Michael Nicholson confirmed as CEO, C-suite expands


The best known secret in football was confirmed today as Michael Nicholson became Celtic chief executive officer, a position he carried out as acting CEO since Dominic McKay left the club in September.

Solicitor, Michael jointed the club from Glasgow firm Harper Macleod in 2013, where he acted on behalf of Celtic.  He has been a longstanding season ticket holder and lifelong supporter of the club.  More recently, he joined the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), where he acts as an arbitrator.

I know Michael.  He is an intelligent and passionate Celtic supporter.  He is ambitious for Celtic and will bring a singlemindedness to the job.  We wish him every success in what is an almost impossible job.

The move also sees the role of Chris McKay change.  Chris was previously Finance Director but is now Chief Financial Officer, “with a broader range of responsibilities”.  This is probably more significant than it sounds.  Peter Lawwell’s experience and influence is impossible to recruit and difficult to hand down, even to the sharpest minds.

In making Chris a “Chief”, Celtic have expanded their C-suite.  I expect we will see responsibilities distributed more widely going forward than they were in the past.  Some of us think they could do with a Chief Operating Officer too.

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  2. Our best 11 v the huns’ best 11, we are better. I think they have more depth and hopefully this transfer window will help address that. The huns also have far more physical/taller players, which helps in the Scottish game, in some instances. Being six behind at this stage is hardly insurmountable. Hopefully the board gives the manager the support he deserves and we do likewise with the team and Ange

  3. Let’s hope he speaks up for the Club, and the support, when it’s required, fed up bending over all the time,give us a voice.

  4. We don’t have the height or muscle for corners or set pieces into the box. The amount of these types of players we have lost in the last 5 seasons and not replaced them is the reason why por cierto.

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    We wish him every success in what is an almost impossible job.




    it isnt an almost impossible job



    it only becomes that when you prioritise making sure your own trough is overflowing than making sure there is enough money available for the manager to build a proper squad



    but we know what routes CEOs go down, dont we?



    so dont insult us with that pish Paul



    expectation management already from you

  6. Disgraceful decision, but not unexpected.



    Zero accountability at board level for the nonsense last year.

  7. MN — interesting bloke my erse …


    Just another cog in the big wheel that is the local St Al’s mafia.


    Bean counter — if he has a growth agenda then it will be a first.


    Spawn of PL more like — not good.



    Currently blabbing to anyone who cannot make excuses and leave that DMcK was shown the door because he was responsible for the JMcC 4 year deal farrago.



    Total tripe as we all know but they are pushing this line hard.


    News management must be a calling for our board.

  8. In Bankier’s statement he talks of continuity.



    Yes, that is precisely what we needed after the complete mess of last season.

  9. Something so wrong with the appointment of D. McKay in the close season. Stands to reason that someone or some people were not on board with that decision, as now we’ve Michael who’s been there all the time, right in front of everyone who made the decision to hire DMcK.! por cierto.

  10. DD yes man, no more, no less.


    Failing to plan as ever, dreadful appointment lacking in any vision or long term plan.


    Probably also confirms that the Jan window will be shite as usual.


    Maybe some ROI international who is out of contract and a wee boy from Rovers.

  11. Not a bean counter repeat not a bean counter — forgot about the legal angle …


    No matter his background — the growth agenda we need will be missing.

  12. Timing of this stinks.



    No fans at CP till Jan/Feb. News released afternoon before Christmas eve. They are hoping everyone will forget by the time we are all back in the stadium.

  13. Paul67




    Well we were told in summer there was Ange’s game or no game, and at least four of the six points gap are highly questionable so we’re actually doing better than some think. We were also told a one window fix was never happening after ‘the state Lawwell and Lennon’ left us in’. If we didn’t see dropped points against another parked bus, we weren’t paying attention we’re nothing near Ange’s attacking philosophy best, without his two star signings.




    The ball is still firmly in Celtic’s court, with the only winnable trophy won, three Sevco games and their forever on the horizon implosion to come.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Hopefully ‘continue to clear up last season’s shit-show’ is top o his ‘to do’ list.



    Squad depth is wafer thin.

  15. P67 — given that you know MN does that mean that you will continue your role as CEO interweb consultant / news manager?



    You have had 17 solid years selling the PL line so you have the experience to take on this challenging gig.

  16. Kind of wish you hadn’t said you know the new CEO Paul. It’s just ammo for some to abuse you daily on here

  17. Paul letting us know he is good mates with MN just like with PL.


    Don’t expect Celtic Board News to be breaking it’s editorial policy anytime soon 🤣

  18. I welcome Michael as CEO. We will need all his skills, especially the legal & communicative ones, during the course of the next year. HH

  19. Solicitor, Michael jointed the club from Glasgow firm Harper



    joint·ed, joint·ing, joints


    1. To combine or attach with a joint or joints: securely jointed the sides of the drawer.


    2. To provide or construct with joints: joint a boom on a crane.


    3. To separate (meat) at the joints.

  20. Did Sevco release a statement yesterday? I guess now, after last night, they won’t care quite so much especially as Kyogo and Rogic likely to miss the rescheduled game.

  21. Regarding the state of the squad — paper thin but with a few square pegs looking for round holes.



    It is a wonder that very little comment has gone the way of the youth set up where the gaps we see now have been a decade in the making.



    The lack of a full on No.9 coming through the ranks over this period should be a smoking gun regarding the self serving / low rent lazy attitudes / jobs for the bhoys attitude that afflicts that organisation.



    Not much changing this season.

  22. FWIW, i heard McCarthy was a DD production, EPL player, Irish,Celtic fan……..seems McKay was questioned by DD and Lawwell, on Juranovic, length of contract and what salary he was on,and he walked…..

  23. I wish Michael well.



    It appears from the appointments that Lawwell’s all encompassing role has been spread across the board.



    Ultimately though, we all know who calls the shots, as Dominic McKay knows to his cost.

  24. ‘Celtic expand their C-Suite’ There’s a joke there but I was brought too well to possibly comment…..

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