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While Neil Lennon’s mind will be more engaged with preparations for next season than SPL results between now and then he will be a bit alarmed at how porous his midfield has been recently. Celtic have been leaking goals at the back in an alarming manner but the cover from midfield has contributed most to the problem.

Injuries have been disruptive but it’s surprising that the team shape has not been maintained, irrespective of who is playing.
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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Neil backed by the Club must protest about this latest charge,meanwhile daily statements from Challs and Sally go unpunished ,a joke.Challs laughed at them yesterday re the 500 k lawyers bill.

  2. DontPatmadug on

    Celtic Trust ‏@TheCelticTrust 9m



    Now have 2 witnesses, identifying the badge number of the officer in the ‘hymn’ incident. Could the hymn-singer get in touch please. RT

  3. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Auldheid 14:10 on 3 April, 2013



    “Is it just me or has football become so poltically sensitive supporters or managers will be unable to fart whilst at a game for fear of being charged with offensive behaviour?”



    Back in the day, some of the farts dropped in that Jungle could most certainly be categorised as ‘offensive behaviour’.

  4. leftclicktic on

    From last night :))


    Till later all




    winning captains


    22:19 on


    2 April, 2013


    Jim Traynor has tonight responded to the ASA probe into the new Rangers club claiming to be Scotland’s most successful club. Having read his statement we thought that it would be appropriate to write to ASA outlining just some of the things written by Jim Traynor and published in the Daily Record. Here are some of the things Traynor has written on this matter.



    Written by Mr James Traynor while employed as Sports Editor at Daily Record



    “Rangers FC as we know them are DEAD. It’s all over” James Traynor



    “They’ll slip into liquidation within the next couple of weeks with a new company emerging but 140 years of history, triumph and tears, will have ENDED.” James Traynor



    “No matter how Charles Green attempts to dress it up, a newco equals a NEW CLUB. When the CVA was thrown out Rangers as we know them DIED.” James Traynor



    “They were CLOSED and a newco must start from scratch although their fans will insist the history will be boxed up with the strips and balls and carried into the future with the NEW CLUB.” James Traynor



    “Of course, they could let them back in while insisting the NEW CLUB has to accept penalties for the behaviour of the old” James Traynor



    “Of course Rangers are guilty of shaming the game and they accept they have to be punished. But how many more times must they be kicked?” James Traynor

  5. celtic_first



    13:55 on


    3 April, 2013


    Calling for invaders to leave your country isn’t racist or xenophobic. Visitors from all over are welcome in Ireland, it’s just that practically no visitors down through the centuries tried to starve the people, outlawed the religion the majority loved, went round pillaging, murdering innocent people indiscriminately, forcing people to flee for their lives and claiming droit de seigneur every time they took a fancy to a local wench.



    Where is that sort of visitor going to find a welcome? It did nothing for the image of the Vikings and the English clearly took a long, long time to learn the lesson.



    Were the calls for them to go home because they were English or because of all that raping, pillaging and murdering? Hmmm.



    Nor is wanting people like that to go home a gesture of extreme nationalism. Extreme nationalism is imposing your language, your laws, your head of state on people from another land. Extreme nationalism is thinking your nationality is the best and everyone who doesn’t share it is a lesser being of lesser value.




    Bravo bud well said.



    Hail Hail

  6. Had to laugh. Driving home last night I tuned into Radio Scotland in time to hear a summation of Mad Vlad’s involvement with Hearts.



    It included the statement that 5 years ago Romanov owned the FC Kaunas team which put Rangers out of the CL, with the add-on “… and they are now out of business”.



    Couldn’t help myself. Screamed at the radio “AND SO ARE RANGERS” then giggled all to myself.



    You had to be there I guess :)

  7. I think with the charge Neil Lennon faces it’s time to use the tact of another football club and ignore any fines or charges directed at us.


    Why should one club not pay them? Let’s see if they can flush them out!


    Tired of this whole sevco charade.




  8. This lot are prepared to kill Scottish football just because the establishment team went belly up .


    Time to light the fuse Neil , we are all Neil Lennon .



  9. Celtic_First


    13:07 on


    3 April, 2013


    The BBC report is interesting. Rangers are now only referred to as ‘Oldco Rangers’, as though that had been their name, as in: “In today’s League Cup Final the score was Celtic 7 – Oldco Rangers.”



    Sevco are called Rangers.



    So, not only are Sevco Rangers as well as Rangers being Rangers (the position of the Sevconians as I have understood it until now), Rangers aren’t Rangers now. Only Sevco are Rangers. Rangers are Oldco Rangers.



    These people are nuts.





    If only the SFA had the same rules articulated by UEFA in their FFP licensing document designed to protect UEFA competitions from clubs adopting all sorts of ledgerdemain shennagins to kid on nothing changed eh? You would think the SFA would be bound in some way by the same protective principles. Anyhoo here is what UEFA say.



    Chapter 2: Licence Applicant and Licence



    Article 12 – Definition of licence applicant


    1 A licence applicant may only be a football club, i.e. a legal entity fully responsible for a football team participating in national and international competitions which either:


    a) is a registered member of a UEFA member association and/or its affiliated league (hereinafter: registered member); or



    b) has a contractual relationship with a registered member (hereinafter: football company).



    2 The membership and the contractual relationship (if any) must have lasted – at the start of the licence season – for at least three consecutive years. Any alteration to the club’s legal form or company structure (including, for example,changing its headquarters, name or club colours, or transferring stakeholdings between different clubs) during this period in order to facilitate its qualification on sporting merit and/or its receipt of a licence to the detriment of the integrity of acompetition is deemed as an interruption of membership or contractualrelationship (if any) within the meaning of this provision.



    Somebody on KDS (where I also posted this) suggested drawing this article to UEFA’s attention and asking them to ask the SFA if why this key protection principle was not part of SFA rules (or if part not applied).



    The problem of course with asking any association is that it immediately circles the wagons to protects its own or itself.



    Mind you someone could just phone Clyde and bamboozle BFDJ even further, were that possible. by quoting UEFA article 12.

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    13:40 on


    3 April, 2013





    Go on,try again…..






    i’m on leave so, brin dead …….hahahaha…..Iki……Iki ……Iki

  11. Cholleagues



    Whilst the SFA charge is over the top political correcteness, does anyone agree that our Manager shouldn’t be routinely effin and blinding like a trouper on the touchline? Should not a top manager be able to engender respect from his players via his own gravitas and expertise?? Just sayin…

  12. Celtic_First on




    Thanks. You would think they had no leg to stand on, but in their hour of need, the unco guid of Scotland have not been found wanting.



    Incidentally, what examples are there licence applicants being ‘football companies’ with a contractual relationship with a registered member of a UEFA-affiliated association, as in b) in the text you quote? I can’t think of one.