Michael, they have taken you away… from Ibrox


If you aggregate the nods, winks and rumours around Celtic this week you might be inclined to think we’re in the market for a target-man striker with a few years’ experience under his belt.  I agree with the principle that we need a target man and I’m also of the view that short-term deals are not nearly as desirable as permanent contracts, but as we know, it’s too easy to load the club full of squad players who cumulatively cost a lot of money but scarcely trouble the first team.

Hooper, Stokes, Samaras, Bangura, Rasmussen and Murphy are all under contract for next season and we cannot be confident of attracting bids for any of those Neil Lennon might want to move on.  If we add a seventh striker, his name better be on the team sheet before Gary Hooper’s.  Signing an exotic version of Daryl Murphy would add spice to our week but would only consume scarce resources.  I’d rather not.

Co-opting a media partner works in theory.  It’s always better to have good relationships with the media than the kind of relationships Celtic perennially have, but what happens when your media partner plays with a straight bat?

Rangers media partner, STV, today report Nigerian trialist, Michael Uchebo, boarded a plane out of Glasgow a few hours after arriving (Michael, they have taken you away….) as the VVV-Venlo striker with 8 career goals to his name had “a poor first impression of” Rangers.

Michael, you clearly have a rubbish strike rate but you’re a remarkably perceptive individual.

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  1. Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000 on

    tommytwiststommyturns says:


    28 January, 2012 at 00:14


    hamiltontim/Sanna – was wondering the same, what’s Taggsy got in mind for the other night?






    Upcoming Quizzes



    Friday 10 February 2012, Jury’s Inn Glasgow, Vanessa Riddle Fundraiser, 7.30pm




    Saturday 11 February 2012, Jury’s Inn Glasgow, Vanessa Riddle Fundraiser (CQN night). 7.30pm



    Taken from the article posted by Paul on Tuesday.

  2. shady



    I’m not in OZ btw, I would be many miles away from there, I live in a cave in the Andulacian mountains, which would be thousands, about two thousands of miles away from my kids and grandweans, sorry for any confusion :>)



    I traveled back to Spain today from Ireland, and met a bloke at Dublin this morning, a super bloke btw, he is from OZ, from the Gold Coast as it happens, and married to a Scots lass, been married for about 20 years, his Mrs is from Belshill, her Da is a hun and refused to go to their wedding cos she was marrying a Catholic, yer man couldn’t get his head around this, he has no love for football, he would be a rugby league man, he said to me when we parted company that his father in law would be turning in his grave that he was talking to a Celtic man.

  3. BT,



    coincidentally enough I have only ever had 1 cigar (well technically about 4 puffs – no inhaling) too and that was the wetting of Laura’s (eldest TTT jnr) head.



    Can also say that I can guarantee that next time will not be wetting another TTT wean’s head either!!









  4. The Token Tim says: 28 January, 2012 at 00:35



    Excellent choice, though always tinged with sadness remembering how it ended for Stuart Adamson. Was a big part of my Uni years soundtrack due to a good friend from New Mains. Similar sadness for the beautiful:







  5. Good Morning All,



    Had a wee scroll back with a glass of the red stuff and have to say Fred C is winning the ‘music of the evening’ prize so far!? IMO :O)



    Fred C – I Fall at your feet!




  6. TTT



    look forward to enjoying a havanna for the same reason then..



    mni BT 12 in April…FFS


  7. Gordon



    All well. Mrs Emu says hello! How’s your family? Your bro still hitting those wee white ba’s?


    Drove down through your old haunt the other month. Need to meet for a beer sometime.

  8. TET – SOrry to hear about your bhoy.



    Think there’s a chance my Mum was scammed by someone who crashed into the back of her today, time will tell.



    He gave her a no, reg and mobile no. Things don’t seem quite right, I’ll need to phone the insurance tomorrow but it’s not looking good.



    Unfortunately she was in shock and didn’t get out her car to check damage or get his details and verify his reg.



    I hope I’m wrong as the name given it is highly likely he’s a bhoy if it is the correct name.



    Anyway, off to bed.



    hh & goodnight




  9. Blantyretim



    Not sure what James’s song is about – but a song with the beautiful name of Monica



    Hail hail,




  10. newradbhoy with the kano 1000 says:


    28 January, 2012 at 00:54



    Congrats, I’ve been married for 3 happy funfilled years, problem is I got married in 2000 ;-)



    old ones are the best.csc

  11. MWD



    Have seen it before, compelling viewing.



    Best book on the subject, and I’ve read a few, is Eamonn McCann’s ‘Bloody Sunday in Derry’. As accurate a depiction as you could hope to find.

  12. James Forrest is Lennon on




    The Sun is running, for the second day straight, with the story that the deal for the Polish lad is done and that he’s off to Rangers. Yes, I know it’s The Sun, but the “journo” in question is sticking his neck right out there.



    How solid is the word back in Poland? What’re the media saying? Has the player commented?

  13. Time for bed



    Thanks for the offer for looking after the young fella,much appriceated.



    Shattered and blooterd.



    A wee result at the bigotdome on the cards would be a nice pre for the week ahead, can’t but hope….



    Take care and god bless bhoys.



  14. Shady,





    SA was class.


    BTW when you say New Mains, do you mean Newmains that’s a leafy suburb of Wishy (aka Wishaw)???



    If so, if ye dont mind what years were ye at Uni?






  15. Emus


    Pass my love onto Mrs Emu.


    Tell her she’s sorely missed.


    My bros now running a golf course in Cyprus.

  16. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. says:


    28 January, 2012 at 00:54







    its powerful, superbly acted, and true to what happened depiction.



    Nesbitt is indeed immense.



    couldnt watch it tonight, in need of a different mind set , but it really does just again make any right minded person get angry.