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I had a look at the story on the official site this morning about a compilation CD with various versions of the Celtic Song being released.  After the initial pleasure of seeing Emilio Izaguirre and Scott Brown on their feet unaided, what struck me most was the apparent body mass of the two players we would normally consider our midfield enforcers, Scott and Beram Kayal.

Against Paddy McCourt, Joe Ledley and Emilio, not to mention men of considerable bulk, like Charlie Mulgrew, they are comparatively svelte and diminutive.  The central midfield role is about mobility and football-intelligence more than anything else.  How you use your weight against an opponent is as important as having the weight to begin with, but when the margins between winning and not winning are so tight, getting the physical balance right is important.

I don’t think I’ve been happy with a Celtic 4-4-2 line-up for years but playing Scott, Beram and a couple of wingers across midfield feels like an invitation for more limited opponents to bully this area, something the Highlanders did very effectively the last time we visited Inverness.

After mentioning tomorrow’s Fans Against Criminalisation meeting in yesterday’s blog I read Joe O’Rourke’s item on the Supporters’ Association site on the same subject with a mixture of horror and foreboding.  The First Minister would be well advised to quickly reign-in whatever loose cannons he has roaming the corridors of power.  Well done to Joe for bringing this to the attention of a wider audience.

The guys from the Alzheimer’s charity, FootballMemories,org.uk asked me to bring their site to your attention.  They work with Alzheimer patients, using the universal platform football provides us all, to engage and invoke recollections.  The site has lots of great Celtic stories, take a look and add your own.

De, de-de de de, de, de-de, de de, de de…

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  1. McNair



    While I wouldn’t want to malign the man :-), the oft quoted tale of the traitorous rogue’s perfidy and genetic inheritance is that his girls’ season tickets are for a place that is not CP.



    True or false? Who knows where the wind blows, but I doubt it shakes his barley.



    Hail hail




  2. The Token Tim says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:13



    I just think that fact Nevin was invited to contribute to process of passing legislation and Nil By Mouth weren´t is pretty astonishing.

  3. philvisreturns says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:04


    “No, the Jesuits are quite keen on Christianity.”



    Very good,


    altho im sure if you try hard enough you will get some who beg to differ!

  4. Celtic Mac says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:21



    I actually quite like Britney who, for all his faults, appears to be someone that actually cares for football. Quite why this would qualify him, or Nevin (who appears to care about his wallet), to be be party to this piece of legislation, is beyond me.



    Perhaps, given Grahame’s rancour toward the Catholic faith, I do understand why it qualifies them.




  5. glendalystonsils on

    See the Ragers are trialling two Indian players. Apparently they’re just waiting to find out if they are Protestant Hindus or Catholic Hindus before deciding whether to offer them a contract.

  6. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    The afternoon blessing has been delayed……this is due to Father Murphy being unavoidably detained whilst performing his advocacy duties at an undisclosed venue…..on behalf of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs

  7. McNair is the greatest says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:12



    I can assure you Murdo holds Celtic in the highest possible esteem. But he does not ‘hate’ Rangers because hate is not in his nature and honestly believes he is capable of impartial comment on Scottish football (and we are all free to disagree with his comments). I’m not saying he is the smartest guy on the planet (the quotes earlier were very funny) or I agree with many of his comments but they are not prejudiced, just his take.



    I appreciate you don’t know me mate, but if you can take it in good faith that’s my honest assessment from a pretty reasonable position to be able to make the comment.



    Hail Hail


    DIRTYMAC 1520



    If your wee sis knows as much about the game as mine does,send him packing!



    Not kidding,she can play and coach.



    The nasty niggly bit was the only thing she learned from me.



    Always happy to be corrected-I might be abusing the privelege today though,haha!

  9. dirtymac says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:29



    Regardless of who the pundit or journalist are, why were they invited to contribute to the legisaltive process?


    The biggest charity / stakeholder in the relevant field wasn´t, its incredible!

  10. glendalystonsils says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:30



    Ha! The orcs must be the only club to head several thousand miles to a Catholic Country to sign a Jewish player from the Catholic University Sporting Club.



    Imagine if the orcs had found out they were signing a player from a team whose nicknames include: The Catholics, The Crossed and Gentleman Crusaders





    That is nearly as cryptic as you being the permanent podium posting….ran out of words that fitted.



    If I was you,I would settle for poseur,haha!



    11 November, 2011 at 15:33



    Don’t know how much she ‘really’ knows about the game, but she follows AFC home and away, even timing her wedding to the close season so as to not miss any games with such frivolous activities as ceremonies and honeymoons.



    She was up here recently and managed to take in 3 games in 6 days (2xBrechin City and Celtic v St Mirren).

  13. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    KJamBhoy says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:34


    dirtymac says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:29



    Regardless of who the pundit or journalist are, why were they invited to contribute to the legisaltive process?


    The biggest charity / stakeholder in the relevant field wasn´t, its incredible!






    2010 Never Again



    Could it be that it was house rules and the dice were loaded and these 2 individuals were playing for the house?

  14. dirtymac



    Now I don’t mind Graham Spiers really, but he does remind me of those religious fanatics in Scotland who used to sing on street corners. Actually I say sing, I am not sure if singing was allowed!

  15. Scotsman going with the Grahame story now. MacAskill– who thought the CIS Cup final was a great atmosphere– backing her:





    Published on Friday 11 November 2011 14:55



    A senior Holyrood minister has backed Justice Committee convenor Christine Grahame over allegations that she made sectarian remarks.



    The Electoral Commission is investigating the allegations made by Mark Hirst, a former senior political advisor in her office.



    She faced calls by Labour MSP Michael McMahon to “consider her position on the Justice Committee until such times as any investigation into this matter has been completed”.



    However, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said Ms Grahame has “rebutted these matters firmly” and the allegations should be viewed “with the contempt they deserve”.



    Speaking at a press conference for the Scottish Government’s Cashback for Communities Scheme this morning, Mr MacAskill was asked if Ms Grahame has his backing and support from the SNP.



    He said: “Absolutely. I think she’s rebutted these matters firmly.



    “I think there’s no evidence to suggest otherwise, and until such time as any concrete information is put forward I think we should view these (allegations) with the contempt they deserve.”



    Mr MacAskill confirmed that he does not believe the allegations will have any effect on the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Bill, which is under scrutiny by the Justice Committee.



    He said: “I’ve known Christine Grahame for many years and I’ve never, ever, known her to have, frankly, any real interest in religion, and certainly to have no sectarian views at all.”





    Possibly the reasom Nil by Mouth were not invited is either because they were asked beforehand by the Executive to provide a guide to their probable position.



    Or perhaps they were second-guessed?



    Simple answer is that their probable answers were likely to prove unpalatable.

  17. fergus slayed the blues on

    what is the boogy east stirling story ,was there any similarities in the incidents .


    DIRTYMAC 1540



    FFS,tell her to say hello to wee Ivor Heller for me!






    Take it. His long-time partner (last time I met Ivor) is a lovely lass. Scottish. A Tim too.



    Do NOT….EVER….play him at cards.

  19. fergus slayed the blues says:


    11 November, 2011 at 15:54



    Very little similarity: one was perpetrated by an Untouchable, the other by some part-time guy on £20 a week.

  20. What is it with Celtic and these names ending in ‘o’?













    Di Canio





















    and now Bolo?



    Any I missed?

  21. Vmhan, the song is Follow me up to Carlow. The first verse is “Lift McCahir Og your face,brooding o’er the dark disgrace, that Black Fitzwilliam stormed your place, and drove you to the fern-o, Gray said victory was sure, soon the firebrand he’d secure, Until he met at Glenmalure, Fiach McHugh O’Bierne.”


    Trust me. I know these things.

  22. Had to nip off there! New barmaid- needs training…got young Kev on the case.



    Anyway. A quick follow up on Murdo.



    I have never met him, but I have had many a conversation with BlantyreKev (Where’s Calton Tongues gone?).



    If BK says that Murdo is a straight guy then I would put my house on it. A bigger Celtic man would be difficult to find.



    BTW on Radio Scotland the other night Chick of the Young persuasion in conversation with an ex Hearts Director contradicted the interviewee and stated that Glasgow was not the only City in Europe with three football stadia of greater than 50,000 capacity. He said that London also had that profile.



    I immediately contacted the programme (see me, dog wae a bone or what?) and asked him to name the London ones. I was blanked.



    He is wrong. Wembley and the Emirates are the only two. We all get things wrong, but it is reasonable to expect a mistake to be acknowledged.



    Hail hail



    Estadio (back to barmaid induction)




    OOOHHH you’ve done it now Bobby. You’re going on my list of enemies.



    There! You’re in for it now! (thumbsup)

  24. Nil by mouth were consulted




    33. The exact nature and meaning of “sectarianism” in Scotland is a complex and controversial subject. The anti-sectarian charity Nil by Mouth remarked in its written submission to the Committee that sectarianism “transcends its dictionary meaning when applied in Scotland” and that it is a “fusion of religion, politics, identity and ignorance.”8 Whole books and theses have been written on the subject of sectarianism in Scotland.

  25. I ve pretty well always given credit where credit is due when it comes to Salmond he is a switched on cookie.However his credibility is beginning to take abit of detour regarding mascakill the balloon.Soapy better be very careful in his handling of this guy because the snp are gonna be reliant big time on the catholic vote come his vote on independance .Mr Salmond get rid of that baw-bag macaskill he’s a liabilty

  26. If the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Jail The Fenians) Bill goes through, does that mean Kenny MacAskill will be arrested next time he gets drunk at a Scotland game or refers to England as “the great Satan”? (thumbsup)

  27. Allegedly ole Kevin Webster off of Coronation Street has just been spotted in a laundrette


    in Scarborough, humming along to Foreigner’s – “I wanna know what love is”

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