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I had a look at the story on the official site this morning about a compilation CD with various versions of the Celtic Song being released.  After the initial pleasure of seeing Emilio Izaguirre and Scott Brown on their feet unaided, what struck me most was the apparent body mass of the two players we would normally consider our midfield enforcers, Scott and Beram Kayal.

Against Paddy McCourt, Joe Ledley and Emilio, not to mention men of considerable bulk, like Charlie Mulgrew, they are comparatively svelte and diminutive.  The central midfield role is about mobility and football-intelligence more than anything else.  How you use your weight against an opponent is as important as having the weight to begin with, but when the margins between winning and not winning are so tight, getting the physical balance right is important.

I don’t think I’ve been happy with a Celtic 4-4-2 line-up for years but playing Scott, Beram and a couple of wingers across midfield feels like an invitation for more limited opponents to bully this area, something the Highlanders did very effectively the last time we visited Inverness.

After mentioning tomorrow’s Fans Against Criminalisation meeting in yesterday’s blog I read Joe O’Rourke’s item on the Supporters’ Association site on the same subject with a mixture of horror and foreboding.  The First Minister would be well advised to quickly reign-in whatever loose cannons he has roaming the corridors of power.  Well done to Joe for bringing this to the attention of a wider audience.

The guys from the Alzheimer’s charity, FootballMemories,org.uk asked me to bring their site to your attention.  They work with Alzheimer patients, using the universal platform football provides us all, to engage and invoke recollections.  The site has lots of great Celtic stories, take a look and add your own.

De, de-de de de, de, de-de, de de, de de…

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  1. The Honest Mistake (Sickened) on

    !!Bada Bing!! 11 November, 2011 at 14:34:


    Paul67 had a go with the “get it up them” email. Don’t know what happened after that, only the rumours that were on the blog at the time and we all know that rumours on the blog are not often accurate.

  2. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon says:


    11 November, 2011 at 14:30



    ‘That being the case surely the auditors are wide open to a law suit or 3…..and that being the case who in their right mind would sign off on Ibrox being worth over £100 million…..how can these valuers possibly justify this valuation?’




    Valuation of property is an art, and a bit of a black art at that, rather than a science.



    But whatever basis was used I can’t see how DM Hall could ever have justified a figure of £120m.

  3. ernie lynch says:


    11 November, 2011 at 14:42



    also paid to value other parts of the MIH empire? [allegedy of course]

  4. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire – New left back, Ill take him, as for what the hacks i the scottish meeja think, who gives a funkeys muck, and if thats all your worried about get a grip.



    Eloquently put.



    However the worry that Mr Blackman would be a gift to the laptop loyal is a secondary consideration to the fact that he’s been rejected by a string of clubs and couldn’t hold down a place in a League Two club.



    I think we can do better.



    I’d rather have Mo Camara back. He, at least, was a good, honest professional who worked and trained hard. (thumbsup)

  5. Celtic Mac says:


    11 November, 2011 at 14:14



    Nil By Mouth were left out of the consultation on the proposed bill. Say what you like about the organisation they have a lot of research into, and expertise in sectarianism.


    However Pat Nevin and Graham Spiers were included! I am not having a go at either but they are pundit and journalist. All they can offer is one person´s subjective opinion! Rather that of a charity with more resources and a major stakeholder in the field.


    If this is how the SNP want to pass legislation then its completely amateurish. The cynic in me might think Nil By Mouth didn´t have a voice because the SNP simply didn´t want to hear what they had to say ´the existing legislation is suitable but not being enforced properly´.


    The SNP say were very selective about who contributed. Whats the point of a debate on an issue if you are playing with a loaded deck of cards! Achieves nothing!

  6. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon says:


    11 November, 2011 at 14:30



    Aye, but mind, since those valuations, they’ve discovered all that asbestos – must have knocked at least £70m off the valuation in that time ;-)





    Did the Jesuits at your Alma Mater leave out the parts of The Bible pertaining to forgiveness,The Prodigal Son and there being more joy in Heaven over one who repents,etc?



    I know what you are saying,but if he has had time to sit down and give himself a good kick up the backside,he can be a great signing for us.



    Every team needs players who can do the unexpected!

  8. philvisreturns says:


    11 November, 2011 at 14:50



    Agree completely mate, but sadly he now fits our main criteria for our recruiting system.



    Young, free and cheap.



    Mo Camara… now there was a player!





    /Bishop B

  9. Evening Times





    BOLO ZENDEN wants to join Celtic to end his playing career with medals – not to top up his bank account.


    The Dutch international midfielder hopes he has done enough during his week’s trial at Lennoxtown to be given the opportunity to bring his experience to Neil Lennon’s side.


    Zenden in now back in Holland to be with his pregnant partner, and expects to hear from the Hoops over the weekend.


    Concerns over the fitness of the 35-year-old, who has not played competitively since he left Sunderland in May, appear to have been lifted after his impressive performance in a bounce game against St Johnstone on Wednesday. Now the ball is in Celtic’s court as they decide if they want to make a contract offer to the free agent.


    That could be for the next two months, or until the end of the season. His father, Pierre – who also acts as his representative – has made it clear his son is not simply looking for one last pay day.


    Zenden just wants the chance to resume his career and, preferably, with a team he believes can add to his medal collection.


    From Holland, Zenden Snr said: “Boudewijn feels good about Celtic and it is absolutely something he would be interested in. It’s not about money. It’s about the sporting challenge.”


    The former Barcelona, Chelsea and Liverpool star believes he has a few more seasons left in him. But his father is still waiting to see what length of contract Celtic are willing to put on the table, if they do decide to invite Zenden aboard.


    Pierre added: “To start with, a deal until the end of this season would be okay. It’s a good challenge he is looking for, and I think he still has a lot to offer.”


    Celtic are also expected to make a decision soon on another trialist, left-back Andre Blackman, who set up a goal in the midweek bounce game win.


    And they are one of several clubs showing interest in Rosenborg full-back Mikael Lustig.


    But the 24-year-old Swedish international admits he does not know where his future lies, and said: “I know Celtic and Fulham are interested, but there’s no offer.”

  10. Some right nonsense spouted on here at times.


    Without a shadow of a doubt,the most beautiful woman ever was the timeless Audrey Hepburn.Utter perfection.


    End of.






  11. Fell asleep earlier… Strong painkillers….and woke up to this song in my head…. Thought I’d share it.



    Lift McHair Ogg yir face whilst brooding ower the old disgrace, that black Fitzwilliam stormed you’re place and drove ye to the fern..



    A cyber pint to the first CQN’er who names the song!




  12. KJamBhoy says:


    11 November, 2011 at 14:54



    Brilliant. Imagine the questions asked when they were putting this charade together:


    we need people with integrity, experts with years of experience in tackling sectarianism, people with sound knowledge of the broader issues that are often reflected and extend sectarian behaviour.



    Who can we get on the panel? Who has integrity? Who is an expert in the field of sectarian dynamics? Where can we find such people, these psycho-analysts of public behaviour?



    Erm, we could always ask Pat Nevin.




  13. Cliftoncelt says 11 November, 2011 at 14:54 Surely we have as good or better than Blackman in our u-19′s ??


    Good point mate,i think Joe Chalmers is a LB.

  14. Out of a possibly misplaced sense of respect for a Celtic stalwart of yesteryear I have taken a considered time to decide whether to post the quotes that follow. However since they will form the central tenet of my thesis that ex-footballers would substantially reduce the IQ of an Anne Summers window display (to be published soon and then made into a rollicking adventure starring a medically restored Fiona Richmond and a Dion Dublin body double), here are two crackers from that intellectual giant of the airwaves….Murdo MacLeod.



    Both quotes are from the game against Rennes



    “If it hadn’t been for the last half hour of the first half, the second half would have been completely different”



    “Celtic were fortunate that Rennes got the early goal. That gave them a shot in the arm and set up the challenge that they really needed. They would not have won without losing that goal. Who knows what the score would have been”



    Sadly for humanity, these quotes are now speeding through space at the speed of light and will probably result in ETs everywhere listening in and thinking…..”what an eejit….I bet he still peels potatoes with his metal knives and then smashes them all to bits.”



    Hail hail




  15. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS – Did the Jesuits at your Alma Mater leave out the parts of The Bible pertaining to forgiveness,The Prodigal Son and there being more joy in Heaven over one who repents,etc?



    No, the Jesuits are quite keen on Christianity.



    This isn’t some hand-wringing religious sermon. Andre Blackman is not a charity case. We should sign him if we think he’s good enough and has the right qualities to be an asset to our club.



    I don’t think he is good enough and I don’t think he has the right stuff. (thumbsup)

  16. Len Brennan – I always liked Mo Camara. When he signed for Celtic he seemed genuinely surprised and grateful for the opportunity, and he put in 100%.



    Also, Paul Telfer. (thumbsup)


    Right,I’ve had reason to disagree with the occasional fellow-Celt on here before,but yeez ur aw talking gash about the most beautiful burd ever.



    Stevie Nicks,early doors.




  18. Can I just remind everyone that Celtic plc, Rangers, Paul McBride Donald Findlay, Hitler, Saddam Hussain, Osama Bin Laden and Simon Cowell all AGREE with this legislation.



    At least Adolf, Sadd, Ossie and Simple Simon have the excuse of being dead in body or brain.




    Hail Hail




  19. Once we have our walking wounded back I want to see the following team play on a consistent basis…






    Mathews K.Wilson Mulgrew Izzy



    Brown Kayal Ledley Commons



    Stokes Hooper



    Win the league? Stranger things have happened…

  20. philvisreturns says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:06



    Loved Mo when he kept wearing the tubie bandgae on his arm even though it was fine.


    Mad wee story but always made me laff! :oD








    /Bishop B

  21. Plenty of photos in the rags with Bougherra man handling Murray,strange they were not as prevelant just after that game…….

  22. McNair is the greatest on

    Estadio says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:02



    Murdo was an excellent Celtic footballer. He openly disliked Celtic when he worked at Ballantines Whisky plant before he played with us and I assume he dislikes us with the same vigour now.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:11



    You mean during that spell where they were winning games by a single goal and missing a key player could have seen them trail us by several points before the split?



    I don’t see what you’re getting at.




  24. KJamBhoy @ 1454hrs



    this will be the same Pat Nevin who is accorded almost a full chapter in the new book:



    “We are Celtic Supporters” by Richard Purden under the chapter heading: “I WAS a Celtic Supporter!”



    Says part of the reason he distanced himself from the Club and its support was due to some of the songs song by mainly the away support. ” The problem began when it jumped away from Irish traditional to Sectarian (sic) and IRA chants…….that’s an embarrassment”.



    Without wishing to start the ole Classic CQN songs debate (well maybe I should after the now familiar poppy debate that was close the other day) I’d love to know the sectarian songs the Celtic away support sing that he refers to.



    Guess whatever he considers them to be, he’ll have pushed them forward on his agenda for banning under the proposed new legislation.



    Be afraid, be very afraid Bhoys!



    Incidentally he now goes with his son to Hibs games. Says he feels much more at home there.


    “The thing that is vital to understand is that I have not suddenly started to despise Celtic Football Club and everything that Celtic stands for I now hate, that’s not what this is about.”



    Now why would he choose that word “despise” and why talk about the Club and not the away support who apparently according to him sing the songs he didn’t like????









  25. dirtymac says:


    11 November, 2011 at 14:59



    The debate just seemed to be a mish mash of different opinions. With no research, statistics or refection on existing legislation. Tom Devine excluded. Yet could become law!



    Pat Navin says it all really…..



    Gerry Britton would have been a better shout at least he has a law degree!





    Personally,I’m fed-up with us “taking a shot ” on a player to see how it turns out,and I take your point about enough chances,etc.



    Thing is,it seems this fella can actually play-and at left back too!






    BTW,I’m quite keen on this Christianity thing too. It’s the sub-divisions and having to speak through a middle-man which p me off.

  27. I liked Mo. He was as honest a player as we have ever had. Mind you he foul-shied every time and was never penalised. He was the master of the ‘foul shy that never was’. They were so bad that no ref actually credited it and thought that his hand was indeed quicker than their eye.



    It’s also rumoured that Mike Oldfield was going to do a follow up to his top album and call this one Tubular Arms.



    Hail hail




  28. Ah, Mo Camara?



    My favourite MC trick was the one where he would make an overlapping run at 50mph, knock the ball ahead of himself, and then put in the cross 4 yards after the ball had crossed the by-line.



    11 November, 2011 at 15:14



    Wee sister says that as a left-back he is mince – always caught upfield with a slow trudge back to position. As a winger, he’s an outstanding talent with a lightening quick turn of pace.

  30. Kjambhoy



    I hadn’t realised Nil By Mouth had not been asked to make representation during the “consultation” period. As far as Pat Nevin is concerned well I suppose if you want to hear the views of a half-baked football pundit then he is your man. And, correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Graham Spiers not an Espicopalian Rangers supporter, if that is not a contradiction in terms. I can just picture Spiers in front of that Committee asking, “Just what did Jesus ever do for us?”




    About 50% of the human race is middle-men and they don’t take kindly to being eliminated. (thumbsup)

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