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I had a look at the story on the official site this morning about a compilation CD with various versions of the Celtic Song being released.  After the initial pleasure of seeing Emilio Izaguirre and Scott Brown on their feet unaided, what struck me most was the apparent body mass of the two players we would normally consider our midfield enforcers, Scott and Beram Kayal.

Against Paddy McCourt, Joe Ledley and Emilio, not to mention men of considerable bulk, like Charlie Mulgrew, they are comparatively svelte and diminutive.  The central midfield role is about mobility and football-intelligence more than anything else.  How you use your weight against an opponent is as important as having the weight to begin with, but when the margins between winning and not winning are so tight, getting the physical balance right is important.

I don’t think I’ve been happy with a Celtic 4-4-2 line-up for years but playing Scott, Beram and a couple of wingers across midfield feels like an invitation for more limited opponents to bully this area, something the Highlanders did very effectively the last time we visited Inverness.

After mentioning tomorrow’s Fans Against Criminalisation meeting in yesterday’s blog I read Joe O’Rourke’s item on the Supporters’ Association site on the same subject with a mixture of horror and foreboding.  The First Minister would be well advised to quickly reign-in whatever loose cannons he has roaming the corridors of power.  Well done to Joe for bringing this to the attention of a wider audience.

The guys from the Alzheimer’s charity, FootballMemories,org.uk asked me to bring their site to your attention.  They work with Alzheimer patients, using the universal platform football provides us all, to engage and invoke recollections.  The site has lots of great Celtic stories, take a look and add your own.

De, de-de de de, de, de-de, de de, de de…

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  1. TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) on

    Could it be Steptoe & Son ?


    Probably heading to a location somewhere on the south side.




  2. Philvisreturns, have a wee bit of compassion pal, everyone deserves a break and indeed a last chance to prove himself.


    Also, if Lenny sees something good in him then that’s good enough for this Celt.



    Just my opinion Phil.




  3. Ah, it’s an extract from Brian O’Neill’s reaction to Dougie-gate



    “De, de-de de de, de, de-de, de de, de de..definitely a penalty ya muppet!”

  4. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon – My policy is different.



    I call it the TLC policy: I don’t want no scrubs.



    It would be different if this was a second or even possibly third chance this young man was seeking.



    But it isn’t.



    He’s looking for a sixth chance, more if you include the other clubs who had him on trial but quickly got rid.



    He couldn’t make it in league two, so there’s absolutely no reason at all to believe he can be a success at Celtic.



    Being thrust into the limelight at Celtic, with the Glasgow goldfish bowl and the temptations of the nightclubs and the pressure and weight of expectations and the laptop loyal always circling for a story would likely be doing more harm to this young man than good.



    I have enough compassion to hope he turns his life around at a club that is suitable for a man of his talents.



    Celtic was founded on charity but is not a charitable institution for the employment of failed footballers. (thumbsup)

  5. De, de-de de de, de, de-de, de de, de de…



    And when your body’s had


    Enough of me


    And I’m layin’


    Flat out on the floor….



    Paul67 you old charmer. (thumbsup)

  6. Ceaser67 – agree



    Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon – disagree



    philvisreturns – agree





    The guy just keeps messing up and whilst I genuinely hope he sorts himself out, i.e. a trial/short stint with us could be the wake-up call he so obviously needs. But as you allude to Philvis, can you imagine his Grant Adam moment in the LL?

  7. Remembrance Day musing inspired by an ad


    from Erskine Hospital.


    It costs £140,000 per week to care for ex servicemen


    and women.


    Erskine Hospital’s running costs would be covered for


    more than 7 years on the money estimated to be liable


    by the in your face, shameless exploitation of troops,


    football club that is RFC.

  8. Here is the link to the ‘George Peat’ story – please could nobody else click on it – deprive the daily record of oxygen and it will die. (It is written by “falkirk” fan Gordon Waddell




    Ex-Airdrie star Chris Honor: I hated George Peat for finishing my career at 26 and I’ll never forgive him


    Jun 12 2011 Gordon Waddell, Sunday Mail



    FORGOTTEN freedom fighter Chris Honor watched George Peat step down from the peak of Scottish football on Tuesday – and wished he had been there to hammer his football coffin closed.



    The SFA’s outgoing president finished his term on a high last week, taking credit for instigating the revolutionary changes dragging Hampden into the 21st century.



    But modernity’s not a trait Honor recognises in the man who ended his career at the age of 26.



    A man who used the prehistoric, pre-Bosman rulebook to kybosh a move to the Premiership through sheer greed and power, turning Honor into a soccer prisoner.



    And with Peat basking in the glory of his parting gift to the game, Honor wanted a reminder delivered of the route his former Broomfield chairman took to get there.



    Now 43 and successfully running his own business, as well as coaching Bristol City’s Under-16s, Honor was Scotland’s Bosman.



    He followed the same legal path as Belgian Jean Marc 17 years ago to free himself from the oppressive chains Airdrie were allowed to shackle him with.



    Back then, a player could fall out of contract and not be paid yet their club could still hold their registration AND demand whatever fee they saw fit.



    Honor explained: “That’s exactly what Peat did to me. He flat out finished me as a professional footballer at 26.



    “Sadly the rules allowed him to do it but just because they were there didn’t mean you had to use them. He did it simply because he could.



    “Time proved I was right to fight Airdrie. Bosman beat me through the courts by about three months to prove what they were doing was illegal but I still hate Peat for what he did to me.



    “It makes my stomach turn every time I see him on TV or hear him on Five Live talking about the game.



    “It got to the stage where if I saw his face come up on Sky Sports News I’d be hoping it was his obituary they were reading out.



    “That sounds hateful and I don’t suppose I really mean it but after what that man did to me and a couple of other players it’s hard not to harbour a grudge.



    “I’m in my 40s now and he was probably just a bit older than that when he did what he did to me.



    “I sometimes ask myself if I could ever do what he did to another human being now I’m approaching that stage in my life. And the answer is never in a million years.



    “He did it because he could and I’ll never forgive him.”



    Airdrie signed stopper Honor from Bristol City for £20,000 in the summer of 1991 – and he quickly emerged as a valued man-marker in Alex MacDonald’s side.



    The Englishman said: “I loved my spell in Scotland. I had the time of my life and I think the Diamonds got their money’s worth out of me.



    “I helped keep them in the Premier League, I helped them reach a Scottish Cup Final and Europe.



    “When my contract was up in 1994 I wanted to move south to marry my fiancee Kirsty.



    “George said they wouldn’t be hard to deal with and that they would take £50,000 for me. So I went looking for clubs on that basis.”



    Honor’s stock was high and he landed a dream crack at England’s top flight – with QPR boss Gerry Francis a fan.



    He said: “I did pre-season and went on tour with QPR. Gerry knew there would be a fee involved and was happy with it.



    “I’ll never forget sitting in his office when he phoned Peat to do the deal, only to hear him renege on it. He obviously heard it was the Premiership, saw the pound signs, and trebled the fee.



    “I was two weeks away from making my Premiership debut at Old Trafford on the opening day.



    “Eventually Gerry just turned to me and said: ‘I need a defender. I’m going to have to look elsewhere.’



    “He knew he could get someone from down south for no fee at all.



    “I had other clubs interested but none of them could understand how a guy could be out of contract and still cost them money – especially when that fee seemed to vary.



    “I even tried to buy MYSELF at one point. I arranged to remortgage the house and offered £25,000 for my own services. I pleaded with Peat but it was like talking to stone.”



    Honor ended up as an amateur, helping Forest Green into the Conference and captaining them to a Wembley final while pursuing Airdrie through the courts. But his bad luck continued in 1999.



    He said: “The Court of Session in Scotland ruled that I was within my rights to sue. I had guys like Gerry Francis and Terry Yorath, who had both tried to sign me at the time, lined up as witnesses.



    “This was five-and-a-half years after I had last played for Airdrie. All I wanted was some justice.



    “Then the club went out of business. And the ultimate irony is that far from being held responsible for a club going to the wall, Peat pulled another club’s blazer on at Stenhousemuir, kept his privileges with the SFA and went on to become the top man in the game.



    “He’s now trying to portray the SFA changes as some kind of victory for him. Yet he doesn’t see the irony that his stewardship contributed to the game needing a total overhaul. All that tells me is he never loved the game – he just loved the power.”

  9. Paul67 et al



    As I understand it the Football Related Offences Bill is supported only by SNP MSPs, and has no support outwith the governing party. Given the fact that the SNP were a minority government for four years, and thus restricted in the legislation they could pass, this bill in effect is their signature legislation. Eighty years in the making, and yet this bill is the best the SNP can come up with! It is simply not good enough. Now all of us on here would agree that tackling sectarianism in Scotland should be a priority, but none of us would agree that the proposed legislation, will in any way shape or form address that issue. Indeed, if some accounts are to be believed, the main mover of this legislation may well be motivated by the very same sectarianism it purports to address. Maybe Alex Salmond should deal with that issue, before criminalising the rest of us.

  10. Guys


    cant open Joes link re the lovely christines latest outburst has it been posted earlier or could someone oblige please




  11. dirtymac – But as you allude to Philvis, can you imagine his Grant Adam moment in the LL?



    I can indeed.



    And what’s more, so can the sports hacks at the Daily Record.



    If we sign this guy they’ll be all over him hoping to find something to embarrass the club with.



    Given his age and track record, there’s a good chance he’d give them something to write about. (thumbsup)

  12. Is it a musical tribute to fiddler on the burning roof, Craig Whyte?



    “If I were a rich man, De, de-de de de, de, de-de, de de, de de…..”.

  13. Celtic Mac says:


    11 November, 2011 at 14:14



    It’s a myth, or rather a smokescreen, that the Bill is intended to tackle sectarianism.



    There’s legislation already on the statute book to deal with sectarianism.



    The only innovation in the Bill is in S.1(2)(e) which outlaws



    ‘other behaviour that a reasonable person would be likely to consider offensive.’

  14. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    New left back, Ill take him, as for what the hacks i the scottish meeja think, who gives a funkeys muck, and if thats all your worried about get a grip.

  15. A real worm in my head over this one….sorry for being pickety.



    “quickly reign-in whatever loose cannons”






    That’s better!



    Hail Hail





    Tom McLaughlin says:



    11 November, 2011 at 12:18



    In my travels today, I was introduced to a fellow-Scot, on holiday from his home town of Kilmarnock.



    Once the usual niceties about the weather and the beer were negotiated, the subject turned to football. I told the guy I was a Celtic supporter. I saw a slight hesitancy in his demeanour before he obviously decided to be economical with the truth.



    “I’m from Kilmarnock,” he told me.



    Note that, despite the fact that he was the one who brought up the ‘football issue’, he didn’t say, “I support Kilmarnock.”



    Armed with the information that I am a Celtic supporter, John – for that is his name – told me “That Neil Lennon’s no the guy Celtic need right now.”



    “How’s that?” I replied. “We’re still in Europe and all the competitions, and are chasing Rangers for the SPL.”



    “Aye but he’s a bit of a liability is he no?”



    “In what way?”



    “His behaviour and all that. How he annoys people.”



    “You mean how he makes people send him bombs and bullets?”



    “Aye. He disnae dae himself any favours.”



    “Do you think he deserved the bombs and bullets?”



    “Aye well it was what he was brought up with, was it no?”



    “Naw. But why do you think he’s not the man Celtic need?”



    “Cos he’s too fenian.”



    “What does that mean? How can someone be too fenian?”



    “Ach yer playin wi words noo.”



    “How am I playing with words? You said too fenian. I asked you what that meant.”



    “Too fenian. Too Kafflik. Ye know what I mean.”



    “I don’t.”



    “He plays on it.”



    “In what way?”



    “McCoist wears a suit at games. Lennon wears a Celtic track-suit.”



    That was when my wife realised the conversation was going nowhere. She dragged me out of there.



    John apprached me later and gave me his phone number. He thought it might be an idea if we got together for a beer or two during his stay in the Gold Coast with his daughter.



    That piece of paper is lying by the side of the road in Hope Island.



    Hail Hail.






    Nice one,bud.



    Coming from Kilwinning,I know how these types are-don’t we all?



    I also know they realise that they can’t get away with the WASP/WATP superiority crap when they venture abroad. I think they run night-classes in certain parts on how to behave in public when out of the comfort zone.



    Sadly they always clash with ludge meetings.



    They are what they are,as they are forever telling me,and frankly there is no hope for a mindset such as the one you described. Hell mend them.

  17. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    ernie lynch says:


    11 November, 2011 at 10:16


    Imatim and so is Neil Lennon says:


    11 November, 2011 at 10:02



    When the dust settles anyone who is left out of pocket will be able to argue that they only invested or provided credit because they thought the huns were solvent and had sufficient assets to pay everything based on the balance sheet valuations.






    2010 Never Again



    That being the case surely the auditors are wide open to a law suit or 3…..and that being the case who in their right mind would sign off on Ibrox being worth over £100 million…..how can these valuers possibly justify this valuation?

  18. Som mes que un club on

    Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    11 November, 2011 at 13:57


    Philvisreturns, have a wee bit of compassion pal, everyone deserves a break and indeed a last chance to prove himself.


    Also, if Lenny sees something good in him then that’s good enough for this Celt.



    Just my opinion Phil.










  19. VP- I think we should have persued Peat,i think we would have found a few skeletons in his cupboard before he collected his fat pension.

  20. Kit,



    I emailed you my phone number. If you haven’t got it, here it is again. 075395230534.



    If you don’t get this message, let me know and I’ll post it again later!! :-)



    Hail Hail




  21. De, de-de de de, de, de-de, de de, de de…



    “close the doors said father fitzpatrick halfway through mass,here they come again!”

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