Michael, they have taken you away… from Ibrox


If you aggregate the nods, winks and rumours around Celtic this week you might be inclined to think we’re in the market for a target-man striker with a few years’ experience under his belt.  I agree with the principle that we need a target man and I’m also of the view that short-term deals are not nearly as desirable as permanent contracts, but as we know, it’s too easy to load the club full of squad players who cumulatively cost a lot of money but scarcely trouble the first team.

Hooper, Stokes, Samaras, Bangura, Rasmussen and Murphy are all under contract for next season and we cannot be confident of attracting bids for any of those Neil Lennon might want to move on.  If we add a seventh striker, his name better be on the team sheet before Gary Hooper’s.  Signing an exotic version of Daryl Murphy would add spice to our week but would only consume scarce resources.  I’d rather not.

Co-opting a media partner works in theory.  It’s always better to have good relationships with the media than the kind of relationships Celtic perennially have, but what happens when your media partner plays with a straight bat?

Rangers media partner, STV, today report Nigerian trialist, Michael Uchebo, boarded a plane out of Glasgow a few hours after arriving (Michael, they have taken you away….) as the VVV-Venlo striker with 8 career goals to his name had “a poor first impression of” Rangers.

Michael, you clearly have a rubbish strike rate but you’re a remarkably perceptive individual.

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  1. fergus slayed the blues on

    Goldie says:


    27 January, 2012 at 15:35


    Did you see the link posted on here yesterday of the ragers trialist .I know we all had a snigger at his goals ratio but to be fair to the big guy


    he was more of the Sammi type .


    He actually looked tidy and good on the ball with a good eye for a pass ,I was hoping they would not take the boy on as I think he could have done a job in the spl for them in the naybalance role .


    hail hail

  2. fanadpatriot says:


    27 January, 2012 at 16:43


    DBBIA 16.09


    Tommy Burns was sent out to Maryhill Jnrs,along with Jim Casey.






    I feel we should do that with some of kids nowadays. It would toughen them up and make them realise how lucky they are and to work hard to stay at a big club.

  3. ernie


    After reading your 16.41 post,I looked back at Philbhoy`s. I read Phil`s as saying that Scots are more harsh in their judgement of other Scots than they are of other nationalities. As a Scot himself ( I presume), I thought Phil was simply taking a greater interest in fellow countrymen and the `nation`s` reaction to them. In Murray`s case, I tend to agree with Phil. I have heard many people say Andy M lack ” bottle”. His many victories show this to be an unsupported view.



    Loved the droll nature of this from your 16.43 post:



    ” Bear in mind it would be considered bad form if you are attending the funeral.”



  4. fergus slayed the blues on

    bankiebhoy1 says:


    27 January, 2012 at 16:38


    Are you suggesting we make Mick our new BIG BAD JOHN .


    BIG SLICK MICK sounds good to me


    hail hail

  5. Signing an exotic D Murphy may use up scarce resources



    however what else do we need the scarce resources for …we seem to be well covered in all other areas of the team



    not more debt reduction surely

  6. dont shoot the messenger but ive been told we have made a cheeky bid for tevez on loan…city not dismissing but tevez aint keen

  7. fergus slayed the blues



    a think he looks ok on the youtube link as well but is it what we need m8 ?

  8. ernie , dbbia , what’s the protocol if the hearse takes the wrong route and you know they’ve taken the wrong route and end up in front of them (happened last year ) .



    Since it’s a slow news day , i’ll give you a snippet from my grans funeral in Arranmore almost 20 years ago – ask me for the rest at the next night out – takes too long .



    Anyway , being a small island , there’s no funeral service so a datsun cherry estate was drafted in to carry my gran to her final resting place , the coffin lying across the folded down rear seats and nestled next the to the driver.



    As tradition dictates , the funeral procession stopped outside any dwelling with a connection to the deceased . Well we arrived at my uncle’s house to see my cousins waiting , respectfully , at the side of the track (they had arrived late the night before and slept in !).



    The hearse pulls up and cousin MC moves round the hearse and opens the front door , with the intention of getting in .






    1.door very quickly but gently closed.


    2. embarrassed cousin standing ‘beaming’ until we had passed and joining on the end of the procession


    3. the rest of us struggling not to burst out laughing (trust me , Nellie would have appreciated it)


    4. years of slagging still taking place each family get-together.







  9. The Rangers Story on ITV 4 tonight?



    ” 20 Referee Decisions That Shook The World” well, apart from the shaking the world part.

  10. FSTB….



    There can never be enough micks (or macs for that matter) in the ole sellllllick!








  11. the hooped crusader on

    Is there any truth in the rumour that taxi drivers who


    have fares to murray park instead of dropping players


    off have decided to wait with their engine running??

  12. Sannabhoy



    Me and my mates used to think it was illegal to pass people on the left. One guy used to get very angry and pretend to swerve into other motorists if they dared pass him up the left!! Nutter, but it was very funny!



    It was clarified on the radio recently, you can pass on the left if you are in your lane and holding your speed, as you were in this case. What you cannot do is swing in and out of lanes (to the left) just to get past people. i.e. undertaking.

  13. celtic dublin says:


    27 January, 2012 at 16:57




    if we can’t shoot messengers, can we criticise their use of hallucinogenic drugs?

  14. fergus slayed the blues



    would he get a work permitt ?



    he is only 21 so fits the bill buy young a would take a gamble if we can’t get who else we are chasing m8

  15. If Ah Wur King:



    Check, That!



    If Ah wur the Russians…



    Ah wid Low Ball the G.A… wi a



    Six and A Hauf Million Bid ..



    Fur.. Jellybelly..



    Five Minutes , afore the Windae closes.



    Maks sense tae me.




  16. ASonOfDan says:


    27 January, 2012 at 15:44





    Thanks for that, did not realise it was as much as 250k, they dont have it.







  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    HighwayCodeQuickNews the day- if Izzy is lurking it could help him pass his test.



    Thanks bhoys for the info on Tommy Burns going to Maryhill Juniors.



    Dom Sullivan was at St Ants [or St Roch’s] for a spell.

  18. fergus slayed the blues on

    Goldie says:


    27 January, 2012 at 16:57


    just saying the big guy looked good but in the naybalance role ,we need the finisher but I think he would have done a job for them .


    What is all the talk of us regards the big fella ,could he be bought with an eye of selling Sammi in the summer .


    I think that is the way we are setting up now ,bringing in new players to fill the positions vacated buy this terms first teamers sold for a profit .



    The Sun reports that two Rangers supporters are in court, charged violent and sectarian behaviour. The piece states that it is being claimed that “Stephen Campbell, 23, shouted sectarian abuse and hurled a bottle at two men while Kevin Anderson, 33, headbutted a victim” at Broxden Services near Perth. The Herald reports that “On the date of the incident, Celtic were playing at home against Dundee United, while Rangers played away at Inverness Caledonian Thistle. The three Celtic supporters referred to in court as being victims of the religious hate crime are Alan Green, Christopher MacDonald and Alexander McKenzie.

  20. Rasmussen




    been on loan to a few clubs now



    none of them interested in retaining his services



    there must be a reason for that



    perhaps another player who improves through not playing ……btw i didn`t think he was too bad ….a number of football coachs obviously disagree

  21. fergus slayed the blues says:


    27 January, 2012 at 17:07



    his club said we made a bid and it was too low m8



    i think he could be worth a gamble if we don’t get anyone else m8

  22. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! says:


    27 January, 2012 at 14:39I do not understand why we need to “do down” fellow Scots who are, or have, flown the flag for the best wee bigotted country in the world.



    Was Jimmy Johnstone the best right winger in the world? AYE



    Was Bobby Murdoch the best right half in the world? AYE



    Was Danny McGrain the best right back in the world? AYE



    Was Paul McStay the best midfielder in the world? AYE(IMO)



    WAS Larsson the betstest at everything ever ? AYE

  23. IF Jelevic has asked for a transfer, then that is a shift in position to his earlier statements,about it being up to the club.



    He has said that if it helps the club’s finances, then he would agree to move. Classic comments of a player who wants a bigger cut of the fee, i.e. don’t ask for a transfer.



    So, if he has now asked for the move, would that indicate that they have no intention of selling him and wish to keep him as an asset on their books?






    The reality of football is that big, hold up the play, scoring with the head, strikers are few and far between.


    Therefore, our chances of landing anyone who would be an improvement on Murphy, Rasmussen are pretty slim.



    If that is the case, then I would be happy to go with what we have and, if necessary, through injury or suspension, be a bit creative tactically.



    Bear in mind that we have come through the two traditionally toughest months of the season, weather and pitch wise and points gathering wise, unscathed.



    Hopefully, the weather will get better as we approach Spring and we keep our spirit and momentum going.

  24. Former Celtic director,Michael Kelly, writes in today’s Scotsman on the two Catholic midwives who refuse to participate in abortion procedures. Kelly discusses the after-care issue. He quotes the Catholic Church’s court evidence, writing: “Those offering such assistance after the (abortion), if they are Catholic are thus accomplices in the action and share in the guilt of the death of the child and are by their very action excommunicated.” Kelly concludes that “the court is likely to find the two midwives are claiming too broad an exemption. But, discounting the legal position, given the tragic position these mothers find themselves in does not Christian charity dictate that the overriding moral duty is to give them the best possible care by the best qualified medical staff?”





    TC comment…



    but Mick ! yer missing the point, big man….here’s the deal….in 3months times, we’re gonna “do in” the wee one but its ok, you say, cos we’re pre-planning here (3months in advance) to have the best after-care in place !


    eh….naw, Mick


    as i say, yer missing the point


    by that stage, its already too late for the child (male/female)



    what’s happening here is what’s called rationalisation !


    i.e. we’re gonna do this, but its ok cos we’re gonna do this, this and this later !



    instead, support the mother AND support the bairn, financial, emotional, psychological etc – there are plenty of quality organisations out there to do that



    save the human :)

  25. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    If it doesnt work out with a big striker – solution is simple – play Victor Wanyama up front if necessary.



    And if FF doesnt get a permanent deal – play Victor in goals – at the same time as he is up front if necessary.



    Nae bother…

  26. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. ThomtheThim



    Pal..yes, Ah agree..



    We Hiv goat past the Woist part of the Season






    In the next few weeks.. our League hopes wull Dim or Glow..



    Efter…. we Hiv faced the Cerberus,that doth dwell in


    Auld Reekie.



    If we get past that Two Heided .. Test..



    Ah am confident we wull win the League.





    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.

  27. Electronic Tims @ETimsNet Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    Salahi has held talks with Celtic and several other clubs. Decision to be made over the weekend. #Celtic #SPL #EPL

  28. Knoxy2000 ,



    I know that , you know that . You’d think our boys in blue would be aware as well.



    What chance will Izzy have if some good ole bhoys keep getting pulled over ?






    PS. How’s Oscar ?

  29. fergus slayed the blues on

    Goldie says:


    27 January, 2012 at 17:14


    How much did we bid ,I thought the big fella was up for grabs for 1m .


    hail hail

  30. ….PFayr says:


    27 January, 2012 at 17:13





    been on loan to a few clubs now



    none of them interested in retaining his services



    there must be a reason for that




    Same could be said of Anthony Stokes



    Arsenal – 6 months loan to Falkirk


    £2m transfer to Sunderland


    Loaned to Sheffield United


    Loaned to Crystal Palace


    Transfer to Hibs – Fee Undisclosed


    Transfer to Celtic –


    Can’t remember how much we paid but I would suggest that Blades and Palace fans may be looking up at us and pondering what may have been.



    The Onlooker

  31. fergus slayed the blues says:


    27 January, 2012 at 17:27



    Celtic have denied that they have made VVV Venlo an offer for Michael Uchebo.



    The Eredivisie side say that they have rejected a bid but senior Celtic sources say they were offered the player but declined to take the matter any further.



    The Dutch club said in a statement on their website: “Talks between Celtic and VVV went well, resulting in a formal bid from the club.



    “In the eyes of VVV, it is not enough. The club is open to a new bid. Michael is back in Venlo on Friday and we expect him in training on Saturday.”



    A Celtic insider told STV: “We were offered the player by his representatives. We had discussions but declined to take it further, prior to him going to Rangers.”



    Uchebo arrived in Glasgow on Wednesday evening to visit Rangers but no deal was concluded, leaving the player’s agent unhappy with how the Ibrox club had treated the player.



    Rangers said that they had decided not to follow up their interest in the player.

  32. Voguepunter



    Paul McStay – an incredible talent my favourite Celt of all time along with Tommy Burns.

  33. Paul67. Totally agree with you regarding our strikerforce


    We have six forwards of which only 2 are goalscorers( non goalscoring forwards sit uneasy with me) The boards failed transfer policy regarding strikers ie buy cheap and waste our money is seen here , successive managers have asked for goalscorer, only to be given murphys, rammassun , bangura etc, the result Is, money down the drain


    Now think about it


    Take those 3 and dont sign them, don’t waste their wages and buy just one at 6-8 million who would have a better chance of doing the job


    If we can’t find a goalscorer this transfer window, save our cash till we find one



    Problem is, I don’t think we are looking :(




  34. Heading into No7 Restaurant tonight, 3 courser and Q&A with Tommy TC Callaghan and Chicken George McCluskey, and a few pics with the Scottish and Big Cups.



    I’ve had worse Friday nights!

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