Michael, they have taken you away… from Ibrox


If you aggregate the nods, winks and rumours around Celtic this week you might be inclined to think we’re in the market for a target-man striker with a few years’ experience under his belt.  I agree with the principle that we need a target man and I’m also of the view that short-term deals are not nearly as desirable as permanent contracts, but as we know, it’s too easy to load the club full of squad players who cumulatively cost a lot of money but scarcely trouble the first team.

Hooper, Stokes, Samaras, Bangura, Rasmussen and Murphy are all under contract for next season and we cannot be confident of attracting bids for any of those Neil Lennon might want to move on.  If we add a seventh striker, his name better be on the team sheet before Gary Hooper’s.  Signing an exotic version of Daryl Murphy would add spice to our week but would only consume scarce resources.  I’d rather not.

Co-opting a media partner works in theory.  It’s always better to have good relationships with the media than the kind of relationships Celtic perennially have, but what happens when your media partner plays with a straight bat?

Rangers media partner, STV, today report Nigerian trialist, Michael Uchebo, boarded a plane out of Glasgow a few hours after arriving (Michael, they have taken you away….) as the VVV-Venlo striker with 8 career goals to his name had “a poor first impression of” Rangers.

Michael, you clearly have a rubbish strike rate but you’re a remarkably perceptive individual.

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  1. Frank Kafka says:


    10 November, 2010 at 21:54



    West Wales Celt says:


    10 November, 2010 at 21:46



    Frank Kafka:


    Bet you wear a red poppy and union jack underpants…


    And I bet you Master Bate over Sun editorials…




    I rest my case.




    It was me who bolded that date, again. There is good reason.

  2. McCoist is hilarious. His comments to the media about every detail of every non-deal make him sound like a man crying for help…



    Speaking about Jaager today McCoist said: “We weren’t in a position to make him an offer unfortunately.


    “I’m not easily upset and a lot worse things happen. It’s maybe a wee bit of a disappointment but I’m not going to throw the toys out of the pram.


    “That’s life and you just have to get on with it. I’m certainly not closing the door on that at all.


    “If the opportunity arises that we are in a position to make a bid, we will do that.”

  3. Good morning fellow Celts. Lovely blue skies over Norrth Hampshire



    methinks Celts will have ensured all agents are aware of the wee ‘situation’ down poundland way



    always helps ones bargaining position when you are not desperate to buy



    on the other hand



    selling when everyone knows you are desperate for cash…..



    any hovering huns …good luck with all that :-)







  4. Morning BMCUW



    I had a look at that page and noticed that hovering over the MFC badge it is also falsely tagged – Motherwell City!



    Maybe possibly they got a non-fitba fan to build that part of the webpage?



    Hail, hail

  5. ItaliaBhoy,



    I sense that we don’t need to stop them. If any potential signing involves more than £5k per week and or a fee to the current club you can forget it.



    McCoist is turning away some of the trialists as they are being picked for him by Gordon Smith. Relations are past breaking point and he would have been long gone had it not been for him being put in place by Murray and Smith.

  6. Looking at the back pages of the papers online I see Falkirk’s Mark Millars name against an article.


    When he played for Celtic youths I thought he was going to be an outstanding player. In a Glasgow derby game at Airdrie’s park, he was up against the wonderkid Fleck. The only name on peoples lips on the way out was Millar’s and how, if he progressed, would be a mainstay in our midfield. I’m not sure why it never it happened for him, but It’ll be interesting to see how he copes tomorrow.




  7. Wot?



    Jorge “Pitbull” Claros to ranjurs!!











  8. HT



    aye, waiting on my mate to text me with that number


    I will fotward it to you when he gets round to it..

  9. Great read Paul McC, thanks



    What a fine quote from Mr Baxendale-Walker, definition of hubris?



    ““I’m actually helping to cure people of various ills, various cancers,” says Mr Baxendale-Walker. “Because tax is a cancer that will kill your business if it’s not treated. So I see myself as a doctor too.”



    Get him!

  10. bjmac reckons his mum was on the receiving end of a scam when someone ran into the back of her car yesterday..



    you drinking last night? o))

  11. whitedoghunch:



    Cheers mate I’m good. I saw your wee charity link the other day and I tried to donate but for whatever reason it kept reject my credit card details. If you can put the link up again I’ll try again in the morning. I gave away my old PC to a kid that needed one for to keep up with his school work and before I did I copied over all my files, only problem is the dates have been reset and it is a wee bit of a slog trying to find particular ones; still it is quite amusing some of the stuff I keep coming across. Some of it I post on here to give some of the guys I was talking to on the phone yesterday a wee laugh.

  12. BT



    I wish!! No had the minis last night so not a drop sadly :-(



    Right off out swimming I’ll pass that on to BJ when I get it, cheers mate.

  13. Ten Men Won The League on

    Loovens, Dan, Darren O’Dea, Zaluska,Cha all out of contract in the summer



    We have an option to extend Mark Wilson’s contract by a further year in the summer



    Of the players named above i would keep Willo and offer Dan a new deal

  14. Now from somebody who purports to be a writer you’d think his spelling and grammer would be a wee bittie more tidy; or was he doing it on purpose to decieve? Very strange indeed.



    Again the date is bolded for a reason. Has anybody guessed who this geezer is? Shhhh! don’t say anything yet because I have weeks of material to get through. Eventually I’ll get there, though I’ve been on this particular jouney for over three years, but then I used to love running marathons and a wee grudge is not too heavy a burden.



    Frank Kafpa says:



    29 November, 2010 at 09:53



    As far as I am awear, not wun person at Celtic made any commant about the Dallas email. Knobody at Celtic called for the sacking of Dallas at any time over the ofensive email.


    Correctly, Celtic obviously took the view that it was not for them to raize that partkular issue.



    So why are most sextions of the media blaming Celtic, and more misteriously – Neil Lennon – for the demise of Dallas? Why are they connecting the two issues?



    Very strangle.

  15. Paul McC says:


    28 January, 2012 at 09:48


    On the basis that it would be a good thing to finish my January update in January – part 3a re the big tax case is at the link below.



    For proper analysis of the tax case, RTC is where to be, but I don’t think he has ever mentioned Roy Race, Melchester Rovers, and Clemenza, the football agent! :-)







    one little added twist, which isn’t relevant to the outcome of the tax case, but is hugely embarrassing



    As well as getting the advice, setting up the scheme and signing the unfortunately lethal side letters, “Sir Sam Barlow” also decided there was an opportunity for a nice little earner for himself…



    taking the big fat fee he had to pay to Baxendale Walker, lets say £300 k, he then billed “Melchester” double that amount so that they could use the scheme



    all numbers are purely illustrative…….it could be less, or much much more

  16. CQN Saturday Naps Competition



    Lads, for those who are in the CQN Saturday Naps competition, please go back and post your selection on the previous article :


    (“Lock up game’s tax deviants”)



    Alternatively, if you cannot access the previous article for any reason, then you can send me an email message with your selection to : fleagle1888 at yahoo.co.uk



    All the best, fleagle1888

  17. whitedoghunch:



    I’ll try again in the morning mate but in the interim if you send me through and address I’ll post it if my card fails me again. I’m a wee bit busy at the moment, snowed under with paperwork.