Midfield protection


While Neil Lennon’s mind will be more engaged with preparations for next season than SPL results between now and then he will be a bit alarmed at how porous his midfield has been recently. Celtic have been leaking goals at the back in an alarming manner but the cover from midfield has contributed most to the problem.

Injuries have been disruptive but it’s surprising that the team shape has not been maintained, irrespective of who is playing.
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  1. From last thread, the masons cannae be that secret coz the bloke along the road from me is well known for it. I see him leaving twice a week with his wee case.


    And he has a horn growing from his Heid!

  2. No urgency in our midfield recently, all patient build up which has been leading to a lot of possession but no end product as crosses coming in have been poor.


    Alarming how when we lose possession we look susceptible to a quick break, something we do not look like doing to the opposition.


    We are capable of it just seems to be a bad cohesion right now throughout the team.


    In my opinion of course.

  3. Injuries are acceptable. Strains and pulled muscles are not.


    Sometimes we have to question the players own preparation for matches.


    We seemed to get less of these types of injuries when players blootered a ball about in the warm up!




  4. Livibhoy



    Yeah mate , absolutely rampant wi them.


    Some appear to think its gives them social status.


    I think that it makes them fuds

  5. When Forrest doesn’t play we lack pace going forward. We have no one who can pick the ball up at half way and drive at the opposition. Its all sideways and backward passes at a ponderous pace leading to any momentum going out of our play. We need an alternative to Forrest on the wing and a midfielder that will drive forward with the ball and make runs beyond the strikers. Oh for a young Stan Petrov.


    Mackay-Steven, Tonev, Barbosa, Phillips, there are wide players out there, more than likely within our budget, who would love a shot at the CL and the opportunity to pick up a medal or two.

  6. Paul67



    Forster = Injured fairly long term


    Izzy = Injured long term


    Wilson = Injured


    Matthews = Injured repeatedly


    Lustig = Injured always


    Mulgrew = Injured


    Rogne = Injured often


    Kayal = Injured long term


    Brown = Injured long term


    Ledley = Injured


    Forrest = Injured repeatedly


    Commons = Injured regularly


    Samaras = Injured


    Hooper = Injured


    Stokes = Injured long term


    Watt = Injured


    McGeouch = Injured

  7. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Let’s all dress up as a policeman, a referee and a judge and have a wee song – Village Idiot Peepul.



    In The Masons,


    You can bare your left breast,


    In the Masons,


    Ensure The Sevco beat the rest,


    In the Masons,


    Roll your trousers up,


    In the Masons,


    Cheat the tims out of the Cup….


    They want you, they want you, they want you as a new recruit


    They want you, they want you, they want you as a new recruit (unless you’re a tim)

  8. The Token Tim on




    strains and pulled muscles are all part and parcel of being an athlete.


    Regardless of how much you prepare, the body can only take so much punishment and occassionally it gives way.



    Cashley Cole being the perfect example just yesterday. He may be a twat of a guy, but that he is a very good footballer and athlete is also unquestionable. He was 30 odd minutes into a game yet still pulled a muscle.



    These things happen mate.






  9. If you think Scott Brown is the answer the problem really is big.



    Lenny is too pally with the players, they don’t FEAR failure, there are no consequences to some players for failing.

  10. while working ive often received funny handshakes.


    whats funny is when you do a wee knuckle squeeze back.



    then watch as your new best pal bends over backwards to help the project along.



    and watch the puzzlement weeks later when they find out i am actually a Tim.

  11. The Token Tim



    Point taken but it didn’t seem to be an issue many years ago. I know the game is faster these days and this will lead to more pulled or strained muscles but you would expect that the training and warm up would stop this happening all the time. We appear to have more strained and pulled muscles that other teams.


    Maybe this is just me I’m not as up to speed with other teams injuries.




  12. Silver City 1888 on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon




    15:54 on 2 April, 2013




    Get a system and stick to it.


    Isn’t that what got MON the sack? Is it really beyond our players to play in more than one formation?

  13. hoopeddreams on

    The hills are alive with the sound of masons



    A song they have sung for 140 years.

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    We are a far better team when we pass the ball quickly and play a high tempo pressing game-when we don’t we are ordinary and easy to play against.

  15. Silver City 1888,



    It shouldn’t be – but there should be one basic formation with which they are absolutely comfortable as a starting point.



    This approach seems to work for Barce, among others.

  16. Paul


    Thanks for recommending the book “end this depression now”. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Took me a while to get round to reading it, but excellent all the same. Cheers

  17. LiviBhoy


    Highly trained athletes are injured as often as they are for the same reason that Formula One cars break down more often than the average family car does.




  18. Jungle Jim



    Another fair point.


    Is it just the amount of games we have played this season? I guess it supports my suggestion that we should play youth and fringe players in the League Cup.




  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    My highly trained average family car has pulled the ole hamstring agane and now needs a new clutch.

  20. The team is set up to defend and counter attack.



    In domestic duties lets have the team set up in a more attack minded line up. Starting with McGeouch on the right wing and Rogic in the middle with only 1 sitting midfielder.



    We have better players than any other team in the SPL, yet we are set out to contain the opposition first rather than attack them.

  21. leftclicktic on

    We need some leaders on the park.


    When playing the game you know who is not pulling their weight.


    We need players with the right attitude and ability that will POINT this out and ENCOURAGE their team mates to ” Get yer act together” :)).

  22. Minceyheidman


    Regarding the chances of us being able to impose a threat to the opposition on the break,mare chance of a breckin than a breckoot,I know we have to keep possession but all this passen across the 18yd box.


    Bada Bing


    We should be as you say pressing, but do if up front, that’s where our defending should start, as we all know we aint pretty at the back, at the moment.


    Awerabest PJ

  23. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    Goal line technology £169k to install and £2.5k per game -shocking waste of money -FIFA living on another planet – must have been some bung

  24. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on




    16:27 on


    2 April, 2013


    My highly trained average family car has pulled the ole hamstring agane and now needs a new clutch




    Sell it to Sevco!! ;))

  25. If we had a maximum wage of £5000 per week thereby allowing ST`s to be bought for £200, would we have a closer League and bigger crowds?





    ….and , of course, the likelihood of limited European football.

  26. Now that the midweek matches and internationals are over it`s time for the team to get back to winning games. Only one away win in the league in 2013!


    Neil should concentrate on this before worrying about next season.

  27. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    allow me a wee observation that shows the type of species that is a sevcovian/oldcovian



    Sevcovian observation No #1.25 million.




    I know many , many Celts who will wear the colour blue of a day. In fact Mrs AB says , blue brings out the colour in my eyes…( livin’ the dream).. I wear it..



    However , put the colour green near a sevcovian / oldcovian and they self combust.. Their weans don’t know what the colour green is!



    They’re that bitter.. look out for it.. Honestly there’s a PhD thesis in it..




    Stupid, bitter people..




  28. Having a wee day in at the old holiday shack looking out to the snow covered Cairngorms, where mrs ss and junior are doing their ski/snowboard thing. Far too energetic for me!


    Enjoying the peace up here (apart from that bloody big hen thing wae the funny hat)


    Last night in the garden we had deer ,pheasants, horny rabbits, and hens all at the same time.


    Went into town for some provisions earlier. (Liquid) and a look around the anorak shops.


    While in tesco I had a wee swatch at the back pages. There was ally, beamingly telling the world about the 55 titles. A couple of days ago it was hugs on the bus after they found out the QP score, not long after they had been boo’d off the park by their own fans.


    It’s just all a wee bit too false. The smiles are just a wee bit too forced. Why are they so pleased? 8 page pull outs!


    They know deep in their hearts the reality. Someone earlier posted about sevco fans not wanting to talk football in work. I’ve noticed this too. They’re just too sick to face up to it.


    The rest is just bravado. The fake celebrations. 55 and counting. Big crowds (dwindling) loving the fourth tier. Loadsamoney etc. The more they try to convince us, the more they seem to be trying to convince themselves. The reality is, I don’t think they’re very happy bunnies at all. Well, not as happy as the bunnies in my garden. Slante, or whatever they say here when the first beer of the day is cracked open.

  29. When we start Sammy is is obvious to me that all have been told to loft the ball high to the left wing for him to win.


    Forster looks for this most of the time as do our centre halves, whoever plays there at the time.


    Sammy does not win enough to cause a problem and more often than not the ball beats him and goes out for a throw.


    As has been rightly stated we need to get a system and stick to it.


    I for one believe lack of competition for the title this year (I know I am not asking for them to be reinstated), has led to an air of complacency amongst the squad.


    I know that early in the season when we did not win, I did not feel as bad as usual as I thought we would always win the league anyway.

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