Michael, they have taken you away… from Ibrox


If you aggregate the nods, winks and rumours around Celtic this week you might be inclined to think we’re in the market for a target-man striker with a few years’ experience under his belt.  I agree with the principle that we need a target man and I’m also of the view that short-term deals are not nearly as desirable as permanent contracts, but as we know, it’s too easy to load the club full of squad players who cumulatively cost a lot of money but scarcely trouble the first team.

Hooper, Stokes, Samaras, Bangura, Rasmussen and Murphy are all under contract for next season and we cannot be confident of attracting bids for any of those Neil Lennon might want to move on.  If we add a seventh striker, his name better be on the team sheet before Gary Hooper’s.  Signing an exotic version of Daryl Murphy would add spice to our week but would only consume scarce resources.  I’d rather not.

Co-opting a media partner works in theory.  It’s always better to have good relationships with the media than the kind of relationships Celtic perennially have, but what happens when your media partner plays with a straight bat?

Rangers media partner, STV, today report Nigerian trialist, Michael Uchebo, boarded a plane out of Glasgow a few hours after arriving (Michael, they have taken you away….) as the VVV-Venlo striker with 8 career goals to his name had “a poor first impression of” Rangers.

Michael, you clearly have a rubbish strike rate but you’re a remarkably perceptive individual.

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  1. db


    re. Rabui his tattoed legend.


    It’s a hallowed African future time depiction of Victor the Captain with his hooped arms held aloft bearing the European Cup, his hatrick of Euro dominance in successive seasons since being elevated to his rightful position in tribute and in honour the co-efficient drag death and demise of rankers fc.

  2. Strangely enough, the doctor at west ham is an expert in treating those types of bugs, wouldn’t surprise me if he was sent down to see him about it.


    Right,nightshift beckons,so it’s bedtime for bertie.



    Unlucky,Andy Murray. I hope your time will come.



    Unlucky,Morten Rasmussen,you signed for a club who would not put an arm round your shoulders as a young lad in a foreign country and point you in the right direction.



    Or even help you out over a faffin’ speeding ticket,ffs.



    I despair,I really do.



    He’s nae use tae us,he git a speedin’ ticket.

  4. Anyhoo, Sunday!



    I read the bairns are undefeated since end of November. That will be only 3-0 then to the Mighty Hoops, led by ‘The Lion King’ Wanyama…

  5. South Of Tunis on

    starry plough–



    Yes ——— the same Tamlins .



    I think the Slim Smith version of Keep That LIght is way better.



    The Tamlins did a great version of Baltimore




    Not the first to have a speeding ticket, but he was the first who had Celtic frantically trying to divert the polis away from our training ground…



    Sleep Tight and HH

  7. So, either Celtic. Aalborg, Mainz and Sivasspor are very pernickety about speeding tickets, or…


    he’s maybe just no very good?

  8. Wine, cheese and crackers in the afternoon



    how sophisticated



    4-0 to the ghood ghuys on Sunday, turn the commentary down if your watching the coverage on the Bigoted Broadcasting Company

  9. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I got done for speeding once. I was gunned as I passed the CSC in London Road.



    £50 and three points.



    It was a long time ago.



    I never speed now.



    Lesson learned.



    What’s not to like for goodness sake?

  10. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Tam Lin’



    Bonkers song on ‘Liege and Lief’, my favourite track on one of my alltime favourite LPs.



    Of course , in best Fairport tradition the band split up before their masterpiece was released.

  11. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I had a couple of mates in watching the St Mirren game last week.



    We turned the sound down and took turns at doing the commentary ourselves.



    It was hilarious!



    I recommend it.

  12. Afternoon all



    I see the lets kick Andy Murray when he’s down game is in full flow,



    A tad unfair, but as he does not support the famous Glasgow Celtic ………Who cares, give him both barrells



    Can anyone update me on The new rangers midfield ace “Cellik”



    Has he signed, are his club withholding his registration papers due to no compensation being paid because of his age,



    any update would help settle a debate here in the office,










  13. whitedoghunch says:


    27 January, 2012 at 13:02


    Barcabhoy worth a look



    —–interesting site, thanks



    the one thing the economic mess has thrown up is better value in a number of areas. there are restaurants who have risen to the challenge by offering really good food at sensible prices, and adjusting their wine lists to deliver great value wines



    I went to a restaurant in Edinburgh called Iris recently where they had an outstanding lunch for £12.95, the place was warm and cosy and for a midweek, jam-packed



    they have learnt the rules of the new economy…..football clubs need to start doing likewise

  14. Ipod classic 5th gen. Bought 2006. My klipsch docking system is playing and charging (although for the past 6 hours) yet when I usb it comesup with ‘very low charge’ and doesn’t connect to iplayer. What gives?






    Thanks for the input!!

  15. South Of Tunis on

    DBBIA —



    Tam Lin –



    Track down an early 70s movie called —–The Devil’s Widow.



    It is based on the Tam Lin story. —— it stars Ava Gardner / Joanna Lumley/ and the man who played Lovejoy.



    A contender for that worst film ever made thing.

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Lardo66 -no problem!



    Only too happy to help with the mysteries of modern life.

  17. Grant Russell @STVGrant Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    Curious tale. VVV say they’ve rejected bid from Celtic for ex-Rangers trialist Michael Uchebo. Celtic deny any bid.



    27 January, 2012 at 14:02


    BARCABHOY 1252






    Someone earlier posted a link to CSKA MOSCOW around midnight-can I please suggest,nay,beg,you find it and forward it?






    BTW,loved your first comment on the new RTC.



    Precise and to the point,or jugular………







    RTC site has been a welcome addition. the focus topic is obviously , the big issue of the day. where it is different is that it is a multi club site



    Shooting fish in a barrel would be more difficult than deconstructing and lacerating most of the more desperate theories of jack irvines zombie army, however it’s fun none the less

  19. On Ra Ra Rasmussen – I find it hard to believe the club has hung him out to dry over a driving offence when at least one member of the current management team has had a driving offence in their time at the club too.



    I think Robbie Keane’s arrival pushed him down the list and even though he linked well with Robbie he remains linked to Mowbray’s time at the club.



    Or maybe, he’s just not very good, but then people said that about Tommy Johnson and Harald Brattbakk and they knocked the ball over the line to win the league. Anyone else see big Morten getting the tap in that brings the title home in April ?

  20. Barcabhoy @ 12:52



    Good point you make about Jelly’s stats. Hooper’s are far superior, and he is younger and English, to EPL clubs that should make him a better punt than Jelly.



    Jelly’s record this season is worse than last year, he’s taking the penalties now, and his record in the derby games is marginally better than monster munch Kris the miss.



    Do you believe Hutton really went for what they said ?

  21. Bhoy67



    ALLY McCOIST will include Mervan Celik in his squad for the first time as he prepares to face Hibs without the services of Nikica Jelavic.



    The Croatian striker has been hit by a bug that makes him unavailable but McCoist is likely to include Celik in his match day squad for the first time since his signing last Friday.




    I don’t know what that means as no-one has reported his clearance coming through.


    Lennon could include hoopy hound in the squad, disnae mean he can play…

  22. I think Rasmussen was a bit unlucky at Celtic in terms of the timiing of his arrival.



    From the little I saw of him I thought he could score goals for us.



    There was definitely something a miss. Were there not rumours about the condition he arrived back in for Lennon´s first pre-season as a manager.



    I would rather Rasmussen than Murphy coming on if we need a goal.



    Tbh I doubt we will see him anywhere near the first team, he doesn´t seem to be in the manager´s plans.

  23. cardiffbhoy at 15:45



    I would imagine its pretty common to offer a player to both us and Rangers and hope to increase the fee or wages due to this “interest”.




  24. neil lennon should just come out and tell us straight ,there will be no new striker coming in this window.well if thats the case ,dont loan out rasmusson put him on the subs bench ,and lets see if lenny will give him a chance?

  25. The Pantaloon Duck on

    All this talk of Rasmussen has set me wondering… Have any of our players gone out on loan then come back and been successful? I can’t think of any.

  26. ASonOfDan says:


    27 January, 2012 at 15:44



    Oh I hope Celik does play.


    As soon as his wee footie boot crosses the whyte(sic) line they will have 30 days to find the £250K for his former club or they’ll be back in court.



    On second thoughts CW will probably like that option. :oD





    /Bishop B

  27. Reporting in Holland CELTIC have made a bid for the bold Michael but it does not meet VVV valuation.



    WHOOOOOSH!!! Never seen that coming…



    Het bezoek aan Glasgow heeft Michael Uchebo een opening bij Celtic opgeleverd. Het eerste bod van de Schotse topclub is echter niet toereikend voor VVV-Venlo.



    Met de wetenschap dat zowel Glasgow Rangers als Celtic interesse had vertrok Uchebo woensdag naar Schotland. De kennismaking met Rangers bleek geen succes. De absentie van manager Ally McCoist deed Nigeriaan te zeer twijfelen over een toekomst bij The Gers.



    Zijn gevoel bij Celtic was beduidend beter. Na onderhandelingen volgde een officieel bod op de aanvaller. Voor VVV was dat echter onvoldoende om in te stemmen met de overgang van Uchebo, die zaterdag weer op het Limburgse trainingsveld verwacht wordt.





    The visit to Glasgow, Michael Uchebo an opening match at Celtic. The first bid for the Scottish club is not sufficient for VVV-Venlo.



    Knowing that both Rangers and Celtic would be interested Uchebo left Wednesday to Scotland. Introduction to the Rangers proved unsuccessful. The absence of manager Ally McCoist was too much doubt about a Nigerian forward with The Gers.



    His feeling was much better at Celtic. After negotiations followed a formal offer for the striker. VVV was not enough to agree with the transition from Uchebo, which again Saturday at the training ground Limburg expected

  28. I did expect this right enough…



    Celtic have denied that they have made VVV Venlo an offer for Michael Uchebo.



    The Eredivisie side say that they have rejected a bid but senior Celtic sources say they were offered the player but declined to take the matter any further.



    The Dutch club said in a statement on their website: “Talks between Celtic and VVV went well, resulting in a formal bid from the club.



    “In the eyes of VVV, it is not enough. The club is open to a new bid.



    “Michael is back in Venlo on Friday and we expect him in training on Saturday.”

  29. cardiffbhoy says:


    27 January, 2012 at 15:44


    Barcabhoy @ 12:52



    Good point you make about Jelly’s stats. Hooper’s are far superior, and he is younger and English, to EPL clubs that should make him a better punt than Jelly.



    Jelly’s record this season is worse than last year, he’s taking the penalties now, and his record in the derby games is marginally better than monster munch Kris the miss.



    Do you believe Hutton really went for what they said ?






    Hutton went for £7 million plus add ons which have not been earned to date, and are unlikely ever to be earned…..my source is impeccable on this



    The number had to be inflated for public consumption as only a ludicrously high, impossible to reject offer would have averted a fan revolt

  30. I don’t really follow tennis but I have a nephew who plays. He told me about 10 years ago about Andy Murray. The nephew reckoned then that Murray would be the best Scottish tennis player to date. Looks to me that he is right. The nephew now reckons that Murray won’t win a Major but not because of a lack of talent. The nephew reckons he carries too many injuries.



    So, while, as a Scot, I would love him to win, I think we should simply respect him for what he achieves. He is playing against 3 of the finest tennis players ever.



    By the bye, is Rassmussen back with us? I would have him in against the likes of the Govan bankrupts and the ICTs of this world.

  31. Good afternoon bhoys from a very calm North Sea , anybody see fat Ally on SSN !


    He cannae even lie straight on telly !



    However I can honestly state that I can absolutely assure you that the doctor has been to see me and I am here for two weeks , miss the semi final and Hearts game and that’s a fact.”




  32. DBBIA


    It’s a pain. Although I discovered that my kindle has a music player.


    CSNY over a James Ellroy.


    Now there’s a juxtoposition.

  33. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Lardo 66-I know a couple of guys recently who were having problems with older ipods,took them to Apple Store and left with a brand new one,no questions asked.Legally of course.

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