windows ever.

Getting some of the well-remunerated squad fillers off the payroll would also help (looking at you, Albian and Vasilis).  Both were acquired during lockdown widows, when scouting opportunities were limited.  They are better players than we have seen and will hopefully get the chance to prove their worth elsewhere.

I’m still trying to reconcile what we went through on Saturday.  Added-time goals in two games changed the landscape incredibly.  If we consider Hearts’ missed penalty on Wednesday, the margins of how Celtic have progressed to within two points of the top of the table have never been tighter.

We are in a better place than we have been in months, but we will need to continue to improve if the title is to be won.

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  1. Yes Paul, we had a good ‘rub of the green’ over the past week – let’s hope we haven’t used it all up.

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  3. My only concern at the moment it the next month – given our bench over the weekend – and the lack of clarity when folks will be fully fit – i wouldnt be letting ajeti or MJ go without having at least 1 versatile player coming in – even on a 6 month loan – id guess we’d have to manage jota carefully for next few weeks – that really just leaves giak and abada at the minute who i know to be fully fit and even then – JF and MJ still seem to be coming back a bit – yes TR and Maeda could be back circa the weekend – guchi and harate have taken hits and i presume already have a fully japan season behind them – never mind the kyogo qn….

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “we will need to continue to improve if the title is to be won”




    That’s what it should always be about – improvement. The outcomes will look after themselves.



    Why was there only two minutes added on to the first half, when the world saw the game stopped for at least six or seven minutes?






    Because they are allowed to get away with it, unchallenged. Saturday was simply an extreme example of a weekly pattern.


    Poor decision making by Ref’s can be debated and by definition is subjective. Timekeeping on the other hand…..


    How about giving the responsibility for added time to the 4th Official? Bizarrely they are currently not allowed to communicate their estimation of what time should be added, that falls 100% with the referee.


    At least some cross check, you would have thought would be helpful.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Midfield suddenly looking a bit light – short-term at least. Wonder if we might be looking at getting someone in today? Not disastrous if we can’t.

  7. P67 — How we all wish that you had pushed PL harder in similar circumstances in days gone by.



    AP is working to a different agenda.


    He has brought in 5 players — so far — and he has started 4 of them.


    He knew that the squad wasn’t good enough from the get go.


    First he had to bring in youths and B team players — now he is bringing in new recruits.



    Still a huge way to go.


    Still gaps in the squad.



    NB epitomises the weakness of our current position.


    Bit of quality / some very good games but not reliable — prone to the odd but recurring brain fart.


    He is not / should not be a front rank member of the squad but all too often he has to be because we are so thin at CB and MF pivot.



    He needs support and direction.


    On Saturday he was the experience in our MF / asked to lead.


    That is not him at his best.

  8. I think we might see a loan,even for 6 months,if someone Ange thinks can do the job,and would be first team ready,becomes available.They picked up a decent one,so maybe.Our bench will look much stronger for the weekend,so I don’t think we are desperate.

  9. I’m finding the Ramsey story utterly incredible…. he’s on 400k a week ffs….even if huns were to pay 50% of wages we’re speaking over 3 million !!!….am I missing something????

  10. We are where we wanted to be after the Ibrox game. We’re within striking range now.



    Two points behind means that Wednesday is not the must win game it looked like being after our St. Mirren draw.



    That said, we’ve got the momentum and a full house under the flood lights. Let’s welcome Ramsey to Scotland with a good beating.

  11. is the DUP PR team trying to give the hordes an inkling of hope or just spinning a story that they know will never have a happy ending?



    Ramsey apparently at airport with three clubs trying to secure him on loan.



    “Rangers talks are currently ongoing over a shock loan deal until the end of the season for the £400,000-a-week midfielder.



    Incredibly Ramsey’s staggering salary is NOT a hindrance to any deal being struck.



    However, there are still major red tape paperwork issues to overcome before any agreement can be rubber-stamped with any club in the UK.”



    Well with Defoe off their books, who knows?

  12. Lionroars @ 6.39 & 7.02



    Lithuania was, like Ireland, an oppressed state in a Soviet Union, a totalitarian union in which it would never have been allowed to leave. Scotland is not.


    All the advantages you list for her exist currently in our current union and woul continue to exist in a separate state. No gains and no losses.Along with a flag and borders, we would gain some irrelevant diplomatic status, but no major power is going to wait and decide its policy until it has heard from Lithuania (even with the Ukraine crisis, their views will be ignored by Russia and the US) or Scotland. That’s what you would get for a nice blue flag and the restoraton of our 17th century borders. Well that and a hefty initial decrease in living standards.



    Your views of wishing to live in Lithuania were not shared by many of its young people in the post 1990 era as explained in detail here:-





    And yes it is true that in 2019, net immigration exceeded the emigration number by ten thousand; this was the first time since 1990 that this had been true. It has taken Lithuania 29 years since freedom from Soviet rule was gained, for immigration to exced emigration. The major freedom they gained was the economic freedom to emigrate.



    Of course, no one, but their Russian minority, would vote to return to the Russian Federation nor would they seek alignment with Poland as they once did, but they did exchange one form of Union with the Soviets, for another form of Union with the EU. That is also what Scotland is banking on. Exchanging one largely currently benign Union for another Union, both with differing forms of democratic deficit which will need reforming. Just like Ireland needed to do to cope with the modern world. Either way we will seek a Union to try and protect us from the batterings of global capitalism.

  13. Mad Mitch,


    The way Biton has been playing,he is invaluable to the squad.Not only my opinion,but every manager since he signed.Terrific midfielder.


    So many greet their eyes out regularly we don’t give it back out.When a player does,and gets punished,he is a liability.

  14. Working the numbers — 2021/22 SPL winner @ Oddschecker.



    We seemingly are now favourites to win the SPL — probably based on the fact that we are now one point ahead in the SPL / Other 10 league — three points behind the Glesga mini league with the TFOD2.1 with two home games to come.



    One way to keep the momentum going into Wednesday would be for AP to pull a very big rabbit out of a very small hat — RC winger with the double barrelled name?



    Might give MJ some space to grow with a loan move.



    Here’s hoping we are bursting a gut for another MO’R type signing.


    We might not have much money but we do have a lot of energy / nous.

  15. I don’t see the pressing need to sign anyone today. Our squad becomes stronger in a matter of days with the return of Maeda and Rogic.

  16. Huns take the first cash installment from Patterson’s transfer and blow it all on a loan for a 31 year old who’s been injured all season



    “I know what I can do and with the right management I can stay fit for a long period of time and play a lot of games,”



    “I’m still feeling good, when given the opportunity and managed correctly. It has been frustrating that I have picked up these little niggly injuries which have cost me a lot of games and meant I have missed some important games for Wales in the last couple of years.”

  17. AN Dun , from what i understand the japanese season ends in feb, so the four players we have signed will have had a fairly long year fairly soon – not too mention will they have much of a summer of – what happening with the world cup/next year – i’d say it needs careful managing – we are thin at the mo and thats with being lucky with you know what

  18. TB @ 12.41



    NB on Saturday …



    YC1 = lazy / poorly timed tackle — dived in early / another stride and he gets the ball.


    YC2 = typical brain fart — stuff going against him and he rugby tackles a guy without the ball who is up against CS who is providing cover.



    NB — to my mind — has never really settled down at P/head.


    He has the talent / ability but he is prone to the odd panic / breenge.


    He needs help with his focus / concentration — the NT set up seems to help him.


    I think we could do more but we have a thin squad and he needs to play most games just now.

  19. Celtic Mac @ 8.46



    I think Back to Basics gave the answers to your query.



    For his “Bookmakers” reply, read “Global Capitalism” for the political equivalent.



    Of course, no-one can accurately predict the future. If Scotland were to discover a highly prized, eaily monetized resource within its borders (and our Offshore Oil no longer fits that bill) then it might escape the future that is predicted for it, even by the one and only truthful economic forecast that the SNP ever provided. You remember the one? They issued it and were told by their own supporters “You can’t be saying that! No one wants to hear that truth!”



    Do you belong to that group?



    Scotland won’t leave the UK and join the EU within days. There will be a lengthy process of economic realignment to meet their conditions. That will involve drastically reducing levels of state employment, the Public Sector, and drastically reducing social benefits to a level that the individual Scottish economy can cope with. It’s not all free handouts from an EU wanting to expand its numbers. There will be a cost, and like the equally difficult skill of forecasting the Covid Epidemic requirements, there will be individual disagreements amongst experts about how it would pan out but the broad outlook was remarkably reliably forecast. They told us there will be an epidemic and there will be deaths.



    And there was.



    But none of those medical experts were able to give you the winner of the 3.30 either.



    But they knew what they were talking about as do the economic forecasters.



    But only if you have listening ears

  20. An Tearman



    You are right that the English state had invased Ireland before the Scottish state tried the same process (both of these states were Norman feudal Baronies mind; the Declaration of Arbroath was made by a handful of Scottish Barons with no consultation with the peasants they would conscript to fight for them too).



    In that situation, we are talking of differences in timing rather than in morality. Doesn’t say much for Scottish Exceptionalism,

  21. Criticism of the hoardes living in the 17th century – let’s go back to the 14th that’ll sort it

  22. Ramsay is a sicknote,lucky if he’s been available for 25% of his games, let them waste more money.

  23. park the bus 442 on



    The only thing I hold against Brendan Rodgers was the timing of his


    leaving us


    No REAL Celtic fan would have left us half way through the season




    No real Celtic fan would financially back a PLC who…..


    Pissed all over Res 12 and Auldheid & co.


    Sneakily signed up to the 5WA.


    Sneakily kept oldfirm ticket price of £49 in 2016 same as 2012 is PLC’s sneaky way of saying Rangers/Sevco are the same club all done in the shadow of Brendan circus eye.


    Took a back seat as NFL took the entire rap for the Shame Game.


    Attended a govt summit called by vanity ego tripper Salmond re: Shame Game when Celtic got 3 players booked instead of calling a “Celtic specific” press conference and blowing away a parochial corner shop tin pot Celtic hating dictatorship full of ugly dangerous huns and making it clear to Celtic season ticket/shareholders that if you vote for a political party who has wild unspeakable collective fantasies about vising the most adverse outcomes for you, Celtic supporters, then your ticket/shares will be removed effective immediately accompanied with a lifetime ban from Parkhead as you represent a clear and present danger to Celtic fc, and if visiting harm upon Celtic is your thing then you’ll find plenty of other clubs who’ll offer you a ticket and make it clear that Celtic will play the Scotsgovt at their own game by grandstanding on the kowtowing bullsh*t BBC and educate our supporters about the ugly dangers that this particular toxic political party wishes to inflict upon Celtic and making it clear that for Celtic supporters to not be able to see through this toxic ugly hun party is the twisted dividends of dumbing down the curriculum and creating a generation of snowflake dumbfks.

  24. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Ramsey makes Darren Anderton look like a stalwart. On over 400K a week and has played less than 2 hours all season for Juve.


    Even if they do manage to find the dosh to sign him, he won’t be match fit until we are unfurling the League Flag and spending the CL money.


    Hope to God this rumour is true. Best signing of the window if so. LOL

  25. Johnny Doyle gets sent off in the 10 men win the league game and he escapes the criticism that Nir gets in a 10 men win the game effort. Wonder why?



    For the record, previous RCs by Nir are eminently criticisable- he let us down when he got them in Europe and agaisnt the ibrox mob.



    I don’t believe that Saturday’s 2 yellows are in that category, no matter how much those with a need to nurse their wrath want to portray them. The first was a deliberate foul that is normally acknowledged as “professional” and the second was an attenpt to prevent a 1on 1 with Starfelt, which I think qualifies as a goal scoring chance 😀

  26. I don’t know the veracity of the Ramsay story – however let’s not get hung-up on Ibrox methodology, or affordability – it’s their intent that should concern us.



    That intent brought in a new manager within a week. It also brought in a high-value loanee from Man Utd within a week of Hagi getting crocked.



    This is the mindset we are facing – who knows maybe one of the directors is advancing another loan for Ramsay, confident that CL money will pay it back.

  27. CELTICFOREVER on 31ST JANUARY 2022 1:08 PM


    KEVJUNGLE just answered me






    Whoever it was, it would be interesting if you could try to challenge what they said.

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